The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 10: Rave and Regret

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 10: Rave and Regret

Making the drop-off at a rave had Figura feeling incredibly anxious, but she’d made up her mind before she’d even left her apartment.

Whatever it took, she was getting that young woman home. She was going to find the contact, give them the money, and then take the hostage back to Denise. Whatever came after that didn’t matter.

She hoped that her resolve would make a difference, since she didn’t have much else to fuel that longing.

Neither Figura nor Fiona were aware of Sunford’s underground rave scene, but judging from the inside of the converted warehouse, it was thriving. Red lights strobed and rolled across scantily clad bodies dripping with sweat, as loud club music pounded from every direction. Everyone was dancing or making their way from one side of the rave to another.

No one was carrying a briefcase besides Figura.

The instructions were simple. Go to the makeshift bar. Look for the woman with the falcon necklace. She’ll tell you it’s a nice day. You’ll say “It’s always a nice day when it doesn’t rain.” She’ll say, “If the sun’s not too warm.” Then you give her the briefcase.

Then she’ll point you to the hostage.

Every eye in the club felt like it was staring at Figura as she made her way to the bar. It had an industrial look, like it was built from parts they’d found at abandoned factories without any attempt to make it look nice and neat. It was cute, but Figura didn’t let herself enjoy it.

She sat at a stool and looked around for a woman with a falcon necklace. This meant staring down plenty of necklines, and that meant squirming on her stool. Her pussy was happy to remind her that she’d had a rest, and maybe, just maybe, this time she’d be able to cum. Then it would be easier to think, to concentrate, to breathe…

Figura resisted, but it took much more effort than she wanted to admit.

Women came and went, so many of them gorgeous, so many of them wearing necklaces. There were no falcons. There were plenty of breasts, but none of them belonged to the one woman she needed to see.

Just when it felt like she’d be leaving the bar with nothing to show for herself except a puddle on her seat, a woman sat down on the stool beside her. She shouted over the loud music that thudded through the stool under Figura, teasing at her every sensitive nerve so much more directly than any song ever had before. “A sangria!”

Figura’s eyes moved down the woman’s body, from her hair, to her freckled face, then down to her large breasts. Resting atop them was a silver falcon, claws looking outstretched like they were just as eager to grasp as Figura was.

“It’s a nice day.” The woman grinned when Figura’s eyes met hers. Her gaze said everything without saying anything. Figura could tell that the woman knew exactly where Figura’s eyes had been and how little they’d been focused on her necklace.

“I-it’s always a nice day… when it doesn’t rain…!” Figura’s voice choked up in her throat, struggling past a knot of arousal.

She knew her nipples were loud at her chest. Her thighs couldn’t stop rubbing together. I look like such a slut right now… and I feel like such a slut. Even knowing she’s working with Evanthe, with Sedam, with whoever drugged me last night… a part of me still wants to fuck her, still wants her to fuck me…

…But I can worry about myself after this woman is free.

“If the sun’s not too warm.” The bartender set down a drink, and the woman drew from it a slow sip. The back of her hand grazed Figura’s, sending a jolt of heat up her arm.

Carefully, Figura shifted her hand and shifted the briefcase into the other woman’s hand. The woman finished her drink, and then gestured with her glass. “See her? With the blue hair? The tiny shorts?”

Figura looked where the woman indicated, her eyes widening. She wasn’t kidding about tiny shorts… The blue-haired woman was a tiny little thing, maybe five feet with her heels. Her large breasts were barely hidden away behind a sparkly vest that hung open, and the shorts she wore were obscenely tight and small.

If she wore that out on the street…

“That’s who you’re looking for. Don’t ask me anything more—I just know that she thinks she’s been having a little vacation. She’ll be happy to go anywhere you want her to.” The woman sitting beside her gave Figura a last nod before she finished her drink, and then disappeared with the briefcase. Figura didn’t follow her, and she didn’t wait long before she stood up.

If the blue-haired woman really was the person she’d come to save, then there was no time to waste. She made her way across the crowd, thankful to no longer be carrying around the heavy burden of the briefcase.

I really hope I never need to handle that much money again for the rest of my life…!

“Hey… I’m Figura.” She put on her best smile, trying her best not to stare at the woman’s large breasts as they jiggled and swayed behind the tiny vest that barely even attempted to contain them. “You may not know it, but you’ve been in a lot of trouble lately—but I’m not here to make things worse. If you come with me… I can make sure that nothing else goes wrong.”

Every word she spoke felt more heroic, more relieving, more like the way things should have gone all along. A massive weight was lifting from Figura’s shoulders, even as the heat between her legs threatened to pull her down to her knees if she didn’t struggle against it.

“You for real?” The blue-haired woman snorted. “Hey, Figura! I’m Lumen, and, like… If you wanna dance a little? I’ll totally go anywhere you want… but I’m not that easy…!”

Figura groaned.

“L-Lumen… You don’t understan—h-hey..!” Figura whined as a woman made her way past, so much bare skin grazing against the trembling heroine. Lumen snickered as Figura worked to control her breathing enough to speak. “There are… You were… I know… Look, Lumen, I… Please…! I’ve gone through a lot to get you out of here without any trouble, to make it so you can go home, so… please, just… please…?”

