Sync Scent

Chapter 5: A Taste of Musk

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: A Taste of Musk

“What do you think of Starshine’s technique, Eleanor?” Musk’s fingers delicately moved through Eleanor’s hair. Every touch she offered was gentle and tender, while being firm enough to offer the most absolute satisfaction. “Do you think she did her best to learn from your lessons?”

Starshine watched silently, sat on her knees as her amber eyes looked towards the two women without any desire to interject. Her nipples stood out hard at her chest, and her flush sex was hard at work making a puddle beneath her.

Her nudity didn’t bother her. Her arousal didn’t bother her. It didn’t even feel concerning that one of her hands was idly stroking at the curves of her own breasts as Musk watched.

She said I’m a lesbian, and I… I can’t argue. A shudder rolled down her spine as Starshine’s tongue traced around her own mouth. She could still taste Eleanor. She could still feel the satisfaction from it, the joy from it, the freedom she’d never felt before… but Musk was paying attention to Eleanor, and Sunshine didn’t want to rob a single moment of joy from the cutely chubby woman who had so kindly taught her how to enjoy the act of eating ass.

If heroes make the world a better place, and that’s what I am, what I strive to be, then…

Making her cum was doing that… right…?

Eleanor beamed up at Musk. Her blue eyes were so sweetly hazy, and her dirty blonde hair was messy and matted to her forehead with sweat. There was no missing just how completely she’d enjoyed herself.  “Ohh… Mm…” Eleanor fluttered her eyes, leaning to rub her entire body against Musk as much as she could. “Yesss… Definitely…! She was so… enthusiastic…! More practice would be good but… mmm… that’s true for everybody…!”

“Excellent…” Musk sighed happily, leaning down to kiss the top of Eleanor’s head. The smaller woman mewled, deeply inhaling Musk’s scent before rubbing that much tighter. “I had hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to make her come around, but if anyone could…

“I’ve really never met a woman who worshipped ass quite as much as you, Eleanor.” Musk chuckled, but her voice was warm. There was no hint of mockery, only delight. For a supervillain hiding away with a harem full of women at her disposal, Musk’s presence didn’t feel dangerous or worrying to the kneeling heroine. “That makes you the perfect instructor. I’ll be so sad when it’s time for you to move on, but… you were very upfront that I wouldn’t be able to keep you.  Return to the girls… and enjoy their loving touches.”

The round blonde shuddered, nodding wordlessly as she spared a quick nuzzle into Musk’s body before peeling away.

A moment later she was collapsing into a pile of pillows and flesh, writhing and nuzzling and kissing with her face buried between the cheeks of a very round woman’s behind. Moans rose from the pile, making Starshine shudder as she deeply breathed in the mixture of lust and pheromones that filled the room.

Nothing about what she’s doing here feels… wrong at all… But I didn’t think that when I first got here. Did she do something to me, or…?


Musk spoke her name, and Starshine could feel the words tingling through her arousal itself. Her mouth fell open, and she spread her legs wide as she arched out her back. Her skin was on fire, and her mouth longed to suck. Her tongue ached to feel flesh. Her teeth wanted to bite.

Her pussy wanted to fuck, and Musk’s voice felt like silk moving right along her slit.

Now, Musk’s attention was completely centered on the kneeling heroine. Starshine didn’t even try to keep her hips from wiggling side to side. So needy… so… Mmmm… Just being near her makes me want… hearing her… ohhh…

“There are a lot of things I could have you do. Women can make love in so many ways, and all of them are exquisite. Other different circumstances, with a body like yours, I might be tempted to have you oiled and just grind… but…” Musk purred. “Making you a throne feels so much more rewarding given the way you charged in. You don’t feel so self-righteous anymore, do you…?”

“N-nooo…” Starshine whined. “Still… Still a heroine, but you… I don’t… I… I’m a lesbian, and I… I want… sex…”

Musk nodded, gesturing to a pair of women who crawled up to Starshine and grasped her shoulders. A moment later the heroine was on her back, spreading her legs as the hand that wasn’t squeezing at her own chest moved to play between her thighs. The women who pushed her down, one of them with deep brown skin and short, tightly curled black hair and the other with pale skin and long red hair, writhed their naked bodies against Starshine’s sides as she gazed pitifully up at Musk.

