Sync Scent

Chapter 3: Helplessly Slick Shadows

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Helplessly Slick Shadows

“Your other half is even more fun than I anticipated.” Musk’s voice was a low, husky purr as she teased her nails through Shadows’s hair. “You really did bring me a lot of fun, and it seems that my work is only just begun if you only regained consciousness after she lost it, mm?”

“Y-y-yesss…” Shadows moaned, her whole body shaking as she pressed into Musk’s nails. Her eyes fluttered, and her mouth hung open as she took in a long, slow, deep breath. “S-still… m-more work to do…!”

Musk’s scent filled her nose, and her brain. Feeling it spreading through every wrinkle, dominating all of her senses, there was nothing that Shadows could do as she felt her whole body slicken with lust and need. The scent filled the room, filled her, and there was no place for Shadows to escape it. Breathing in meant taking in pure lust, pure desire, pure need and her body had been stewing in it for so long there was little she could do but quiver.

Shadows couldn’t remember what it felt like to be less aroused, and knowing that made her clit throb and her eyes cross.

She was naked, but her body still felt so hot. Her skin was on fire, feverish and slick with sweat. Her pussy pleaded for attention even though Shadows realized dimly through the haze of need that her hand was already between her own legs.

The pleasure made Shadows’s hips wiggle, but it would be impossible for that lust to be sated when she was still so close to Musk.

Even her dreams had been filled with that scent. That had been the point, of course. She’d come to Musk so Starshine would come to Musk. The same experiences that filled Starshine’s dreams with Musk filled Shadows’s.

Only Shadows had never left Musk’s harem, and the scent felt so thick through her very being.

S-so hot… so… mmm… good… so… need… want… oooh fuck…!

“So I did say that I’m out of the supervillain game.” Musk shifted her foot, and Shadows groaned at the feeling of the woman’s toes dancing along her pussy. “I don’t rob banks. I don’t give anyone a hard time anymore. I just stay hidden away with my harem of willing subjects. It’s very unusual for anyone to come and offer themselves to me… short term.

“Most people don’t believe they’ll ever be able to want to leave. You’ve been here for a while now.” Musk licked her lips, lifting Shadows’s chin to gaze deep into her violet eyes. “Do you think you could want to leave?’

Shadows moaned. She tried to keep her gaze on Musk’s eyes, but her hand moving between her legs and the scent that swam through her made it so difficult. Soon her eyes were crossing, and Shadows was whimpering.

“I d-don’t… I don’t know…!”

Even her words were panted and pitiful, desperate for more. Other women filling the harem cried out in their own subdued version of her moans, but all of them had another woman to cling to, to squeeze.

Shadows was half in Musk’s lap, but she wasn’t in the same position as the other women—twined legs, or face-to-crotch. Her longing was hardly ignored, but it wasn’t being sated as viscerally as the many pets of Musk around them. She could grind down against Musk’s toes and rub her sex around them, but she couldn’t just writhe and feel another woman against her or suck and know that another woman would be sucking her.

It was torment, but it wasn’t wicked or cruel. Every nerve in Shadows’s body yearned for pleasure, for contact, and all of her mind ached for the pleasure of sex, but it was so overwhelming and so blurring at her mind that Shadows wasn’t able to do much more about it than quiver.

There was no worry that she couldn’t get enough. There was no stress that she didn’t have a woman sucking at both of her breasts with another between her legs.

She wanted those things, but it was a dull ache she could savor with her hazy, tired mind.

“Mm. A good answer. Not many women have ever rescinded their surrender. Why would they want to?” Musk quietly chuckled as Shadows moaned when a toe brushed across her clit. “I take good care of my girls, and at least for now? You and Starshine are my girls, aren’t you?”

“Oohhh yessss Musk…! We’re your girls…!” Shadows groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as her lashes fluttered. Her lips rubbed together as she dripped down over Musk’s toes, her hips wiggling. “F-fuuuuck…! Feels… so… mmm… gooood…! Needy… hot… Mmm… I…”

Memory, dreams, whatever they were—reality was distorted for a moment as Shadows felt Starshine’s experiences tingle through her essence. She could taste the scent through her dreams, but more than that, she could taste Musk’s skin.

