The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 12: Acceptance

by MadamKistulot

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See spoiler tags : #betrayal #dom:capitalism

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 12: Acceptance

“You failed again.”

Figura sat in the chair on the other side of the desk from Denise and tried her best not to cry. Her eyes were puffy and red. Her shoulders slouched. She couldn’t remember when she’d last slept. How long did I spend with Lumen…?

“Yes, I… I failed.” She sighed, rubbing at her own arm as she stared down at the contract on Denise’s desk. It had her signature. It was a loan for more money than Figura had ever seen in her life—outside of the times she’d been carrying it in a suitcase provided by Denise. “I… It happened like I told you. I waited for the woman. She said the code phrase and then she… The blue-haired woman, she… Lumen…”

“She wasn’t the woman I sent you to rescue with that ransom money.” Denise sighed, and Figura slouched lower into her chair. “But that’s not the only thing that happened last night, or the night before that, or the night before that. You haven’t just been failing at delivering the money and returning with the hostage… have you?”

Figura shook her head, but she still couldn’t look up to meet Denise’s eyes. I can’t imagine how her eyes will look. Disappointed? Enraged? That was her money. I signed the papers for the loan, but… but she has to know I’ll never be able to pay it off.

I’m a failure of a super-heroine. I’ll never live this down.

“No… They… kept… affecting me.” Figura sniffled a little louder. “Some of it is still… affecting me. I don’t know what to do about that, either. I don’t know what to do about any—”


Figura moaned, going limp in her seat. The world faded away with the command from Denise’s voice, and there was nothing she could do but surrender to it. She didn’t even have a chance to feel betrayed before her mind spiraled away and the world around her no longer existed.

When she fluttered her eyes back open, Denise was leaning back against her desk just in front of Figura, staring down at her with a knowing smirk.

“You still don’t know what’s been happening, do you?” Denise sighed, slowly shaking her head. “For some reason, I was sure that you would have figured it out before now, and Sedam would have needed to keep you on the right track. I guess you were just that excited to play the hero, and not smart enough to stop and think for a single moment that things might not be what they seemed.”

“Wh-what…? Ooo-ooohhh… What’s… Mnnn… Happ… what… nnnhaaa…!” Figura moaned, arching high off of the chair as she felt pleasure blossoming through her body. She couldn’t understand where it was coming from, or why, or how.

All she knew was that arching made it feel better, and no matter how much she twisted or squirmed, she couldn’t escape those sensations of lust and thigh-clenching pleasure.

What’s… what’s… o-oohhh…! Figura whimpered, shaking her head. My… my own hands… Touching me… can’t… control them… can’t make them… stop…! She couldn’t remember when her left hand had started to knead at her breast, or the right had gone down between her legs to rub her pussy through her leotard. Why can’t I stop…?!

“Wait… Sedam… You know Sedam…?!”

Denise rolled her eyes before giving a slow nod. “Yes, of course I know Sedam. Who do you think I paid in heroine pussy for helping me launder my money?” She snorted, rolling her eyes again as Figura moaned louder and arched even higher off of the chair. “I know Evanthe, too… And Deset, and Barb, and Lumen… Though I don’t think you remember two of them? If Barb did her job right, anyway. I didn’t plan for that, but I’m hardly upset.

“I told you not to be a hero. I told you to just deliver the money. Maybe, things would have gone differently if you’d behaved.” Denise shrugged, leering down at Figura’s bucking hips with a hungry grin. “We’ll never know.”

“Wh-what’s… what’s… o-oooh…!” Figura screamed as her fingers rolled her nipple under her leotard. Her whole body was shaking so much it was hard to speak.

All of Figura’s built-up arousal was emerging from the depths of her mind and taking over her thoughts. It had been so long since she’d cum that she couldn’t even remember what cumming felt like, but that wasn’t the purpose her hands seemed to have as they relentlessly pinched and stroked her helpless body. She couldn’t understand what was happening, but it all seemed to be about Denise.

“This is just the way our world works. I can’t just do whatever I want with my money—or my company’s money—so I found a clueless, over-eager, under-thinking, heroine. You.” Denise’s smirk chilled Figura’s blood, but that wasn’t enough to even blunt the arousal burning through her body. “There was no kidnapping. I was having you carry around my money so I could have my own agents steal it from you. That was the plan. But after I saw how desperate you were, how insistent you were on making things right… I saw an opportunity.”

Denise reached behind her and retrieved a pile of papers from her desk. Casually, she dropped them onto Figura’s lap.

Figura couldn’t stop herself from bucking them down onto the floor, and Denise laughed loudly as Figura let out panicked cries soaked with lust. Can’t stop my hands… Can’t… stop… squeezing… must… need… I’m a heroine… stubborn… I… need to fight… need…

“Don’t worry. That was a copy I had made just for this little… meeting.” Denise sneered, gesturing down to the floor. “That contract gives me complete control over your life until you pay back every last cent. Where you work, where you live, what you wear…? All of those things are up to me. The contract was properly notarized, and you’ve been assessed to be of sound mind and body. None of those things are true, but you don’t need to worry about that.

