Sync Scent

Chapter 4: Training Starshine’s Mouth

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Training Starshine’s Mouth

Starshine awoke with a low, quiet groan.

Pussy… Musk’s pussy… in my mouth… on my tongue… ohhh…

Her thighs clenched, and her eyes rolled back into her head. The last thing she could remember was her lips on Musk’s ass, and then a supernova of pleasure tore the world away. Her dreams were full of Musk, full of that scent, full of her body and it was so powerful it took the heroine a long time to be cognizant enough to realize she was in the middle of a pile of sweaty, naked, writhing women.

They’re… all around me… and I can barely even breathe… they just… they’re all so… sexy but I… I’m not… I’m… I’m more pure, I’m not… sex is so…!

Starshine mewled, her eyes fluttering as she tried to focus on anything around her only to find all of it making her hazier and warmer. Her hands found curves and supple skin, grasping and squeezing.

I shouldn’t… I don’t… but I… they’re all so soft so…

She whined, but the feelings wouldn’t go away no matter how hard she shook her head or how much she fluttered her eyes. She was naked, and the women around her were naked and she wanted them.

“You’re awake.” Musk’s voice reverberated through Starshine’s body, making her clench and moan. The words were true, but Starshine wasn’t sure if that mattered. Hearing Musk speak, feeling the sound of her voice and knowing she was near did things to Starshine’s body that made it impossible to do anything but listen. Musk’s words didn’t just flow into Starshine’s ears.

They echoed through her body, teaching it new meaning and new heights of eroticism.

Starshine wasn’t used to being aroused—not like this. She was human, and that meant something here or there tingled or tugged… but Starshine had resisted all of those temptations.

Her identity was built around the concept that she was bigger than those urges, more than those parts of humanity, and removed from such base urges. It had given her an edge in avoiding attempts at seduction and other distractions from her goals of heroism, but now that she was defeated and drowning in waves of lust she had no defense prepared.

Feeling her body ache and crave and yearn and pull her mind along with it was too much for Starshine to resist.

This… isn’t me… I’m not… but it… I… ohhhh…

Her fingers squeezed at a woman’s hip, and another woman’s breast. She felt lips at her neck and her shoulder, and quivered into both mouths without a thought. Her amber eyes were hazy and unfocused. Her pussy was wet.

I… need… but I… it’s not…

“Now, I accept any woman who comes to my harem and offers herself to me. I’m a hedonist, and being surrounded by sexy, beautiful women…?” Musk purred as she slowly stepped around Starshine. She was still naked, and Starshine could still taste her pussy. “It’s wonderful. The more, the merrier… but you don’t really have the talent to contribute to everyone’s mutual enjoyment.

“That’s fine, of course. I don’t hold try-outs, and I don’t turn women away because they don’t know how to make me purr…” Musk chuckled, nudging women out of the way so she could bend down, and reach between Starshine’s legs to press a fingertip right against her clit. “But those skills can be learned… and today, we’re going to pick up where you left off.”

Starshine groaned. “Where I… left off…? I don’t…” She fluttered her eyes, whimpering when Musk’s finger began to stroke at her raw, needy pearl. “I-I…! Ohhh…! I don’t… remember… I don’t know… I… ohhh I’m not a lesbian…! I’m not… this isn’t… ohhh…!”

“You’re a liar, and you’re a lesbian, and this is going to help you come to terms with that. Sooner or later.” Musk’s eyes hooded, and her lips rubbed together. “But feel free to take your time figuring it out. I won’t be done with you until you do… but you should remember where we left off, Starshine. Your lips were firmly planted on my ass!”

Amber eyes widened as Starshine let out a wordless scream. Her hips helplessly bucked, grinding her into the women all around her as Musk’s finger continued to play her like an instrument. “Y-y-your assssss…!”

“Good girl!”

The words hit something deep inside of Starshine, piercing past all of her stubborn reluctance.


Starshine came, her cheeks flushed, her thighs shaking. The touches between her legs had helped, but it was the words that really pushed her over the edge and she knew it. She knew it as much as she knew the scent overwhelming her was only going to get stronger.

She was too weak to crawl away. She couldn’t use her powers when she couldn’t focus, and with the lust beating through her with every pump of her heart…

I-it’s… It’s too much…! Starshine whimpered, shaking her head pitifully. C-can’t fight it… too hot, too… need… to be fucked, need… to fuck, need… I… this… this isn’t me, but I… it’s her powers… I just… can’t fight her powers…

Remembering the taste she could still feel in her mouth, Starshine quivered.

Shadows! This is her fault… This is all just… her influence… corrupting me…!

“Eleanor…!” Musk clapped her hands, and an adorable woman’s voice mewled out from the many in her harem. When Starshine fluttered her eyes, she saw a woman who had to be in her early twenties. She was adorably chubby, her dirty blonde hair falling over cute blue eyes. Perhaps even cuter were the beautiful freckles scattered across her body, and the disheveled black-framed glasses. “Eleanor is what I would call… an ass savant.

