Chapter 3: Continuity Testing

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Continuity Testing


Serina gasped sharply, her eyes opening wide as the tentacles withdrew from her ears. She could still feel the cold, metallic sensation entirely too deep inside of her head. The feeling would be unpleasant and uncomfortable no matter how deep it was, but that metal was reaching into her ears, into her brain.

Things aren’t supposed to go that deep into your ears, aren’t supposed to be able to make you feel like your mind just got turned back on from being turned off, aren’t… aren’t… what just happened, and where am I…?!

The masquerade ball was gone, vanished the moment that sensation reached inside of her. It had switched her off casually as if she were simple to control as a lamp. The idea sent shudders down her spine, which made her very aware of her position in the dark, poorly lit room.

She was laying on her back, and nothing about that was particularly worrisome. What was concerning was that all of her clothing was gone. Her jeans, her jacket… The only thing she seemed to be wearing was her mask, a mask that had to mean so very little given the scenario she’d just experienced. She’d worn a masque at that twisted party, but she’d hardly been preparing for a party before she’d shown up there. She’d been in a playroom, a playroom meant for someone young, someone small, someone… helpless.

It wasn’t the playroom around her anymore, but she wasn’t sure if she should trust anything that she saw. If… If whoever has me can just turn my brain on and off, take me from an innocent playroom like that and have me wake up at a… Grand Fete…? Then why does this have to be real? Was that real? Were the women there real…? They looked… Almost… Plastic…

Another shudder raced down Serina spine, making her body arch and twist against the cool metal at her back. She wished she could at least try to cover herself, but instead the entirety of her body was helplessly exposed. She couldn’t draw her thighs together, and the slightest movement made her breasts move in ways she didn’t want a kidnapper to be allowed to enjoy. Her cheeks and her chest flushed as a feeling that was a mixture of shame and horror burned inside of her.

What little she could see wasn’t very encouraging, and seemed real enough. Given the metal tentacles she’d seen both move towards, and away from her ears before, it wasn’t hard to believe that whoever held her captive had an impressive level of technology at their disposal. The room she was in reinforced those ideas. Besides the table, all she could see were machines. Their purposes weren’t obvious, and there was no way she was going to reach them from where she was.

The sight of large mechanical arms was disquieting, but there were other machines hanging overhead, too. It was hard to not imagine what terrible uses they might have. It was hard to not be certain that she was in way over her head.

A light turned on above her, obscuring the rest of the room as it made her sweat-stained body glisten. Serina tried again to twist, to tug, to force her body free of the metal bonds that kept her legs spread and her arms helplessly trapped but all she accomplished was making her breasts bounce. Fuck…! These bonds are way too tight, and way too strong. I can’t feel any electrical parts in them, either. If they’re machine operated then either they’re very, very well shielded, or… or… I don’t know. Can I trust any of my senses right now…?

Serina tried to remember that she was Live Wire, a technopath who was tougher than the average person, but that did nothing to slow her breathing or her racing heartbeat. Her powers weren’t doing her any good. It was hard to know how one moment connected to the next, but she  was certain that whoever had been robbing Hendricks had beaten her, and taken her hostage.

She couldn’t remember what they were stealing. She couldn’t even be sure if she’d seen any of what they were stealing. Her memories of that encounter felt so blurry, so hazy, so uncertain, so…

“How’s my newest doll doing? Enjoy being the belle of the ball?” A woman’s voice echoed though the room. Her tone was controlled, purposeful, and detached. She sounded inquisitive, and deeply curious. Even without being able to see her, Serina could feel that she was being dissected and scrutinized at levels too intense to help her anxiety do anything but spike.

Even worse still was the fact that the voice was that of a woman and that did things to Serina’s body that she didn’t want to feel.

She couldn’t hold back the moan, arching up as if she could get nearer to that voice, as if she could possibly feel more of that voice if she raised herself up higher. Hearing a woman speak, knowing a woman was near, able to see her so naked, so exposed, so helpless, had her clit throbbing and her pussy so instantly drenched. Her skin tingled, so warm, so sensitive, so eager for touch.

