Lightstorm in a Bottle

Chapter 6: Break in the Storm

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #auction #D/s #degradation #exhibitionism #masturbation #midas_city #multiple_partners #third_person

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Break in the Storm

“Come on out, Light.” A woman dressed in tight black that exposed her belly pushed open the truck, dramatically backlit. She made her way into the dark cargo trailer, a cold smirk across her lips. When she reached the dazed Lightstorm, she loosened her restraints, and tugged her up to her feet, keeping a tight grasp on her hand. “We’re bringing you into your new home where you’ll be nice and happy.”

“Bwuh…?” Brown eyes blinked slowly, lips quivering as they slowly rubbed together. Her eyes struggled to focus, her thighs clenching as the other woman pulled her along.

There was no will remaining in the broken heroine as she dutifully followed along. There was no memory of how she’d ended up where she was, either. One moment, she’d been on a stage, quivering on the verge of an orgasm that would never come as two identical women touched her endlessly, fingers reaching so deep inside of her, but then there was just… darkness.

Mmmm too dumb to remember… too wet to care…! Dumb, horny, wet… stupid little bimbo slut! Lightstorm giggled as she stumbled along, only not falling to her feet because of her ability to fly. Her heels were hardly impressive, but they were still too much for the half-asleep woman to understand. The way her legs were supposed to move felt like a mystery, but each time her thighs rubbed past each other, a shudder trembled along her spine.

Her mind was half asleep, but her libido was wide awake. Her pussy was already burning, flushed, drenched, hidden away under her uniform. The broken heroine’s pussy was so much stronger-willed than her mind.

The world outside of the cargo trailer was so much brighter. It was an overcast day, the kind where the sky was a solid mass of clouds illuminated too brightly from behind. All of the colors of the world were washed out, and Lightstorm fluttered her eyes as she tried to adapt. If she wasn’t being pulled along, she likely would have wandered off without meaning to at all.

“New home…? I… I had an old home…? Do you wanna have some fun…?” Lightstorm giggled as the woman tugged her along a little quicker. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light, landing first on the swaying ass of the woman in front of her. Brown eyes hooded, her soft pink tongue reaching out to wet her lips. Any attempt she might have made to understand her situation was utterly washed away by the sight of the woman’s pleasantly curvaceous behind.

All of her thoughts, or what resembled thoughts in her permanently muddled mind, were wrapped up in thoughts of nuzzling into those round curves, kissing, licking, squeezing, or having the other woman doing the same to her. Hips shook as she imagined what her skin would look like under the tight black.

Another tug to her hand drew Lightstorm’s eyes up from the woman’s backside, giving her a view of a gorgeous mansion. It was an imposing sight, even without the gate surrounding the sizable grounds. The broken heroine was lost marveling in the sight when she could only comprehend a small fraction of just how luxurious it really was, removed from any nearby city, hidden away past a small smattering of trees off of a main road. All she could see was the large building, and its large windows.

“Ooo… pretty…! Is this my… my… you said… new… new… something…?” She giggled again, shaking her head and nearly losing all of her balance. “Sorry, I’m like… a dumb slut! I don’t want to think, I want to—”

“Fuck. I know.” The Syndicate goon didn’t sound annoyed. If anything, she sounded wistful. Her face wore a rueful smile as she slowly shook her head. “If the boss wouldn’t kick my ass for playing with the goods, I’d fuck you right now. Don’t worry. We’re nearly there. I’m sure you’ll find yourself getting plenty of use… With a price like that…”

Lightstorm shuddered, arching out her back as her nipples throbbed intensely at her chest. A good price meant she’d been a good little bimbo for the doctor.

She couldn’t remember Savor’s name, just her short blonde hair, her lab coat, and the way her fingers felt. Even those details were already starting to blur, the threads of her memory so quick to fray. The only things that were easy to remember involved fucking.

“Mmmm… did I sell for a lot…?” Lightstorm rubbed her breasts against the other woman’s black-clad arm. “I did my best…”

“Oh yeah, a lot. More money than I’ll probably ever see.” The black-haired woman smirked as she pressed down the doorbell. “You do your best to be a fun little slut for your new owner. Repeat business is important, so we want to make sure they feel happy with their purchase.”

“Okay…! I’ll do my best…!” Lightstorm responded to the last thing she remembered hearing, but she wasn’t out in front of the mansion anymore. It was dizzying, suddenly moving from one place to the other without any memories of how she’d moved, but it didn’t concern her very much.

Being worried was difficult when she was so wet. She was so excited that her body continued to squirm and writhe as her arousal pulsed and throbbed through her every nerve.

Her new surroundings were a fancy bedroom. She was sitting in the middle of a four-post bed made of red wood, with dark black curtains hanging between the posts. The sheets under her were a similar shade of black. The walls of the room were red, and the room was dimly lit. A nearby window showed the sky outside—no longer overcast, but filled with stars.

A lot of time had passed, but she had no memory of any of it, or where her costume had gone. Mmm this is so much sexier, anyway… or like… at least it’s got more easy access…? I don’t want it to take so long for a hottie to just wreck my dumb, wet cunt…!

