Tender Loving Control

Chapter 5: Point of No Return

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #contemporary #disaster_lesbians #drones #exhibitionism #masturbation #mother #mother_daughter #pov:top #solo

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Point of No Return

When Claire woke up she was still on the couch, but her mothers were gone. Someone placed a blanket over her, and waking all toasty and bundled up made her happily blush and nuzzle into the pillow under her head. Mmm probably Sophie-mommy… She’s always doing things like this… Always such a people pleaser…


Her thoughts hit a wall, forced to reevaluate her reality as memories of the bizarre experience slowly came back to the forefront. It wasn’t a dream, and she was confident that she remembered all of what happened with remarkable clarity. I’d wonder if Mae-mommy made Sophie put the blanket over me, but she never needed to do anything like that before, so… why would she now…?

Remembering Sophia’s pussy squeezing around her fingers made Claire’s eyes roll back into her head. She had to shove her face into the pillow to keep herself from moaning too loudly. It was real, and she knew that it would be so simple to make it happen.

Just a few of the right words… and Sophie-mommy will do anything I want… and there’s no reason not to make both of us happier… To make all three of us so much happier…

Remembering Mae’s breasts against the back of her head, her hands, her lips, her nails, all of those things were enticing too. Her time touching Sophia was hardly devoid of time enjoying her other mommy. With a tired groan, she pulled the blanket up over her head and tried to stop herself from picturing one sex act or another. If she was going to get up and make her way to her room, or anywhere else, she knew she needed to get her head together.

Do I…? Mae-mommy said if there was anything I wanted to just take it… that means if I’m sleepy, and Sophie-mommy does something sexy I should just… take her… Claire groaned, and squeezed her thighs together. She was feeling remarkably awake, if incredibly aroused.

If she’d woken with her head in Mae’s lap then she imagined lips would be on skin already. She pulled the blanket tighter around her head, and quietly groaned. Mae-mommy said if I wanted anything… Right…? So that had to include her, and it definitely includes Sophie-mommy… I… Don’t know where to start, what to do… but not getting off before I passed out feels like it was an incredibly questionable decision!

Reaching for any of the places her phone could have been tucked away to find it absent, Claire whined. Don’t even have my phone so I can’t check the time, but it can’t be that late… It wasn’t when I was heading home, so it’s probably still Monday, even if it feels like I slept for a whole day…

As tempting as it was to stay hidden away until someone came to find her or she passed out again, Claire rolled out of her warm blanket cave and looked around for anyone else. Water from the kitchen drew her attention, and what she saw made her stop and stare.

Sophia was cleaning dishes. That much was apparent, and the loud sound of rushing water most certainly meant she hadn’t heard her daughter’s entrance. That gave Claire time to stare at her mother from behind in a whole different way than she ever had before. Even the bow of the apron’s straps seemed to fall over her ass in a more suggestive way than ever before.

She was clothed again, in the same too-tight jeans and gorgeous cable-knit sweater, but that only made it worse. While she might not be wholly nude and on display, Claire could remember what she looked like, and how she felt, just underneath those visible layers.

Remembering the scent of Sophia’s arousal, or the sounds of her groans, was all far too simple. It was all right there in Claire’s mind, eager to be recalled.

I could step closer, slide my hand through her curls, grasp her hip, pull her back against me, whisper into her ear… Claire whined, clenching her thighs tight in her jean shorts. She’s still my mom—the more responsible one, typically—but that just makes this… better? Worse?

If going ahead with this means I’m going to hell, then at least I’ll earn it with a lot of fun along the way…

Moving closer, Claire took a deep, slow breath. If she was going to do something, or not, then she needed to make up her mind quickly. She was moving dangerously close, and it was hard to imagine she wouldn’t be noticed soon.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Hearing her speak, Claire froze in place. Sophia didn’t stop scrubbing dishes, her hips idly shifting back and forth as though she were listening to a song that only she could hear. “Mae-mommy went to take a nap herself—said she would have joined you but you looked so comfortable taking up the whole couch. I made us some pasta and there are plenty of leftovers—I can heat some up for you if you want!”