Tears rose up in Serina’s eyes once she finally fought past the wave of sensations that voice forced through her. That wasn’t how she normally reacted to women. That wasn’t how she normally reacted to anyone. She had a healthy sex drive, sure, but she’d never felt so overpowered with yearning for anyone… much less a woman!

Serina carefully weighed how to respond. Whoever this woman was (and she couldn’t stop her pussy from clenching at the mere idea of a woman seeing her like this no matter how hard she tried) she was dangerous. She was terrifying. She’s… sexy. Fuck…! I just… don’t want to think of her… her… Mmm… Damn it…! Whatever she did… With that fete, with… with that mask…! Whatever she did it’s like… it’s like she hardcoded this lust for… mmm… women… right into my brain…!

“Fuck you!” It wasn’t the most eloquent response that she could have given, but it did a good job of expressing how she felt. She just hoped it wasn’t terribly obvious how much she wanted that woman to take her up on the offer.

Just the thought of that woman’s hands on her body made Serina feel dizzy with longing. Her nipples were so hard, throbbing at her chest in ways she’d never felt aware of them before. Her pussy was pleading with her to appeal to that woman, and no matter how hard she tried to keep her hips still they wouldn’t stop shifting, rolling. As much as she knew it was artificial, knew it wasn’t how she would have felt before those tentacles went into her ears…. The attraction was no less real, and she couldn’t convince her body to stop responding to it.

The woman laughed. It wasn’t a quiet laugh, or a subtle laugh. It was a manic laugh, full of malice and twisted delight. Serina whimpered at how hard her thighs clenched at the sound, and how she could feel herself forming a puddle on the steel table beneath her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, burning as they left wet trails across her skin that glistened even more in the light that shined down blindingly from above.

“Not quite the answer I was looking for.” She didn’t sound upset, not exactly. She didn’t sound amused, but there was a wickedness, a naked cruelty that hinted at how very little Serina’s words truly bothered her. “Listen to your pussy. Listen to it, and tell me what it says, or… I’ll make you go through it again, and again, and again, until you behave. I already have a toy box with your name on it. I have plenty of other toys to keep me entertained.”

Toy boxes… Other toys… Serina whimpered, shaking her head as she tried to fight off how hot hearing that woman’s voice made her feel. Her breasts yearned for more of that voice to flow across her skin. Her thighs longed for fingers, for lips, for tongues, for anything. Her pussy had so much to say even without her trying to listen.

Serina wanted to believe that she could find some way to resist if she had to go through that experience again… but it was impossible. Even forming the premise in her mind felt laughable. When the experience started again she wouldn’t even remember resisting.

Terror gripped her mind tighter as she imagined days, weeks, or months of nothing but those tentacles moving into her ears, that horrifying click and then she would be happy to be going to that great big party, eager to meet someone special… If I want her to fuck me this badly after just one time through that… experience… What would happen after a second time, or a third…? I… How long would it be before I barely even remembered that it wasn’t really how I’m supposed to be…?

Being brave and fighting back against the mind controller felt like it would do no good at all. The only result would be the further loss of her very identity. It wasn’t just the sexier idea to give in—it was the smarter idea.

“Women!” Serina shuddered as she spoke the word, her thighs clenching uselessly as she tried again to bring her legs together. “I… It made me… Women… It made me like women…! Their bodies, their voices, th-their… e-everything…! I want women…! A-and that means I want you…!”

The tone of her voice embarrassed her as much as the contents. No one was coming to rescue her. No one knew where she was. Still, her voice sounded less like one of a superheroine and more like the voice of someone who was moments away from pleading pitifully to be let go, for the horrors to stop. She sounded like someone who had already resigned to her fate.

The woman laughed again. Serina was sure that she could hear a grin, but she couldn’t see past the bright light that beamed down into her eyes. “That’s right. Good girl.”

