Rivaled Methodologies

Chapter 6: Business as Usual

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #brainwashing #corporate #cyber_punk #intelligence_play #pov:top #scifi #tech_control

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Business as Usual

Xinyi moaned as she stood in front of the mirror and watched Yeji dress her. She felt far too simple, far too dumb to dress herself. Zippers, buttons, even just putting her arm inside of the right hole?

All of that was far too complicated, and better left to her big sister.

It was hard to even form the right words to thank her, but Yeji didn’t seem to mind. Every time Xinyi tried Yeji hugged her, kissed her, and then everything felt even better.

The Xinyi from a couple of weeks prior never would have recognized herself. Her hair was tied in twin tails that hung from either side of her head. She wore a short white skirt, so short that the front of her panties were visible even before she took a single step. A bright pink tube-top strained to hold her breasts, and the keyhole in the middle showed so much of her deep cleavage. She wore a bolero jacket that was so small, so tiny, and so crisply white, it was as far as it could have possibly gotten from a classic, long lab coat.

Pink ribbons in her hair completed the look, as did her sparkly, glitter-filled makeup. Her bright-pink lips didn’t look like something for an engineer, but something for a slut or a sex worker looking to appeal to a client’s fetishes.

“Ohhhh… I look so… hot…” Xinyi’s nipples strained under her tight top, trying to make their presence known as much as possible. “Like a… like a…”

“Cute little bimbo, my cute baby sister.” Yeji hugged her sister from behind, her chin easily resting over the top of the smaller woman’s head. “So, I know you’d rather just be sexy and slutty and mindless—and I want that for you, too… but I think you’ll be happier if you do one more thing for me before I let you stay home, or under my desk, alright? Remember what I said, about one last meeting with Anna…?”

“Uhhhhh…” Xinyi stared at Yeji in the mirror, rubbing at the corner of her lip. Her cheeks burned, darker and darker as she whined and wiggled. “I… remember… that’s… where you… something happened and like… you… know what it… was… right…?”

Yeji laughed, slowly nodding as she squeezed Xinyi tighter. “Oh my poor little baby sister, so stupid you need me to do everything for you! It’s so cute, and just the most perfect way for you to be.” Yeji’s smile was so wide, so deep, so glowing with euphoric happiness that it looked almost painful. “I hope you never change, never ever. I want to keep you like this forever. You never need to remember anything, except… what do you do when your big sister tells you she wants to fuck you even stupider?”

“Oh…! I remember that…!” Xinyi pulled away from her sister, pulling up her tube top until her breasts bounced free. With her other hand she pulled up her skirt, and tugged the tiniest strip of cloth away from her slit. She was already drenched, her lips flushed, her pussy ready.

Yeji patted her baby sister’s head, kissing her nose with a low, satisfied purr. “That’s exactly right. And I will be fucking you as stupid as can be later today, but we need to run that one errand first. You’ll need to say some important things for me, but you gave me access to your implant so that should be really easy, right?’

“Uh-huh!” Xinyi grinned. “If you say something, it has to be true…!”

Hooding her eyes, Yeji tugged Xinyi’s top down, and reached to carefully reposition the tiny excuse for underwear Xinyi wore between her legs. “Good…! You look absolutely perfect. No one will ever suspect that you aren’t my obedient slut of a baby sister.”

“Hooray!” Xinyi giggled, lifting her fist high enough above her head that it exposed half of her breasts. “Wouldn’t want that… unless you did… then I would… because I want whatever you want, or whatever you want me to want, or you want to want me to want to want me… to… want… to…” Xinyi stared off into the middle distance, her mouth falling open as drool pooled at the corner of her lips.

With a look that screamed adoration, love, and no small amount of lust, Yeji tugged down Xinyi’s top again before grasping her hand and tugging her out the door.

It was finally time to officially receive that big promotion.

“P-please, come in…!” Anna moaned when Yeji knocked on the door of her office. It was a formality, and one that Yeji only bothered with to enjoy the submissive tone of Anna’s voice.

It was impossible for the woman to think of herself as Yeji’s equal anymore.

The feeling was intoxicating.

Yeji gestured to the door, and after a struggle with both grasping the knob properly and turning it in the right direction, Xinyi pulled it open and made her way inside. Yeji pulled it closed behind her.

Seeing Xinyi, Anna did her best to straighten out her blouse and sit up straight in her chair. The sight of Yeji made her tense, and her nipples press against her blouse, but if someone wasn’t expecting to see the woman as a needy, ditzy slut they might have been able to convince themselves that she looked perfectly professional.

“S-so, why are you… I… we have a meeting…” Anna rubbed the side of her head, blinking. Having Xinyi there, someone other than Yeji should have meant that the security protocols in her mind would force her to be sharp as a tack—or at least as sharp as a particularly mishandled lightbulb—but for some reason that wasn’t happening. She didn’t panic. Yeji would make everything right. “Uhm… h-help…?”

Anna giggled, and Xinyi soon joined her. Yeji placed an arm behind the small of her little sister’s back, and guided her along to the two chairs in front of Anna’s desk. All the while her smile grew wider and wider, her eyes hooding low as her tongue snuck out to wet her lips.

A gasp shook from the vice president as her eyes widened. “Y-yeji, you’re… it’s… th-that blue again… I… never… remember what it does when it… teehee… Ohhh…”

“It makes you a dumb bimbo slut, Anna.” Yeji said the words both like they were the most obvious things in the world, and with no special flare as she slowly moved her single finger to the left from its place hovering in the air. “But don’t worry. You’re safe here with Xinyi. She’s actually why I’m here to talk to you today, but you aren’t really all here today, so you can let me worry about that.”