Instead of the white-and-black skintight bodysuit, she was wearing white-and-black lacy lingerie. Criss-crossing fishnet stockings tightly squeezed her legs, held up by a garter belt that clung around her waist. Her pussy was bare, only framed by a white-and-black garment that squeezed just around her lower lips. A translucent chemise hung over her torso, purposefully too small to contain her breasts if she did much more than breathe. With any vigorous movement, they would spill out into view. Her nipples were already throbbing at the thought.

She still wore her mask, the white material doing its best to make her deep, dark brown eyes stand out that much more. It was the only remaining hint that she was once a heroine and not always a living, breathing fuck doll.

“I’m sure you will…” A sultry woman replied to her words. When Lightstorm looked up to see the woman standing up at the edge of the bed, all she could do was sleepily mewl. “You’ll do your best for me… won’t you, dear…? You’ll do your very best to do everything I want you to do… won’t you…?”

The woman was tall, with intense, deep red eyes surrounded by dark makeup that enhanced the natural fullness of her lashes and the shape of her eyelids. Her hair was long and black, falling in loose half-curls. Her skin was so pale it almost seemed to glow. Lightstorm couldn’t glance down to see what the woman was wearing, because as soon as her eyes fell on the woman’s pale pink lips, she was trapped in place.

Every syllable that made those pink lips pout, or stretch, and every pause that let her appreciate their fullness… all of them were eternities of erotic bliss. Something about the way they moved, the way they were shaped… all of it was so perfect—too perfect for the weak-willed, horny bimbo to do anything but stare with wide, glassy eyes.

She trembled, quietly moaning as she listened. Her thighs clenched, and her nipples strained the fabric stretched over them. Her pussy stained the fancy, smooth sheets.

“Y-y-yessss… My… best… for… you… like… y-yeah… my… like… everything…” Lightstorm could barely speak, her breath caught in her throat as her heart fluttered. If she didn’t feel compelled to respond, compelled by those full, soft, pink lips, then she would have simply stuttered uselessly.

“That’s a good girl, Lightstorm… but that name won’t really do anymore, not for your new purpose…” Pink lips moved closer, the sight only more erotic. The blonde’s moans intensified, her body quivering so helplessly as she stared at those lips. She could barely focus on her words, but something about the enchanting grasp of her lips made it impossible for her mind to ignore them. “Because you aren’t that pretty heroine who flew over Midas City anymore. You aren’t even still in Midas. You’re here, in my estate—in my domain… So for you to have a name, you need me to give it to you… don’t you…?”

“Y-y-yuh… yuh-huh… o-ooohhh…!” The woman once known as Lightstorm mewled, her thighs slowly spreading apart as the woman’s black nails clawed their way up along the inside of her thighs. “N-n-need you to give me a name… or like… not… don’t like… need one… you can just… just… fuck me…”

Laughter echoed through the once-heroine’s fractured mind, stretching those perfect pink lips in such beautiful, amazing ways. So… pretty… so… pink… so… like they’re… rubbing… my brain… parts of me… flaking off… clinging… to her… l-l-lips…

Red eyes hooded low, and when the laughter finally ended, those gorgeous lips pressed together in a crooked grin. The broken heroine groaned, her legs trembling as they struggled to spread further and further while black nails traced on either side of her dripping lower lips. No matter how hard the dripping blonde tried she couldn’t catch her breath. Every faint movement of those black nails along her sensitive skin, paired with the sight of those soft lips, held her taut in a way she’d never felt before.

“Mm. You’re right. You don’t need a name, do you…? Shake your head… side… to… side…” Pink lips curled into a wider grin as the blonde obeyed, vacantly moving her head just as she’d been instructed. She even forgot to return it to a neutral, central position. “You don’t need anything that I don’t want to give you… because you belong to me now. You’re my property.”

“I’m… I’m your… your property…”

“That’s right…” A single finger trailed along the blonde’s dripping slit as her thighs quivered and clenched. So paralyzed by the sight of the pink lips, she couldn’t bring her thighs together to keep that finger in place, no matter how deeply her body longed for that sensation to never end. “My property. Do you know what I want to do to you before anything else, before I make you scream until your dim little mind short-circuits again and we see how long it takes for you to remember who and what you are…?”

“Who… what…” The blonde fluttered her eyes, whimpering in confusion. There’d been so many words. The red-eyed woman spoke so slowly, so deliberately, but it was still a lot for her to follow along and understand when her mind was so clumsy, so slow. She’d already forgotten her time in the back of the truck. “I… no…? I don’t… remember… good…”

The black-haired woman laughed. “No… you don’t. You don’t remember ‘good’ at all…”

“Nuh-uh… Not… not at all…”

More laughter echoed inside of the blonde’s head, her wide, vapid brown eyes quivering as they savored the pink that held them in an inescapable embrace. She needed to see those lips as much as she needed to fuck. Her hips rolled as a single finger pressed inside of her, making her scream in bliss before it drew away, and she whimpered in loss.