“The women here all want sex, Starshine. They came here because they want to be fucked, and they want to fuck.” Musk licked her lips, her orange eyes hooding in a way that looked so immensely pleased as they scanned over the writhing heroine’s glistening shape. “I told you that I was going to be your test. Are you ready to show me how much you were paying attention?”

“Y-y-yessss…!” Starshine groaned, her hips bucking up hard as her eyes rolled back into her head. “Your ass…! I’ll eat your ass… lick your pussy… I’ll do anything, let you do anything… P-pleeease…! You’re so hot, and I’m so… I need you so much… I’ve never needed anyone like this!”

Musk stepped closer before lowering herself down so her knees were on either side of the heroine’s face. “The reason for that, is you haven’t been honest with yourself. You’ve been repressing your needs.

“That isn’t healthy. It leads to a lack of compassion, understanding… and happiness.”

Compassion… understanding… I need those to be a good heroine and I… Starshine shuddered as she stared up at Musk’s naked body. Her thighs were so close, and between them… her flushed sex. As Musk shifted, it was easy to get a look at her ass, so full and round, looking so tight and supple. It was different than Eleanor’s, and that made her mouth curious.

Being so close to the most intimate parts of her body, Starshine was drowning in wave after wave of Musk’s scent. Her fingers moved more insistently against her own body, and Starshine’s deep moans only grew louder the closer Musk lowered.

I’m really going to do this… with Musk… to Musk… for Musk… Is she controlling me…? Is this… really what I want…? Starshine trembled as she felt the woman’s skin against her lips. Before the feeling had been enough to make her cum, to lose all grasp on her consciousness, but it felt different this time. Her clit was still buzzing. Everything felt so hot, and not a single part of her could stay still.

It’s hard to think of anything at all, anything but her…

Mmm I need her, I need to fuck her, I need to make her feel good like a real heroine should… because I’m a lesbian, and I want this, I want her…!

Musk’s fingers grasped her hair, pulling Starshine’s mouth tighter against her ass as she wiggled down lower. “Mmm… Show me just what you can do, Starshine. Show me what you’ve learned… and I have a special little surprise in store for you.”

“Yyy-ysssss Mssssk…!” Starshine tried her best to scream her muffled acceptance from beneath the woman’s curvy ass, but so little of the sound could escape.

It didn’t matter besides, because soon her lips began to suck, and her tongue flicked as it wiggled its way around the rim of her ass before pushing deeper. Nothing else in the whole world existed except for Musk’s ass, and Starshine couldn’t imagine anything else.

Her tongue moved on its own, just as her hands ceased playing with her own body and lifted to knead and squeeze at Musk. Starshine couldn’t even focus on her own pleasure as her slick body quivered and clenched. Musk’s taste filled her mouth, and all she could do was seek out more and more as she breathed in Musk’s scent and lost more of her ability to focus on anything else with every one of Musk’s moans.

It could have been minutes, hours, or days, or years. Starshine couldn’t stop herself, and she didn’t want to. Her eyes were melted shut, but she didn’t need to see with that powerful scent in control.

Just need to let go… just need to make Musk feel good… just need to obey…!

Scents of cum and lust and women and need swirled around Starshine in a void of thought as she dutifully obeyed. She didn’t know when she would stop, or if she would ever stop.

Orgasms occasionally shook through her, making her own scent stronger, her own needs feel temporarily sated, but all of that only existed to pull her deeper into Musk’s scent. There was nothing she could do to escape, or want to escape, when it felt so good to inhale and kiss and suck and drown in the pleasure Musk made her entire world.

Good heroine… lesbian slut who just needs to fuck… never want to leave… just want to be a part of Musk’s harem… don’t care about anything else…!

At some point the world changed, and she couldn’t realize what was different.

The scent… the taste… Mmm… texture… I’m still fucking, still… swimming in her pheromones but… it’s… different… it’s… oooh…

When she opened her eyes, it wasn’t Musk riding her face anymore.

It was Shadows.

Her violet eyes looked every bit as glassy and hazy as Starshine’s, and she was wearing just as much. Shadows’s hands were playing with her own breasts as she rolled her hips down to press her pussy into Starshine’s mouth.

We’re both awake… she’s awake, and I’m fucking her… I’m fucking Shadows…!

They’d both once been the same person, but nothing about this felt like masturbation. Starshine didn’t feel any magical connection allowing her to perfectly understand just where to place her tongue or just where to suckle. It was more special for how the gap between them, the distance that kept them so far apart even if they shared so much, was finally closed.