“This world may not let me freely use my money however I want, but it doesn’t do very much to stop me. A little obfuscation. A little brainwashing. A little desperation… If I didn’t enjoy twisting the knife so much, and making it all good and legal, you’d never need to know this happened, but… I don’t trust hypnosis as much as Sedam, or some women in less… reputable cities.”

Denise muttered something about how ostentatious it was to live in a one-hundred story tower, but it was too quiet for Figura to hear it over her own moans.

“If you leave Sunford, you’re in breach of contract. If you talk to anyone about anything that happens between us, you’re in breach of contract. If you try to do anything about this… the contract is air-tight.”

Denise hooded her eyes. “To make all of this very simple…?

“I own you.”

“O-o-own… m-m-meeee…!” Figura screamed, trembling with her hips arched up so high before she collapsed even deeper into the chair. Her fingers wouldn’t stop rubbing and pinching, but her body could only maintain that pose for so long. She was a shapeshifter, but it had been so long since she’d had a good night’s rest—and even longer since she’d had a day without strenuous physical activity. Her body could only take so much.

This is… horrible… this is… wrong, but I… There’s nothing I can do, and… and…

It makes me so hot…!

Her hands still rubbing herself, still pinching and stroking as her whole body shook, Figura sniffled and stared up into Denise’s eyes. “P-please… please just… just brainwash me, hypnotize me… make it so I don’t want to cum, so I don’t need to cum…! It’s… It’s torment, and I don’t… If I can’t fight it, if I can’t fight you, please just make me like it!”


Figura screamed, trying to hide from her own fingers but finding her hips just as traitorous as her hands. Not only would they not pull away from her own touches, but they continued to rise to meet them each and every time.

“Mm. Sorry, I needed to do that.” Denise chuckled, a warm smile spreading across her face. “You see, you may not get to cum, but me? I do, and watching you like this… this helps.”

Denise’s face was smiling, and her voice sounded so much sweeter, but the things she was saying were no less twisted and dire. The way she was treating Figura wasn’t suddenly shifting back to the way it was when they’d first met. If anything, seeing that Denise could don or discard those mannerisms on a whim made everything so much worse.

“Maybe you’ll cum some day in the distant future. You’ll need to earn it. I do expect you to earn your keep, you know. There are a lot of people who would just love to fuck a shapeshifter. Myself, I don’t fuck my property. That’s all you are to me—property.” The word hammered into Figura, and she screamed in frustration and arousal as it rang through her clit and hummed across her skin. “It’s beneath me. But other people? I don’t judge them for wanting to fuck my property.

“That’s why I spent all this time ruining you.”

Figura sobbed loudly as sweat poured down her body. She was wet in almost every way she possibly could be, and she was shaking from a combination of horror and arousal and utter despair.

“Y-y-you’re s-s-s-o horrible…!” Figura whined, regretting it the moment she said it, but something inside of her demanded she not give in. Something inside of her demanded that even if Fiona’s life was ruined, even if she could never go back to the woman she used to be, it was important that she not lose Figura. It was important that she stay the stubborn, strong willed, never surrendering heroine that she was at her core. “How could you do this to someone… to anyone… to me?! Did you ever care at all?!”


Denise shrugged.

“I thought you were cute, and maybe I hoped a little bit that you would be smart enough to figure out what was going on before it was too late, or at least before you signed that contract… but you didn’t. You dove in headfirst, and now… move your hand from your crotch.” Figura couldn’t stop herself from obeying.

A moment later Denise rose her foot, and pressed her toe right into the tip of Figura’s clit.

“You’re mine, and nothing you think, want, or need matters anymore unless I say it does. You’re just another thing I own that’s going to make me more money. Understood?”

“N-noooo…!” Figura could barely even breathe. Denise’s toe pressed harder, and Figura gasped sharp and quick as she shuddered in the chair. The world felt like it was tunneling away, gobbled up and devoured by her own inability to breathe.

She knew she couldn’t pass out. She couldn’t surrender. Even if she’d wanted to be brainwashed—even if she’d had that one moment of weakness where more than anything she’d so desperately wished that Sedam had made her nothing more than a loyal sycophant—that moment was gone.

If I stop being able to breathe now… she could put me in some machine… do… anything to me… more drugs… more hypnosis… I need to… pick my battles…

I can’t resist, but I can hold on to Figura…!

“O-okaaay…!” Figura mewled, desperately gasping for air as Denise’s toe pulled away. “I’ll… do… whatever you say… I’ll… you… You own me… That’s… I can’t… If it’s legal, then… There’s nowhere for me to hide, is there…? You’ll just find me, just… have someone find me… Always… find me…”

“Good. Now, stop touching yourself, get down on your hands and knees, and present me with the contract that tells me who owns you.” Denise smiled a professional smile down at Figura as the commands forcing her hand to continue toying with her breast finally stopped.

Figura’s hips stopped rolling. Her hands moved the way she wanted them to move, under her own power. She looked up at Denise, full of uncertainty, before her eyes darted down at the floor.

