Lifted Up to Surrender

Chapter 4: Reaching Higher

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #tech_control #contemporary #corsets #flat_is_justice #high_heels #lesbification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Reaching Higher

Kerri’s life changed very quickly after her chance encounter with Ana.

It was very difficult for the woman to call herself straight anymore, but it wasn’t as though she suddenly found all women attractive. It wasn’t that Ana was a woman—it was that she was Ana.

Ana Fonteyn, the powerful, dominant woman who had convinced her to start down a path of high heels that made her cum harder than anything else ever had.

It wasn’t even just heels, though. Ana wanted to see her wearing tighter clothes, and Kerri had no desire or capability to refuse the powerful heiress. None of her wardrobe was appropriate for Ana’s demands, but Ana didn’t mind that at all. She had more than enough money to shower Kerri with the exact clothing she wanted her to wear.

At first it was just very tight shorts, and an insistence on always wearing her heels, but it hadn’t stayed there for long.

In less than a week, Kerri opened her front door to find a brightly wrapped present sitting in the hallway. Quickly tugging it inside, she checked the tag even though she knew exactly what she’d find.

From: Ana

To: Kerri

She quivered, quickly tearing the wrapping asunder. Ana doesn’t even need to drop it off herself, or stay to see me put it on. She knows whatever she tells me to wear… I will. Does she have cameras in my apartment, so she can see my reaction…? Kerri looked around briefly, her thighs clenching at the idea of the powerful woman watching her in the shower, watching her wake up… whatever she wanted to do. Probably not. She’s probably just too busy but knows what she wants to see the next time we meet…

Whenever she wants that to be…

Kerri moaned, flushing as she opened up the box. Whatever it was, she knew she’d wear it and wearing it would be an act of submission to that tall redhead with her powerful hazel eyes. Her rewards were so lavish, and just thinking about an excuse to show off her body to her lover made Kerri’s thighs clench. Nothing made her feel like Ana made her feel.

Inside was a simple, black waist cincher.

It wasn’t terribly imposing, but it represented something important. Just like the first pair of heels she’d slipped onto her feet, the waist cincher was the first step in a new journey of tighter, and tighter garments. If Ana gifted her with a cincher instead of a tight top or another impossibly tight pair of vinyl shorts, that meant things were only going to get more extreme.

I never thought I’d be the kind of woman who let someone else dress her when she was an adult, but… Kerri bit her lip as she reached down and pulled away her top. It was already a change from her usual flowing style, a forest-green t-shirt made of a material that hugged tight enough to her body that it left none of her shape to the imagination. Once it was off, Kerri opened the cincher and took a deep, slow breath.

She remembered how it felt to slide her feet into those heels. Just thinking about it made her toes curl and her eyes flutter.

When she pulled the cincher tight around her body, feeling it squeeze her into a smaller, more compact shape, she was almost disappointed there wasn’t anything else to it. It felt nice, like a hug around her midsection, but it was only that. There was no feeling of erotic epiphany, no surge of euphoria, nothing.

If Ana sent it, then… Then it has to be sexy, right? It has to be good, so it’s… am I doing something wrong? Did I… am I not going to be what Ana wants…?

Chewing on her lip with an anxious energy that wouldn’t diminish, Kerri finished tugging all of the hooks in place, and then grasped the zipper. Still nothing happened. It was with a heavy uncertainty she slowly raised the zipper higher, almost afraid to feel it reach the top only for nothing to happen at all.

After all of the hooks were all in place, she zipped up the front. As the last teeth of the zipper connected, a circuit completed, and waves of lust pulsed into Kerri’s body from the entire circumference of the cincher.

Heat, lust, desire, yearning squeezed its way deeper and deeper inside of Kerri until it reached her spine. Once there, the feeling squeezed around her very core and wouldn’t let go.

Kerri fell to her knees, gasping and panting as she ran her hands over the new shape of her body. Ohhh… O-of course I didn’t feel anything at first… It wasn’t done… it wasn’t… Ohhh… fuck… yessss…! This is what Ana wants me to be… so it’s what I want to be… Ohh…

Rubbing along the cincher stimulated the technology hidden within, encouraging the mind-bending waves that twined around and through the young woman’s nerves. She’d already been petite, but this wasn’t about hiding away body fat or anything like that. Even so svelte, her body was still supple and flexible. It had room to be reshaped, to be forced into a new form, and now it was.

The waves of bliss slowly diminished, but as long as Kerri continued to stroke at the cincher they didn’t completely fade away. There were still small little shivers and aftershocks that punctuated the sensations in sexy, seductive ways. She didn’t want to stop touching herself, to stop feeling the way she was already being changed by what Ana wanted from her.

It felt too good, and Kerri liked it when Ana made her feel good.

