Lifted Up to Surrender

Chapter 5: Cloistered

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #tech_control #contemporary #corsets #flat_is_justice #high_heels #lesbification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Cloistered

“A corset isn’t much different than a cincher, really… but there’s something more iconic about them. With the right one you wouldn’t even need to wear anything else in public, but that’s not really what I want you to wear.” Ana pulled the laces tighter, and Kerri gave a soft, pitiful squeak. The leather went all the way down to cover Kerri’s hips, and all the way up over her chest. “There’s something more fun about you wearing this to school, to work, but not daring anyone to fire you or raise an issue, that I love. Do you understand what I mean, Kerri?”

“Oh… oh yes I do, Ana… I definitely understand…!” Kerri whimpered, wobbling on the pair of stilettos Ana purchased for her a few weeks before. They were the tallest pair of heels she’d ever worn, tall enough that when she’d first started wearing them, she’d felt a whole new sort of adjustment.

By the time she’d realized that wearing them all the time meant walking without them was painful, uncomfortable, or even impossible. It didn’t feel right to have her feet flat anymore. Without her heels she had to pretend she was still wearing them or lose all of her sense of balance.

“Good girl, Kerri. You’ll need help to wear this so you can’t all the time, obviously… but won’t it feel so good to wear this with your special boots?”

Kerri’s thighs tightened. Her eyes lost their focus. “Ohhhh… Th-those… The training boots… I… Ohh… I wish I could wear those for you outside, to work, to school, I… Someday, I promise, I… I’ll keep training, I’ll keep-o-oohhh…!”

Ana tapped at her watch as she pulled the laces of Kerri’s corset tighter, and the pleasure it sent through Kerri was visible in the way every small part of her body clenched and shuddered. Ana’s presence alone was often enough to earn those reactions, but reinforcing it worked wonders. Kerri was always ready to be shoved deeper and deeper into her new obedient role.

It was starting to become all that she dreamed about at night, and all that she looked forward to when she woke up in the morning.

What else could compare to a life with Ana in whatever form Ana wanted that to take?

“There… You’re all laced up nice and tight. You’re wearing the heels I picked out for you…” Ana sighed, sliding her hands down along the sides of Kerri’s corset to tightly grasp at her hips. “And you’re wearing the tiny little skirt I picked out for you. We just need to give you a little something more, and then I’ll see you when you’re done with class…”

“Do… do I need to go to class…?” Kerri’s cheeks flushed as she turned to look up to Ana’s eyes. Her voice was soft and small, uncertain but desperate.

Ana raised an eyebrow. Her lips remained curled in a soft, thoughtful smile. “I would think so…? You do need to go to school if you want a good job. I do have a penthouse where… if you ever wanted to just… stay there…” Ana gave a faint shrug. “But it wouldn’t be a little game like this is. You’d be there all the time, and you’d always be wearing what I wanted, doing what I wanted… So, you’d need to think long and hard about that.”


A finger pressed to Kerri’s lips, quickly interrupting her. Cheeks turned a deeper red.

“Think about it. I own your apartment… but I don’t own you.” Again, the silent ‘not yet’ drifted through the air, and wrapped around Kerri just as tightly as the corset around her body, or the heels around her feet that lifted her up only to put her more on display. “I don’t want you to tell me if you want it right now. You have class.”

I have class… but I could just belong to you… Kerri shuddered, nodding as she slowly kissed Ana’s finger. It was tempting to wrap her lips around the offered digit, to fellate it with her lips and tongue, but if Ana wanted that she would have asked for it. I need to be a good girl and go to class…

That’s what she wants me to do right now, so I… have to do it…

“Before you go… I did pick out the last part of your ensemble.” Ana pulled back, and moved around Kerri to lift up a sleeveless, button-up blouse. She pulled it tight around Kerri, buttoning it up just high enough that the lacy top of the corset was still visible.

Anyone who looked at her would know exactly what she was wearing.

“I’ll see you after class, mm…?” Ana swatted Kerri’s ass, giving it a hard firm squeeze. Whether it was her digging nails, the metal pressed against Kerri’s behind, or that it was Ana doing it—there was no way to know for sure which aspect of the touch made Kerri scream so loudly and shudder with an open mouth and thoughtless eyes. “Think about what we talked about. I won’t be here right after class, so… you’ll have some time to yourself.

“Use it wisely…” Ana nibbled at Kerri’s ear, but only for a moment.

Soon she was pushing the younger woman out of her apartment. She had her own key, and she used it to lock the door behind them. There was no arguing with Ana, or any considering the possibility.

Wobbling on unsteady legs, Kerri made her way to her car, to class, but she couldn’t focus on anything but Ana.

She didn’t want anything else. Nothing mattered besides Ana—or at least none of it mattered in a way that felt so good. She still cared about other people, other things… but none of those things were so affirming. None of those things made her feel like they were good for her, not like Ana.

Clicking her heel against the floor as she sat in class to feel the sound shudder through her body, Kerri spent the whole time thinking of nothing but what her life would be like if she begged Ana to bring her to that penthouse.

She learned nothing of value, and left a stain behind when her class was over.