“Mmm… she kissed your ass… skin… so… ohh… But c-can’t stop… need to synchronize, need… can’t keep… falling asleep… Ohhhnnnn…”

Laughing, Musk’s nails pressed down harder into Shadows’s scalp earning a louder cry of helpless pleasure. “Do you really think if Starshine stops being such a prude you’ll stop falling asleep whenever she’s awake, and vice versa? I understand that you both used to be the same person before the woman you used to be found that artifact… but you seem remarkably certain this will work.”

“T-tried… everything else… Ohh M-m-muuusk…!” Shadows whined, nuzzling at Musk’s lap as she desperately kissed and sucked at the woman’s bare thighs.

With so much lust quivering through her from head to toe, the simple act of tasting skin had Shadows moaning and whining in euphoria. All of her other needs, her other desires, the rest of her entire self felt so much less important than her sex drive. Musk’s scent permeated the deepest parts of her brain, and every thought she had dripped with that sexual heat.

Thinking of Starshine made Shadows shudder.

Ever since they’d found that artifact they hadn’t been the same person as before, or as each other. Bridget had chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and no powers at all. She’d lived such a different, ordinary life.

Musk had been able to see their similarities, but she’d also known what to expect. So many had seen both women and had no idea their connection.

Part of that likely had something to do with the way their aesthetics were so different, and the way Starshine so often wore a mask. The two women were so different, night and day, and that meant they didn’t exactly share a large group of friends.

That was further complicated by the fact that only one of them could be awake at the same time.

“Well, I’m more than happy to help your other half learn what a little slut she can be for the right woman.” Musk’s words sounded like she smelled. Even though they were clearly spoken words, eloquent and carefully chosen, something about the timbre and the quality of Musk’s voice made them sound like moans.

Everything about Musk was sex.

If she spoke into my ear… oohhh her lips on my ear… her voice pouring right in…! Shadows clenched her thighs, trying to trap Musk’s foot against her sex. If she did that, I… Ohhh I think if she whispered long enough I’d cum…

That would be so… so…

Shadows cried out as another woman from Musk’s harem began to knead and squeeze at her ass. “F-fuuuck…! I… Th-thank you, M-m-musk…! I… Ohhh… You feel so… you make me so…”

“You’re a lot less smug and confident now that you’re a part of my harem.” Musk sighed, but she didn’t sound disappointed. The grin on her face was audible as she watched the woman toy with Shadows’s ass and enjoyed the pitiful moans that pleasure milked from her lips. “Few women stroll in here and make me offers. Few women would use me to their own ends…

“And some part of me says that I should be offended by that, upset that you would dare manipulate me to your own ends, but…” Musk clicked her tongue, orange eyes staring hungrily down at the woman in her lap. “I guess I really have softened, because I’m just impressed.”

Shadows came, falling limp except for the tremors that coursed through her body.

Earning such praise from Musk flicked at places inside of Shadows that couldn’t be reached by physical touch but were still every bit as sensitive as her body. It was as if the woman’s scent itself was amidst rewiring Shadows to find nothing more gratifying, more erotic, more perfect than Musk and everything about her.

The sound of her voice couldn’t possibly have the scent and sensation of sex, but that didn’t stop Shadows from feeling like that was the truth. Considering that didn’t make the feelings any less real, either.

Musk was sex, and Shadows was in heat.

It wasn’t the sort of heat where Shadows could move to grind herself against whatever she could find. It was too submissive a feeling, too languid and tired and relaxed. She was helpless, barely able to move, but that just made the feelings better. Writhing was difficult, but that made the surrender to the searing lust so much better.

There was nothing to do but yield.

“It’s hard to say if I’ll be able to give you up even if we’re able to… synchronize you and your other half.” Musk purred as she gestured to the other members of her harem. Working together, they smoothly lifted Shadows into Musk’s lap.

Once she was there, Musk wasted no time. Musk’s fingers trailed along her thighs, across her breasts. Musk’s mouth sucked at her neck, bit at her shoulder and sunk her scent deeper into the helpless woman who could do nothing but shake and moan. Lust dripped and poured down her thighs, her slick pussy twitching and clenching with every touch.

