Chapter 5: Amping Up

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #f/f #lesbification #midas_city #pov:bottom #addiction #conditioning #D/s #dom:female #drones #humiliation #lactation #multiple_partners #robots #sub:female #tech_control
See spoiler tags : #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #teacher


Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 5: Amping Up


Before her eyes finished opening Serina was already crying out in horror and dismay. She didn’t know how long her mind had been turned off, but she could so clearly remember having her fingers buried between her legs while all of those women had watched her. She hadn’t wanted to do it, she would never want to do that… not unless something happened to her mind.

I would… I would never… never have wanted to do that…! I would never want someone to stare… Stare at my… my body… My… mmmm… naked… glistening… needy… body… Serina groaned as she realized that she was naked again. Her wrists were trapped beneath metal, just like her ankles. She could feel that cool metal at her back, and feel the blindingly bright light burning into her eyes. Just like before, she found herself in that room full of machinery, full of that device, full of… that… taste…

She could smell it in the air. She wasn’t sure if it was really there or not, but she could smell it and that scent was driving her crazy. Maybe it was just the smell of her own pussy. Maybe her nipples had leaked a little. She just knew it should be there, and…

“Hello, again, doll.”

That villain was back. She was here too. It shouldn’t have surprised her. What surprised her even more, taking her by such surprise that her whole body couldn’t stop shuddering, was the intensity of her reaction.

Her voice sent shudders through Serina’s body, and even worse, it made Serina aware that she could see Serina like this. As soon as she realized that, Serina couldn’t keep her body still at all. Her hips wanted to roll so the other woman would be drawn to the sight of her damp, flushed pussy. Her chest wanted to loll side to side to draw attention to her breasts. No matter how badly she wanted to fight off that feeling, to suppress those urges, those fetishes…

That’s a losing battle… However she crams them inside, however she makes them a part of me… I’m not strong enough. I don’t know how to fight it…. I don’t know how to fight her at all…

“Aww… Your spirits seem a lot more thoroughly crushed this time! And here I was thinking that there’d still be some more fight in you. Are you ready for your next dose, dolly?” The word dose was like a verbal finger flicking Serina’s clit. She couldn’t hold back the moan, or stop herself from shaking as those urges rose up inside of her. “Well, you’ll have to earn it first. I can’t have you thinking that I’ve gone soft. I have a reputation to uphold as a cold hearted, logic-fueled bitch. That’s what everyone says about us women who like robots more than people, right?”

Serina forced herself to look away from the villain’s voice. Her body still shuddered, still rolled her hips and arched her back… but she didn’t need to acknowledge her. She didn’t need to ask for that dose. She could fight it.

Just a little dose… It wouldn’t be too bad, right…? If you… If you fight it… What if that’s what’s dangerous to your mind…? Just… just ask for a little… play her game… You can resist later… Serina’s logic twisted against her, making it so easy to envision playing along, acting contrite, obedient, sucking at that tube just enough to sate her urges. There was no way she would be capable of doing anything after that point, but that hunger inside of her didn’t care. It just needed her to slip up long enough to suck. Just… for… a… no… no… I can’t…!

“Well isn’t that just beautiful! You do still have a little fight in you… Well… Not fight but you don’t instantly start begging and pleading. But you don’t need to. Why don’t you just tell me what you learned from that little… game, dolly?” Even turned away, that woman’s voice was incredibly sexy. It struck every erogenous zone in Serina’s body at once.

A shuddery mewl bubbled up past her lips as she shook inside of her bonds. There was nowhere to go, and it felt so harmless to play along with this. It wasn’t asking for her to want that creamy taste. It wasn’t asking for her to become an addicted, braindead drone.

The villain just wanted to know what she’d learned from the game. She wanted to know what had happened to Serina’s mind. She wanted Serina to say what she already knew.

