Chapter 4: Exposed Current

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Exposed Current

Serina woke up back in the playroom, feeling so… cold. She was dressed again, wearing the same outfit she’d been wearing the last time she was there. She wasn’t even allowed her mask. Instead, she was just wearing that school girl uniform. Nothing about it felt any better than it had the last time she’d been wearing it. It only felt so much worse, so much more vulnerable to be wearing a pleated skirt. She wished she was wearing her costume, her jeans, her jacket… anything else. All she could do was shiver and wrap her arms around her legs.

She hugged her knees to her chest, her teeth chattering. I should be warmer now… I was naked, laying on metal, such cold metal, but… But I’m not cold because the room is cold…

Uncertain, and scared of what she would find, Serina reached her tongue out to feel across her lips, and then all around her mouth. Nothing. Not even a drop.

A sharp curse flew from Serina’s lips as she kicked her legs at nothing before hugging them back up against her chest. She was disappointed that it wasn’t there, disappointed not to find any more of that taste, and she hated herself for it. She hated how weak she was, how vulnerable she was, and it was impossible to not feel that this was happening because she never should have been out playing vigilante all alone in Midas City.

She remembered hearing rumors about people disappearing—including heroines—but it all sounded so silly to imagine that happening to her. Most people never even ran afoul of a supervillain. Even if she was putting on a mask, the odds seemed so low. Worrying over a slim possibility when she could make a difference was just irresponsible.

That was how she’d thought of it before, anyway.

Now, shivering on the floor, curled up into a ball, that worry felt so much more valid. I’m just going to be one of those heroines that no one even knows… Goes out one night… and never comes back… So cold… I need more of that taste, more of that cream, but I… I can’t… I don’t…!

Even thinking of that taste made her nipples tingle and her pussy try to clench around the tube that was no longer there. She couldn’t stop her hips from moving, desperate for more of that feeling, more of that taste, more… relief. It wasn’t just that the taste had made her feel nothing but love, nothing but joy, nothing but happiness.

It also took away everything bad.

There was no room for her to feel scared or sad with so much joy. Her body and mind lacked the fundamental space to do that to her. All she could do with that tube in her mouth was feel good.

She’d never felt like that before. There was always something not right with the world—and who knew that better than a journalism student? She’d wanted to make it her life’s work both masked, and unmasked, to make the world a better place by exposing problems and solving them during the day and at night. She knew all of the horrible things out there, and she’d encountered plenty of her own problems. Having all of that silent, all of that gone, lost, so far away…

Nothing came close to that feeling. She’d just been happy. She’d just felt complete. She’d just been… content.

“No!” Serina punched the floor as hard as she could, and used that to slowly push herself to her feet. Her legs felt flimsy and pitiful, barely able to hold her weight, but she forced herself to stay standing. No matter how much she wanted to sink down to her knees, or to curl back into a ball, she needed to force herself to resist. She needed to force herself to fight. “Live Wire isn’t going to give up that easy…!”

Everything about the playroom felt patronizing. The paint on the walls was patronizing. The way everything felt too big for her, another attempt to make her feel pitiful and small, just made her angrier. It was all so bright, so shiny, so colorful…

“I’ll show you how deactivated my powers are, whoever you are…!” Taking a deep breath Serina ran for the closest wall with both of her hands out in front of her. Her steps were clumsy and off balance, her whole body crying out for more of that taste, more of whatever drug was mixed with the taste of her own pussy and her own milk, but Serina struggled through it. She couldn’t give up—not yet.

The moment her hands felt the wall against them she didn’t just reach out with her hands to feel the inside of the walls. She’d used that sense enough, and she knew how to bend that part of her to deactivate things. Instead of trying to see, she just tried to turn everything off.

After only a moment of her hands pressed to that wall, she hurtled down to the floor with a loud thud.

“Fuuuuck…!” Her whole body shook as if she was being actively electrocuted even as her hands were nowhere near the wall. Her whole body ached, burned, sizzled, feeling like needles, like teeth, like every part of her that could feel was being injected with unfiltered agony. It took what felt like minutes for her body to stop shaking, and when it did the craving for that cream the tube had poured down her throat was so much stronger than it had been before.

Serina sniffled, letting herself cry again as she shook her head. Either they really are turned off, deactivated, fried… Or she booby-trapped the wall. That means she probably did that to those tentacles, too… That means there’s nothing I can do… And this villain is one I should be great at taking down…!

