Tender Loving Control

Chapter 1: Softening a Rough Day

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #contemporary #disaster_lesbians #drones #exhibitionism #masturbation #mother #mother_daughter #pov:top #solo

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Author’s Note: I was having a rough day, so I just wanted to write a young woman being pampered by her mommies. Then… I remembered that time in Tether that trilby else wanted to write more robots. Hopefully, that means that I’m in good company.

Chapter 1: Softening a Rough Day

Claire tried her best to close the door silently behind herself with all the subtle stealth of a cat slowly reaching a paw towards a plate on someone’s lap. The simple act of moving her small, lithe frame across the porch mustered enough loud creaking in her wake, but that didn’t stop her from making an attempt to obscure her entrance. She hadn’t moved too quickly, or too slowly, and there was no guarantee that anyone would have been close enough to hear.

No one can ever say that I didn’t try… She sighed, teeth closing around her bottom lip as her big, deep brown eyes focused intently on the doorknob she carefully pulled shut. It was still turned, to stop the sound of metal-on-metal from filling the well decorated house around her. Even if this will probably go the rest of today has…

“Welcome home, sweetheart!”

Before she could turn around, the loud sound of her mothers’ voice nearly made Claire jump out of her skin with a loud shriek. It didn’t remove the sour expression from her face, but it did temporarily gift a twinge of panic.

“Sorry, sweetie!” Claire’s mother sighed, slowly shaking her head. Her lips were curled in a smile, and everything about her face screamed both apologetic and warm from the arch of her brows to the upwards tug of her bottom lip. “I keep meaning to see about those boards out front…”

Claire shook her head. Her eyes remained focused on the doorknob. “It’s… It’s okay. You just shocked me, that’s all.” Taking a deep, careful breath, Claire’s expression shifted from panicked and sorrowful to strained happiness. “You know I love you, mom!”

Wearing her exaggerated smile like a raised shield, Claire waved as she made her way past her mother.

Anyone who saw the two in the same room would instantly recognize them as mother and daughter. They both had the same curly brown hair, though Claire’s ended at her shoulders and Sophia’s made its way all the way down to the small of her back. Their eye colors were the biggest point of contention. Mismatched, Claire’s eyes were brown while Sophia’s were green, but it was a small detail. They had the same pale peach skin tone and the same preponderance of small brown dots here and there across their visible bodies.

Sophia wore a white, cable-knit sweater that somehow managed to both emphasize and downplay the curves of her breasts, and a pair of jeans that hugged tight to her hips and the full curves of her ass. Her feet were bare, but the carpeted floor and the warmth of spring made that a nonissue.

While in every way Sophia’s look screamed ‘mom’ Claire’s was less archetypal. Though she also wore denim it was only pair of tiny jean shorts. There was less for them to cling to, but they revealed plenty of her slender legs. A black halter top fell just past the belt loops on her cutoffs, and a pair of small brown heeled boots sank into the carpet with each step. Put next to her mother, Claire’s physique was smaller in nearly every way—shorter, and more svelte. There was a hint that she would grow into her mother’s curves, but they weren’t quite there yet.

Before she could sneak away to her room, Sophia grasped her daughter’s forearm. This earned another squeak, but it was far less overwhelmingly terrified than the earlier scream.

“Not so fast, kiddo.” Though Sophia’s voice lowered and her eyes flattened, her lips couldn’t completely betray her softer, gentler nature. Her smile was still as present as her daughter’s worry, less suppressed than hidden away behind a diaphanous cloth. “I recognize that look. What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing…?” Claire did her best to deepen her smile, but Sophia’s own began to fall away as her visible concern grew. “Look, it’s not important, I just don’t want to worry you, or talk about it… I was just going to go and hide in my room—”

Claire nearly screamed again as arms wrapped around her from behind. Carpets had their upside, but in this instance it also meant sneaking up on Claire was made a simpler task.

Lips pressed to the top of her head, and a familiar, playful voice rang forth. “And cry into your pillow? What kind of mom would Sophie be if she let you run away and feel awful all on your own? Tell us all about it.”

Sophia nodded, moving in to wrap her arms around her daughter from the front. “That’s right, Mae. We’re both here for you, Claire. You can tell us anything. There’s no judgement here.

Ugh! I just want to hide away, I was probably going to peek out when I felt better and everything… Claire squirmed for a moment, but it quickly became clear that neither woman was about to release her so easily. When she stopped, relaxing back into Mae’s arms as Sophia squeezed closer, a blush spread across her cheeks. There are certainly… worse places I could be trapped…

Thanks to her diminutive stature, and her mothers’ heights easily surpassing her, Claire’s head was cushioned behind by Mae’s breasts, and her face was lovingly trapped between Sophia’s.

