Sync Scent

Chapter 1: Scent Lure

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aphrodisiac #scent

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Scent Lure

Shadows wore the kind of look that meant she always stood out. Day or night, people noticed the woman wearing a tall witch hat, complete with the buckle and everything. Her cute bob of black hair underneath put a modern twist on the look, but the dress, complete with sleeves that billowed out at the ends and high slits that revealed so much of her stocking-clad legs and the bare thighs above felt classic.

Her cleavage, lined with the same purple that lined the brim of her hat, the same purple as her mask, and the belt around her hat, also would have given her a horror-show vibe if her breasts were more aggressively supported. As it was, one didn’t need to see the broom she carried to think “witch” when they saw her, but it didn’t hurt.

She casually strolled down the street as though she were out for a late-night stroll before just as casually stepping down a dark, and very poorly lit, alleyway. Without breaking her stride, or hesitating, she approached a solid metal door that broke up the brick wall and knocked twice.

The door lacked any knob or latch or any visible way to open it. One could be forgiven for believing it was a patch in the wall, as besides the change of texture there was little reason to notice it at all. Looking closer, one would quickly find its only defining feature beyond its texture was a sliding peephole.

Moments after the knock, the peephole slid open and a pair of bright blue eyes peered out. Shadows’s own violet eyes met them, and hooded. “Ahem…” The blue-eyed woman cleared her throat audibly. “What’s the password?”

“I have a business proposal.” Shadows spoke in a low, sultry voice that definitely would have suited that late night horror-show vibe that dripped from her like something slick and sticky and hot.

“That isn’t the password…!”

Lifting a hand, Shadows gathered the darkness in the air around her and formed a tentacle from the center of her palm. It writhed and squirmed, moving its end vaguely towards the blue eyes peering out from the hole in the door. “Maybe you should tell your employer that I’m offering her a free chance at a heroine, and that you’re getting in my way because I didn’t say the right silly little words.” Shadows stepped closer to the door, the tentacle reaching out to stroke around the rim of the open hole. “Better yet?

“You can tell her that Shadows arrived at her door, offering her a night of consequence-free fun, and a goody-goody heroine for her own fun, and a pretty blue-eyed girl told me no…?” Shadows grinned, her eyes hooding low as the tentacle reached out through the hole just far enough to stroke the woman’s cheek on the other side.

The hole slammed shut, the metal sound echoing down the alleyway. It was almost loud enough to hide the sound of the sharp squeak that came from the other side.

“I’ll tell her! Wait here!”

“I’m not impatient. Tell her I’m happy to wait!” Shadows pushed her broom down into the ground and leaned back against it with a smooth, sly smile. She could hear the blue-eyed woman dashing away, and it made her smile grow.

You would be so angry if you knew I was doing this, but it really is for your own good. Our own good, but you’re still in denial.

True to her word, Shadows waited very patiently.

It wasn’t long before it was rewarded.

The whole door swung open, giving Shadows a clear view of the blue-eyed woman on the other side. She had shoulder length blonde curls that fell in ringlets, and wore lacey white lingerie that only made her look more naked. A pair of white stilettos were the most substantial thing she wore. Her cheeks were flushed red as she gestured deeper down the hallway behind her. “Musk would be very happy to meet with you, Miss Shadows.”

She nodded her head, stepping inside. The door slammed shut behind her, and the blue-eyed lingerie pet locked the door in several ways before leading the way. Her hips swayed adorably side to side, giving Shadows a fun view of her shapely rear that jiggled and bounced with every step.

I can see why Musk has her on door duty. Shadows grinned wolfishly, slowly licking her lips. No one is going to be in a bad mood after following that.

After a short walk, the blonde opened the door and gestured inside before standing at attention beside it. Shadows approached the open door, and looked in with a grin. “Well this is exactly what I was hoping to see. You definitely live up to your reputation.”

“You flatter me, Shadows… but I don’t let women visit me who won’t flatter me. Not anymore.”

Shadows entered the lush harem, her eyes hooding as she glanced around at the many lovely women lounging across large, plush pillows. Few of them wore very much at all, mostly gauzy, translucent silks that hung loosely over their curves and provided quick and easy access. Many lounged two or three together, writhing and nuzzling and kissing at each other tiredly.