“Not… all… here…?” Anna mewled, slumping lower in her chair as her diminished intelligence disabled her inhibitions and she no longer saw any reason to stop herself from unbuttoning her blouse. Without a bra underneath, when she grasped both sides of her top and used them to fan herself she was repeatedly flashing the two women sitting on the other side of her desk.

Xinyi giggled. “Woooow! You’re like… the same… kind of… stupid…? That I am!” Xinyi twisted up her face, not sure if she’d said the right words before turning to Yeji for approval.

When Yeji nodded with a proud smile, Xinyi couldn’t resist loudly squealing as she wiggled in her seat. Anna blushed, but it wasn’t clear why. Yeji could only imagine that Anna blushed because she thought she should be blushing.

She certainly didn’t seem to understand what Xinyi said.

“That’s right—but don’t worry about that either, Anna. Xinyi is here to concede, so I can get the office right next to yours.” Yeji gestured towards it, before resting her elbows on Anna’s desk to tent her fingers. Xinyi watched with wide eyes, mimicking the motion with an earnest seriousness on her face. Yeji laughed, and Xinyi giggled. “You’re the one in charge of our little competition, and Xinyi—”

“I tooootally want my big sis Yeji to be in control of me and uhm… I’m too dumb to think… and… she should give herself a promotion!” Xinyi grinned, her own hands reaching down to idly stroke across her tube top. “Or like… two promotions… and I can… uhm… work… under her desk…? Uhm… do you work under a desk…? Coz you also look like you could… or… on top of one…?”

Anna huffed, one of her hands disappearing under her skirt. A moan quickly followed, soft and quiet as she started to roll her hips. “Nuh-uh… I’m… a big… important… vice… presi…oohhhh…!”

Yeji grinned, slowly shaking her head. There was so much that she could say, but the only ones who could hear it wouldn’t appreciate it even if they giggled. They were programmed to be aroused by their own giggling and that had the feedback of encouraging a lot of giggles.

It was a small price to pay for two busty, obedient slaves.

“You sure are, Anna. Of course, my promotion means a lot less field work, so I’ll be free to take care of your needs for security more often, Anna.” Yeji sighed at the way the word made Anna’s thighs clench, and her back arch. “I can make sure that your mind is very safe from anyone besides me making any decisions for you… but Xinyi, why don’t you crawl over that desk and the two of you can be dumb, slutty bimbos together. What’s the point in having both of you here if not to watch—I should have expected you wouldn’t be very patient.”

Xinyi had already crawled over the desk, and was kneeling between Anna’s feet. Anna moaned loudly as Xinyi kissed and nibbled and licked her way up her thigh, spreading them further and further apart.

Anna moaned, and while she had the beautiful once-serious woman at her feet, nothing about Anna looked dominant at all. The way she writhed into Xinyi’s mouth once it reached her cunt revealed only further vulnerability and helplessness. Her arousal was stronger than her sense, and she had no desire to try resisting how good the pleasure made her feel and how impossible it became to think.

She was, like the woman kneeling at her feet, a dumb slutty bimbo. Dumb slutty bimbos wanted to fuck, and their minds didn’t work too good when they were turned on.

Being turned on all the time made thinking very difficult.

Yeji watched closely as her bimbos played, Xinyi sucking Anna until she screamed, only to kiss her way up to one of Anna’s large breasts to latch and suck eagerly with happy little wiggles of her hips. I would be jealous that she loves Anna’s tits that much if I didn’t love them, too. I think we might need to have her over for a little “sleepover” sometime soon…

It wasn’t long before Anna was the one sliding to her knees, tugging away Xinyi’s tiny little thong so her tongue could delve deep within her cunt. Xinyi whined and gasped, her hips squirming just as desperately as they had when it was Yeji’s thigh between them.

“Good slutty little bimbos…” Yeji hooded her eyes, squeezing her thighs together. “Once you two are done I can make sure that all of the proper paperwork gets filled out and processed, but for right now… I just want to see how long the two of you can entertain me before I get bored, or neither of you can really move anymore. I wonder which one will happen first—any guesses?”

The only replies that Yeji received were grunts and groans.

“Good point. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of this.”

Yeji sighed, watching with renewed enjoyment as Anna rose up to rub her breasts against Xinyi’s. Two pairs of large breasts pushing against each other, fighting to maintain their shape and warp those of the other woman, was a lovely enough sight that Yeji was almost tempted to touch herself as she watched. She had enough dignity to resist, but the idea was alluring.

Anna is likely to keep her job as long as my programming to keep her productive when she isn’t being fucked by me or a fellow employee with a big enough bank account keeps working… Yeji purred, her eyes hooding lower as she rose up to sit on the desk for a better viewing angle. Maybe we should move in with her. She already has a much bigger, much nicer home. We could redecorate it however we’d like, and I’m sure that Janet would love to show up to our little housewarming party…

Xinyi and Anna screamed, falling into a tangle of arms and legs as they giggled, grunted, and grinded together in motions that tried to be timed, but were thrown off by how simple and ditzy both women had become in such a short time.

“Mm… I’ll give you two another half an hour, and then I think I’ll make you hydrate before you continue.” Yeji smiled. “I do want to celebrate. After all… this promotion is a big deal. Both of you agree.”

“Y-yessss Yejiiiii…!” Both women moaned together. Though the words were mildly staggered, it was close enough to feel like a certain form of unison.

She sighed, leaning forward to watch as Xinyi buried her head between Anna’s legs only for the blonde to do much the same between Xinyi’s. “Mm. Well, you both made an attempt, but I like your tongues being used for this more, anyway. Good little bimbo sluts.”

Both women moaned, grinding and clenching on the floor as they obeyed the woman who owned their minds and bodies with hypnosis and lines of code.

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