Fingers made their way through Claire’s curls, so gently stroking as the women on either side of her gently rocked her. The feeling was comforting, and incredibly intimate. As lovely as that was, a part of Claire didn’t want to feel better. A part of Claire wasn’t done hurting yet.

Stubbornly she maintained a tenuous grasp on her frustration, scrunching up her face as tight as she could. It wasn’t much against the oppressive softness that contained her from all sides, but it was enough to give her a feeling of victory. She hadn’t acquiesced entirely to her mothers’ desires, and that felt important whether it actually was or not.

Maybe in an hour I’ll wish I just let myself indulge this, but right now…

While Sophia could clearly be read as Claire’s mother, Mae’s looks weren’t quite so similar. They both had nearly the same brown eyes, deep and dark and wet, but Mae’s hair wasn’t curly at all. It wasn’t brown either, instead a gorgeous strawberry-blonde that she wore in a pageboy that nearly framed her face. Though her skin was less emphasized with small colored dots here and there, she was overall far tanner than Sophia or Claire.

“We’re not going to let up, Claire Serena Guest.” Mae kissed the top of Claire’s head again. “But I promise you, if you tell us what’s wrong? I’ll do something very special—just for you.”

Claire tried not to blush so much deeper.

As both of her mothers squeezed her so tight between them, she had no chance for her stubbornness to overcome either of them—much less both. Outnumbered, and surrounded, her will was put to the test.

It wasn’t long before she failed.

“Please, Claire sweetie?” Sophia’s voice was just barely not a whimper. Melodious and pleading, she squeezed her daughter closer and spoke as softly as she could. “It’s okay to cry—it’s good, even. We just don’t want you to do it alone when you don’t need to. That’s all… So, if you can, please? If it’s not something you can say yet… we can wait.”

Sophia paused long enough that Claire thought she was done. She even began to part her lips, but before she could make a sound her mother continued.

“But I’ll want to make fudge if you want us to wait, and then we’ll need to share.”

Mae laughed, squeezing Claire tighter. “Think of your poor mother. Do you really want to be responsible for her jeans not fitting?” Claire could hear Mae’s eyes hood, and the grin that spread across her lips. “How horrible. I think all she has anymore are jeans, besides that one dress anyway… whatever would she do around the house?”

“Ha, ha…!” Sophia pouted, the flush on her cheeks spreading down her neck. How far it reached was hidden away by her sensible neckline that denied Claire anything more than a hint of her collarbone.

Of course it wasn’t as though Claire allowed herself to be too aware of her mother’s body—especially not with her other mother right there. Even hidden away between their busts such thoughts were dangerous. There’s no way I could deal with it if they knew how I felt about… She bit her lip. Either of them…

What would Sophie-mom wear if she couldn’t fit in any of her jeans…

Mae continued to slowly pet her daughter’s hair, sighing quietly. “I’m sure we could think of something. Maybe you could earn pants-privilege back if you worked very hard at it… but, Claire, please. It’s important that your other-mother and I know what’s going on in your life.”

Claire took in a deep breath, letting it out as a loud, dramatic sigh before slowly nodding. “Okay… I’ll tell you. But… don’t make a big deal about it, okay…?” She tried to peer up past her mother’s breasts to make meaningful eye contact, but quickly abandoned that notion when that just meant moving her face more into Sophia’s breasts. “I know I’m blowing it out of proportion… I’m a college girl now—not some high school brat, so…”

“Don’t worry, sweetie.” Mae chuckled quietly, squeezing her daughter tighter. “I promise, when you tell me and then see your present, you’ll be convinced I don’t see you as a little girl anymore.”

Blinking, Claire took a moment to simply stare (with little choice for it to be anywhere but at her mother Sophia’s sweater-clad breasts) and consider Mae’s words. What kind of ‘do something special’ is this going to be? Am I going to inherit a ‘back massager’ as if I don’t already have one of my own? The way she said that definitely sounded…


With a shake of her head Claire pushed that thought away to concentrate in on the importance of the moment—sharing her rough day.

“So… Remember how I told you about Elizabeth…?” Claire couldn’t stop herself from squirming.

Sophia shook her head at first, and then her eyes opened wide. “Oh yeah! She was the cute blonde girl, right? The one always wearing that dark green sweater you like who had the really pretty laugh?”

How can my cheeks burn even more?!

“H-how did you—”

“You like to talk out loud while you send text messages sometimes.” Mae interrupted her with a tone that was somehow both amused and no-nonsense. “When I overhear the details, I share them with your mother, and vice versa. We like to stay informed, and someone stopped telling us all about every one of their crushes anymore!”

