Tender Loving Control

Chapter 2: The Family that Sleeps Together

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #contemporary #disaster_lesbians #drones #exhibitionism #masturbation #mother #mother_daughter #pov:top #solo

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: The Family that Sleeps Together

“I’m her what, too?!” Claire stared, her wide eyes full of disbelief.

“Her owner, sweetie!” Mae shook her head, kissing at the top of her daughter’s head again before her fingers again began to gently smooth her gorgeous brown curls. “Just like you can’t hide from either of us that you had a thing for that cute Elizabeth girl? You couldn’t hide from me that you’re attracted to your mother.”

Even whimpering took a fair bit of effort. The only thing that came easily to Claire was sputtering and staring at her unusually stiff and arched mother with her vacant expression.

“You had a rough day! A girl you were certain was just as queer as you turned you down in a way that made it so even pining from a distance feels… tragic.” Mae sighed, her hands moving to slowly stroke up along Claire’s arms. “You know… I’ve been exactly where you are right now myself? With a woman I loved very, very much, and was certain that she was every bit as much a lover of women as I was… but she turned me down the same way!”

It took Claire several moments to be able to respond. Despite the conversation happening directly in front of her, it seemed that Sophia had precious little to add. She was so still that she barely even seemed to move to breathe.

Mom can be a bit… Her mind offered up charged words like submissive and domestic but Claire tried not to carry those through into her thoughts. …passive, but I don’t… I never thought that my parents were into some kinky shit like this! I knew they had sex, but I didn’t imagine they played kinky sex games… or that they’d ever even think of inviting me…!

“O-oh…?” Claire realized she hadn’t responded aloud, and she needed more time to process her thoughts and feelings.

She’d certainly taken enough time processing the shape of her mother’s tits.

“That’s right. But I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer…” Mae squeezed Claire’s shoulders tighter and tighter until the younger woman squeaked. “Not in the long run, anyway. Naturally, I didn’t push the issue. No one wants to make a scene, and just telling her that I could change that, that I could help her realize that she was only as straight as she wanted to be… or as straight as I wanted her to be…”

This is some true lesbian conspiracy bullshit… Claire whimpered. I was always pretty sure that was just a fetish tag for online story websites, not… not something real… It would be super ethically unsound to turn a straight girl into a lesbian…!

Mae smiled, kissing Claire’s ear before she whispered inside. “And I can share that with you, and I would be happy to do so… but I think that first you deserve to enjoy yourself. I think that more than some young girl who doesn’t know what to do with a pussy—probably not even her own—you deserve some time with a woman. A woman that I’ve spent the last… twenty… two years training?”

Grumbling, Mae squeezed her daughter closer.

“You’re twenty, right?”

“…yeah, for another nine months.” Claire restrained the urge to huff. It wasn’t Mae’s fault that she could never remember any dates without using a calendar.

When she wasn’t showcasing to her daughter that her partner could be turned into some sort of obedient slave with a simple question she made a good point of using a variety of digital and physical ways to store information.

I could overlook this… oversight… The youngest woman in the room sucked in a sharp breath, and couldn’t stop herself from letting it become a moan on the way out. And that’s even if she wasn’t encouraging me to stare on my own…!

“Wait—!” Claire cleared her throat, and turned to look from Sophia’s green eyes to Mae’s browns. “Why does my age matter for this? Weren’t you and mom together for two years before—”

“Sweetie, you’re smart and you figured it out all on your own!” Mae grinned ear to ear, leaning in close to press her lips between Claire’s. “Don’t doubt yourself. You’re completely correct. I’m talking about your Sophie-mommy. She used to think she was a straight girl, and now…”

Mae cleared her throat. Claire quivered. The ethical complications of everything she was seeing seemed obvious, but even if it was that didn’t matter.

If I don’t want to practice anything even resembling good ethics then… then…

“My sweet sophieslave?” Mae spoke, and Sophia whimpered. Her hips jerked forwards, Taking a closer look, Claire could see a dark spot growing at Sophia’s crotch. “What is your sexual orientation?”

“I am a lesbian…!” Sophia practically screamed, her hands balling into fists as her hips jerked forward in a staccato rhythm, her clothed thighs squeezing together as tightly as they were able with so much denim in the way. “I used to think that I was straight, but Mistress Mae helped me learn the truth… I’m a lesbian, and that means I want to have sex with other women…!”

Claire stared in disbelief.

They aren’t big on the “educating by putting mouse traps everywhere” approach to things, so why would my parents do this… now? It would be pretty weird for them to play this kind of a sex game if they weren’t serious but…

She cleared her throat again.

