Sync Scent

Chapter 6: Synchronicity

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Synchronicity

Musk laid back on a large pillow, and nestled into either of her breasts was a pair of beautiful metahumans.

On her right was a woman with beautiful blonde hair who even in her sleep couldn’t stop pressing her sex against Musk’s thigh. To her left was a woman with black hair who couldn’t stop herself from kissing at Musk’s breast even though her violet eyes were shut and she was lost in dreams of sex.

When Musk’s fingers moved along the back of their heads at the same time, and curled in the same way, their eyes fluttered open at the exact same moment. “You should be feeling much more rested now, I hope. If either of you are feeling especially sore, I apologize. It felt… important to push the two of you to your limits so there was no risk of that experience being a fluke. You understand, yes…?”

“O-ohhh yesss…” Starshine smiled dreamily as she nuzzled back against Musk’s hand. “I understand… Ohhh… Anything you want, anything you need, anything… Mmm thank you… I feel so…”

“Good…” Shadows finished her thought. Instead of leaning back, she nuzzled forward and planted her lips in a series of kisses that trailed around the edges of Musk’s areola. “Mmm… Good? And free. I don’t need to worry about Star staying up too late and making it so I have less of a day, but…” Her lips closed around Musk’s nipple, sucking just long enough to pull back with a loud wet pop that made all three women giggle. “It’s a lot more than that…”

“So much more than that… Mmm…” Starshine fluttered her eyes, rubbing her head more against Musk’s hand. “You made everything so much… better. I don’t even have words… Mmm… I know I need to be a heroine, to do good things, but I… I don’t want to leave… ever.”

Musk laughed. Her nails pressed down along Starshine’s scalp hard enough that Starshine let out a sharp, shuddering cry as her body fell limp. “Maybe you never need to leave… or maybe you can always find your way back—though I might insist you crawl the next time you arrive. You were so rude before, and you’ll need to make that up to me… but… what if I don’t want either of you to leave…?”

Starshine’s expression twisted up, scrunching with momentary concern before a harder raking of Musk’s nails drew away all of her uncertainty leaving only pleasure and bliss.

Shadows raised one of her black eyebrows, but went right back to kissing at Musk’s breast. Each kiss reminded her of the woman’s taste, and being so close to the center of her chest filled Shadows’s nostrils with so much of her unique pheromones. Even casually cuddling was made so much more sexual when every act felt like it could only be for or about fucking.

The two women were helplessly drawn to Musk as her fingers wandered through their hair.

“All of this was in an effort to help bring the two of you closer, to help the two of you really connect and dissolve your foolish insistence on being heterosexual…” Musk’s nails pressed harder, and Starshine groaned as her eyes rolled back into her head. “I could always keep the two of you with me. It wouldn’t take very much effort.

“Starshine already doesn’t really want to ever leave, and Shadows…” Musk purred, stroking her hand far enough down to tease at the curve of Shadows’s breast. “You already want to just breathe in and enjoy the pleasures that only I can offer, don’t you?”

“I… Mmm… yesss…” Shadows groaned, her eyes falling shut. Her demeanor changed. Instead of kissing away at Musk’s breast, her every movement became about pressing into Musk’s touch. Her hips and her back shifted position and rolled. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she only breathed when it wouldn’t mean feeling less of Musk’s marvelous touch. “Feels… good… so… mmnnn… bad to be overcome, but… I… you… Mmm…

“Can’t resist you… don’t want to try…”

Musk grinned.

“Then it’s a very good thing that I wasn’t lying when I told the both of you that I don’t do that sort of thing anymore, isn’t it…?” Laughter erupted from deep in Musk’s chest as her hands reached down to squeeze her fingers around a handful of both Starshine and Shadows’s round asses.

Starshine loudly squealed, cutely wiggling her ass back into Musk’s hand.

Shadows quietly purred, leveraging the grasp to squeeze her thighs around Musk’s leg.

