Rivaled Methodologies

Chapter 5: Trained Helplessness

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Trained Helplessness

When the small gaps in her day started appearing, Anna wasn’t worried at first. Yeji had been very upfront about what to expect, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’d suddenly lost a chunk of time. Anna hadn’t always been a vice president, and it wasn’t unusual for upper management at Accelerant to melt a subordinate’s mind for a bit of fun.

Anna didn’t like to admit it to herself, but her own susceptibility and the enjoyment her superiors took in dominating her were reasons she suspected she was chosen for her own promotion. Many of them wanted her closer to enjoy her figure, her moans, her presence.

Her vulnerability.

After the second day of suddenly finding herself staring past her monitor with no way to explain what had happened for the past five minutes or more, the growing insecurity she felt was too much. Mental security training was something she’d always bucked before, but it felt so important and she felt so lacking. If anyone outside of the company learned of her weakness she would be at risk of being exploited as a vulnerability in their internal security.

If she were to be taken, even if it wasn’t her fault, she would certainly lose her position instantly. Everything she enjoyed would be gone.

“Yeji?” Anna’s voice was quivering as she held the receiver up to her ear. “I... I need…” She took a deep breath, calming her nerves to reassert her icy persona. “I would like to request that instead of passing me off on a program, if you were to train me. Yourself.”

“Myself?” Yeji sounded uncertain, and that made Anna shudder. It took all of her self control to stop her gasp from being audible. “Of course I can. I could come up there right now, or hypnotize you over the phone to continue the process, if that’s what you want. I thought you were happy about not needing to waste the time with a more hands-off approach.”

Anna frowned.

She’s right… I was happy. I was very happy to not need some security analyst’s fingers in my brain, but… A wave of uncertainty and nausea rolled across Anna, and she shuddered. I was wrong. This training, it must be helping me assess my situation more honestly.

“I’m… I’m not sure that I trust this program to be enough. Please, begin your work right now.” Anna’s finger curled around the phone cord, uncertainty and anxiety swimming through her in the most unsettling possible way. Every nanosecond that Yeji wasn’t agreeing, wasn’t at work fixing the defenses of her mind left Anna vulnerable to an email attachment or a passerby on the street or anyone who might want Accelerant’s deepest secrets.

While she might not know all of the tech specs for the latest implants, or software vulnerabilities, her login was worth each letter of her password in the most highly valued cryptocurrency.

“Alright, Anna. If you’re sure.”

“I’m very sure.”

“Aurora borealis.”

The precise moment that Yeji spoke, Anna’s screen came alive with color. Exotic, magnetic, her eyes followed its movements as her eyes glazed over and her body slumped forward. “Aurora… borealis…”

“That’s right, Miss Wallin.” Yeji’s voice was smooth, a comforting voice full of inviting warmth. “Watch the northern lights. Feel them in your mind, making it so hard to think. Reach between your legs, and stroke yourself in the rhythm of my words. This is your all-important mental security training, and you trust me implicitly.”

Anna whimpered as her hand slid under the waistband of her pants, sliding along the quickly stained front of her panties. Her eyelids fluttered without ever robbing her of the beautiful sight in front of her eyes. “T-trust you… im… implicitly…”

“Listen, Anna.” Anna mewled, her fingers moving so freely along silk that was so quick to accept her touch. She didn’t remember the times she’d spent stroking herself to the spiral on her screen before, and she wouldn’t remember this, either. “Listen, and obey.”

Anna quivered. Her next session with Yeji was in half an hour, but she was starting to feel impatient. She’d unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, and then the third to try cooling off, to try taking control of the situation, but it wasn’t working.

The more she tried to brush off the way she was feeling, the more it felt like a security concern. Her mind still wasn’t completely protected. She needed that. She needed that immediately or her life, and the company, were both at risk. Even wearing a shorter skirt, and wearing brighter, more dramatic pink lipstick wasn’t making her feel more secure. Putting on more eyeshadow, a darker mascara, wearing more of her jewelry like the pendant that hung just above her cleavage…

None of it was enough to make her feel secure.

I know that this should be helping. Looking like a dumb bimbo helps protect my mind. No one would worry about brainwashing a dumb, slutty bimbo. She sighed, staring intently at the phone. Plus… being disciplined, judged, by someone who looks so stupid?

It crushes their spirits even more.

Anna clenched her thighs, her eyes fluttering as she rubbed her lips together. Everything about that sounded, and felt, amazing. The only thing that wasn’t, was Yeji not continuing her very important training. She’d insisted on keeping the program running too, and she had lost fifteen minutes shortly after getting into work, then another fifteen an hour after that, and twenty minutes not long ago, but that couldn’t possibly be enough.

Yeji was the expert, but that didn’t mean that she took Anna’s security as seriously as Anna did. Her job was part espionage, part internal security. Anna knew Yeji had other responsibilities to worry about.

