Sync Scent

Chapter 2: Dreams and Desires

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Dreams and Desires

Starshine woke up panting, her body drenched with sweat. Her short blonde hair was matted to her face, and her amber eyes were hazy and unfocused. One of her hands was desperately grasping at a breast, and the other was down between her legs.

Every inhale… getting hotter… getting needier… weaker… ohh… fuck…!

Her body was thrumming with need, and her mind was only half awake as her fingers quivered along her slit and pinched at her nipple. Half of her was still in that dream, still nuzzling into Musk and inhaling that scent so deep it felt like it stained her brain.

Amber eyes rolled back into her head as her hips lifted up off of the bed. Her fingers circled her clit, feeling it ache and tingle with need.

“You’re going to beg me to fuck you, Starshine.”

She could hear Musk’s voice as though she were right there in her room, whispering right into her ear. She groaned, biting her lip as she pinched harder. Her lust was a haze that wrapped around everything, making Starshine feel so delightfully weak and soft. It was so hard to wake up. Central to that was the way the more her brain functioned, the easier it was to be keenly aware of just how lustful and needy she felt.

“I don’t need to do anything wrong when you’re such a weak, needy little slut.”

“M-m-musk… Ohh… I…”

The sound of her own voice broke through the illusion. She wasn’t asleep anymore. She wasn’t laying on her back, panting as Musk grinded down against her as she howled and panted. She wasn’t in a harem, surrounded by other glistening women who all needed to be fucked.

She was at home, laying in her bed.

Immediately, Starshine pulled her hands away from her own body and grasped at her sheets to keep them there. Her pussy still felt so needy, and her chest was still so hot. It sounded like such a good idea to touch herself, to indulge herself in a little early morning masturbation, but Starshine knew she needed to resist. She needed to fight it, or she wasn’t sure what would happen.

I’m not like Shadows… I’m not… a lesbian… I’m not… I’m not like this…! She whined, loudly and desperately as she forced herself to shake her head to try clearing away the haze that clung so tightly. I’m a super heroine, not some lust sick… slut.

Getting her breathing under control took effort, far more effort than Starshine wanted to admit. When she finally managed to sit up, the movement of her own breasts, and the brushing of her own thighs against her pussy was enough to make her simmer with hooded eyes for several long moments. Standing was difficult, but not impossible.

Making her way to the shower wasn’t any easier, but a cold shower was exactly what she needed.

“Nnn… I’m sure Shadows would have liked a dream like that, but not me.”

It took effort to soap up her body, and then dry off, without any lingering gropes or squeezes, but somehow she managed it. She pulled on her robe, and moved out of the bathroom with a sigh. She made a very purposeful effort of not noticing the door to her roommate’s room.

Starshine knew that if she was awake, her roommate was asleep. It was always a soothing thing to know, even if it seemed to bother her roommate.

I’m not sure why. It’s not as if we’d spend time together if you were awake right now.

She shuddered, and took a seat on their couch still wrapped up in her puffy, yellow-and-white robe. It was not dissimilar from the gold-and-white colors she wore when she was conducting herself as a heroine out in the world, though that had a helmet, and metal.

The couch was supposed to only be a temporary situation, a place for her to rest before moving to her bed to get dressed. Showers usually didn’t require so much willpower, or involve so many complicated feelings. Her dreams were often intense, but they were rarely quite so lingering, or so seductive. They rarely had supervillains promising to fuck her, or calling her a slut.

Much rarer than that, they didn’t leave her longing for that villain’s presence in her bed.

Just as she was about to rise up from the couch, Starshine took in a deep breath and inhaled a scent that was so… familiar. Her chest flushed. Her thighs shuddered. Her pussy grew slick.

Amber eyes hooded, and Starshine slowly squirmed in place on the couch. Her breath grew hoarse, quivering as she found herself breathing deeper.

“Mmm…” Starshine purred, her hips rolling as she pressed herself down against her terrycloth robe. It grew slicker, and so did Starshine herself. “What’s that… musk…? Musk… Ohh…”

She inhaled again, and felt the heat from that dream, the deep, soul-filling lust that coursed through her in that dream that felt like it had lasted all night long.