“Ohhh… y-yess… please… take me to the penthouse… dress me however you want, use me however you want… fuck me…!” Kerri moaned and gasped every time the long strap-on protruding from Ana’s waist thrust deep between her legs. With how big it was, and how tight her whole body felt still wrapped up in her corset, Kerri almost couldn’t believe it fit. “Whatever you want… whenever you want… as long as it means I get to be near you… as long as I’m yours…!”

Instead of her stilettos, Kerri was wearing her pair of heel-less boots. She’d barely been able to take Ana’s desired position of being bent over her couch so the rich heiress could fill her from behind.

The tiny vinyl skirt was bunched up around her waist, making Kerri look more exposed than she would have if it was on the floor. Her thong was tugged off to the side, further emphasizing her drenched and flushed pussy lips as they quivered around Ana’s strap-on. Her blouse hung open, exposing her corseted body while also providing just enough covering to somehow look more disheveled, more fucked, and infinitely more helpless.

“You want to be my little slave girl? Is that it?” Ana purred into Kerri’s ear as she thrust her hips forward to force Kerri’s body against the couch. Trapped in shiny patent leather, Kerri’s legs uselessly flailed. Her hands grasped desperately at the cushions. “Because that’s what you’ll be, you know. My little slave girl, doing whatever I tell you to do.”

“Ohhhh yes!” Kerri whined, her breathing little more than panting. She wiggled her hips, doing everything she could to push her body back against Ana when her legs could do so little from within their confinement. “Your slave girl… your little slave girl…!”

Ana laughed, nails biting deeper into Kerri’s thighs. “I knew you would sooner or later. It was always just a matter of time with a girl like you.”

“A girl… like… me…!” Kerri screamed. She’d lost track of how many times she’d already cum around Ana’s strap-on. Everything blurred together when Ana was fucking her, and it was so hard to think at all. It was so much easier to be Ana’s little slave girl, her fuck pet, or whatever Ana might want from her.

She was an active participant with her lips more than any other part of her body. Everything else was a function of her surrender, or Ana’s control.

Her toes curled deep inside of her boots, but they had such precious little range of movement. Like the corset around her torso, the boots reshaped her body into something that was less functional for her and more a trophy for Ana. She wasn’t completely unable to act, but with Ana filling her pussy with quick, fluid thrusts of her hips the pleasure was too great for Kerri to do much more than whimper, plead, and drool from one pair of lips—or both.

“You don’t even need to bring anything. I’ll have my people bring everything you need—everything I want you to need.” Ana purred as she raked her nails across Kerri’s ass. A moment later, Ana’s hands drew back just far enough to deliver a hard swat to both sides of Kerri’s tight behind at once. The cry had her eyes hooding lower, and her lips curling into an even more pleased grin. “When you’re a slave girl, all you need to do is obey.”

“All I need to do… is obey…!” Kerri groaned. Her whole body hummed with the truth of Ana’s words.

I wore a corset to class today… I’ve been wearing cinchers for… days…? So many heels… tight skirts… tiny thongs… I’ve been thinking about her so much… have I been her slave girl all along…? Kerri’s thoughts only lingered for a brief moment, quickly cast aside when Ana gave another thrust and Kerri came again with her eyes crossed.

“That’s right…! It won’t take too much more training and I think we’ll have you walking around only on the tips of your toes. In the penthouse I don’t think you’ll wear anything above the waist besides corsets. We might need to get you some fun stockings, but that won’t be difficult to arrange…”

Ana spoke of everything in such a casual way. It’s like she’s already made up her mind… like she’s done this before… Like… Ohhh…!

Kerri’s thoughts were interrupted again, too complicated to hold in place when Ana’s hips moved again. “You’ll look so pretty like that. You might not be very functional at first, but you’re a good little piece of sex furniture, and I don’t think that will change. You’ll need to play nice with the other girls… but I don’t think that should be any trouble.”

Immediately, Kerri shook her head.

It didn’t matter if the thought of being kept in a penthouse as a slave with other women turned her on or not. If it aroused Ana, if it was what Ana wanted? That was what mattered.

“Good girl, Kerri! I’m proud of you!”

“Th-thank you, Ana…!” Kerri came again, screaming with pleasure as she felt her owner’s delight burst between her legs. “L-love you being proud of me… really… really want to be whatever you want me to be… more than anything else in the world…!”

“Oh, I know you do… I know…” Ana nibbled Kerri’s ear, tugging it with her teeth. Her nails moved from Kerri’s ass, tracing the dips the corset made in the shape of Kerri’s body. “And you’ll keep loving it more and more. Maybe someday it’ll be the only thing you ever need to worry about. Won’t that be so fun…?”

“Ohh… y-yess… so… fun… if that’s what you want…” Kerri’s moans were so quiet and weak. She still tried her best to buck and grind back against Ana, but there was so much less energy to her movements than before. Despite her best efforts to have boundless stamina, Kerri could only obey for so long and Ana seemed to be insatiable. “Whatever you want…! I’ll never complain… always be ready to push myself further… higher heels… no heels… tighter corsets… all for you…!”

Ana nodded. Her lips brushed Kerri’s ear as she whispered inside with a quiet confidence that made Kerri’s soul shudder.

“All of you belongs to me, now.”

Kerri came, feeling the corset and the heels and everything else Ana made her want so much more intensely than any of her own natural desires.

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