“Sure, that sounds nice, I always love your pasta, but before that, uhm…” Claire coughed. Her cheeks were turning red. Sophia was still scrubbing away, the swaying of her ass feeling like a taunt at Claire’s self-control and desire both. “I was wondering if you could… well…”

Sophia looked over her shoulder, giving her daughter a wide, warm smile. “What is it, sweetie? I made sure to leave out the good parmesan so that should already be warm for you.”

This woman is so wholesome, and when I look at her now… Claire bit her bottom lip. All I can think is how perfectly her ass fit in my hand. All I can think is how good it felt to suck on her tits until neither of us could take anymore and her panties were soaked through. Her nipples are even better than I’d imagined…

“That’s really thoughtful, but I was thinking… more… something a little… Different, something…” Claire coughed, her head turning away. She couldn’t meet Sophia’s gaze, not and have the courage to say what she wanted—no—needed to say. It felt too dangerous, too risky, too much like she was hoping that something she saw on TV would work to make her mother into the perfect sex toy. If it wasn’t for the conversation she’d shared with Mae afterwards, she wouldn’t even be willing to give it a try.

Mae-mommy wants me to do this. She actively thinks it’ll be good for both of us, and she’s taking a nap, so… it’s not like I’d be interrupting anything…

If I’m ever going to do this… then there won’t be a better time!

“Is everything alright—”

“Remember your purpose, sophieslave!” Claire winced. She hadn’t meant to interrupt her mother, but she had. She’d interrupted her, and that felt sillier to worry about considering that if it worked interrupting her wouldn’t matter.

If it didn’t work, then even if she’d waited her turn to speak there would be no easily explaining what she was trying to do in any way that vaguely resembled innocent.

Sophia quivered. Her face twitched. Her arms didn’t fall down to her sides like before, but instead floated in the soapy water of the sink. She fell forward, propped up by the sink as she let out a long, slow moan. Oh… Oh it’s working… I really… I really did it… I said the words and she’s… she’s losing control for me…

Claire whimpered and clenched. Her heart was beating out of control, and every moment slowed to a crawl. Every perfect moment of her mother’s fading control, of her surrender to the words that Mae hid inside of her mind drove Claire wild.

“sophieslave’s purpose is to obey her owners.”

Oh fuck that’s so much hotter to hear when I know it includes me, too…! Claire squirmed, staring at her mother with her vacant gaze and her vulnerable body. Everywhere she looked were new opportunities, new ways to use and exploit her mommyslave who had no choice but to obey. I think I’m past the moral event horizon now… At least I am if I do anything more than test to make sure this works…

Her hands reached out almost on their own, filling themselves with Sophia’s round ass. The maternal woman moaned, rubbing back into Claire’s squeezing hands. There was no more doubt.

Either this was a very elaborate prank, or her mother was well and truly under her control. It wasn’t a dream, and her mother reacted no more to Claire’s fingers moving between her legs to feel over the denim that covered her crotch than she did to the touches at her ass. Every one of Sophia’s sounds, from the smallest of gasps to the loudest of moans, made Claire shudder and clench.

I think that was more than just a test… all I needed to do was… something far less dramatic. Claire quivered, shaking her head. Her fingers were still stroking between her mother’s legs, savoring the warmth that radiated from the damp denim. Guess that means if I don’t plan on stopping, if I’m not going to try setting her free, then…

Then I should just enjoy myself, huh?

“Take your hands out of the water, turn it off… and grasp the counter…” Claire squirmed, rubbing her thighs into her mother’s ass while she moved to obey. “That’s… very good. Good mommyslut…” Saying that word to her own mother was enough to make Claire whimper. It was a rush to be in such complete control, to have Sophia at her mercy.

Her hands moved up from her mother’s ass to feel the slender curve of her back, and then moved around to slip under the apron and squeeze her mother’s chest through her sweater. It would be easy to reach under that, too, and to pull whatever bra she was wearing out of the way, but it wasn’t about that. It was about feeling that it really was her mother, really was Sophia, and clothed or unclothed…

Sophia belonged—at least in part—to Claire.