“If I have two of you, awake together, to service my needs… I might not want to give that up.” Musk’s eyes hooded so low, her teeth nipping and tugging and Shadows’s ear. “I might keep you as a pair of unique curiosities. Two sides of the same woman to fuck whenever I desire?” Her fingers delved deep between Shadows’s folds, earning sharper, more pitiful cries as she shook and clenched around them. “Who could say no to that? Someone, perhaps… but not me.”

“Wh-whatever… you want… j-just… u-use me… use usss… pleeeease…!” Shadows whined, her hips eagerly rolling into Musk’s touches as her thighs squeezed tighter and shook faster. Her toes curled, and her eyes fluttered. “N-need you… need… thiss… ohhh…”

“And every time you cum for me, a part of Starshine cums for me. I won’t lie. Making such a pristine, pure, sexless woman so pitiful is… no small thrill.” Musk nibbled at the base of Shadows’s neck, her thumb pressed so firmly to her clit. “It’s exactly what you promised. You’re such a good little pet, giving yourself so completely, and giving me someone else, too. I should reward you for that, shouldn’t I?”

The idea of a reward made Shadows’s eyes cross.

Her breathing had been strained before, but after that she was frantic. So fogged with lust it was difficult for her mind to conceive of a reward, but she could only imagine what that could be.

Sex… some kind of sex…! Sex with her, sex for her, sex… sex… ohhh sex…!

Musk gently pushed Shadows from her lap, and then slowly spread her thighs. She wasn’t wearing her leotard, or anything. Moving like that gave Shadows a perfect glance at Musk’s slick, flushed pussy.

“This is your reward, Shadows. Be sure to focus on every little aspect of my taste. I want Starshine to wake up yearning for it.”

“Y-yess Musk…!” Thoughtlessly, Shadows leaned forward and dutifully trailed her tongue along Musk’s slit. If Musk’s scent was sex, then her taste was sex too in the same primal, all consuming way. Licking her, sucking her, basking in the experience that was Musk’s pussy quickly had Shadows forgetting everything else.

Her fingers moved again between her legs, but she barely noticed. She didn’t even notice the hands of the blonde woman kneading at her bare ass. She was too absorbed in the act of worshiping a pussy that felt like its every shape, its every taste, its every twitch and shudder was the most perfect expression and realization of sex that Shadows had ever imagined. She couldn’t stop herself from kissing, licking, and sucking.

Shadows needed to make Musk feel good, and she needed to get as much of this feeling as she could. Indulging in her need to suck tingled every part of her brain, and almost felt like she was sucking between her own legs.

Never had sex like this before, never felt… like sex was… fucking me… like… ohhhh…! Shadows moaned between Musk’s legs, her tongue compelled to move along the flesh that earned her more of that taste and more of the lovely sensations of Musk’s pleasure. Never want to stop… just want to fuck her forever… never want to leave…!

Only mere feet away, laying in the middle of a pile of pillows, Starshine was surrounded by women hugging her from every side and grinding against her helpless body. She moaned in her sleep, bathing in Musk’s pheromones as Shadows filled her dreams with sucking and lapping and nibbling and rolling back eyes as the pleasure of fucking Musk was enough to make Shadows cum.

Ohhh… S-scent in my mind… scent in my pussy… scent in my mouth… Mmm… perfect pussy… perfect sex… Shadows quivered, her lips still latched around Musk’s flesh and suckling so desperately. Starshine… We both want this…

The sooner we accept it… the sooner we can both be whole…!

Even melted by her orgasms, Shadows didn’t stop. The scent that permeated her very being was still thirsty for more Musk, for more girl, for more sex, and Shadows didn’t even think of fighting it. It was too seductive, and it felt too good to simply give in and let herself be nothing more than a slave to the perfect scent filling her.

Anything else would rob her of the perfect bliss of knowing that she was doing everything she wanted, and receiving everything she needed.

Shadows came again, and again, losing what felt like hours between Musk’s legs as Starshine moaned in a pile of women not far away. One awake, and one asleep, both were helplessly bathed in Musk’s scent.

Above them both, Musk hooded her eyes and grinned. She licked her lips, quivering forward as she enjoyed her pet’s every helpless act of surrender. “Good girl, Shadows…” Musk’s thighs squeezed around her head, and Shadows weakly mewled. “You’ve been a perfect addition to my harem. I look forward to seeing just how good you can be…”

Musk’s praise quivered through Shadows, soaking her thighs and filling her very essence with bliss.


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