Lightstorm in a Bottle

Chapter 5: Talk up a Storm

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #auction #D/s #degradation #exhibitionism #masturbation #midas_city #multiple_partners #third_person

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Talk up a Storm

“This is her, really?” A woman with long brown hair—tied back in a braid long enough that it nearly reached the back of her ankles—grasped at Lightstorm’s chin. She moved the blonde’s head side to side as if inspecting a doll for articulation and solid construction. Big brown eyes blinked up at her, empty and vapid. The brown haired woman sneered, shoving her back. “This is Lightstorm? I can barely believe it.”

They were standing in what must have been an office. The walls were gray, and there was a large wooden desk on one side of the room. Women wearing black belly-shirts stood by the door, and a woman in a black dress leaned against a wall on the other side of the room, her eyes trained on security camera footage.

While Savor was wearing her usual lab coat look, the woman in brown was wearing a long black trench coat with the occasional wisp of brown that almost looked like a stain. Her legs were hidden behind brown leather pants, and her feet rested within cute black heeled boots of a similar style to Lightstorm’s, barely rising up past her ankle. She was tall, with dark green eyes and lightly-tanned skin. Her figure hardly matched Lightstorm’s, but was still pleasantly curved.

Savor shrugged, moving behind her blonde property to push out her back. Fingers idly drifted along the arch. Lightstorm’s hands had raised up without any thought, one to her lip, and one to curl around a lock of her hair. Savor reached up to pull those hands back down to Lightstorm’s sides, earning a quiet whine that quickly turned into a giggle. “Take a good look. The right curves, the right eyes, the right uniform. I almost dressed her up in bright fuck-me-I’m-a-bimbo pink, but worried that might harm the authenticity. Instead, I just touched up her roots.”

“Hm. I always thought she was a natural blonde.” The brown haired woman reached out, lifting Lightstorm’s breasts one at a time. The only response from the blonde was a moan and a giggle, her eyes fluttering and rolling up into her head. When both of them were squeezed at once, she shook dramatically and arched out into the woman’s hands as hard as she could. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes continued to thoughtlessly flutter. “We’re going to put you on a big fancy stage and sell you to the highest bidder. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t want to think!” Lightstorm instantly replied, moaning louder as the woman squeezed tighter. “I want to fuuuck…!”

Savor and the brown-haired woman exchanged glances before slowly smiling and turning their focus back to the quivering blonde. One of Lightstorm’s hands had managed to rise back up, curling around the same lock of her hair as she giggled and swayed, her eyes hooding so incredibly low.

Lightstorm didn’t remember exactly how she’d gotten to where she was, where she was, or why exactly it mattered. I can remember… there was… the chair…? Then a couple of tables… Mmm the shower… Then I got dressed, then… a car…? Or… something… then I… think… were there stairs…? Now we’re here…! I’m gonna get sold and make Savor a lot of money…! Right! Her vapid smile grew wider as another happy stream of giggles bubbled up from deep in her throat. Mmm I’m such a hot slut they’ll wanna pay loads, and that’ll make Savor happy, and I like making her happy! I wanna be a good slave, a happy little bimbo slut! Slave! Mmm… Did I always wanna be a slave…? I dunno…!

Lost inside of circular, empty, meaningless thoughts, the once-heroine was completely oblivious to the discussion the two women were having with each other. Hands occasionally squeezed at her breasts, interrupting Lightstorm’s thoughts long enough for her to moan and flutter her eyes before she would fall back into another empty vapid train of sex-filled nonsense.

She liked her breasts being in the other woman’s hands. She liked the way the brown-haired woman didn’t ask, didn’t treat her like a person. She wasn’t a person, not anymore.

She was a sex toy, and she wanted to be used like one.

“You process them quicker and quicker every time.” The brown-haired woman sighed, squeezing the blonde’s breasts hard enough to pull out a howling, trembling scream. Lightstorm nearly fell, only staying upright because while her psychic sense was still disabled, she could once again fly and grind her chest into the eagerly grasping, kneading hands without any real thought at all. Her thighs clenched hard, her eyes crossing as her mouth hung open in a long, unending groan. “Have you ever worried that you’re so good at doing this that you’ll run out of buyers and put yourself right out of a job?”