“It’s so much effort to make some women never want to leave… but it’s more than that. It’s so much responsibility, and I really just want to have fun.” Musk sighed as her fingers continued to wander, earning more moans and whimpers as they teased sensitive places with their lingering presence.  “My powers gift me with the opportunity to make a room full of woman forget about everything but sex. This can last for a day, a week, a year…

“Or, of course…” Musk’s fingers teased their way between Starshine’s legs, stroking teasingly along her slit. “Forever. But most women don’t actually enjoy that, and as much as I could convince them… I would rather make them happy on their terms.”

“O-oohh you’re such a… heroine… making the world… b-b-better in your own way…! That’s what… matters…!” Starshine’s whole body was arching and trembling, trying as hard as it could to push Musk’s fingers deeper. “MMmmmoooohhh you can fuck me right now if you want… don’t need to just… tease me…!”

Shadows quietly snorted. Though the sound quickly turned into a moan as Musk’s fingers found their way along her slit just as they had along Starshine’s. “O-oohhh… You’re r-really making up for… mmm… for lost time on the whole… sexual repression… f-fuck…!”

“Behave, Shadows. It’s not nice to tease someone who is making their first steps into such new territory.” Musk smiled down at the black-haired woman, her fingers gliding up to give a flick just beside her clit. Shadows groaned, her whole body clenching tight. “How do you feel now, Starshine? How do you feel about what you’ve done, about who you are… about what the future holds for you?

“I’ll always be here if you want to drop by for an evening, or a weekend, or a vacation… Plenty of my girls come and go. I can provide for the girls who never want to leave, but…” Musk sighed, her orange eyes rolling playfully. “For some reason, some of them would rather stay in contact with their friends and family.”

Starshine mewled, rubbing her hips against Musk as she strained to find the words to reply. Her lips moved for close to a minute, finding a start only to find it didn’t make any sense even in her own mind much less coming from her mouth.

Finally, Starshine managed to speak with a voice dripping with barely restrained lust. “I feel… really… Good…!” Shadows snickered, only to again whimper with another flick. “N-no, hear me out… I know I haven’t been very… flexible… but being here and understanding the reasons I was never interested in sex, understanding, Shadows, that you were right that I needed to stop denying what I really wanted… I’ve been… Mmm… Harsh and rough and it hasn’t been fair to anyone. Now I feel… better…

“I feel like I really understand… not just how important it is to save people, but to make sure people can be happy, because if it feels like this, then… then that’s worth fighting for in a whole other way, and I… I feel good that I can make people feel good like that, and that I have a chance to do so much more good…” Starshine blushed, her eyes looking hopefully up to Musk’s.

“I think that’s lovely, Starshine.” The heroine preened as Musk stroked along her sex. It was only moments before Starshine was moaning and bucking, eyes looking glassy and distant. “I think it will take a little time for you to fully adjust to this, but… I think that will be very fun.”

“Uhhhh-uh-huh…!” Starshine moaned as her pussy leaked out over Musk’s fingers. “Very… fun…! Ohhh… fuck…! I definitely… want to visit…! I want to feel good a lot more…!”

Musk grinned, nodding as she continued to gently stroke. “And you will… as for you, Shadows…” Musk purred, giving Shadows’s clit another flick. “Will I be seeing more of you, or now that you don’t need to worry about your former limitations have I given you all that you needed…?”

Shadows flushed as she struggled to gather her own words. She’d been so certain that unlike Starshine she would find it easy to reply, but even without any more flicks from Musk it took a great deal of effort to get any specific sounds from her lips.

The scent in the air, Starshine’s confession, her own still aching desires… all of them made Shadows feel weak in a way that would have chafed if it they didn’t promise so much more satisfaction. Her arousal had never been a source of so much helplessness before she’d visited Musk, and she still wasn’t used to how that felt.

“N-no… I’ll be back.” She sighed, soothed as much by Musk’s gentle caress of her labia as how it felt for her lips to again taste the supple, yielding flesh of Musk’s breast. “I hadn’t planned on it. You’re sexy, but I… I’m not usually like this. I usually enjoy being more in control, being more active, but it doesn’t feel so bad when it’s with you, and seeing her like this… I think sharing an apartment is about to get a lot more fun.”