I need to take the initiative. Anna reached for her phone, resting it against her shoulder as she dialed Yeji’s extension. I can’t leave this to chance. Yeji is the expert but I need this…!

“Anna?” Yeji sounded genuinely surprised. It was enough that it made Anna blush. “I see we’re scheduled for another… five minutes from now? Is everything alright? Are you having any concerns? Is the software bothering you?”

“No! It isn’t bothering me at all!” Anna shook her head dramatically. “If anything… I think I might need more software.”

“More…?” Yeji sounded even more incredulous. “That software is the top of the line. Our tech department has been working on it for a long time, using a wide variety of techniques to make sure that nothing could possibly be overlooked—”

“—But I’m not always at my computer!” Anna sounded frantic. Sweat was sliding down along her exposed chest. Her legs spread open as she fanned at herself, panting for air. “I need… something that’s always with me, always ready to… to… to protect me, to keep my mind strong, to… to… Yeji, you’re the expert… You could do something with my implant, install something there… right…? I’ll give you root access…!”

Anna didn’t know why that idea made her so wet. She couldn’t focus on that. She needed to unbutton more of her top. Her office was swelteringly hot.

“If you do that, I could install some much better software. It would keep you even safer—”

“Do it…!” Anna groaned, not sure when her hand started stroking across her lacy bra but not particularly caring. “Install it… into my brain. I need the strongest security you have… whatever it is you need, whatever you have, whatever you use… install it into my brain, now… I’m opening my implant, and emailing you the codes…!”

The email was quick to send. She’d had the draft ready all day, though she didn’t remember writing it. It could have happened during one of the blanks in her day, but she knew that for security reasons it was important that she not question her security protocols.

If something happened she needed to obey those protocols, not think for herself. Her mind was vulnerable, and weak. She was the weak link.

Yeji’s training regimen was what was going to make her strong and safe.

She trusted Yeji more than she trusted herself.

“Very good. You’re following the training perfectly. I specialized this just for you, so I’m gratified to see it working so well.” Yeji sighed as Anna watched a translucent progress bar move across her vision. “When it finishes installing we’ll need to reboot your mind, so we can take away your access to your administrative privileges of your own implants. That way no one can make you give them your access. You can trust me to hold onto it for you—to keep your mind and body safe.”

“M-my mind… and body… ssssaaaafe...!” Anna moaned, pinching her nipple through her bra as her whole body desperately shook. “Yess… I need that… I… want that, I…”

The bar filled in, and Yeji sighed.

“While your mind reboots, enjoy a screensaver.”

A vision of the northern lights, shifting through so many colors, looking so impossibly beautiful, captivated Anna as it replaced the office around her. She didn’t even notice as the door to her office opened, and Yeji entered with a hazy eyed Janet. The two approached Anna’s desk, and Janet placed a vibrating toy inside the vice president’s panties as Yeji squeezed her large, heavy breasts.

Anna barely reacted at all.

Her breathing quivered and shook, but she barely made a sound higher than the quietest of whines. She was lost in her screensaver, her mind on hold as the programs Yeji installed—programs custom made by Xinyi’s former ingenuity—took away her control over her own brain.

By giving Yeji root access to her implant, Anna had given herself over as a possession to keep herself safe from external control.

Fingers in Janet’s hair, Yeji pushed the woman into one of Anna’s breasts and sighed as she heard the woman helplessly sucking. The wet sounds of her mouth were louder than Anna’s mind as her software took deeper possession of her new vice president.

“Such a valuable human resource.” Yeji quietly chuckled as she replaced the phone on its cradle. “You’re making excellent progress.”

Anna moaned as Janet continued to suck, too lost in another world to respond.


Anna shuddered as the toy buried deep inside of her quivered, and her vision told her that soon it would be time to prepare for Yeji’s meeting. They had been talking over the phone, but that felt so impersonal. It didn’t feel like it could possibly give Anna all of the security that she could possibly need.

Accelerant’s phone network was top notch, protected from any form of intrusion that wasn’t physically plugging into their system—and then many of those, too.

It didn’t matter how irrational it was.

Yeji had insisted on it, and Anna cared more about her mental training than she did about anything else. Nothing else was nearly as important to her, not anymore.

The door to her office opened, and Anna climbed up on her desk and slowly tugged her skirt higher and higher until the sight of such a tiny thong keeping the toy inside of her was visible. Her lust had already soaked through her thong, staining her thighs and making them both glisten in the bright lights of her office. She stroked over her own thighs before one of her hands reached up, unbuttoning her blouse and leaving it to hang open over her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the hard points of her nipples were visible where they tented her loosely hanging top.