Lumen scrunched up her face. “Gosh. You’re, like… super pitiful, you know that, right? Like, I’m a rave slut over here, and you make me look dignified.”

All that Figura could do was whimper. There was no room for an argument. She did make the other woman look dignified. She was super pitiful.

It wasn’t her fault, but that didn’t change anything.

“…Tell you what.” Lumen sighed, but something about her tone filled Figura with a surge of hope. She needed to get this woman to safety. It was the reason she’d suffered through so much! “You’re trying way too hard, so I’ll humor you… if you do something for me, first.”

“What? What is it?” Figura responded quickly, her eagerness entirely too audible. “Whatever it is—”

“Figura, right? I’ve heard about you. Lots about you, actually! And y’know what…? I want you…” Lumen giggled, reaching out a fingertip to stroke down the center of the heroine’s chest. “To look like me! You’re so tall… but I want you to be short. Blue hair. Bigger…” She grasped one of her breasts through her open top, holding it for just a moment before letting the impressive weight fall free. “I want you to look as much like me as you can! Dunno what you can do about that outfit, so… I won’t say you gotta do that.

“Then?” Lumen purred, moving forward until her breasts rubbed against Figura. Her finger rubbed lower, tracing along the heroine’s waist. Her eyes were hooded low, staring deep into Figura’s. “I’ll go anywhere you want. I might even do anything you want. Work for you…?”

Figura shuddered.

Feeling the smaller, curvier woman squished up against her was making Figura’s heart beat a mile a minute. She was so close to getting all of this behind her, to finally resolving this crisis that had taken so many days, caused so many humiliating experiences…

What’s one more…?

“O-okay…!” She took a deep breath, slowly closing her eyes. “I can’t change my clothes, sorry… I’m not that much of a shapeshifter. So… I hope this will be good enough. I am pretty good at impressions…!”

Concentrating on her shape, Figura was easily able to lower herself down until she was the exact same height as the blue-haired woman in front of her. Her hair shifted, changing its shape to the same wild, untamed cotton-candy blue. Her face slowly shifted, cheekbones restructuring, chin softening, nose turning smaller and cuter.

Changing your body… changes your mind…

Figura shuddered, but she didn’t stop. She felt smaller. She felt weaker. She felt… hornier. It didn’t matter. She couldn’t let it matter. She had a task to perform.

So many little details were important for mimicking a person instead of just changing herself, but it wasn’t as though Figura needed to reshape herself on a molecular level. It wasn’t a scientific process. She concentrated on flexing the right muscle, and using the skills she had learned and trained, visualized what needed to change and how it would feel. It happened slowly, but before long, Figura’s face behind her mask was identical to Lumen’s.

Changing my body… changes my mind… makes me what someone wants me to be…

“Oh… wow…!” Lumen squealed. Her hands grasped Figura’s hips, and her breasts were pressed firmly into Figura’s own. “Now… Do the rest! Do them while we’re like this… I wanna feel ‘em grow… your hips, too… mine are bigger…”

“J-just a minute, it… It takes… I can’t do it all at once whil—It just takes a lot of concentration…!” She’d only barely stopped herself from saying “while you’re touching me”, but as she struggled to not grind her now small body against Lumen’s, the hardness of her nipples said so much more than her interrupted words possibly could. “I’m glad you’re impressed…! It’s really important to me that we… I… We really need to not just linger around after I change…”

Lumen scoffed, rolling her eyes. She squeezed Figura’s hips tighter, earning a sharp yelp. “Whatever, whatever…! C’mon, change! I wanna see you really look like me…”

“O-okay… Here… here goes…” Figura drew in a shuddering breath as she concentrated first on her hips, then on her ass, then on her legs. Reshaping herself always took effort, but with so much of the other woman’s body exposed, she was sure that her visualizations were accurate.

It’s better if your mind is just as flexible as your body…

Figura moaned. Something inside of her mind was reacting to her changing body. But Lumen was immensely clear. She wasn’t going anywhere unless Figura looked as close to her as her powers were capable of facilitating. Just need to hold on… a little more… just… my breasts… just…

Feeling her chest expand, so heavy and round, so full and soft and perky, straining her leotard, made Figura feel so weak. It made her whimper, her eyelids fluttering and her eyes crossing behind them.

Betray yourself… Make yourself more of a weak, needy, helpless slut…

The larger her breasts became, the hotter the heat between her thighs burned, and the harder her nipples felt as they pushed against Lumen’s. She whined, reaching out to squeeze at Lumen to keep herself standing. The arousal was so much, too much, but she needed to hold on, to concentrate.

Lumen’s hands pulled back, and Figura panted. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel that she was in the right shape. She felt the way that it looked to see Lumen.

“Okay… how do I look…?” Figura opened her eyes, and in front of them Lumen was twirling a bright blue glow stick. It was the same color as her eyes, so vibrant, so bright in the dark warehouse.

Behind the blue light, Lumen grinned.

“You look like a little rave slut! So why don’t we have a little fun here before we leave?”

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