Serina’s whole body shuddered, arching up again, clenching, trembling for that woman to see. “Who… Who are you…? What are you doing to me…?” Asking questions of this woman felt dangerous, and not just because hearing her voice more would make Serina that much more aroused. She couldn’t let herself give up, or give in, but she didn’t want to taunt her or to have the villain decide she was too dangerous to be able to think at all. Somehow she had to be smart enough about what was happening to have a chance to struggle, to resist.

She had no idea how anyone could resist treatment like she’d experienced. Those tentacles were too quick for her to use her powers. They were too strong to be resisted. She knew if they moved into her ears again she’d just be off again without any chance to fight.

Retaining any of herself seemed impossible.

“I’m your owner, Live Wire.” Serina whimpered, wishing that she heard more fear in her voice. “Good response. What am I doing to you? Well, lately I’ve been purchasing most of my toys, but you tried to interfere with an acquisition of some spare parts, so now I’m using you to experiment. You’re going to be the first woman to help me test out a new treatment I’ve been working on. Don’t worry, it probably won’t kill you… Though it might lead to permanent mental side effects. That’s fine, since you’re my toy now anyway.”

“I’m not… I’m not a toy…!” Serina screamed, thrashing in her bonds. She still couldn’t rip herself free, but she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. If this woman was purchasing people, doing things like this…

People are being bought and sold in Midas… I need to get out of here, I need to do something! She wracked her mind for any women dabbling in tech, in mind control, to try getting some grasp on who it was doing this to her, and how she could possibly stop her. She couldn’t think of anyone. Whoever this woman was, she did a good job of keeping herself relatively unknown. How could someone doing all of this stay hidden…?! There has to be someone who knows, someone who can stop her something to do, some way to escape…

“Normally I wouldn’t interact with a new toy for so long if she was so poorly behaved, but I needed it for this experiment. Now… for the fun part.” There was a mechanical click unlike the tentacles, and something began to lower itself down from above Serina.

She tried to squirm, to find some new way to escape, but there was really nothing that she could do. In a matter of moments an apparatus had lowered itself down above her, large, and terrifying. It was hard to see it clear enough to imagine what it did, but the tube that lowered towards her mouth, and the pumps at the center were hardly encouraging. Even worse, something was lowering down between her legs, but she could only just barely make out what.

Whatever this device was, Serina knew it was bad news.

A pair of hands wrapped up in shiny, black latex reached into the light. It looked identical to the hands of the women who were breaking into the store. Serina tried to struggle, to squirm away, but she could do nothing as the hands reached up and withdrew small suction pumps and pressed them down over her nipples.

Serina’s eyes widened, full of a brand new terror. She’s going to… milk… me…?! I’m not a cow…! Screaming that aloud felt pointless, even dangerous. She was still quivering from a feminine hand placing the pump over her nipple. Hearing that villain’s voice again would make her nipple throb louder inside of the pump, and that was the last feeling that she wanted—or so she thought. When another pair of latex-clad hands eased the tube between her legs, pushing past her lower lips, Serina couldn’t muffle her cry.

You… You don’t want them to do this to you…! It’s just the control! It’s just whatever she did to your brain making you clench, making you squirm, making it feel… Good… So… fucking… good… Nnn fuck…!

Her pussy was clenching around that tube, and her hips kept moving to earn more friction. It wasn’t a woman’s touch, but it was a woman’s invention and that woman was watching Serina closely—she could feel it. Somehow that was enough to make that programming kick in. Somehow that was enough to make entirely too much of Serina feel like a powerless, needy slut.

It’s now or never… Whatever she’s doing to me… I need to fight it, or I might never really be Serina Alton ever again…! Taking a deep breath, fighting past the wanton lust and the submissive need, Serina reached out with her extra sense, trying to feel for the current inside of the device, to find the machines, the computers, running it.

Pain coursed through her, deep intense pain. It was like teeth biting down on her nerves. It was like electricity sizzling through her entire body at once. She screamed, arching even higher than before.

“I already disabled that feature on you, dolly. It’s still there if I ever want you to use it again, but I’d really recommend you stop trying! It might speed up your chances for brain damage. That bothers you a lot more than it does me.” Serina could definitely feel the grin in those words, the smug, self-satisfied wickedness. It took so much effort to stop herself from helplessly sobbing. “I had to modify you a little, to make you ready for this test…!”