I’m not a lesbian, I just… I just had a dream about a super villain… about a villain who smelled… so… Starshine tried to open her eyes wider in alarm only to find that her hands had begun to wander over her robed curves. Not… not gay, I’m just… This is just… Nnn… what’s… happening to me…

The heroine pitifully whined, forcing herself to stand and stumble away from the couch. The smell lingered in the air, but when she found herself in the kitchen she found a startling sight.

A pair of her own slick, ruined panties on the countertop.

Instead of her own musk filling the air, it was the scent of Musk.

Starshine clenched her thighs again, whining and shaking her head. “Maybe… maybe that wasn’t a dream…!” She panted, holding up a hand and making a blinding light flash just to see that she still could. “If she got her hands on me… used me… controlled me to wander back home…

“How can I so clearly remember where she is…?!”

Lost in her pondering, Starshine had missed the sensation of her own hand working its way under her robe until it brushed alongside her flushed lower lips. Swatting her arm away, Starshine forced herself to wander out of the kitchen and into her room.

Opening her closet, she pulled out her white and gold costume, the helmet, the shoulder pads, long gloves, her boots, and forced herself to dress. Each time fabric brushed her bare skin, Starshine quivered. She felt like she was burning up, sweltering in the desert under a sun made of lesbian lust that she knew could not be her own.

Pulling on her fingerless gloves, Starshine noticed that around the hemlines the fingers of the one she wore on her right hand were stained. Before she could stop herself, Starshine brought the hand to her face and inhaled.

It took her several long moments to recover, and when she was, one of her hands was again tightly clutching at her bust.

“Ohhh… Oh fuck…!” Starshine whimpered, shaking her head. “No…! Heroines don’t behave like this! We aren’t like this! We’re noble crusaders for good…!” She forced herself to stand, her head lolling on her neck as she desperately fluttered her eyes in an attempt to regain control. “I’m not like this…! I’m… I’m not… I’m really not…! I stand for truth, and justice, and protecting the innocent…! Not… Not bumping and grinding! Not being so… this…!”

Trying to hold her breath as much as she could, Starshine finished getting dressed, and quickly left her apartment. It was dangerous, but she knew there was only one place she could go for answers.


There was only one reason she could find for why she knew exactly which alley to walk down. When she saw the metal door, surrounded by bricks, she knocked without hesitation. If Musk is inside, then I’m here to bring her in. I’m here to put a stop to her twisted, hedonistic ways once and for all!

Starshine tried to maintain her concentration as she approached the door, but it was hard when her bare thighs kept clenching and her nipples kept throbbing. Her pussy felt so needy, aching and wet for something to reach deep inside. Her skin all felt so warm.

Her lips wanted to rub together, and rub against someone else.

She tried to deny it, to ignore it entirely, but it was impossible to do so completely. Musk’s scent stained the inside of her nose, and the dream only made it worse. A part of her knew that Musk had what she needed to feel relief, and Starshine wanted relief. She convinced herself that relief would be brought about by bringing Musk to justice, but one more layer of self-deception was hardly anything new to the armored heroine.

Starshine was anticipating needing to form a hard light pole to break down the door, but as she approached, the door opened. A blue-eyed blonde stood behind the door, wearing scant more than white lingerie.

“Musk is expecting you, Starshine.”

Amber eyes quivered. The woman was drenched with the scent, the scent of Musk, the scent of sex, the scent that filled her dreams. Starshine’s knees felt weak. Her head swam. Her lungs couldn’t fill with enough air, and if she tried to breathe too deeply she could only smell Musk filling places that weren’t supposed to fill.

While Starshine stared and quivered, the blue-eyed blonde simply stood in place and waited. She looked so languidly patient, her own thighs rubbing idly together.

“Th-thank you…” Starshine raised her hands to her face, slapping both of her own cheeks to try staving off the heat that burned inside of her. “Please… Lead the way. I have… business with her.”

She probably thinks I’m here for more, to do whatever she wants… but that’s not how a super heroine works, Musk! Starshine’s inner monologue possessed a certainty that her voice was unable to carry. I’m a crusader for the innocent, a protector of virtue! I won’t… have sex with you! I’m not a lesbian, and whatever you did to me, whatever you tried to do to me… it won’t work again! I’m here to put a stop to you once and for all!

Brave and confident, Starshine followed close behind the other blonde as she led Starshine deeper into Musk’s facility. She stopped first to lock the door, but Starshine didn’t mind. Those locks would be even easier to break on the inside.