It was easy to tell by the way their heavily lidded eyes fluttered that they were needy, aroused, craving, but too wasted to do more than quiver together and taste whatever ended up in front of their lips.

At the far center of the room was Musk herself. Her long, dark brown hair flowed around her elegantly. Intense orange eyes peered up at Shadows from where the voluptuous villain lounged back against a mostly-naked woman while being flanked by two more of the same. Another rested on her hands and knees, serving as a footrest for the villain who wore a black-and-brown costume that both matched and contrasted with her hair.

“A woman like you is very worthy of flattery. How many women can say they’ve retired from active super villainy and still kept such a sexy group of women close to them?” Shadows gestured around the room, grinning as her violet eyes slowly hooded. “My offer intrigued you, then?”

“Consequence-free sex is something I can have quite easily, as you see…” Musk lifted the breast of a woman beside her. She moaned, loudly, trembling into Musk’s touch before falling silent. Her body glistened with sweat, but she was more decoration than anything else and it was clear she knew it. “But to sweeten the deal with getting my hands on a heroine, a goody-goody heroine… you do know I’m not the ‘robbing banks with my pheromones’ type anymore, don’t you?”

Shadows shrugged. “I don’t need, or want, you to rob a bank. I want you to help me loosen up a girl who desperately needs some… experiences. This won’t require you to do anything… untoward. At least not… openly.”

Musk hooded her eyes, beckoning Shadows closer. “I’m interested… Tell me more.”

“The small details are less important…” Shadows moved closer, quivering as Musk’s scent rolled across her body. Her pussy was suddenly alive, feeling suddenly as though she’d been teased all day by a woman brushing against her just enough to feel. “But I would propose the two of us, you and I, have a little fun… Then, we work together to arrange for a sexy heroine to visit you. You don’t need to do anything to her, besides… encourage her.”

“It takes a very special sort of woman to smell me, even this much, and not fall to her knees.” Musk chuckled. “Or want to. But I don’t taste vulnerability in your scent—only desire. There’s no dishonesty, either. You have the scent of a very honest woman. Who is this… uptight heroine?”


Musk’s eyes opened wider. Her lips rubbed together. Her thighs shuddered and clenched. “I haven’t had a woman like her since… well, since I changed my operations to be more… clandestine. All of the girls here?” Musk gestured idly around the room. Women moaned, their lips and fingers finding places on their partners that filled the room with wet sounds to emphasize their guttural pleasure. “Of their own volition. I don’t want any trouble.”

Shadows reached up to the shoulders of her dress, and tugged. A moment later she was only wearing her hat, stockings, and boots.

Her pussy was flush between her thighs, visibly exclaiming its need.

“Do I look like a woman who wants to give you any trouble, Musk? Or…” Shadows stepped closer still, quivering from the effort. “Do I look like a woman who wants to fuck, and then wants to help us both solve a problem? You get sex… I get sex… Starshine… well… she gets to grow up and stop being such a problem.”

“And if I don’t jump on this now…” Musk hummed thoughtfully, her nails grazing another woman’s hip. “You’re going to find some other way to correct her, and I won’t get to have fun making her beg.”

Shadows grinned.

“I think we understand each other exactly. I’d ask you to not keep me here permanently, but if you do… Starshine will never find her way here.” Shadows stopped when she was standing just beyond Musk’s crossed legs. “If you keep her for a few days, a week, a month… I don’t think she’d want to stay confined forever, and I trust that you really don’t want any trouble. I don’t want her hurt… but you aren’t in the business of hurting women, are you?”

Orange eyes hooded.

Violet eyes followed.

“It’s rare a woman comes to me offering terms I would set myself. Girls?” Musk held out her arms, and the women on either side of her shifted, slowly pulling Musk to her feet. Her clothed breasts rubbed against Shadows’s.

The intoxicating scent of Musk was overwhelming, but Shadows retained her smile. Lust still filled her eyes, and her hips shifted in place unable to stay quite still, but she was in control of her lust. Instead of fighting it, she was indulging it, brushing her naked body against Musk in the right ways to make herself quiver.