“Never.” Savor sighed, her hands running up along the back of Lightstorm’s thighs. She squeezed at her ass, nails digging into the tight material that practically shrink-wrapped the generous curves of her behind. “There’s always a new woman with more money than she knows what to do with, and there’re always more beautiful women in Midas. I’ll always be in demand. If I’m not, then you’re the one in trouble, Sw—”

Lightstorm whined as the brown-haired woman pulled away one of her hands. She was utterly oblivious to the way the woman was holding up a finger towards Savor to quiet her.

All the blonde knew was that one less hand was on her chest, and she didn’t like that. She liked being used. She liked feeling helpless and weak and horny.

“You know better than that.”

“Right, right… Around here, you’re just ‘boss’. How could I forget.” Savor shrugged, and Lightstorm squealed in delight as her nails dug in that much harder. “My little squad is part of the reason you got the reins of Midas City, you know.”

“I do, Savor. I’ve done my best to show all of my appreciation.” The boss’s eyes hooded as her hand again grasped and squeezed at Lightstorm’s chest, earning a loud cry of excited joy. “You get the best cut in town, and you know it. It splits five ways, but how you deal with that is none of my concern. Go take a seat in the ‘employee lounge’. I’ll have our little bottle-blonde delivered to the stage. I think we’ll bring her out… third. A good spot to loosen everyone’s wallets.”

Lightstorm giggled. The two women sounded so serious, like they were discussing the most important, serious matters in the world. They’d be so much happier if they were just fucking me! They could fuck me right now! Invite the girls in black to-oo-ooohhhh!

Both women squeezed at her ample curves, making the heroine shudder in the air, writhing in their grasp.

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness, boss. You run a tight ship. There’s a reason so much in this town goes through you.” Savor pulled back a hand to give one last parting swat to Lightstorm’s ass. It was dramatic, her hand up in the air behind her head, and the force was enough to push the blonde up into the air as her whole body shook. “A pleasure doing business with you… and you be good for me, Lighty! You give the bestest show you can when they have you up on the stage, alright? Make me lots of money!”

“A-all the money…! All of it…!” Lightstorm sighed, a dopey smile spreading across her face. Neither of the women were touching her anymore, but she was horny, and that kept her a baseline level of meltedly happy. “I’ll do my best…!”

The brown-haired woman gestured to one of the women by the door, and then jerked a thumb to Lightstorm. A moment later, the belly-shirt-clad goon grasped one of Lightstorm’s hands and guided her out of the room into a long, drab corridor. There were doors on either side, too many for her to easily count with her mind so diminished.

Woooow… This place is so… big…! There must be so much down here…! O-oh…!

“This way, cape slut.” The Syndicate goon pinched her nipple, grasping it through Lightstorm’s uniform to pull her down the hall. She moaned, floating along limply as her thighs clenched, and she rubbed her hands along the goon’s arm.

It only took a few moments for her to forget all about everything that Savor and the brown-haired woman called ‘the boss’ had said. Mmmm I hope she fucks me… That would be… yummy… Oooo, or like, a bunch of the girls dressed like her…? I feel like I did that once, but I don’t… like… I don’t really remember…? Did I…? Maybe I dreamed it…! That still sounds hot!

Too lost in the pleasure of the tugging woman’s hand and her own lustful thoughts, Lightstorm was pulled along to her destination without a single care in the world.

Lightstorm moaned. She didn’t remember how she’d gotten to where she was, but she knew that she was horny, and no one was fucking her. Like… god… it’s been so long since someone fucked me! Wait… there was the chair, right...? Or a table…? But that was like… hours ago…! …right…?

A stream of vapid giggles accompanied her minimal thoughts as one of the blonde’s hands reached down to stroke between her legs, and the other reached up to lift and knead at one of her own tightly clad breasts. The only easy thing to think was how horny and needy she felt.

Lightstorm always felt so horny now. Her pussy was always wet. Her nipples were always hard. Her thoughts were always slow and simple.

After a week in Savor’s ‘care’, she wasn’t capable of anything else.

