Lightstorm in a Bottle

Chapter 4: Storm Around

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #auction #D/s #degradation #exhibitionism #masturbation #midas_city #multiple_partners #third_person

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Storm Around

“Bimbo… s-slut… whoooore…” Lightstorm moaned. The dildo pulsed deep inside of her, making her whole body shake. “Don’t want to thiiiink… want to fuuuck…” Her voice was tired and quiet, barely escaping from quivering lips. Her hips shook in time with the toy between her legs.

She didn’t know how long she’d been staring into the spiral, or watching the words rise out of the spiral as it pulled her in deeper. The only thing she knew were the words the spiral fed her increasingly empty mind.

It has been a long time since the pain stopped, and her brain didn’t quite work like it did before. Everything was softer, and slower. She felt more tranquil, even as her need swelled.

Brown eyes stared, docile and empty, as the same words pounded into her mind over and over again. She didn’t try to escape. Her eyes didn’t fill with tears. She humped lazily at the toy between her legs, clenching as she whined and tiredly mumbled along with the words on the screen.

She didn’t want to escape.

She wanted to cum.

“Wet! Wet and dumb! S-sex toy! Slave!” Lightstorm’s voice was hoarse. She wasn’t idly squeezing around the dildo anymore. She was moving her whole body to press her clit towards that vibration, to squeeze around the toy in just the right way to make the melting, soothing heat burn into her nerves in a way that would finally overwhelm her. “Don’t want to decide for myself! Want to obey! Want to be uuuuused…!”

Her tongue hung from her mouth, a slick line of drool sliding down along her cheek. Savor had been by more than once to wipe it away, but her breasts were still shining in a slick layer of wetness that matched her glistening thighs.

Nothing existed for the heroine outside of the spiral. The endless pleasure and lack of any relief at all taxed her already debilitated brain. Her body needed to cum so very badly.

She’d tried everything she could, but nothing brought her over that edge… but it didn’t matter anymore. She no longer cared came. The only thing that mattered was feeling her body being used, feeling herself as nothing more than a sexy body to fuck.

The spiral coiled around her impaired mind, holding it helplessly open for more and more words to clog it. Between her legs, the dildo forced the words deeper.

“Dumb, drippy-wet fuck toys don’t need to think! They get to fuck all day long!” Lightstorm panted, breathing so incredibly hard as she howled in pleasure that made her mind weaker as the pressure inside of her continued to build. The hornier she was, the easier it was to not think, to feel the spiral think for her instead.

Cumming would reset that pressure, and that was the last thing that Lightstorm wanted.

She didn’t want to cum.

She wanted to be owned.

“Time for you to wake up, Lightstorm. Your brain should be just about fried.”

Brown eyes fluttered, blinking slowly as the screen was pulled away from her face. Her lips rubbed together as she lazily groaned. “M…uh…? Brain…? I… my brain…?” Her mouth hung open as though there were barely a thought in her head. It wasn’t long before saliva shimmered at the corner of her lips. Her nipples jutted out from her chest, stiff and needy with lust that surged eagerly through all of her body. Her thighs quivered and tried to squeeze around her also-quivering pussy but failed just as they had before. She was still bound down to the chair, helplessly trapped. Unlike before, her only attempts to squirm against the bonds were driven by lust.

No resistance or struggle shined from deep inside of her eyes. The only thing that could be seen in their depths was a glassy lust. Her hips wiggled, making her large, heavy breasts sway. Her nipples stiffened, her pussy quickly turning flush and slick as she stared up at Savor.

Dressed in a lab coat, Savor’s already small and lithe frame looked that much smaller. Her short blonde hair perfectly framed her face.

Lightstorm could only stare up at her in awe, her eyes so wide, her mouth falling open a little wider. So… sexy… Mmmm… Does she want to fuck me…? I hope she wants to fuck me… I want to fuck her… I want her to fuck me! Mmm I want to fuck anyone who wants me. I want to be nothing more than a sexy, helpless little bimbo… Mmm or a whore for her to sell to whoever she wants…!

Her hips wiggled. Her toes curled. Every thought that filled her head was just as simple, and just as base.

Lightstorm wanted to fuck, and she no longer cared who Savor was, or why she was strapped down to the chair. She didn’t even care as the IV was removed from her arm.

All of those things were irrelevant to what she cared about: being fucked.

It had been so long since she’d seen anything besides the spiral. Time had lost all meaning shortly after the spiral filled her vision. Once the pulsing and vibrating between her legs had a chance to work at Lightstorm’s brain, she’d quickly stopped being certain of anything besides the words that the screen pushed into her slick, eager mind. Now, for the first time in what felt like weeks or months, there weren’t vibrations or pulses of mind-melting heat pulsing out from between her legs.

“Uh-huh, your brain. That thing between your ears that helps you think.” Savor poked a finger between Lightstorm’s eyes, her eyes hooding so low as she pushed the woman’s head back against the chair. “What do you think about that?”

“I don’t want to think! I want to fuck!” It was a preprogrammed response, a natural progression that had been hammered into her mind over and over again, but Lightstorm’s words held a very genuine passion. The words might not have been her own, but she believed them with a zealous fury.