There’s only one way to be sure, and if they’re just screwing with me… I can pass this off on knowing, but wanting to see how far they’d take it. Even if this is a joke…?

Some memories last forever.

“Obey, sophieslave!” Claire shuddered as her mother yowled in eager, submissive pleasure. Doubting that Mae was sincere was becoming more and more difficult. Believing that Sophia was a very good actress and not somehow a woman that Mae transformed into her obedient plaything… That seemed like the stretch. “Take off your sweater…!”

“M-my purpose is to obey… t-take off my sweater… yesss…” Without a moment’s hesitation Sophia crossed her arms over her chest and grasped the hem of her sweater. “Take off… take… off…!”

Claire let out a whistle before she realized what she was doing. Her mother’s sweater lifted, revealing at first the familiar—if no less erotic—sight of her mother’s smooth belly. While Sophia had seemingly no issue eagerly fulfilling her purpose, the smooth fabric that contained her heavy breasts needed to struggle to fulfill its own. Her bra also needed to compete with a pair of the hardest nipples that Claire had ever seen.

The young woman’s gaze was far too focused on her mother’s breasts to see her sweater hit the floor even in her peripheral vision.

It was a sight she’d seen before, but there was something different about seeing her now. It’s been a while since I’ve seen mom in any really serious state of undress, but it isn’t like this is the first time I’ve seen her like this… heck, I’ve seen… a lot more, but… something’s different about this, and I… I don’t know what…

Lips pressed to Claire’s ear. They were always sensitive, but the arousal burning in her blood made the effect so much greater. Claire’s eyes fluttered, and she quietly groaned as she arched back against Mae who was still right behind her.

“That feeling you can’t understand, the way this is more enticing than simply seeing your mother in a swimsuit or changing from one outfit to another?” Mae kissed at Claire’s ear again on her way down to her daughter’s neck, faintly nipping between low, seductive whispers. “I can tell you why it’s so special… why it has you feeling so hot… and why you want more of this, even if you know full well what your mother looks like unclothed—or at least you did at one point in time…”

“Wh-what is it..?” Claire groaned, reaching back for her mother’s body. She needed something to grasp, some way to pull her tighter and closer. “Tell me…”

Mae quietly chuckled, kissing at her daughter’s other ear before blowing inside. Claire groaned, her hands squeezing so much tighter at her mother to keep her balance. “Those times were casual. She was doing it functionally, or just… passively.” Mae moved her hands down from her daughter’s shoulders, to squeeze her hips as she arched her chest into her daughter’s back. “This time?

“She’s doing it entirely for you.”

“O-ohhh…” Claire whimpered, her eyes hooding so low as she stared back and forth between her mother’s chest and her face. Before that moment she’d been convinced that while a pretty face was attractive, she’d be much happier to stare at a pair of round, smooth, perfect tits. Being confronted with this new reality, the sight of Sophia’s face showing little evidence of any mind at all, made that feel much more complicated. “But isn’t this… wrong? You’re… she’s… mothers, and families aren’t supposed to… normal families don’t—”

Mae’s finger found itself across Claire’s lips, silencing her before it slowly stroked along the full, plush shape. “Neither of us was ever going to be normal—and neither was our sophieslave.”

Claire whimpered.

Ours. She called mom… our slave… I shouldn’t like the sound of that so  much, I should be worried that she turned my mother into her pet without her consent, but… Slowly, Claire pressed out her lips to kiss Mae’s finger. I want this too much. I want them too much… and Sophia… sophieslave… is a good place to start…

“She’ll stand like this for hours if we tell her to—or don’t tell her to do anything else.” Mae whispered into her daughter’s ear, stroking down along her chin, and then along her neck. “But you’ve had a long, hard day. You deserve comfort. You deserve fun. She can do so much more, and she’s eager to obey…” Mae pulled her lips back, and spoke louder with a firm, confident voice. “Aren’t you so ready to please, sophieslave?”

“Ohhhh…” Sophia’s eyes crossed, and the stain between her legs grew darker as her body shook and her breasts jiggled faintly within the flimsy confines of her bra. “Y-yess… Ready to please… eager to please… Whatever my owner…” She shook her head. “Owners… d-desire…”

Claire couldn’t stop herself from moaning.

My own mother—admittedly, in some altered state of consciousness and control—just told me that she was eager to do anything I wanted… Claire hooded her eyes, staring right at her mother’s beautiful deep greens. Indulging this… if she wants this… if I want this… There’s nothing wrong with that. She always wants to be soothing for me, encouraging for me… Why would this be any different?