Amber eyes tried to stay anywhere but trained on the blonde’s body, but it was so difficult when the curve of her back was so alluring, and the shape of her ass was so round and full.

Every step was another opportunity for Starshine’s legs to brush together, and to brush against her pleading, needy pussy. She did her best to ignore it, to keep her strong face, but when the door opened and the scent rushed out into the hallway Starshine nearly crumpled down to her knees there and then.

So… strong… so… NNhaaa… Even her thoughts trembled as Starshine found herself helplessly inhaling as much of Musk’s overwhelming aphrodisiac pheromones as she could. Her body tingled from her scalp to her toes, and her vision grew hazy. Need to… fight it… stop her…!

Looking into the doorway she saw Musk, clad in black and brown. Amber and orange eyes met from across the room. Starshine’s knees threatened to buckle even before Musk spoke.

“When I told you that you were going to beg me to fuck you, Starshine?” Musk’s eyes hooded low. She was standing for once, her many simpering supplicant women all gathered at the edges of the room. “I meant it. None of this is me doing anything but giving you what you need, because you’re a weak, needy little slut.”

The words brought back the feeling from the dream, and Starshine whimpered as her eyes crossed. She stumbled into the room, raising up her hands. She tried to form large hard light gauntlets around them, but the light kept flickering and sputtering out.

Every step that brought her closer meant there was more scent to inhale, and Starshine’s will wasn’t strong enough to resist each chance to inhale more of the rich, layered scent. Nothing smelled like Musk. It was like the scent of sex and arousal itself, not the scent of pussy or sweat but the scent that would translate in any mind to the primal lust and longing and satisfaction of grinding and grasping and squeezing.

Instead of approaching her, Musk turned away.

While her front was clothed, Musk’s ass was completely bare. It was so round and full, skin so beautifully pale and soft in a way that whispered fantasies through Starshine’s lust soaked brain. She wasn’t walking towards Musk anymore.

She was walking towards the ass that filled all of her amber eyes.

“You’re a needy little slut, and I spent all night fucking you.” Musk’s voice seemed to echo through the scent, making it coil and squeeze tighter around Starshine’s fragile psyche. The heroine’s pussy quivered and clenched around nothing as she stumbled forward, still trying to convince herself that she was moving closer to attack not surrender. “I spent all night filling you with so much of my scent that it’s the most powerful thing in your pretty little head, and then you came here, to me.

“Do you think you’re going to stop me? Fight me? Take me in…?” Musk looked over her shoulder, but Starshine didn’t look up from her ass. The only change for the heroine was the way Musk’s voice sounded. Her eyes were still glued to those curves. “You’re already dripping, and when you reach me, you’re going to fall to your knees, and kiss my ass.

“And when you do, it will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done.”

Starshine shook her head, but she didn’t stop walking forward. She didn’t stop approaching, but her arms did fall to her sides. When she was close enough to Musk that she could feel the other woman’s heat, Starshine dropped down to her knees.

She panted, her eyes full of need as she stared longingly at the heavy shape of Musk’s ass. Her lips quivered. Her body needed to be fucked, but she needed something else first.

Musk’s scent was so strong, too strong for Starshine to think through or even fully understand what was happening. She was too lost in the way it felt to hold on to her denial, or to resist what was happening.

Soft, smooth lips pressed to Musk’s ass, and stayed attached as if glued. Shudders spread out from those lips, coursing down along her spine, between her legs, burning pleasure and weakness through her as Starshine lost herself to the need that had been welling inside of her since long before she woke up.

With a single kiss to Musk’s ass, Starshine was a pitiful, cumming mess.

“You two look a lot different, but you know, now that I’ve heard both of you orgasm for me?” Musk smiled down at Starshine, her eyes glittering with mischievous delight. “I can definitely see that you both used to be the same person.

Starshine was too busy cumming, lips trapped against Musk’s ass as she inhaled the scent that obliterated her sense of self and replaced it with need.

In the dream it had been so hard for Starshine to see herself as Shadows, but now, as Starshine knelt, Shadows was asleep in their apartment. Even being told that Musk had made Shadows cum wasn’t enough to bring Starshine out of her ass-obsessed reverie.

When her lips finally pulled back, they soon returned, pressing again, and again, and again.

Above her, Musk hooded her eyes, licked her lips, and grinned.

“You’re going to be a lot of fun, Starshine. Maybe even after I’m done fixing you…”

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