No superheroine with half a brain wanted to face off against a powerful supervillain. Serina liked to think of herself as having a full brain. Still, if she needed to face off with a supervillain, one who relied on tech seemed perfect for her to face. Instead… she was powerless.

My strength might be a bit more than the average person, but I can’t punch my way out of here. My mind isn’t strong enough to resist whatever she’s doing to me… and I need more. I need more of that… badly. It feels like my whole body is going to shut down if I can’t get more, and soon… Serina whimpered, not wanting to think of herself as someone who would willingly beg to lose more of her free will and risk permanent damage to her mind. Need to find some way out of here… some means of escape…

Her eyes slowly gazed around the playroom. There were no more exits now than there had been before. The mask was gone, but Serina wasn’t too broken up about that. She didn’t want to be trapped repeating that until she was so obsessed with women that she’d fall to her knees if one smiled at her just right.

Her knees quivered at the thought, and she whined in pitiful frustration. She didn’t feel far off from that point as it was. Just thinking of a woman’s lips, of her hair, of her skin… Imagining her hands squeezing at Serina’s breasts, at her ass, reaching between her legs…

Serina only caught herself once her hand was under her skirt feeling along her own bare thigh. She forced the hand away, but she didn’t want it gone. Masturbating to thoughts of women felt like it was part of that taste, part of that bliss, and she didn’t want to suffer without it anymore. She didn’t want to feel that craving gnawing at her mind, teasing her, taunting her, reminding her how easy it had been to truly fear nothing at all…

Blue eyes scanned the room for anything else that might be helpful, but all that she could find was that hula-hoop and the jump rope. The yellow plastic ring didn’t seem capable of helping her. It was just cheap plastic. The red-and-white jump rope didn’t look any better. Its thick handles might make it easier to use as a weapon if someone came to get her… but Serina knew that no one was coming. If anyone did enter the room for her then Serina knew they only would once she’d been deactivated.

Those tentacles moved too quickly. Even if her powers worked, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to stop them. Not before she turned off, anyway…

“Why am I here?!” Serina screamed to no one in particular. She didn’t know if that villain was still watching her or not. She didn’t know if it mattered. “Is it like with the mask?! You just want me to touch one of these stupid toys so you can shove those tentacles into my ears and say I chose it?!”

There was still no response. She remembered how it felt to look at those toys before. The mask… She’d thought something about… Being anonymous but hidden in plain sight, unable to escape watchful eyes. She couldn’t remember the other two. Too much had happened.

If I don’t touch them… then the tentacles might not come. Maybe I’ll just be able to stay here forever… That might not be so bad… Serina quietly laughed to herself, a grin stretching across her face. That’d serve you right, bitch. One experiment, never completed… I won’t help you fuck over my brain…

A digital sound, like a bell on a very old computer, filled the room. Serina shuddered, her eyes widening. Just like with those items before, words flooded out from deep inside of hidden recesses in her mind. These words even forced their way out past her lips, so intense, forcing her body to give way to the villain’s hidden control. “I must choose one of the toys! If I don’t, then I’m choosing to be converted into a drone!”

Serina’s blood ran cold. A drone. If she didn’t choose anything, then she’d be made into a drone? That needed to mean like those women robbing the store. She was fairly sure they were women, anyway—or they had been at one time. After whatever that twisted woman had done to them, Serina wasn’t sure what remained of who they’d been.

She was already unsure how much of herself she’d already lost.

Maybe the tentacles aren’t too quick… Maybe… Maybe if I make a choice, and I’m ready for them… Maybe this time… Serina couldn’t let herself concede any more than she could do things that put her mind at unnecessary risk. She’d already felt what could happen.

Looking between the two objects to choose from, Serina crawled her way over to the plastic ring. Her legs were still sore from her earlier sprint, and her body only felt that need more poignantly from how bad the pain had made her whole body ache. When she reached the hoop she grasped it in her hands, and then tried to throw it to the floor, raising her hands up by her ears.

The tentacles came from the walls, and the same pain that shot through her whole body when she tried to use her powers flared up again as a loud, high pitched sound filled the room. “No… no… no…!” Serina screamed louder and louder, shuddering and twitching in agony as those familiar tentacles moved effortlessly through the air.

Even if they didn’t move at all Serina wouldn’t have been able to grasp them as they reached inside and—


Serina smiled as she stepped out her front door with her arms stretched high above her head. The weather had been so hot lately, and she just wanted to soak in the rays a little. Maybe she’d even get a little bit of a tan. Making her way down to the closest pool sounded like an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

Soaking in a pool would be the perfect way to complement sunbathing.