“Well… sophieslave…” Claire shuddered. Her mother’s mewl of pleasure, the way her eyes locked on Claire’s at the use of those naughty words—words that Claire never would have imagined using towards her mother—was all so impossibly erotic. “Take off your jeans—wait!” Sophia, even in her state of extreme enthusiasm, hadn’t even had a chance to move.

If she’ll do anything I want… why shouldn’t I ask for her do exactly what I want…? She wants to give it to me, so…

“Uhm… sophieslave…” Her cheeks burned more and more intensely. It was one thing to acknowledge that nothing was holding her back, that nothing should hold her back, and another to actually say the words out loud. “Turn around… and slowly… slowly take off your pants, while leaning forward… make it… a show.”

“Good girl.” Mae kissed the top of her daughter’s head, sending another shiver through Claire’s body.

After a moment of clenching and writhing, Sophia nodded and slowly turned away. Claire nearly whimpered at the loss of her mother’s vacant expression, but the sight of her mother’s panty-clad ass coming into view as her too-tight jeans were slowly peeled down was more than enough to make up for it. “Make it… a show… for my ownersss… yesss…”

Her panties are soaked. Claire whimpered. And her ass is just so… fucking… Even in her thoughts, Claire couldn’t easily find the words to perfectly describe all of the reasons her mother’s body moving submissively to fulfill her desires stimulated her libido so amazingly. It’s so fucking round!

It was hard to know just where to look. Sophia’s satin panties matched her bra, and her long legs were so smooth with every contour pleading with Claire’s fingertips. The stain of her mother’s lust called to her mouth and fingers both, hooding Claire’s eyes lower.

“You don’t just need to look, Claire.” Mae kissed the top of her daughter’s head with a soft sigh. “Making her yours in the same way she’s mine wasn’t just a gesture for today, or to encourage you to have a little fun to feel better. Unless you show me that you can’t be responsible with a dripping, quivering sex slave—and I don’t know why you couldn’t be when you’ve always been such a well behaved daughter for us both—then that offer isn’t just for tonight.

“It’s for as long as you want her.”

Claire moaned before she had a chance to completely process her mother’s words.

Sophia was still bent over, her ass jutting out with so much of it exposed and what little was covered only serving to suggest a different texture for the same curves.

“Stand back up, tall…” Claire’s voice quivered. She wanted to move closer. She wanted to touch. Pulling away from Mae’s warmth wasn’t easy to consider, but it wasn’t as if it would be forever.

“Y-yesss… sophieslave… obeys…!” Sophia rose, quivering. All she wore now were her satin undergarments. The curve of her back, the fullness of her hips, the visible sides of her breasts—so many things screamed for Claire’s direct attention.

I could have had her strip out of her panties… out of her bra… but… Claire’s tongue snuck out to slowly wet her lips. I want to do those things myself.

“So… two things, before I… do anything more.”

Mae raised an eyebrow. “Mm? What would those be? I think all of the things you’d want would be right in front of you at the moment…”

Claire giggled, slowly shaking her head. “Mom… Mm… I mean…” Claire coughed, struggling to regain the feeling of sexy confidence she’d been riding high the moment before. “First… you’re sure that you don’t mind me using—having—mom as much as… as much as you do…?”

“As far as I’m concerned, she’ll always be your mother first… and that was true before I gave you joint ownership. You always come first…” Mae squeezed her daughter close, before stepping back with a sigh. “But I wouldn’t offer something like that just to take it back. She’s yours and I mean it. As long as you don’t hurt her… aren’t cruel to her… she’ll be ours. But you had a second thing…?”

Claire nodded without turning to face her mother. Her cheeks were still red. “I’ve… never had a woman so… obedient to me like this before. I’ve never even… Like… I’ve read about dominance and submission but I never…”

Sophia quivered, but just as Mae said it seemed she would be patient to stand there

“Do you want your Mae-mommy to help show you the ropes—to teach you how to get the most out of a slave like your Sophie-mommy?” Claire nodded, and Mae sighed proudly. “I would be so happy to show my little girl the ropes. You’ve wanted this for so long, and it’s about time that you learned something that I’ve wanted to teach you since you were a little girl.”

With a blink of her own, Claire turned to look behind her. “What’s that?”

Mae grinned. “It’s very simple. There’s a philosophy that I’ve lived by ever since I decided that your mother and I would make the perfect couple. We’ve been together now for twenty-two years, and we’re closer than ever. Maybe she wasn’t on board with that from the start… but have you ever seen your mother anything less than happy with our relationship…?”

Claire shook her head.

“And you never will… because when I want…?” Mae reached out for her daughter’s hips and squeezed. “I take.”

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