That finger, dripping with slickness, rose up to those soft pink lips. Slowly, the blonde’s juices spread across the pink. She gasped when the black-haired woman pushed her onto her back, straddling her waist. Her large breasts bounced free of her lingerie, quickly grasped by hands so eager to possessively squeeze. She’d already forgotten the question she was asked, her whole world little more than the act of writhing into those squeezing hands and the bite of those black nails digging into her supple, tender skin.

She still couldn’t look past those perfect lips, but the once-heroine could feel lace rubbing against her bare skin. Mmmm don’t remember good… not at all… mmm… fuck she’s so… her lips are so…

“Before I do anything else, I’m going to kiss you… but my kiss isn’t like any other woman’s kiss, just like my lips aren’t like any other woman’s lips. When I kiss you, I’m going to suck away what little there still is of who and what you are.” The blonde whimpered as those lips moved so close they were nearly touching her nose. Brown eyes crossed, her back arching as high as she could to press into the endlessly squeezing hands that handled her like a possession and not a person.

“You might… think… I wouldn’t want a vapid little nothing like you… if you could still think, anyway. But my appetite isn’t large enough to drain a whole woman away with a single kiss, and I’m an impatient woman. I’m going to kiss away the last of Lightstorm… and when I’m done kissing you? The only thing left will be ‘slut’. Understood…?”

“All… left… s-s-slut… y-yeah-huh… I understand… like… you’re so smart… I love… being your property…!” She whined, her lips rubbing together as the anticipation swelled inside of her. “Slut… just your… slut…”

“No, dummy. Slut is going to be your new name.” Red eyes rolled as the black-haired woman laughed. “Come to think of it, you might not notice much difference at all… but I’ll enjoy the satisfaction just the same…” Before she could respond, the black-haired woman’s lips mashed into hers, fingers twisting her nipples so roughly, tugging them to pull their bodies that much tighter together.

O-oohhh… Her lips… it’s… like they’re… reaching inside of me… s-sucking… sucking my… my… my braaaain… oooh… ohhh fuck…! Just… just slut…! Only slut…! The blonde woman shook against those soft pink lips as the woman’s magnetic power kept her just as helplessly trapped against the texture as they had with their sight.

She didn’t understand what was happening, or how it was happening, but every moment their lips stayed together was like a smooth, sexy straw in the deepest of her synapses. Without even needing to suck, her owner, her Mistress, was draining the very force of her mind.

Savor had damaged her brain, and programmed what was left into being a giggly, horny mess. Now, the very power that fueled anything beyond raw animal arousal was being siphoned away. It didn’t empower her more animal instincts. Instead, it slowly drained everything but the most reflexive shudders and twitches. Her body arched into her Mistress’s hands not because she longed for more sensation, but because her nerves and her muscles acted for her.

The longer their lips stayed together, the less she could even process her arousal. Her pussy dripped, her body ached, but her mind grew quieter and quieter. Holding onto wants or needs was so hard when there was less and less of her inside of her mind, everything growing so quiet as those full, plush lips sucked everything away.

slut forgot ever being Lightstorm. She forgot flying over the city. She forgot Whisper, and Savor, and the boss with the long brown hair. She forgot the redhead on the stage and the two identical black-haired women. She forgot The Syndicate. She forgot Midas.

She forgot everything, only remembering slut.

When the kiss broke, slut was too drained to move without being commanded. Her nipples throbbed, her thighs shook, but she remained motionless except to breathe and whine from the sheer sensation of nails roaming over her exposed, curvy body. The blonde woman was horny and wet and nothing else, a slut ready to be fucked but lacking any and all volition of her own.

The red-eyed woman grinned as she pulled the woman’s mask away, tossing it across the room as she finally broke the kiss. “Mmm… Your mind tastes delicious. It has that… wispy taste of a woman who already had her very self crushed and rubbed out. My favorite taste.”

“Mmmmnnnn…” slut didn’t even try to respond with words. Pink lips were in her vision again, and those pink shapes made her feel so weak, so soft, so helpless.

Even without a mind that could think or comprehend, those plush lips were sexy and powerful. Those plush lips held her enthralled on a biological, physical level that made her thighs clench and her nipples throb. All that remained on the bed under the red-eyed Mistress was a slut too weak to crave or need anything at all.

Nothing remained of Lightstorm, not even her costume. Even the brown roots once hinting her hair was dyed as a willful act were gone. Her body remained, but that belonged to Mistress.

All that she had once been was now fully subverted, drained away. Red eyes pulsed and throbbed with the fallen heroine’s power, swirling and shifting as her eyes fluttered in silent ecstasy. “I have other things to attend to, so you enjoy your mindless rest. Maybe you’ll sleep. Maybe you’ll black out. Maybe you’ll be conscious of every moment between now and when I return, even if you lack the capacity to understand, interpret, or do anything with that vague idea of consciousness. When I get back… we might talk about it, or I might just fuck you senseless. We’ll need to see.”

slut said nothing, only distantly, tiredly moaning as she stared up at the ceiling with empty brown eyes. She was property, and like a plush doll, or a sex toy, she remained where she was placed as her Mistress left and the door closed behind her.

Horny and wet, slut did nothing, and said nothing. She breathed, and waited for her chance to obey.

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