Savor raised an eyebrow as she leaned closer. She reached out a hand, cupping one of the heroine’s large, heavy breasts in her hands before giving it a long, slow squeeze. Lightstorm loudly moaned, arching out her chest as much as she could in a pitiful attempt to force more sensation from the woman’s hand. “So you’re saying you’d be the happiest you could possibly be if I just bent you over a table and fucked you silly like the dumb, stupid little whore you are?”

“Uh-huh!” Lightstorm nodded frantically, her hips starting to shift and squirm as much as they were able to with her body still bound. “Fuck me from behind! Suck on my tits! Push me down onto my knees and wrap your legs around my head! Anything you want, I just need to fuck!”

Savor’s lips spread into a wide grin as her eyes hooded into thin slits. She reached out with her other hand, squeezing and kneading both of the busty blonde’s breasts at once. She screamed, her eyes hooding, her head lolling to the side as she began to pant and breathlessly mewl.

No faint shimmer of intelligence sparkled in her beautiful brown eyes. All that shone through was lust and surrender. She lacked the will to beg to be fucked. Her mind was too simple to understand begging might get her what she wanted. All she could do was offer ways that she could be used.

She was a slave, a toy, and a whore. She was a dumb bimbo, too busy giggling and mashing her tits into Savor’s eager hands as they squeezed tighter and tighter at the supple flesh of Lightstorm’s chest that pillowed readily to every touch.

“You’re so eager.” Savor quietly laughed, pulling back her fingers only far enough to dig her nails into the puffy stiff nipples capping the large breasts she’d been so viciously kneading. With the same fervor she’d squeezed with, she instead dug in and twisted with all her might. “Your mind has been rewired. The more you fuck, the less you’ll care about anything else. It probably won’t take long before you aren’t even capable of remembering who you were before your little doctor’s visit in my special chair.”

“D-d-don’t wanna rememberrrrrr…!” Lightstorm was desperately panting, gazing up at Savor with a vapid expression that lacked even the hint of an ability to express her own needs. She arched into Savor’s touches, wanting only to be used.

The pressure inside of her was no longer a motivation. Her arousal was an intrinsic part of her being, rising ever higher. Sex was her purpose.

“You’re already too dumb, too wet, too much of an empty-headed little slut to even remember what your name used to be…” Savor trailed a hand slowly down from Lightstorm’s breast, sliding it along the shape of her taut belly, and followed the lines that lad down between her trembling thighs. Her hips surged forward, readily assisting those fingers in finding their way along her slit. Lightstorm couldn’t stop moaning and panting as she moved her whole body into that hand. “Unless I’m wrong. Do you remember your old name, slut? Did I not fry you into enough of a dumb, fuck-toy stupor?”

Lightstorm’s moans paused for a moment, her whole body freezing still. It might have looked like she was tensing up, gathering all of her might for one final valiant act of resistance.

None of that could have been further from the truth.

Using her brain to think simply took too much effort for her to move her body, or do anything else, during the attempt. She was soon grinding with renewed vigor into those touches, moaning and whimpering unintelligible words.

Name… name… I had a name…? Like… Duh… I like… I totally had a name…! Right…? It was… It was… o-oohhhh…! Her thoughts scattered as Savor’s fingers thrust deep inside of her, and for several long moments, the only thing her brain could process was the pleasure of squeezing her pussy around the long fingers that filled her it. She drooled from both sets of lips, unable to even try processing the woman’s question.

Her whole body was drenched with sweat, and her pussy was practically overflowing with lust. She met each thrust of Savor’s fingers with her hips, trying to take them deeper each time. Her brown eyes crossed, her breasts bouncing dramatically each time the lips of her pussy met the palm of Savor’s hand.

It took a not-insignificant effort to remember she was thinking something before. If it had been a thought of her own, Lightstorm wouldn’t have bothered… but it was a question from the woman with fingers deep inside of her cunt.

She was half-braindead, but she understood that doing her best to obey a woman like that could get her more fucking. It wasn’t a conscious understanding, but it was enough.

Pretty name… L-l-like… Lightstorm…? No… No she means my… my normal name…? I… Stacy…? No… That’s a pretty name but it… it wasn’t… wasn’t mine… a-ahhhh! Lightstorm screamed, her voice shaking, her pussy squeezing tight as teeth closed around her nipple. All she could do was shake until Savor’s tongue reached out, soothing the sore, aching flesh. L-lisa…? N-no… I…

“I don’t knooooooow!” Lightstorm whined, and then howled out a stuttering scream. “W-whatever you want it to be! C-can’t remember, it just… my brain just… it’s full of… full of… I just… I just wanna fuck!

Between the brainwashing and the current that the wires had pulsed through her brain, Lightstorm lacked the capacity to access those memories. Every time she reached towards them they dripped away without imparting any understanding. She knew there was a time she’d had another name, and that there was a time when she’d flown over a city and cared a lot about something, but all of those things felt like a part of another person.

They didn’t matter to her, not really.

Not anymore.