“I’m ready for my training, Yeji…” Anna was already panting, her eyes hooded. “Am I… following the protocols… to the letter…? Is this thong… small enough…? I didn’t wear a bra… my implant wouldn’t let me… but it would let me masturbate in the shower…”

Yeji hooded her eyes, nodding as she slowly made her way to Anna’s desk. “You’re doing perfectly. I don’t think you’re capable of unsafe behavior… not anymore. Not with all of the security protocols we’ve put in place…” Yeji traced her nails up along Anna’s legs, her grin deepening as Anna’s head fell back and her arching back pulled her blouse open that much further. "You’re helpless to being safe and secure for me, and the company. Only I can possibly override what you do, who you are… All of that is up to me, now.”

“All… up to you… Ohhh… Y-yeah… Like… totally…!” Anna giggled, curling a strand of hair around her finger as she spread her legs apart further, arching her back out even more dramatically. “Don’t you need to… mmm… check my body for… security… vulnerabilities…? I… Mmm… I could have some software… hidden in me or… something in my… w-wetware…”

Yeji laughed, her fingers tracing the obvious path to caress on either side of Anna’s flush, drenched sex. “The only vulnerabilities you still have are to me, and I’m not going to fix those.”

“O-ohhhhhh… Y-y-yessss…!” Anna groaned as Yeji’s fingers found their way inside of her, and Yeji’s lips wrapped around her nipple. “N-not… going to fix… fix… tho-o-oooohhh… S-so hard to… I… you’re doing… what’s that… meter… mean… ohhh…”

A bar filled Anna’s vision. It was clearly labeled, but as the blue drained from the bar, leaving only gray behind, it was harder and harder for Anna to read. Losing her intelligence made it harder to do anything but buck, clench, and moan as her already vacant look took on an even more vapid aura.

“It means you only need to be a dumb, sexy little slut for a while.” Yeji smiled, her voice so warm and soft as she thrust her fingers deeply and quickly into the vice president’s drenched pussy. “You don’t need to worry about anything, because you like being a dumb, sexy little slut. Being a thoughtless, intelligence lacking bimbo? That turns you on. That’s why you asked me to train you, because you knew that I could see what you really wanted… and give it to you.”

“Ohhhh yesss! Yes you ca-a-aaaan…!” Anna giggled, laughing uproariously as she bucked her hips into every thrust of Yeji’s fingers, squeezing tighter and tighter as more of her lust flowed so freely. “You can… you can… train me… make me an… even better… sexier… bimbo…! Like… noooo intelli… intelli… telli… gen…? What’s gener… creat… making… intelli…?” Anna’s voice sounded smaller and smaller, simpler and dumber the longer she rode Yeji’s fingers.

The bar for her intelligence was completely empty now, and it was easy to believe it. Looking into her eyes, it was impossible to see anything but a vacant, busty, blonde bimbo who wanted nothing more than to be a desk pet.

She’d even climbed up onto that desk without any prompting at all.

“Hard to believe you can still do your job like this, but I’ve been reading your email, and the other VPs’ emails, and I haven’t seen a single complaint.” Yeji grinned. “If anything, they all seem happier with your performance. I wonder… do you think that all of them want you to be a dumb bimbo too, so happy to perform and be seen?”

“Yuh… yuh…huh…? I like… don’t think… can’t do that… but like… I… probably…? Yuh…!” Anna whimpered, her breasts shaking dramatically at her chest from the forceful movements of her hips and the strong movements of Yeji’s fingers inside of her. “However I’d… like… that…! You’re smart… you know…!”

Yeji grinned, nodding slowly as her teeth tugged Anna’s nipple taut before letting it slide free. “I do know, and I am much smarter than you… especially right now that your intellect is a negative number.”

Anna mewled, confused as she pressed desperately into Yeji in every way that she could. Her thighs were quaking in a way that hinted just how close she was to giving in to a pleasure she couldn’t possibly understand. Driven by lust, instinct, and the truths that Yeji tattooed into her brain with digital ink, Anna was more animal than woman.

She was Yeji’s animal.

“What’s a… negative… o-ooohhh…!” Anna screamed, her pussy squeezing around Yeji’s fingers as she stained her desk with her lust. There had already been a stain between her legs, but it was much darker now.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about.” Yeji smiled. “Not now, at least. Luckily for you? You aren’t in the accounting branch.” Yeji graced Anna’s nipple with a parting kiss as she slowly pulled back. “You get to stay mindless and dumb until your next meeting. No one needs you to be too efficient, and none of them will care if your makeup is ruined, or your clothing doesn’t quite seem to be fitting just right. You’re a professional slut. It’s your job to be sexy.”

“My job… to be… sexy…” Anna moaned, falling onto her back on her desk as Yeji pulled away. “I’ll… sexy… meetings… mmm…”

Yeji laughed as she curled her fingers around the doorknob. “Don’t worry, Anna. The implant will be making those decisions for you—based on my programming. You don’t have the option to disappoint me.”

Anna groaned something back, but Yeji didn’t hear.

She was too busy pulling the door shut behind her, and using her access to Anna’s systems to lock it behind her. Anna might be a professional slut, but Yeji was the one to grant access.

If someone wanted to fuck the queen bitch of HR, they’d need Yeji’s permission first.

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