There’s no way she didn’t design that, control all of that… What’s the point in making me tell her…? What’s the point in making me… betray myself… Serina cursed herself for being so slow to figure it out, even as the chills of need set in anew. Her body shivered, even as it moved in the perfect way to be a show for the on looking villain. That same part of Serina hoped that more of those drones were lurking just out of sight so they could watch her, too. Even if they didn’t have minds, they definitely had eyes. She wanted to be seen so very badly.

Even if being seen granted her pleasure, pleasure that conditioned her mind, pleasure that made her more eager to please that twisted woman, to be whatever she wanted to get more satisfaction, more bliss…

It was good.

She couldn’t convince her body that pleasure was bad. She couldn’t convince her body that if it ever wanted to escape, it needed to resist. She couldn’t do anything to fight back at all…

“What did you learn… Serina Alton?” The villain using her name made Serina’s clit sing. The villain knew her. Sure, she’d probably betrayed herself and told the woman her name, told her anything and everything she’d wanted to know while her mind was switched into the ‘off’ position, but the feeling was still so powerfully arousing. She remembered Serina’s name.

Hearing her name, hearing a woman say that name, a powerful woman who was seeing her naked, a powerful woman who could give her that drug she needed, that drug made out of her own fluids and something else, something more… Serina didn’t want to even admit to herself how needy she felt, how weak she felt, how… reasonable it felt to give in, just a little more, just lose a little bit more of herself in ways that she wasn’t sure she could ever get back.

But the villain knew that. She knew everything. She didn’t even need to be told. It was just a game, and a game that Serina couldn’t risk losing in any more dangerous ways than she already had. This was an experiment and the long term effects were still unknown.

If I anger her, at any time… She could make the experiment fail… make my brain fail… I… Fear shouldn’t have been such a powerful motivator for her. She was a superheroine. She risked her life for little victories. Risking her life for no victory at all just felt… silly. Risking everything for the chance of some small petty victory when there seemed no chance she could ever escape, ever get free… What’s the point in resisting like that, for that…?

A heavy sigh escaped Serina’s quivering lips.

“I-I…” She tried to convince herself that she wasn’t a failure. She tried to convince herself this wasn’t because she hoped it would earn her another dose. She tried to convince herself she didn’t want that choice taken from her. “I learned it… Feels good to be watched… It feels… So good to… to perform for other women… not able to stop…”

Serina couldn’t convince herself of anything at all.

The villain laughed. It was a cackle, really, sounding like the woman making it should have been a cartoon. “Excellent! And that’s why you’re fucking the air like a slut now? Can you feel what that’s doing to your mind? Have you figured it out yet…?

“It’s… The pleasure is making me… You’re stacking things up inside of me to make it so I betray myself for you… So you don’t even need to do anything but hint there’s something you want me to do… and I do it.” Serina’s voice grew quieter and quieter as she spoke. They both knew what was happening, but that didn’t mean that Serina couldn’t have the good sense to be ashamed of it. That didn’t mean that Serina couldn’t have the good sense to hate herself for it.

“Good! Some heroines aren’t brainless sluts after all… Well…” The woman sneered, chuckling. Serina stiffened, even as she arched towards her. “Until they meet me, anyway!”

Imagining that this villain had captured so many women and destroyed them, physically, mentally… it was too easy. It was impossible to imagine that any ordinary woman, heroine or not, would be capable of resisting her. All of them would fall, one after another, becoming little more than her toys… just like Serina.

She wanted to believe she could do something about it, that she needed to do something about it. If she could imagine any possibility, she might have tried, but she just couldn’t.

The villain laughed again, and Serina tried to deflate more against the table. Her body was too busy arching, but her shoulders visibly slumped down. “Aww. You look so pitiful. Just to be extra nice, I won’t even let you ask for the next dose. It isn’t a choice. We’re going to make you a thoroughly addicted little drug slut so I can run my experiments. You never really had a chance.”