To that effect she’d traded in her usual clothes for a black bikini. It was the kind that tied on the sides of her waist, and had a bow between her breasts. Maybe it was a little too cute to be wasted not going to some place like the pool or the beach, but Serina was feeling like taking it easy and getting some sun. The top was small enough that she’d still be able to tan most any neckline she’d wear, and some side-boob too. The bottoms weren’t anything scandalous, but they did mean she’d be tanning plenty of her ass when she rolled over onto her front.

Before long she was making her way down the sidewalk, humming to herself. It was such a beautiful day, and everything just felt so calm and warm and nice. It was the sort of day where she couldn’t stop herself from smiling and didn’t want to try.

A few blocks down the street she paused, her eyes caught on something yellow hidden in the nearby grass. Huh… I wonder what that is… Some new fun, maybe! Serina grinned a little more as she moved over and knelt down, lifting up a plastic yellow hula-hoop. I haven’t played using one of these for a long time… And there’s no reason why I shouldn’t now! Might be something fun to do before I reach the pool.

Serina stood, and got into position with her hips on either side of the hoop. With a deep breath she moved her hand and set it to spin around her, hips moving in counterpoint. Even though it had been years it felt like she’d never stopped, and it was so easy to just keep her hips moving. Her waist pressed into the hoop as it rolled in front of her, and then back as it rolled just above her ass.

Her breasts swayed side to side, only held back by the small triangles of black fabric which were more than adequate to hide away her nipples… but not much more. Her cheeks flushed as she felt just how dramatically they swung with each movement of her hips. I’m not even that busty, but I don’t think I’ve done this since I got breasts at all… Oh… and… my ass…

It was hardly especially jiggly or loose, but she could still feel her bare ass tightening, loosening, so exposed with nothing besides the small bikini clutching around her waist and between her legs. It was so tight, hiding so little.

That was when people started to approach.

It wasn’t just one woman, or two. Walking down the sidewalk, and across the road, so many people stopped and saw her show. Her cheeks burned brighter, but Serina couldn’t make her hips stop moving. She couldn’t get herself to stop. The hoop wanted to move, and she could feel it, tingling against her body, burning, aching, sizzling…

I… must keep moving… I… Must let them watch me… I… Want them to watch me… Serina wasn’t sure if the thought came from her, or the hoop. It almost felt like they weren’t two distinct objects, but two parts of one greater gestalt. Which of them was more important?


It wasn’t long before a group of people, large, spanning as far as she could look, were staring at her with hungry, excited eyes. The hoop liked that. The hoop liked that a lot.

Serina found herself slowly spinning around, until she was looking away and grinding her ass back towards the people watching her with each rotation, each roll of her hips. They were watching her, they were watching her gyrate and everything about that felt… so… good.

I love their eyes on my body… It feels like… Validation… Feels like… Like… Like…

Serina moaned. She couldn’t help herself. Her hips continued to move, rolling her firm ass back towards the onlookers. Her hands reached down, and tugged the bow between her breasts. The halves of her top fell away from her breasts as she continued to roll her hips, and soon they were swaying free of their confinement. Her nipples were so hard and she hadn’t even turned around to see the look on her audience’s faces yet.

Anticipation burned between her thighs, making her fingers ache for the bows on either side of her hips. She wanted to pull those loose, too. She wanted them to watch her bare ass, and her pussy nestled between her legs as she rolled her hips… but she needed to be patient. She needed to build to it. She wanted to be a show to be enjoyed, not just seen and forgotten.

She wanted it to be a dance, to be a work-out… a performance. It wasn’t just about getting naked with so many eyes on her body. It was about being seen. It was about holding all of their attention, all of their focus. She wanted them to look at her, to see her… to want her.

I love the way it feels to move while they watch… I want to dance for them to watch… I want to cum while they watch…!

When she finally turned around, the feeling of so many eyes on her bare, swinging, bouncing breasts almost made Serina burst on the spot. She was thankful she was wearing a bikini and not panties, because they would have been so soaked through nothing would have been left to the imagination.

She wanted their imaginations to be on what was still hidden away. She wanted them to want to see what little was left to see of her body. She wanted them to crave it…

Looking at all of those eyes made her hips shudder, and the hoop fell to the ground. It clattered down, and Serina bit her lip as she continued to roll her hips. The consciousness of the hoop was inside of her now, channeling through her, driving her forward no matter how much some part of her wanted to stop. The dance was too important now. She could only obey the alien desires that compelled her.