Her pussy tastes so… good…!

Starshine didn’t know how long it had been since Musk moved away and Shadows took her place, but her face was hot and sticky and wet with Shadows’s cum. If she wasn’t a superheroine with a body capable of endurance and activity unlike an ordinary woman then it was hard to imagine she’d still feel so driven to kiss and lick and suck—but she was.

Don’t want to stop…

I want to make Shadows cum again…!

Hearing Shadows moan was so incredibly surreal. She’d heard that sound in her dreams, so many dreams formed out of Shadows enjoying herself with other women in an attempt to reach Starshine or just have fun, but now Starshine was hearing that sound because she was making it happen.

Shadows was moaning and shaking because of Starshine’s mouth.

Still on her back, the golden-haired heroine didn’t need to reach down between her legs. Feeling Shadows’s lust flow into her mouth and watching the way her whole body shook and clenched as another climax ravaged her body was enough to push Starshine over the edge again.

Do I look like her when I cum…? The way she holds her breath… the way her stomach tightens… I never noticed how hot she was before…!

How could I have ever…?

Worshipping Shadows’s pussy was different than eating Musk’s ass, but it wasn’t that different. Her tongue shifted between exploring Shadows’s folds and insistently rubbing at Shadows’s clit. Her fingers weren’t moving between Shadows’s legs so much as kneading her ass, holding the other woman to make the most of her mouth.

The majority of the difference was emotional.

Starshine couldn’t look away from Shadows’s writhing to see Musk sitting nearby on a large pillow, stroking at two of the women in her harem as she watched Starshine hard at work. She could still smell Musk, could still feel the way her presence made everything feel like it existed for sex, but making Shadows cum and cum until she couldn’t take any more was a higher priority than seeking Musk’s approval.

All of the women here… want to fuck… want to be fucked… and I’m just like them…

I’m a part of Musk’s harem… another woman who just needs sex…!

There wasn’t even any lingering shame tainting Starshine’s enjoyment. There was only pure euphoria as she lapped at her roommate’s pussy to push her towards yet another climax. Her own thighs quivered, toes never quite uncurling as the pleasure she provided fueled her insatiable lust and provided her with pleasure of her own.

After long enough, buried between Shadows’s thighs, it became impossible to tell when one orgasm ended and the next began—for either of them. Both women were a shuddering writhing mass with seemingly any touch to Shadows’s sex being enough to set her off.

Every time it did, the same sensations overwhelmed Starshine.

Lost in an endless loop of pleasure, Starshine felt like she passed out only to awaken with Shadows still pressing her pussy down against her face, but Shadows was also now between Starshine’s thighs.

She’s licking me… down… there… m-my pussy… m-my clit… she’s going… going to make me cum again…!

Shadows’s pussy muffled Starshine’s screams, and that vibration was enough to make Shadows howl between Starshine’s thighs. With so much stimulation, and so lost in the effects of Musk’s harem, even losing consciousness wasn’t enough to set them free from the endless pleasure and the fucking that drove both of them more than anything else ever had.

“My good girls are behaving so much better, now…!” Musk chuckled as both Shadows and Starshine moaned loudly just from the sound of her voice. They were still busily pleasing the other, but the timbre of their cries was noticeably different.

They could feel her voice through their bodies, and deep inside of their minds. There was no comparing such a soul-deep pleasure to each other’s mouth.

“I didn’t think this would work out as well as Shadows was certain it would… but here we are. I think if I let the two of you play for much longer one of you may end up sore, or worse…” Musk grinned. “I would hate to spoil your memories of today with something so unpleasant…”

Starshine tried to shake her head, but her neck felt too weak. Don’t want to stop…! Want to make her cum again…! Need to make her cum, to make up for lost time, to—

As though she could read Starshine’s lust-soaked thoughts, Musk’s voice interrupted them with such little effort. “Mm don’t worry. You won’t be asleep forever and when you awaken… you’ll always have each other.”

Musk moved closer, and as her scent grew thicker Starshine could no longer continue to lick. Her arms were too heavy to squeeze at Shadows’s ass.

Starshine melted away into dreams of riding the face of a blonde-haired woman with amber eyes until she couldn’t take it any longer and needed to dive between her thighs. The dreams were vivid like no other dreams had ever been.

It was the best sleep of her life.

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