“No one loves them quite as much as she does. No one treasures them as much as she does. So!” Musk stood, gesturing to Eleanor with a sweet smile. “She’s going to show you what to do, and then you’re going to do it. There will be a test later. Understood…?”

Starshine sputtered uselessly, her mouth hanging open as she tried uselessly to rise to her feet. It’s one thing to accuse… no… it’s not bad it’s… it’s one thing to insist I’m a lesbian, but… to… ass… she’s going to… Starshine whimpered, her eyes crossing. Musk’s words and that scent were still laced through her very being. She wanted to argue against them, to fight them away, but try as hard as she could…

She wanted to feel Eleanor’s tongue wherever it wanted to go.

“Y-yesss, Musk…!” Eleanor moaned, crawling her way between Starshine’s legs. She lifted them over her shoulders, speaking just loud enough for Starshine to hear. “F-focus on the way my tongue moves… h-how I suck… I’ll do my best to make you feel really good… you have a really pretty butt…!”

Eleanor’s cheeks were flushed, and after hearing her, so were Starshine’s.

“This little one is a traveler from… another dimension, and it’s clear that she finds a lot of uses for that lovely mouth of hers.” Musk’s voice was so soft and tender as she leaned down to stroke Starshine’s gorgeous blonde hair. “It’s clear she’s learned a lot on her travels…”

Heroine and hedonist villain gazed into each other’s eyes, and Starshine quivered.

She looks so… There’s nothing… malicious she just… She’s so… hot and she… wants to make me feel… good wants me to… make her feel good she… I… but… Not a… o-oohh…!

The moment Eleanor’s tongue began to flick and dance along the rim of Starshine’s ass, her world dissolved into raw pleasure. She’d dreamed of sex before, she’d touched herself, but nothing Starshine had ever done compared to the delicate, skilled touch of Eleanor’s wet tongue as it explored her body. Lips sealed tight, suckling, making the heroine flush with such a complicated mishmash of feelings.

She’s… my ass… s-sucking down there… l-licking… a woman is and it… and it feels… so… good…!

Fingers slid through her hair. Musk still hadn’t left, and was still wearing such a warm, amused smile as Starshine’s hips moved quicker. “She’s so good at what she does, isn’t she? After she’s done, you’re going to return the favor… so pay close attention. A pillow princess heroine isn’t doing much to make the world a better place, is she…?”

“P-p-pillow… princess… better… place… o-ooohhhh…!” Starshine’s voice cracked as she felt Eleanor’s tongue dip in to her tight puckered hole. More than just teasing her, Eleanor knew the exact places to lavish with such intense, lasting sensation. She wasn’t just offering Starshine an opportunity to feel good. With the pheromones coating both of them so deeply, Eleanor was forcing raw pleasure into Starshine’s ass.

The heroine could resist it just as well as she could resist the scent that turned her into a ravenous, aching slut.

“Mm-hm… That’s right, Starshine. You’re enjoying yourself, and that’s not just because of my proximity.” Musk gently stroked the heroine’s cheek, somehow managing it in time with the movements of Eleanor’s tongue. “You’re enjoying it because this is who you are. This is what you are.

“You’re a lesbian who enjoys having another woman eat her ass. Admit it.”

“N-n-noooooo…!” Starshine whimpered. Her eyes were full of tears. Her every breath was panicked, making her chest shudder with an allure that pulled Musk’s eyes away for a quick glance. “I’m not… I won’t… I’m… Ohhhh I’m straight…! I’m a heroine and I… I don’t even like… I’m not even interested in sex…!”

Musk snorted, giving one of Starshine’s nipples a long, firm twist. “Then you would be ace, and that would be fine… but you aren’t. You’re in denial, and you won’t be able to resist for very long. Soon, you’re going to cum from another woman eating your ass, and then… I expect you to return the favor. If you don’t, then I’ll punish you, and what’s worse… you’ll be rude to a lovely woman who did nothing to you besides make you cum. Think about that for me, mm…?”

I… can’t… be selfish but I… this is my body, my sexuality… I… don’t I want… do I want…? N-no…! Starshine’s internal monologue was a mess of confusion and need. Her body was singing louder and louder from Eleanor’s lips, from her tongue, from the fingers that squeezed and kneaded at the curves of her cheeks. She’s making me feel… so good…! It isn’t… it can’t just be the pheromones… ohhh she’s moving… like that… she’s… I’m going to go crazy… So hard to think, so hard to… oooh…!

Exactly as predicted, Starshine soon came screaming Eleanor’s name.