A drone’s latex-gloved hands grasped at Serina’s head again, forcing her to look straight up. She tensed, whimpering as she remembered just how impossible it would be to even try wrenching her head free. She couldn’t even move enough to hurt herself. All she could do was watch as the pumps were attached to her nipples. All she could do was uselessly shudder as the tube pushed apart her nether lips and eased deep into her shuddering cunt. Her body wanted this. The drones and the bonds were too strong to fight. How this would end was already decided.

Without warning the tube lowered down, pushing past her lips. Tears slid down Serina’s cheeks. It wasn’t just because of how shameful it felt, but also because of how relieved she felt. Soon, she knew that all she would be feeling was good. No matter what she’d try to do, in no time at all she’d be wanting those satisfying, blissful sensations more than she wanted to fight, to resist… Even the allure of being overpowered wouldn’t matter. It was a gut wrenching agony.

I’m the biggest failure in all of Midas City. I’m naked, surrounded by a madwoman and her dehumanized drones… And I’m wet, so wet, because they’re women, because they’re looking at me, because I know soon I’m going to feel too good to care. I hate it… but I can’t do anything about it.

“Don’t feel too bad… Well… Feel as bad as you want for the next… oh… Thirty seconds…? Then you won’t be able to.” The villain paused as the machines began to suck, to pump. It was just long enough for Serina to let out a moan. “Or if you can, let it all out! Cry! Thrash! Scream! It’ll be good to know I have to improve the formula. It’s important that the next time I want to turn a helpless heroine into mush I know I’ve got the antidote to her being a justice-seeking little idiot.”

Serina tried to say something, to argue that heroines weren’t idiots, that she’d do anything to make the experiment a failure, but before she could begin to do much more than quietly mutter incomprehensibly around the tube more of that cream hit her tongue and all of that fight in her was burned away.

Ohhh… It’s… it’s… better than before…! It’s so much better…!

Her body was too busy filling her with euphoric bliss to make it easy for Serina to realize part of why it felt so good was that the shivers she’d been feeling since she came to on the table were gone. She was too lost in the taste, in the flavor, in the texture, to question things like how, or why. All of that could wait for another Serina, a Serina who wasn’t flying so high on all of her hopes and dreams being fulfilled at the same time every moment more of that taste flooded into her mouth.

It was the feeling of graduation, the feeling of her parents being proud of her, and the feeling of an entire stadium of people staring at her naked body. It was the feeling of being honored for saving the city, the feeling of eating her favorite meal, and the feeling of her pussy being filled in just the right way to make her shudder.

She clenched around the tube that vibrated and sucked deep inside of her pussy. She arched her back up as if she could force more of her milk into the tubes that thoughtlessly drained her breasts from the milk she’d never produced before the first time she was laid back on that table. She suckled on that tube like it was her only life line, her only escape from a fate that she was too terrified to face head on, and now too drugged to be able to fully comprehend. All that her mind could do as it melted away, turning little more functional than the many machines she’d fried with her power, was surrender to the pleasure.

She never wanted to stop sucking on that tube.

If it stopped, no longer flowing the most perfect taste into her mouth, the rest of the world would come back. There was nothing she wanted less than that. Even if she’d tried to imagine anything that she would feel bad about giving up, about abandoning so she could feel so mindless and blissful, Serina wouldn’t have come up with a single thing. She wanted her emptiness, her loss of self and control to be the experiment, but she lacked all capacity to vocalize it.

“Mind Bore, you’ve done it again. Your finest achievement since learning how to miniaturize the technology to turn a mind on or off, or perfecting artificial organs, or maybe those drawers. Something along those lines.” The villain grinned as she squeezed at Serina’s exposed breast, earning the most quiet of moans. “What will you come up with next? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll make women into even more helplessly obedient slaves. What do you think, Live Wire?”

With a laugh, Mind Bore knocked on the side of Serina’s head. The heroine didn’t respond at all. She merely sucked, moaning, her eyes glassy and blank. Her mind was empty, a mush of bliss and arousal.


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