“Mmm… I think so, too…” Musk laughed, stroking both of the writhing women as she looked between them. Her smile was still just as warm and encouraging as before, but her almost maternal nature was no less sexual. Even as she supported and soothed them she stoked the flames of their need with every word, and every caress.

Musk was sex in such a fundamental way that it was able to corrupt every action she took and every perception one could have of her.

With how she’d lived her life for so long, it might have been impossible for her to be anything else.

“I think the two of you are about to embark on an exciting new journey.” Musk’s fingers pushed deeper, curling as she found the place inside of both women that had them clenching and writhing, staring up at her with wide eyes that were sightless in pleasure. “Now that you can share your lives together so much more actively, there are so many things to need to learn about how you’re going to get along—and what you truly want. Some of those things will bring you back to me, and some of those things will need to be determined by the two of you…

“But no matter where you are, you’ll always have a friend in the woman that made you cum so hard you were able to learn to understand each other.”

“Y-yesss Musk…!” Both women screamed the same words in the exact same moment.

Their voices weren’t identical, and the way they quivered were different. They’d both been Bridget at one point, a woman with chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes, but neither of them were just an aspect of her even if she served as their mutual origin.

“Instead of finding common ground in where you came from… you’re finding a common ground now in what you want, and where you’re going… and that?” Musk grinned, her eyes hooding lower as her fingers moved quicker, and firmer, making both Starshine and Shadows scream louder with every touch. “Is much more important.”

Starshine and Shadows came in the same exact moment, squeezing themselves against Musk as much as they could.

The scent of lust and desire filling the air now contained more of them, but it wasn’t long before other women moved in closer and rubbed their naked bodies against them from behind. Breasts grazed their backs, and their legs, and soon lips followed.

Tasting their necks and their ears, teasing apart their thighs, the harem had moved in closer and now completely consumed both of the women Musk was so tenderly caressing.

“Whatever happened in the past for either of you doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you choose to do in the future. I hope it will involve a lot of each other… and a lot of us.” Musk quietly chuckled as the moans that always filled the room grew much louder, and so much more intense.

Musk’s fingers continued to move past their folds, stirring up tender places inside of them, but other fingers stroked along their thighs. Lips kissed and nibbled their way up along both Starshine and Shadows’s thighs.

Every point of skin-on-skin contact felt less like an indistinct part of Musk’s larger harem and more like an extension of her very nature as some strange avatar of fucking. Every time one of the other women found a place that made Shadows or Starshine scream it felt like it came from Musk—just like the way her voice could still echo through both of them whenever she wanted it to. “But before the two of you clean up and make your way home, I want to give you one last experience to make you eager to return.

“There’s no way I want to give the two of you any chance of thinking you might have experienced everything I had to offer so soon…”

Neither Shadows nor Starshine could reply with anything approaching coherent speech.

It was impossible when so many nails, so many mouths, so many women were making such skillful use of their bodies to fill the room with loud, erotic cries. Even the more experienced Shadows had never found herself surrounded by so many women who spent so much time focused on sex as though it were a divine art.

Lips closed around Starshine’s clit, and a tongue pressed its way into Shadows’s ass. Both of them cried out together, grinding and sucking on the goddess of a woman who continued to feel so deep inside of them with a warm, pleased smile on her face.

“Because I expect the two of you to come back soon… and if you have any other friends that I should meet, well… I could make them so much happier, too, couldn’t I…?”

Starshine couldn’t nod fast enough. In part because she was losing herself to the throes of passion, and in part because her lips were sealed around a nipple. No matter her reasons, if there was anything that Starshine knew for sure it was that every woman would benefit from letting Musk take control long enough to show them what it felt like to really be happy.

Shadows could only moan. She hadn’t expected to lose herself in things so much as finally be able to fix the vibes that made her life so difficult, but now it was beyond her ability to choose.

Together the two women enjoyed a night of slick pleasure until even their endurance could take no more.

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