Test… modified… She’s just treating me like some thing not even a person, not even… Serina sniffled, torn between how much lust burned inside of her each time that villain spoke, and how much every new revelation made her feel more and more fucked. She’d always heard of villains who were this twisted, this removed from humanity, but she’d never believed it.

She’d been confident that villains like that didn’t exist. She was confident that everyone had reasons for what they were doing and no one really wanted to cause this kind of harm. Now, she wasn’t so sure.

The tube lowered down, and a pair of latex-covered hands held the sides of Serina’s head as the tube pushed its way down between her lips. She tried to struggle, to fight the hands, but their grip was tight and unyielding. All she could do was struggle and feel it meant less than nothing at all. All it did was fill her with a greater despair.

“Like any recipe the real secret is in the herbs and spices no one tells you about—the way everything is treated, formulated… perfected. This is going to be made just for you, from you, for you…!” The villain laughed again. “But don’t take my word for it… Have a taste.”

Serina tried to close her mouth, but the tube pushed past her teeth and held it open. There was no way she would be able to resist, or fight, anything that was coming. When the tube between her legs began to suck, and the pumps at her nipples began to pull at her body, all she could do was moan and writhe. All she could do was remember that the woman said it probably wouldn’t kill her, but it might do something so much worse.

She was so wet, and the tube between her legs had so much of her honey to draw out. She couldn’t close her legs to protect herself, and the way the tube felt inside of her made more of those juices for it to harvest. The way it vibrated inside of her, the way it suckled at her inner walls, was too good for something that she knew was so terrible, so bad, so wrong.

The pumps at her nipples tugged and tugged at her sensitive nipples, making Serina moan louder and louder. It took all of her self-control to stop her eyes from crossing. If they did, then she would have missed the sight, if not the sensation, of milk filling the tubes.

M-milking me… She’s really milking me…! Nnnn why does it have to feel… so… good…?! Serina could barely even breathe, so overstimulated by constant tugging, and suckling. The sensation of being milked, of milk flowing out of her nipples was new, and bizarre, but that aspect was so much harder to focus on when all she could feel was so much pleasure.

That was when the strange taste first hit her tongue.

What… is… o-ohhh…! All of the struggle inside of Serina silenced instantly. It tastes… like… like… euphoria…

All at once Serina’s posture, her reactions, all of them changed. Her eyes turned glassy as they hooded so low. Her body went slack, arching up towards the pumps at her nipples and rolling her hips towards the tube between her legs but with absolutely no immediacy. It was like she was processing everything at half speed, or too distracted by the taste that was flowing so readily down her throat.

The more she swallowed, the more her body melted against the steel table. The more she swallowed, the more the light in Serina’s eyes faded out, replaced with a dreamy, hazy softness. The more she swallowed, the more that Serina drowned in happiness like she’d never felt before.

She’d tried to assure herself that nothing made of her own fluids, from her pussy, from her breasts, no matter what it was mixed with would be capable of affecting her. She had been so horribly wrong. Her whole body didn’t just feel warmth and relaxation and bliss, but love. From the top of her scalp down to the tips of her toes, her whole body shuddered and writhed in bliss unlike any that she’d ever felt before. All of her anxiety, all of her fear, and all of her uncertainty were gone.

What would happen to Serina Alton didn’t matter to her, not from the first drop of that amazing concoction as it landed in her mouth. It was too perfect to care what would happen to her. It was too amazing to worry about anything at all. She felt too good.

Instead of just letting the taste pour into her mouth, she began to suckle eagerly at the tube. Mmmm I don’t care what happens to me… Not as long as I can get more of this feeling… more of this taste…!

The villain watched her, and laughed so very loudly. “It looks like the treatment’s a success! You can’t tell me now… But that’s fine. Drink up. Did I mention… it’s addictive?”

            Serina didn’t respond. Instead, she simply groaned, and suckled at the tube. She didn’t care if it was addictive. She didn’t want it to go away, but who would want to stop feeling perfect?

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