“Make love to me, Shadows. I won’t even make you beg… but if you don’t make me cum, then consenting or not, you and Starshine will stay with me forever…” Musk’s hands reached out to feel Shadows’s hips, squeezing their way down and back to feel the contours of her ass.

Shadows possessed a strong will, and was very at home with her sexuality. Even still, she couldn’t stop herself from letting out an embarrassingly loud moan as she mashed her body against Musk’s. “Unless you plan on looking for an excuse? That will not be a problem.”

“Good…” Musk squeezed tighter, her eyes hooding lower when Shadows let out an even louder cry. The scent of her pussy couldn’t compete with Musk’s pheromones, but it added a strong feminine fragrance to the air all its own. “Well, what are you waiting for? I don’t want an excuse, but I’m a hedonist who spends all day, every day, surrounded by sexy women who want nothing more than to fuck.

“The very last thing I am anymore… is patient…”

Shadows purred out a laugh. It threatened to turn into a moan as the woman began grinding her sex against Musk’s clothed thigh, but she somehow managed to hold on just enough. “Then why don’t I show you why they call me Shadows, and show you that we don’t even need to wait for you to lose your clothes?”

Musk looked intrigued, but only had a mere moment’s curiosity before she knew all of that so very intimately.

Darkness swirled between Shadows’s legs, wrapping around her hips and squeezing tight in the form of a harness. Shadows grasped Musk’s hips, thrust her own forward to press their waists together tight, and a shadow moved through Musk’s clothing as though they weren’t even there.

Both women moaned together, their breasts mashed together as darkness pushed its way deep within Musk’s deep folds. Musk squeezed around the shadow, finding it both supple enough to savor and resilient enough to keep her feeling so pleasantly filled. Orange eyes hooded low before their mouths met. Lips parted, the wet, slick sounds of warring tongues fighting against their intensifying cries.

For Musk, she was feeling her pussy squeeze around the most perfectly shaped and textured sex toy she could have imagined. Every thrust of Shadows’s hips made her clench and groan as pleasure shuddered across her body.

She could savor the thrill of still feeling clothed and powerful, her body grinding tightly against the body of Shadows that was only clothed in ways that made it more naked. It was a unique experience, and one that filled the room with yet more of her mind-bending, toe curling, thigh trembling scent.

For Shadows, she could feel every inch of her shadows as they thrust deep between Musk’s thighs. She could feel the slick, wet, quivering insides of Musk’s body. The bouquet of lust and flesh and need that filled the air sunk deep into the wrinkles of her brain, and Shadows could do nothing but yield as it grew thicker and thicker. Her whole body and mind felt like it existed for one purpose: to fuck.

She was naked except for her stockings, her boots, her mask, and her hat. None of those garments did anything to stop her skin from rubbing against Musk in every way she needed. None of those things did anything but add flavor to their fucking.

Both women writhed together, hips moving faster as their hands wandered and their tongues continued their drunken dance. Around them, the cries of hazy, lust-drugged women grew sharper and shook harder. Their fucking was like a beacon of sex itself, throbbing through the room irresistibly.

Shadows did her best to focus on the sensation of her breasts pillowing against Musk’s, and the feeling of Musk’s powerful hands grabbing at her ass. She did her best to focus on the sexy taste of Musk in her mouth, and the way that each inhale filled her with more of Musk.

Filled up with this scent… but I keep just wanting… needing… more…! Can’t stop… never want to stop… want to fuck until we’re both raw and pleading to find some new place to rub…!

Pressure built up deep within both women, a pressure that grew stronger with each buck, each shudder, each clench, and every moan. Nails grazed skin and fabric. Tongues lavished tongues. Lips pressed harder.

Two women came together, drowned in the aroma of the purest lust and the feeling of the deepest, darkest shadow twining them together as though they were linked at the clit.

Their lips parted, but only long enough for both women to whisper a single line each.

“You don’t think we’re done, are you?”

“Oh no… I was sure that we’d only just gotten started…!”

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