Shaking her head, Sophia squeezed Claire closer and crushed her face tighter between her heavy breasts with the effort. Claire whined, but it was too softly for anyone to feel the need to respond or reply.

It could have even gone unnoticed.

“W-well… Anyway…” Claire sighed, closing her eyes to focus more on the topic at hand. “I decided to take a chance. I haven’t had… the best of luck asking out girls before? But if I ever want to have a girlfriend I’ll need to get over that… I can’t count on another girl—er woman— being the one to ask me? But uhm…”

Sophia sighed, squeezing closer again. “Did she say no, sweetie?”

“Oh. No!” Laughing shyly, Claire shook her head side to side as quickly as she could without being distracted by the sensations of her mothers’ breasts. “Well, I mean… Yes… She did… but… apparently I’d been reading her all wrong, because instead of already having a girlfriend, or not being interested in me, she uhm…”

Mae groaned quietly as she rested her head gently atop Claire’s. “Oh no. Oh no. Don’t tell me that she’s…”

Claire nodded, groaning into Sophia’s chest. “Yeah, you’re totally right…! Despite all of my efforts, despite being raised by two women, despite having spent a lot of time with his girl… apparently my dyke-dar is broken because I fell in love with a straight woman.”

Both of Claire’s mothers held her tighter, gently smoothing her hair and stroking along her arms. For a long time the three of them said nothing, just squeezing and rocking as a feeling of understanding and love filled the room. It’s really nice having lesbian parents. They get things like this…! I mean, a bisexual parent—lesbian or not—would probably get this, but… This feels like they really get it…

It’s really nice to feel understood…!

The last of Claire’s stubborn clinging to her foul mood dissolved away. Feeling so much empathy, so much love, it was nearly impossible for her to not feel a little better. Her chest still ached, and remembering that feeling of hopelessness, frustration, and shame at misreading friendship for romantic affection made her eyes feel the slightest bit damp all over again.

Having my mothers here for me… it all just feels a lot easier to take. Seeing Elizabeth again is going to be… She frowned. Awkward… but… I’m sure they’ll have some tips for that, too!

Sophia broke the silence first, her voice as warm and compassionate as it was when she’d first welcomed her daughter home. “Would you still like me to make some fudge? This definitely sounds like one of those moments where you might need some comfort food. Fudge, sitting on the couch together and watching some bad movies… Or some sad ones… or happy ones…? That doesn’t always work for me when I’m sad, but I want you to have the option.”

Mae laughed, slowly shaking her head. “Leave it to your Sophie-mommy to try solving the problem with food.” Claire’s blonde mother kissed the top of her head and then softly sighed. “But before you accept that, you should accept what I’m offering. Would you like that, Claire?”

Why does she sound so… husky…? Claire squirmed. Her mother’s voice suddenly sounding so deep was doing things to her, and they were fun things. Claire’s thighs were clenching, and between them was a wet twitching ache. Maybe this isn’t exactly the least taboo thing I’ve ever done, but… I did have a rough day…

Claire shyly nodded. “Sure…! What do you have in mind?”

“Better if it’s a surprise!” Mae laughed louder than before, following the sound with a low, rolling purr. “Sophie, sweetie?”

“Mm?” Sophia’s blinks were nearly audible. “What? I thought you had something in mind… if you were expecting me to somehow join in—”

“—Remember your purpose, sophieslave.”

Sophia moaned, her arms falling limp at her sides. As she leaned forward, the weight of her body suddenly too much to hold up on her own, her arms moved forward and squeezed her breasts around her daughter’s face.

All that Claire could do was sputter and squirm.

M-my own mom is smothering me with her tits…! She whimpered, her thighs clenching tighter. M-Mae-mommy said something, and then… then…

Sophia slowly lifted herself up straight, freeing Claire from the suffocating trap of her breasts. Now able to glance up and see her face, Claire gasped. What she saw made her toes curl, and her thighs clench that much tighter.

Her eyes are so… blank… her mouth is just… hanging open… She’s standing so… straight… even for Sophie-mommy she’s… stiff, and… arched… Claire’s breath caught in her throat as she let out a low, shy whimper.

“sophieslave’s purpose is to obey her owner.”

Mae sighed. It was a sound full of self-congratulatory delight, and an undeniably smug tingle of pleasure. “Good girl, sophieslave. Then for tonight, and maybe more if all goes well…?” Mae pulled Claire a few steps back with her arms still wrapped around her daughter before gently grasping her face, holding Claire so it was so natural for her to gaze into Sophia’s blank eyes. “Claire is your owner, too.”

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