A pair of nearly identical women approached Lightstorm. Both had short black hair, and wore the same minimal clothing if any of it could even be called clothing. The strappy black heels they wore certainly counted, but their tiny black thongs did more to emphasize their lower lips than obscure them. Their nipples were hidden behind pasties too small to even hide the entirety of their areolas, the two black heart shapes connected by a single black thread.

Both of them had distant, glassy expressions. They looked blank, utterly empty and devoid of thought. While Lightstorm looked empty in a slutty, vapid way, they looked empty as though they lacked even the most basic shred of their former minds and possessed only the capacity for obedience.

One of them moved on either side of Lightstorm as one of the goons from The Syndicate, a woman wearing a black dress, stood in front of her. “They’re going to lead you out onto the stage now, slut. Just do what comes natural. Make it sexy. Make it fun. I don’t think you’ll have any problem at all.”

“Like… totally…! I just wanna fuck… Mmm wanna be stared at… wanna be a dumb, wet, sexy little slut…!” She giggled, nibbling on her bottom lip.

The woman wearing the black dress grinned, reaching out to lightly pat one of her breasts like one might pet the cheek of an adorable cat. “That’s a good slut. Make us lots of money. A good haul is good for everybody.” She snapped her fingers, and motioned towards the large, visible exit to the room.

Following a preprogrammed instruction, the dark-haired women guided the quivering Lightstorm out of the small room and onto a stage that looked out over a crowded room full of so many women with such hungry, lustful eyes.

In her last life, Lightstorm might have recognized some of them as criminals she herself had stopped. As she was now, all she could do was moan, rubbing harder between her own legs as she waved to those hungry eyes with her other hand. They’re all looking at me like they want to fuck me…! Oh… Ohhh it would be so hot if they did, if they could, if they all just ripped off my clothes and bent me over something, or just held me up to fuck me from every side at once, that would just be… Really… Really… Hot…!

A red-haired woman with long pigtails, wearing overalls she somehow managed to make sexy grinned as she motioned to the three women. “She won’t have a thought in her head that you don’t put there—at least none that don’t revolve around being your dumb little slut! She’ll always be wet for you, and she’ll always want more… but she doesn’t care if she ever gets to cum! She’s a bimbo sex toy that can fly, and who really loves to fuck…

“What do you think about that, Stormy?” The redhead held a microphone up to the panting mind-fucked blonde’s lips as the two dark haired women grinded themselves against her, their identical curves squishing and pillowing against her metallic white-and-black skintight costume.

“I don’t waaaant to thiiiink…!” Lightstorm whined with a pouty, silly voice that would have sounded annoyed if it didn’t so quickly turn into a moan. “I want to fuuuck! I want you all to fuck me! Fill me up, suck me, squeeze me… mmm any… anything you want… I’ll do… anything… You can do… anything… o-oohhh… I just want you to use me…!”

The redhead laughed, turning back to her gathered audience. “See what I mean? She’s too dumb to care if you mistreat her. She just gets turned on from the attention. Isn’t that right, you dumb little slut?”

Lightstorm’s eyes crossed as she squeezed herself harder, her hips starting to shake as she rose off the floor again. The dark-haired women squeezed at her, their breasts rubbing so smoothly along her quivering sides. “Ooohhh y-yeeah…! Like… you sound so smart, I don’t… I don’t know what you mean, but you’re totally right…! Do you wanna fuck me…? I’m so dumb, so wet, I just… I just wanna fuck… Mmm I don’t care about anything else…!”

With a wiggling brow, the redhead motioned out at the audience as though waiting for applause. None came, but her pleased smile made it clear that her other goals, whatever they were, proceeded without concern.

“Watch the way she can’t even keep her hands off of herself. That’s how hot she’ll be for you, or for any of your collection. She can fly, so even if you pass her around like a ditzy little whore, she’ll still never lose her balance!” The redhead reached back for one of Lightstorm’s pronounced nipples, pinching it between her fingers before she tugged her forward and down with a harsh tug.

Crying out so loudly, Lightstorm hovered forward, nearly bending in half. Her identical partners continued to rub against her, nibbling at her neck and stroking at her thighs to treat the audience to more of her pitiful giggle moans.