“You don’t need any other name, anyway.” Savor’s fingers thrust quicker, rougher, moving less for the bound woman’s pleasure and more for her own sheer enjoyment. Lightstorm shook, her open jaw trembling as wordless sounds of pleasure floated up out of her throat. “You’re Lightstorm, because people will want to buy Lightstorm, to fuck Lightstorm, to use Lightstorm. All that I care about is that you bring me a lot of money, so you’re going to do that, huh?”

“Ohhh yessss! Yes! All of the money I c-c-can! A-ahhh… Mmmm I can’t… I can’t cum…!” Her voice was so full of awe and wonder. It was no longer a disappointment, or a harrowing denial. “K-keep feeling that… that quiver like it’s gonna… like my body’s gonna go all… slick and bursty and it just… ohhh… n-n-never comes…!”

Savor smirked, rubbing at the place deep inside of Lightstorm that made her hips buck the hardest, and her eyes stare the furthest into nothing. “Making a girl like you so horny that all she can think about is sex? That’s more the point. You don’t miss your name, do you?”

“Nooooooo!” Lightstorm burst into euphoric, manic giggles as she bounced on Savor’s fingers. It wasn’t much of a bounce, but the bonds gave her just enough room for the motion. Maybe they’d been loosened by Savor. Maybe her own struggling had loosened them. She was too happy with those fingers to want to do anything silly like struggle to break free.

She’s gonna sell me, like a toy…! I’m too stupid to remember my own name! Ohhh… that’s so… so… hoooot…!

Lightstorm couldn’t see that her roots had been touched up, chemicals added that would keep her so much more blonde for so much longer. She didn’t know how much drugs had filled her body, or how long she’d been staring into that spiral.

All she knew was that she was being a good little slut. She was a bimbo with a brain that couldn’t handle complicated ideas like having her own identity. Independence was outside of her grasp. The only thing she could hope for was an owner who would want to use her, to fuck her, to make the most of her body because they wanted to claim Lightstorm.

“That’s so much better! You weren’t all that hard to fix at all. Stubborn at first, but a week in my basement and you’re much more agreeable!” Savor smirked, drawing her fingers out of Lightstorm’s cunt before forcing them past her lips. “Suck them clean. We need to get you moving. Don’t want to be late. Your ass is going to make me so much money… not that I need it, but it’s always good to be ready for a rainy day, right?”

“MMm… mm-hnn…!” Lightstorm nodded her head, agreeing as well as she could with her lips around Savor’s fingers. Her tongue swirled, thorough and focused in a way that no one with half a mind could be. She couldn’t get bored, not when she was being given something to do.

She was a mouth and a tongue, sucking and licking and making vulgar, wet sounds with her mouth. If she still had even half a brain, her cheeks might be a deeper pink. They were flush, but more from her ever-present arousal than any embarrassment. So much more intelligence was required for dignity and shame.

Savor wiggled her fingers, her other hand sliding nails through the once-heroine’s long, blonde hair. “Good! Mmm. Very good.” Her fingers pulled back with a loud pop, and her eyes hooded low as she allowed herself a long, slow gaze over the curvy woman’s naked body.

“You’re like… really good… and like… totally smart…? You have all kinds of super smart thoughts!” Lightstorm giggled, sounding younger and simpler. “And you totally made my pussy all drippy… My head all floaty… Hard to like… hard to do… that thing with… thoughts and… was I trying to remember something…? I thought I was but I don’t… I don’t think really good…?”

“No!” Savor laughed, shaking her head as she gave one of the woman’s naked breasts a not-so-gentle slap. It jiggled at her chest, and Lightstorm moaned with fluttering eyes. “No, you really don’t think so well anymore. Of course, it helps you only care about one thing anymore.”


Laughter filled the room as Savor gave the bound woman’s face another slap that stung only enough to add a spice to the arousal the sensation offered. “That’s right. Sex. Because you’re a pussy, a nice pair of tits, a nice round ass, a sexy pair of lips, nice long blonde hair… You’re a total package, but that’s all you are. A body to fuck. Say it for me, sweetie.”

“I’m like… dumb and wet, a body to fuck!” Lightstorm giggled louder, a proud grin spreading across her face. “I’m a pussy, a nice pair of tits, uh… uh… something… something… lips… dumb and wet, body to fuck, bimbo slut!”

“If I didn’t just fuck you silly after pumping you full of drugs and filling your head with subliminals for a week, I’d think you were mocking me… but you’re too stupid to mock anyone now.” Savor sunk her nails into both of Lightstorm’s nipples again, twisting them hard. Lightstorm’s mouth and eyes opened wide, her spine shaking as she cried out. “The only things you aren’t too stupid to do are giggle, moan, look sexy, and fuck. Lucky for me, that’s really all I need you to do.”

One by one, Savor loosened her bonds, and pulled Lightstorm to her feet. “Come on, Lightslut. We’ve got an appointment to keep.”

“Lightslut is ready to go!” Lightstorm wiggled her brows, giggling when Savor again fell into laughter. She couldn’t possibly understand she was the butt of a joke, but if she did, she might have tried to be even dumber.

Being a dumb bimbo slut made Lightstorm so wet, and the only thing she liked more than being fucked was being too aroused to think.

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