Tender Loving Control

Chapter 4: Restful Hedonism

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #contemporary #disaster_lesbians #drones #exhibitionism #masturbation #mother #mother_daughter #pov:top #solo

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Restful Hedonism

“So, you probably have a lot of questions.” Mae smiled as she stroked her daughter’s curly hair. Claire’s head was resting in her lap, her body splayed out and partially atop a nearly-naked Sophia who was sitting up asleep on the couch beside Mae. Her body glistened in sweat, and she made the cutest sounds as she slept. “It wouldn’t be very fair of me if I didn’t answer them all. Tonight, and… any you have later, too.”

Claire nuzzled into Mae’s lap with her nod, sighing quietly. “Thanks, mom… I… Mm… I was not expecting that at all… how long were you planning that…?”

Mae made quiet, thoughtful sounds for several long moments as her nails teased through Claire’s curls. The younger woman softly sighed and squirmed, her eyes occasionally fluttering as her body melted deeper into the couch and her mother’s laps.

I could stay like this all night… maybe I could sleep with them tonight…? That might be awkward in the morning, I don’t know… I just… Claire sighed. I really like being this close, feeling this… loved… Not that I ever didn’t feel like they both loved me, but making Sophie-mommy cum so many times I lost track, feeling Mae-mommy being so… encouraging… sharing her toys…

“Can I tell you the truth, even if it’s a little disappointing?” Mae’s voice sounded almost worried, but not in any important, serious sort of way. “If you’d rather I tell you something more fun than the very bland truth I can, but I feel that should be your choice.”

Claire laughed, gently kissing the top of one of Mae’s thighs. “The truth, Mae-mom. You can tell me the silly, melodramatic answer after the honest one. If you have a good one.”

“The dramatic answer is way more fun, and saying it second makes it feel a lot less dramatic, but if you insist…!” The two laughed together, Mae grinning as she finally stopped. “Before you told us about your situation with Elizabeth? I wasn’t really planning on this. I knew you had a crush on our lovely sophie—and me too, for what it’s worth—but I never planned on… doing anything about it. After all, as cute as you are, you are our daughter. I wanted to be a proper role model. Sorry if that’s disappointing, but you did ask for the truth first!

Laughing again, Claire reached up to gently poke the tip of her mother’s nose. “Mae-mommy… I don’t know why you think I’d be disappointed. It isn’t a normal thing for lesbian mothers to donate one of them as a sex slave for their daughter when she comes of age…”

Pausing, Claire spent a long moment staring off into the middle distance. Mae watched her with a raised eyebrow, continuing to very slowly stroke her hair.

“Unless…is it…? Is that an ordinary thing and you were holding out on me because you thought I wasn’t ready, or because Sophie-mom is such a dish that you didn’t want to share her? I’m suddenly gripped with this deep terrifying fear that I’ve been kept from the truth of my rich lesbian heritage because I don’t raise my pinky when I drink soda from the can or something.”

“Claire!” Mae laughed louder than before, gently poking back at her daughter’s nose. “No! There is no such… tradition… well… typically, anyway. Most girls don’t have mothers like me, though… You’re my only daughter, and I never even thought of a situation like this happening before—but no! I just… when you told your Sophie-mommy and me about your little problem with Elizabeth… The part of me that decided Sophia would be happier as a lesbian—as my lesbian—wouldn’t shut up until I shared your mother with you.”

Mother and daughter gazed into each other’s brown eyes. Though Mae briefly looked concerned, even apologetic, it quickly vanished from her face when Claire smiled.

Whatever questionable ethics her own actions hinted at, it was clear that Mae cared about her daughter—and her wife—a great deal. Whether her wife knew what was done to her, or would ever agree that it was justified was an entirely different story and one that Claire was less interested in learning about at that precise moment.

This is the first time that pity has gotten me any kind of sex, much less sex with an obedient, pre-programmed sex pet with a body like Sophie-mommys’s…

Who would have ever thought being turned down could turn out to be so good?

“I know you asked for the more dramatic reason but I’m not sure it’d hold up to your expectations. Maybe I was waiting another year but decided to rush ahead with things early, or…” Mae shrugged. “I guess what’s important is that now, whenever you tell your mother to remember her purpose, call her sophieslave…”

Mae snapped her fingers.

“Right back down into an obedient trance state ready to obey, to be programmed… to serve in any way you want her to.”

Claire quivered, her eyes fluttering as she nuzzled her mother’s lap and wiggled her hips. “Does she remember what happens when you use those words…? Will she know that I’m also her owner when she’s not… not like that…?”

Mae shook her head. “She doesn’t know I’m her owner when she isn’t like that. She just thinks we’re married—which we are. That’s all nice and legal. Her slave mode is hidden from her to keep everyone happier. Makes it easier for her to compartmentalize her kinky personality from everyone around her. That felt like an important thing… I even made it so she’ll make very logical excuses to herself for what’s happened if something interrupts us.”

“You’ve thought this through, huh?”

“Someone had to, sweetie!” Mae ruffled her daughter’s hair, quietly laughing. “Your mother’s mind is very precious, very important… if I got anything wrong, forgot some edge case… There’ve been an error here or there that I needed to correct, but I sorted those things out one at a time. For example… I called her sophie-slave before you started calling her Sophie-mommy, and it took a little bit of time for me to help iron out the associations that made for her… but you were too young to remember because you were still figuring out how to talk.”