“But after the last two presentations showed you all the goods… I don’t think I’d tempt many of you unless I showed every last asset of this all-natural beauty. The only thing artificial is her empty head…” The redhead grinned, moving to the side as she gestured to the three other women on the stage. “Show them everything, ladies. Every last little inch.”

One of the two dark-haired women reached down to grasp Lightstorm’s boots, pulling them off of her feet as the other slowly unzipped her bodysuit and peeled it slowly down her body. The redhead grasped the blonde’s chin, lifting her head up and holding her upright so her breasts would spring free more dramatically as the metallic fabric pulled down along her belly. Both dark-haired women continued to tug the skintight suit down along her legs, and then reached back up a moment later to pull her thong loose—only enough so that gravity carried it down to the stage.

Her smooth, flush sex and her large, heavy breasts were on full display for only a moment before Lightstorm’s fingers thrust deep between her legs and her other hand rose to pinch and tug at her nipple. Her mouth twisted, and her eyes crossed as she whimpered and shook, her body already glistening with sweat as she quivered in the air, wholly naked and exposed.

“She’s obedient, so if you tell her to stop, she’ll just simmer… but who would do that, when you could take her any way you wanted, or watch her go for hours? She flew over Midas City to keep it safe, but now she can be your fly girl… anywhere, and any way you want her—though she might not be very convincing if you tell her to act smart while you’re fucking her. Every girl has their weaknesses, right?” The redhead winked as the dark-haired girls kneaded at her breasts in perfect unison.

“A prominent heroine to a dumb, slick little bed pet? She doesn’t even remember what her other identity was, so you can tell her whatever you want! Enjoy the mask? I do… but she doesn’t care anymore! She’ll be yours, and the one thing she isn’t too dumb to do besides fuck…? Is obey.”

Lightstorm couldn’t stop herself from quivering and whimpering as the dark-haired women rubbed against her and squeezed at her breasts. Her heavily-lidded eyes fluttered as she hung in the air, grinding her hips into her own fingers before their hands pulled hers away, fingers stroking slowly along her slit and around the tight rim of her ass in the same moment.

The blonde was in heaven, shuddering and whimpering as both sets of fingers pressed their way so deep. Ohhh… They’re… S-so much skin… rubbing me… rubbing inside of me… everyone… w-watching… watching me… o-ohhh…! Fuck, I’m so dumb, so wet, so hot!

“She’s the perfect conversation piece. She doesn’t want you to let her cum. Torment her. Make her beg. Hang her from the ceiling to hear her whine! Bidding will continue for a while, so we’ll make sure she’s giving you the best show she can the whole time! You all came here for a show, and our little slut is ready to perform!”

Turning silent, the redhead merely watched with hooded eyes at Lightstorm pitifully writhed, struggling to push herself forward into the fingers in her cunt, and back into the fingers in her ass. Her bare breasts shook and swayed for the many eager eyes, her nipples so hard.

Lust flowed freely down her thighs as her tongue hung from her mouth. She drooled down over her chest, groaning and giggling. “Don’t… wanna… think… wanna… fuck…!”

Pressure rose inside of her, making Lightstorm’s body writhe quicker and drip with more lust and sweat. Her hips were constantly, endlessly moving as her price rose higher and higher. Deep, dark brown eyes rolled back into her head as she screamed louder and louder, unable to find any release. Instead, she merely felt yet more longing, more satisfaction that what she was doing was right, was what she needed, and that nothing else mattered.

Time blurred as she bucked her hips, rubbing into the hands that squeezed and probed her body. Her hands hung limp at her sides as she giggled and drooled, moaned and arched.

Soooo wet… sooo dumb… so… so… horny…! Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…! Too dumb to remember how to speak, she moaned and howled wordlessly, the sounds shaking their way out of her, as her whole body trembled so alluringly.

It didn’t matter to her that she didn’t remember her name. It didn’t matter to her that she had no idea how she’d gotten onto the stage or who the women fucking her were.

All that mattered was that she was a dumb, wet sex toy, and she was getting used.

“Mrraaaa…! Nnhaaaa…!” Her breasts shined with her own saliva. Her glassy, brown eyes stared at nothing as she clenched and shook. The heroine Lightstorm was gone, and what remained was nothing more than a sex toy for the criminal element she s had tried so hard to fight.

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