Nothing felt better than the ways Ana made her feel.

Ooh… Oh, wait, shit… I have class…! With a sharp squeak, Kerri grasped for her t-shirt and hesitated. It was tight enough that anyone looking at her would know what she was wearing underneath. There would be no denying it, no hiding it…

But she didn’t want to take it off. She didn’t want to risk Ana seeing her while she was out of her apartment and being disappointed to see Kerri not wearing her gift. It wasn’t exactly the most risqué thing she could wear to class, but it would still draw a few eyes.

All of them can look, but none of them will be able to touch… Kerri blushed as she pulled the t-shirt down over her head. I don’t know what kind of a relationship I’m in with Ana, but… even if it isn’t exclusive, I don’t feel like I need anything that anyone else can give me. Who could come close to Ana? She’s so pretty, so smart… She knows what turns me on before I do… Mm…

Kerri’s thighs clenched, and her toes curled inside of her shoes.

Before she’d met Ana, the thought of wearing shoes even when she was lounging around inside of her own apartment would have sounded ridiculous. Now, as she gathered up her things, she couldn’t imagine taking her shoes off unless she needed to take a shower.

She often found herself sleeping in them.

I hope Ana can watch me… I hope she can see me, like this. I want her to know I’m doing what she wants…! Quivering, Kerri made her way to her car. Her nipples were loud under her top, poking out just as prominently as the quivering tightness of her thighs.

“Knock, knock.” Ana grinned as she stood in front of Kerri’s open door. She was wearing a slinky red dress, one that perfectly matched the color of her hair and emphasized the pale of her skin and her slender shape. “I brought you a little something I had to order special. They don’t have these in stores, but when I saw them, well… I thought of you.”

Kerri shuddered as she looked at the box in Ana’s arms. It was a large box, and she’d described whatever was inside as plural. Kerri knew that only meant one thing.

New heels…!

Her mind ran wild with the possibilities, and her panties were quickly ruined. She was still wearing the cincher around her waist, and without her realizing it was arching her hips to make it easier to notice under the thin, tight fabric of her tank top. Ana’s eyes wandered across Kerri’s body. She didn’t even need to reach for one of her many devices for the glance to reward Kerri with waves of knee-buckling pleasure.

“Always glad to see a girl speechless.”

Kerri flushed, parting her lips to speak and finding herself incapable of more than an embarrassing squeak. If only she knew what she did to me… Her eyes… Her voice… I’m really not attracted to any other women, but Ana… Anyone would be attracted to her…!

“Can I come in?” Ana raised a red eyebrow as her flirtatious grin grew. “That way we can get these out of the box—and on to you.”

“Oh…! In… come in… Yes, please, come in…!” Kerri motioned Ana inside as she stepped out of the way with an embarrassed giggle. “Sorry, you just… You have this effect on me, I can’t… It’s hard to think when I’m around you. It’s hard to do anything besides… what you want me to do, and I can’t even think about what that might be when you’re looking at me…”

Ana didn’t respond with her words, but the way her eyes hooded said everything.

That’s how she wants me to be… This is how she wants me to be… Ohhh… Kerri whimpered, her thighs clenching and her eyes fluttering. She felt the cincher squeezing around her waist, making her mind go so hazy between that and the feeling of her body teetering atop her high heels.

She still wasn’t very steady on them yet—not around Ana, anyway. They were starting to feel more natural than when she didn’t wear them, but that didn’t mean she’d adapted to the sheer power of Ana’s incredible glances.

Closing the door behind her, Ana made her way over to Kerri’s couch and set the box down on the table sat in front of it. Once there, she moved to sit, and crossed one leg over the other with a tantalizing hint of dark fabric hidden between her thighs. “Open it up… I want to see what you think.”

“Oh… yes, Ana…! Of course…! S-sorry, I’m just so… I’ll open it right up…!” Kerri quickly minced across the room, flushing as Ana laughed and shook her head.

I always thought women like her were supposed to have whips or riding crops or chains and make everything hurt when they were making you want to do or be whatever they said, but… she never hurts me. She’s never upset, or judgmental. She always makes me feel so good and it’s hard to worry about anything else when she is…

The box soon found itself torn open, and Kerri gasped the moment she looked inside.

Patent black leather looked almost slick inside of the box. They looked like heels, but there was something very prominent missing.

Namely the heel itself.

There was no large block, no stiletto point… just long, pointed, lace-up boots that looked ready to take Kerri’s leg all the way up to her knee. The tips of both boots were joined together by a silver chain and matching padlock.

If I put those on… would I even be able to stand…? Kerri shuddered, slowly feeling along the length of fetish wear that felt almost sacred. They’re so… long… And they don’t curve out at the end, so my toes… they’d just… they’d just be pointed down. I’d be like a ballerina, walking around on the tips of my toes… if I could even do that…!