The texture, size, and shape of Eleanor’s tongue was permanently imprinted on her brain—at least how all of those things felt on her twitching, quivering anus. No one had ever treated that part of her body with such tenderness, or such intense passion.

As much as Starshine wanted to find it grotesque, or inappropriate, she could only find herself quivering and moaning.

That was… so… it was… I feel so…

Instead of disgust or revulsion, Starshine felt her whole body glowing. It wasn’t just from the orgasm. Her eyes lit up like a pair of twin suns when she came, and her whole body felt hot and gooey and warm. All of those feelings were what she might have expected. What was different was the feelings of someone being truly enthusiastic about a part of her body that she herself found distasteful.

Eleanor moaning as she’d eaten her ass, and the lustful look she wore in her eyes as she pulled away, made it impossible for Starshine to feel bad about what just happened. The young woman looked like it was one of her favorite things in the whole world.

Then she moved to lower her own naked ass down towards Starshine’s face. “R-remember how I moved my tongue, Starshine…! I’ll… mmm… I’ll try to give you pointers…!”

Starshine sputtered again, her cheeks a bright red.

Pointers by a younger woman on how to have sex… pointers by a woman on how to make love to her ass, I… I shouldn’t want this… The woman’s large backside moved closer and closer, and Starshine’s eyes crossed on the tight rear passage as it neared her lips. But I do… I want this…

I want to make Eleanor feel as good as she made me feel…!

“Oooh… Yesss… Like that…!”

Amber eyes fell shut, and Starshine’s quivering fingers reached up to grasp the full curves of Eleanor’s behind. At first she was merely holding Eleanor, stroking at her skin, but soon she was digging in her nails and pulling Eleanor open.

She hadn’t seen what Eleanor had done, but that made it easier to go by feel than to fight through her own embarrassment and look to what she was actually doing. Starshine lavished each small bump, each small indent, and swirled her tongue along the inner ring. As she did, her lips formed a tight seal, sucking so hard the wet, slick sound echoed across the entire harem.

“M-move your tongue more… d-don’t linger so… ooohh… yesss like… like that…! You’re doing a good job just… keep looking for… oooooh…!” Eleanor’s eyes crossed behind her glasses, and quiet laughter flowed with her moans. “You’re doing so good…!”

At first Starshine wanted to whine, to push Eleanor away, but then she realized what that laughter meant. She isn’t mocking me… I’m making her feel good…! I’m making her feel good, like she made me feel good…! Her nails dug in deeper, and her lips suckled harder as the same bright lights that filled her eyes when she came before glowed from deep inside. I’m making her feel good, and it makes me feel so… good…!

Every moan Eleanor made riding Starshine’s tongue was another moment of euphoric bliss that mingled with the scents filling her mind and the wetness between her legs. Starshine would have moved a hand between her legs if they weren’t both busy squeezing at Eleanor, and she needed any more sensation.

Servicing Eleanor felt good.

Using her mouth to make another woman scream, giving another woman the feeling that even a place considered so dirty and so wrong to love was beautiful had Starshine crying with such a different feeling than she’d ever had before.

Sex isn’t… even this sex it… it isn’t dirty it’s… beautiful, it’s…

Eleanor is beautiful… she’s sexy… and I would think she was sexy even without my whole body existing for sex…!

“L-like that…! Oooh you’ve got such strong lips…! D-don’t stop… don’t…!” Eleanor screamed, and Starshine’s muffled screams followed her. The taste of Eleanor’s ass, and the scent of pussy mingled in the air with the pheromones that made Starshine feel so sexy and weak. She couldn’t stop herself from kneading, squeezing, sucking, and licking like her life depended on it.

Sex was the most important thing in her world, and Starshine couldn’t bring herself to stop.

“You’re a lesbian, Starshine…” Musk sighed, teasing a finger across the heroine’s cheek. “When I make use of your mouth for myself, I expect you to be very good from all of this practice…!”

Starshine nodded without thinking. Her tongue was still moving in the dance Eleanor had so recently taught her. Her body was still writhing and trembling for the pleasure of the chubby girl’s moans. Her whole world was lust and fucking and need and for once in her whole life, that being true didn’t bother her.

Starshine was happy in a brand new way, and she wanted to share that with Eleanor.

For her part, the blonde woman moaned louder and louder as she rode the heroine’s mouth. Her eyes were so glassy, staring so far away as she quivered and shook. She clumsily whimpered out helpful tips, but it was hard when she was feeling so good, too.

Both women were a mess of sweat, sex and pheromones.

Not far away, Shadows lay in a pile of women, held and caressed from every side, unable to do anything but dream of Eleanor’s ass at the end of her tongue.

Author's Note: Once again thanks to Elsa Whitworth for commissioning this story with their delightful characters Starshine and Shadows--a pair that I've had a lot of fun writing! This story is really heating up, but if you want to read more of it now, and support stories like this one? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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