Fingertips disappeared under the waistband of her panties, rubbing, stroking along the lips of her sex. She groaned, her face contorting, twisting, as she began to gyrate not for the hoop, but for her hand. Her eyes fluttered as her moans grew louder, and she slowly turned around.

Swaying her ass side to side as she rolled her hips into her hand, she reached the other down and tugged one of the bows loose. She shuddered a little more as she felt more of her ass fall into view. It wouldn’t be long at all before they saw everything. It wouldn’t be long before she surrendered everything to the dance, to being seen, to moving her body and reveling in how good it felt to be seen being a wanton little slut. It was a dance, an exhibitionistic dance, and she wanted to feel it overwhelm her.

I exist for them to watch me… I exist for them to want me… If they aren’t watching me, if they don’t want to fuck me… It’s like I don’t even exist…!

She reached for the other side of her hips, and tugged that bow loose just like the first. Her hips grinded down, swaying slower as Serina savored the cloth slowly falling away. It was held in place here or there, but the more she rubbed, the more the back of her hand slowly rubbed it loose. As the last of it fell away she reached her fingers down, cupping her sex as she slowly turned back around.

Now she was naked, except for her shoes. Her body was on display, only hidden away by her hand… and soon those fingers moved to pull apart the lips of her sex. “Watch me…! L-look at me…! Want me…! Please…! I need you to want to fuck me…!”

Not one of her gathered crowd could look away as her long slender fingers began to thrust deep between her legs. She’d masturbated before, but it was never like this. This was less of a private sexual act meant to sate her urges or quiet them down before trying to sleep. This was making herself feel all of them fucking her with their eyes.

She moved her fingers like they were out of her control, pretending that they belonged to each of the women gathered up to watch her not-so-private little show. She knew that the moment she came it would be the most amazing, most perfect feeling she’d ever experienced in her life. She wanted that. She needed that.

Nothing else matters…! I need to cum for them… I need to exist for them… I need to belong to them… to belong to anyone who sees me…!

Her legs felt so weak, and her heart was beating out of control. Her nipples pulsed as they swayed back and forth at her chest. Her hips thrust faster, hips bucking at her fingers as they assaulted her pussy as firmly as they could. Before, she’d been teasing herself. She’d been holding back, building up the thrill of the show. She needed all of them to want her to cum as much as she wanted to cum… and now she could feel it.

In each pair of glassy, glazed eyes staring at her with unwavering plastic stares, Serina knew that more than anything they wanted, needed her to cum. They needed to feel their desire overtaking her, for her to be wholly overwhelmed by the desire built up from her exhibitionistic display.

She was their whore, their plaything, theirs, and there was only one way that she could truly show them how much that meant to them. There was only one last thing for her to surrender up. She couldn’t deny them that when she’d already come so far.

With a loud cry, Serina fell to her knees and arched out her back. She shuddered and shook, moaning louder and louder as she felt her orgasm start to overtake her. She didn’t just want to cum—she wanted to make it a show. She made sure that her whole body was bucking, shuddering, grinding, clenching, her whole sweat-slick, sex-drenched body moving in the most perfect display of erotic euphoria. She couldn’t allow herself to hold back a single ounce of her overwhelming desire.

Her orgasm was so intense that her vision went blurry, and then blank. She couldn’t stop rubbing herself as she moaned and writhed, knowing that all of their eyes were still on her body. She was lost in a sexual reverie, and it didn’t belong to her. Her own body didn’t belong to her, not anymore. Now, her body belonged to them. It needed to, or that euphoria would end.

No matter what, she wanted to hold onto that moment, to make that orgasm last forever. Her toes bent so tight she was sure they would break off. Her fingers rubbed so fast, so hard, so deep, she was almost worried she would bleed. She didn’t, not even close, but the touch felt so intense and her body felt so soft, so vulnerable, so weak. She was a toy, a plaything, and if she broke while playing with herself then it didn’t matter.

She was just a toy, to be tossed into a toy box when they were done with her, when she was done with her show.

Some quiet part of her tried to hold onto that moment as long as it could. It knew that the moment her orgasms stopped, the moment her pleasure stopped, she wouldn’t be on her knees anymore. She wouldn’t be in that perfectly satisfied, perfectly fulfilled state any longer. She’d be somewhere else, ripped away to some place cold, and steel, and unfriendly.

No matter how hard she tried to keep cumming forever, to keep surrendering more and more until the end of time, her body could only hold out for so long. She could only fuck herself raw for so long before exhaustion overcame her body.

The moment her hand fell away so she could savor them staring at her bare pussy, so they could savor her afterglow, metal reached into her ears and—

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