“I know they’re a little scary.” Ana shrugged. At some point when Kerri hadn’t been looking, her grin had softened into a smile. “Maybe very scary, even to you. Maybe especially to you, since you’ve learned to appreciate just how shoes like that would feel… but you won’t be wearing those all the time.” Without needing to say it, Kerri could hear the silent ‘yet’ and that single small syllable flicked Kerri’s clit so expertly she almost fell to the floor.

“S-scary, yes, I… They’re… I’d never be able to—”

“These aren’t for you to wear all the time, like I said.” Ana smiled calmly. “These are… training. You’ll need to be in a pointe stand to be wearing them… properly. I want you to try them on, for me.” She patted the couch beside her. “If you hate them, we can worry about that then… but have you ever disliked anything I’ve asked you to do?”

Staring down at the boots, Kerri slowly shook her head. She couldn’t bring herself to look up and meet Ana’s eyes.

She’s treating me like a child afraid of a new meal, but… that’s how I feel, I guess. I want to please her. I want to make her happy. I want this to feel okay, but… Kerri took a deep, slow breath. When she tells me to do things, it does feel good. It feels… easier, so…

“Tell me to wear them, please…?” Kerri’s cheeks burned a deep red as she spoke, her voice trembling with every syllable. “D-don’t give me a choice. Just tell me what I’m going to do, to make you happy. I… I want to make you happy, even if it’s a little scary. You’ve never hurt me, but… even if it hurts, I feel like you’ll take care of me, so…”

Ana’s hand fell to her watch. “Sit down, and put on the boots for me. I want you to wear them, so you’re going to wear them. You’re going to wear them, and it’s going to be the sexiest thing you’ve ever done.

“Do it now.”

Ana tapped at one of the buttons on the side of her watch, and Kerri groaned as her eyes rolled back into her head.

There was no room to doubt, or argue. Too much need, too much longing, too much yearning filled Kerri from the tips of her heels, to the tightness binding her waist, all the way up to her flushing cheeks.

A moment later her heels were on the floor, and she was struggling to work her feet deeper and deeper into the boots. They were tight and insistent on the way her feet should be pointing, the way her legs needed to be shaped, but Kerri didn’t hesitate. She didn’t let the struggle, or the ache hold her back.

The more of her legs encased by the shiny, glistening black, the more that Kerri felt her pussy quivering and her eyes growing hazy.

It was always such perfection to do whatever Ana wanted her to do.

“Good girl.” Ana pressed the button again, and reached out a hand to feel along Kerri’s boots. “It hurts a little, I know… but can you try to stand for me? Can you try to show me that you’ll take whatever shape I want…?”

“Y-yes… I… I can try…” Kerri quivered. Her thighs wouldn’t stop shaking. She couldn’t make her eyes focus. The leather felt so good around her legs, and it made her feel so…


She was completely at Ana’s mercy, ready to do or be whatever Ana wanted. Her pussy ached, but not for her to touch herself or even for Ana to touch her. She wanted to serve, to please, and that was so much more important.

Though she only held the stance for a moment, Kerri rose up to her feet with her toes pointing straight down. If there was a point or a block under her foot it would have been at least seven inches high, far more impressive than anything she regularly wore. The boots demanded so much more from Kerri, and the agony of wearing them, of trying to stand in them, had her feeling weaker than she already did under Ana’s gaze.

A moment later she toppled down onto the couch, and Ana’s hand at her waist deftly guided her down to the older woman’s lap. Fingers trailed up along the inside of her thighs, moving under her tight, short skirt to stroke along her thong that was already soaked through with her lust.

“Good girl, Kerri.” The ring on Ana’s finger stroked along her slit, and Kerri writhed as her eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth hung open. “You’re learning so fast for me. It hurts, and it’s uncomfortable… but it makes you look so good.

“Isn’t that what matters?’

“Ohhhh yessss… yes yes yes, if it looks good to you… that’s all that could ever matter!” Kerri screamed, her hips shuddering up to every movement of Ana’s hand. “It feels so good to look good for you…! I… I want to look better for you, to look good all the time… whatever you want, just tell me… Just tell me, and that’s what I’ll do, what I’ll be, what I’ll wear, what—”

“Cum for me.” Ana whispered the words right into Kerri’s ear, and that was all it took. She continued to rub, to stroke, but the dam was already burst. Kerri was already bucking and trembling, soaking her thighs and Ana’s lap.

“Yesss…! For you… All for you…!”

Ana’s eyes hooded low as she stroked Kerri into her afterglow, a smile of pure delight spread wide across her face.

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