Helplessly, Sophia writhed as she moaned and rolled her body back against Claire. The longer that Claire groped and fondled her mother, the hotter both of their bodies burned with yearning. It wasn’t long before Claire’s squeezing which started gentle and soft became passionate mauling.

All that Sophia could do was raggedly pant and groan.

She’s completely at my mercy, and all I’m doing is just feeling her up… through her clothes…? Claire didn’t stop grasping at her mother’s body as she pondered her situation. Sophia didn’t stop groaning either. There’s plenty that I haven’t enjoyed, but… should I just be taking this slow, like a regular relationship? Should I just be doing my best to do what I want to do until it’s boring and then move on to something else… or should I have her strip down to just the apron right now, and eat her out while she finishes cleaning the dishes…?

Claire couldn’t keep herself from trembling. It was such a casual thing to exert such complete and total control over a woman that she’d both fantasized about since she felt sexual attraction, and was certain would never be amenable to her attraction. Sophia represented so much, and she was little more than writhing curves in Claire’s grasp.

“Mommyslut…” Claire whispered quietly, conscious of the possibility that Mae could awaken and come looking for them both at any moment. “What is it that you… that you’d want me to do, if you weren’t under my control…?”

“MmmMmmm…” Sophia groaned as Claire’s nails dug in through the sweater. It wasn’t enough to ache, but the additional passiona in the squeeze still made the mother’s eyes cross. “I… would want a hug… anything more wouldn’t… wouldn’t be appropriate… y-you’re my daughter and I wouldn’t want to take advantage of youu…!”


Wincing, Claire forced herself to keep an extra focus on her hands. Her first urge hearing those words was to squeeze as tightly as she could until her mother howled in a loud, potent mixture of pain and pleasure. As alluring as that notion still was, she remembered her Mae-mommy’s words about keeping herself under control.

Here I would have thought controlling Sophie-mommy would be harder than controlling myself… Claire smirked, kissing the back of her mother’s neck. Shows what I know, huh?

“Okay, bad way to ask what I want to know… New tactic!” Claire took a deep, slow breath, and exhaled it with another squeeze of her mother’s breasts. “If we weren’t… If I wasn’t your daughter… just a younger woman… that looked like me, sounded like me, but there… there weren’t any associations with those things being similar to a daughter…”

Claire’s mind raced.

Is that enough preamble? Is there another condition that I should set? Would she forget and let me start over if I asked? Claire quietly groaned. I really should have asked Mae-mommy for more advice, but I think I was still trying to convince myself that this was a bad idea…

“If those things were all true…” Claire kissed the back of Sophia’s neck again, squirming from the quiet, delicate mewl it earned from her mindless mother. “What… What would you want me to do?”

“O-oohhh…” Sophia mewled, rubbing back into her daughter’s body slower as the touches at her body softened. “I… Mmm… Would want you to… nuzzle into my chest… M-my hips are s-sensitive, so… I’d want you to stroke them… squeeze them… Talk to me like Mae used to when I’d get so… hazy… hard to think… Always made everything so… sexy…”

Oh fuck. Claire whimpered, squeezing her thighs together so much tighter. My mother is telling me what turns her on… what she’d want me to do if I was trying to seduce her… Or if she was interested in me…

Is Sophie-mommy attracted to younger women…? Her answer feels so… wholesome…!

Claire laughed, squeezing tighter again to enjoy the shift in her mother’s pitch.

If she isn’t… Mae-mommy said that I could have dates with Sophie-mommy if I kept my GPA up… I’ll need to talk about just how she was expecting me to do that, since it didn’t sound like she wanted to drop mom’s compartmentalization… not entirely. Maybe new compartments…?

Sophia moaned louder at a particularly firm squeeze, and Claire rolled her eyes.

Here’s a drop dead gorgeous woman helpless to my every desire and I’m busy trying to think of just how to get the most out of her… I think Mae-mommy’s philosophy works here.

Take what I want…

Then tell her to finish the dishes.

Claire nibbled at where her mother’s neck met her shoulder, and squeezed at her mother’s breasts as she savored the naughtiness of being under the apron contrasting with her almost-innocent feelings inspired by her hands still remaining over her mother’s sweater.

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