I could try to fight, but… If I fuck up… If she has some way to just… just turn off my mind… Sliding off of the chair, Figura fell to her knees and began carefully lifting up page after page. I need to choose my battles. I need… I need to know what I’m going to do… how I’m going to fix this…

“Good girl.” Denise sighed, patting the top of Figura’s head. The heroine tried to pretend that Denise’s words hadn’t send a shudder down her spine, but she knew Denise would see it had. “When you’re done, it’ll be time for you to meet your first customer, and I expect you to do your best.”

“Y-yes, Denise…” Figura fell back on her haunches, holding up the contract with shaking hands. “H-here you are, Denise…”

“Miss Spence will be fine.” Denise ripped the papers out of her hand, and stepped around her desk to shove them inside. She pressed a button on her speakerphone and sighed. “Figura is ready to make her first appointment. Have the car ready.”

“Yes, Miss Spence! Right away!” Her secretary responded cheerfully.

Denise motioned to her phone with a wide smile. “I think you should get down to the front. The car will be silver. Remember, don’t misbehave. I own you now.”

Figura stiffened. There was nothing she could do but nod. “You… own me. Yes. I… I will do my best.” It wasn’t the most heroic act, but she didn’t have any choice. “I hate you for this, Miss Spence.”

“You do, but you still know better than to call me Denise, or to threaten me.” Denise smiled, settling into her seat as she motioned to the door. “Have a fun time. I’ll see you when you’re through. I’m sure you’ll be nice and fucked. Won’t that be great? I heard from Lumen that you were begging her to fuck you, and now you’ll be fucked each and every day.”

“Yes. That will be great. That will be wonderful.” Figura spoke through clenched teeth as she made her way out of Denise’s office, closing the door behind her.

She would have started crying again, but that wasn’t a very Figura thing to do.

The last of Fiona was who sobbed in Denise’s office… And maybe I can’t hold on to her, but I can hold on to Figura. She quivered and nodded to herself as she moved to leave the building. Maybe that’s all I can do… but I can do that.

Figura made her way down to the car, not saying a word as she sat in the back and waited to arrive at her destination.

Figura’s destination was a hotel she’d never seen before. She didn’t say anything as she was given her key, and told which room to wait in for her client. She simply took the key, made her way to the room, and waited.

Should I be naked? If I were, would this be over faster? Would that be better…?

She frowned at herself, shaking her head as she let out a heavy sigh.

No. I need to keep fighting. I need to keep resisting. I need… I need to not let this happen to me. That means I… even if I’m being used by Denise… Even if she’s making me into her helpless, legally owned sex worker… a thing that wouldn’t be so bad if I wanted it… Figura sat up as straight and tall as she could. I will find a way out of this. I won’t give in.

I can’t.

That’s not what a heroine does…

After what felt like forever with nothing to do, the door finally opened. “Hey, Figura…” The woman in the doorway grinned. Her lips were such a brilliant red, and each of her nails was painted a different, vibrant, beautiful color. “Enjoyed the gift I gave you? Because, tonight, I think I’m going to make it even worse.”

“Evanthe…” Figura could barely bring herself to say the woman’s name. “You… All of this… You…”

Evanthe held up her hands defensively, palms facing Figura. “Now, now… I just took a job. If she’d paid me to make you cum forever, I would have done that.” She slowly stepped closer, looking down at the heroine with hungry eyes. “But tonight, I’m the customer. I’m going to have you every way I want you. Sadly for you, there’s just one rule I have to follow… obvious, really. You aren’t allowed to cum… But that’s fine with me.” Evanthe shrugged out of her jacket and stepped closer as she discarded her clothing around the room. “Make your hair longer. Blonder. Make your tits nice and big for me… Tonight I want to fuck you as the porn star parody version of Figura.”

Venom filling her eyes, Figura took a deep breath as her breasts swelled under her leotard, and her hair grew long until it was well past her ass. As her hair turned lighter, and her breasts turned heavier, Figura began to squirm.

Changing myself… It’s… doing… something… again… I can’t… fight it… can’t…

“Good girl, Figura…!” Evanthe grinned as she straddled the heroine’s lap, kneading her almost comically large breasts. “There’s a lot we can do without making you cum—especially since that isn’t just some post-hypnotic suggestion. It’s chemically locked down thanks to yours truly! So, unless our boss pays me to cure you?”

Her red lips looked so full, and Figura found it easier to stare at those than think about anything that really mattered. She was already so wet, and Evanthe’s hands at her chest felt so good.

Need to fight… but I… can’t… resist… lips… pretty… good… just… want to…

“Moan for me, Figura!”

Figura moaned, surrendering herself to Evanthe as her eyes turned empty and vacant. She was never going to be the heroine that anyone would want pictures of on their wall for her heroism, but if it suited Denise, then there might be posters of her changing into any look, or anyone that Denise could desire. She might just be used as an escort, or an adult film star.

All that mattered was that Denise owned her, and there was nothing Figura could do to resist.

She’d lost that opportunity a long time ago.

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