Claire blushed, and hid her face in Mae’s lap.

My nickname for Sophia… for my Sophie-mommy… it was making her react… oh no. I’d apologize, but it feels a little late now…!

Mae reached out, teasing her fingertips along the closest of her wife’s bare breasts. “But she has a very flexible, very clever mind. She isn’t sexually frustrated or unsatisfied, but I don’t see what it hurts for her to have a little bit more fun, and for you to not need to worry about finding a girlfriend when you should be focused more on your grades. You can have dates with your mommy here at home as long as you keep up your GPA. Understood?”

“H-hey…!” Claire whimpered, her cheeks burning darker as she fought the urge to pout. “I… I’ve been… my grades are great!”

“Then you should have no problem having a weekly date night with your Sophie-mommy if you want.” Mae trailed the tip of a nail along the rim of Claire’s ear, making her so quietly, helplessly moan. “She doesn’t remember… but nothing says you can’t make a new offshoot of Sophia just for you. A Sophia that’s eager to dote on her daughter in ways Sophia never would.”

Claire quivered.

If mom wouldn’t do that, then… then using hypnosis, or whatever this mind control is to make it so she would… to make her happy to fool around with you… Isn’t that… wildly unethical? Should you even be thinking about this…?

“Now, now, sweetheart…” Mae cooed into her daughter’s ear, planting another kiss before her nail began to trace the same path that made Claire quiver the most again and again. “I recognize that little shiver. You’re wondering if I should be doing this—if you should be doing this, am I right?”

Claire wordlessly nodded.

“Let me make this very simple. Your Mae-mommy is… a hedonist. I believe that seeking pleasure is the path to giving the most people the most happiness possible.” Claire mewled as Mae’s nail moved from her ear to her neck, stroking in such a slow, seductive way. “I’ve brainwashed your mother. Before you ever met her, I had your mother wrapped around my finger eager to obey my every command at the drop of a hat. Does she seem unhappy to you?”

“W-well…” Claire squirmed. “No… just… is it okay for her to be so… to be under your control, not even know it, and… Like I kn-oooow… Mmm…” Mae’s nails slowed, and Claire’s breathing devolved into shuddery gasps. “I don’t have a lot of room to judge—and I’m not… mmm… judging… I just… shouldn’t she have a choice?”

Mae shrugged. “I could give her a choice, or I could take that choice away from her and make her both happier that she never had it, and never need to worry she’d make the wrong choice again. Did your mother seem upset about the orgasms you gave her?”

Claire hesitated, her voice softer, weaker, smaller than it had sounded since she was given the reigns of her mother’s mind.


“And she won’t after she wakes up and believes the heater malfunctioned or something so she needs to go take a shower and change.” Mae smiled, kissing her daughter’s forehead. “I could give you the same treatment, but I don’t think that’s what would make you happiest. I think what would make you happy is learning that when someone makes a choice that doesn’t make them happy…”

Mae let her voice trail off, quieter and quieter, until she rested her hand near Claire’s ear. Claire, squirming much less than before, visibly calmed, letting out a sigh the moment before Mae’s fingers snapped.

“You make them happy. It isn’t all that difficult, not really… not after you learn how… and I think that you’re old enough, responsible enough… that it’s time you learned.” Mae’s fingers moved down along Claire’s side, squeezing here or there as she made her way down to grasp her daughter’s hip. “I also think that now that you’re an adult, and you can make your own choices… If my daughter wants to learn, and she wants to be close with me… that’s up to her—not me.”

Claire bit her lip, her thighs clenching tight.

Goodness… She knows how attracted I am to her, to Sophie-mommy… There’s no way that asking that isn’t a setup for me to say yes and fall over myself to be as “close” to both of them as I can…

And why not?

“I… I feel like I should take some time to think about it, but…” Claire fluttered her eyes before looking into Mae’s again. “I think I want to say yes. I want you to teach me. I want to be closer to you, with you… It might take me some time to be comfortable with your… philosophy… but it sounds a lot more fun than what I’ve been doing up to now.”

“Of course it does, Claire.” Mae smiled. “You like feeling good, and you like making other people feel good. You could have had your mother drop to her knees and tug down your cutoffs. I think you appreciate how good it can be to focus on your lover’s bliss, on her pleasure, feeling the way it enhances your own. You can help other women make the right decisions, enjoy your company, and then…”

Claire shuddered.

Do I think that Elizabeth should be a lesbian… that she should be my lesbian…? Should I just spend some time enjoying my mothers’ company before I start to worry about things like that…?

“But we’re going to take this slow, because I want my daughter to be happy, and being my daughter…” Mae kissed her ear again. “You deserve only the best.”

“Thanks, mom…” Claire sighed, fluttering her eyes shut as she nuzzled more into her mother’s lap. “So, in the interests of being a hedonist… can I fall asleep here, in your lap, just… just like this…?”

Mae grinned, giving a faint shrug.

“I don’t see why not!”

“Mmm…” Claire wiggled her hips, nestling in as comfortably as she could. “It’s early still, so maybe this’ll just be a nap but… that took a lot out of me, and I need to show you that I’ve figured out this whole ‘want, take’ thing…”

Sighing, Mae kissed her daughter again before she sat up straight, and focused more on smoothing her curls. “You’ve learned wonderfully, and tomorrow… the lessons will resume.”

Claire didn’t stay awake for long, soon drifting off to a blissful sleep in her mothers’ laps.

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