Lifted Up to Surrender

Chapter 3: Appraisal

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #tech_control #contemporary #corsets #flat_is_justice #high_heels #lesbification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Appraisal

Driving home in heels was a new challenge, but Kerri rose to it admirably. She just couldn’t stand the thought of taking them off even long enough to get home. She knew she’d need to for plenty of things, like showering, or sleeping, but she didn’t want to take them off until Ana saw them. She wanted to show Ana the end of her process, not just the result and somehow it felt like removing them even for the short drive might break the spell.

It felt important that Ana know just how wrecked she’d been by every step in those shoes. Wearing them was a sign of the journey she’d taken, from her Birkenstocks to the small boots to the shoes she wore in that car. Kerri couldn’t explain it to herself, but she was too horny, too needy to care.

She just knew it was what she needed to do, and she let that certainty drive her forward.

It drove her quick, too. She nearly ran a red light, and was sure more than once that she broke the speed limit. No one noticed, and quickly enough Kerri was back home at Fonteyn Heights. She didn’t hesitate to make her way inside even if each step she took still needed to be deliberate and careful if she wanted to stay standing. The clicking felt like a constant reminder of what she’d done, and what she was still doing more with each step.

Each click was surrounded by a pause, but that was fine. Kerri was learning, and Ana hadn’t demanded that Kerri already know all there was to know about walking in heels. Another woman might have had enough coordination to move quickly in her shoes, but Kerri didn’t. She had no real experience, and she hoped that offering that new experience now was a worthy tribute.

The walk to her door was agony, but it was an agony that Kerri savored each and every step of the way.

I should have asked for her number… or I should have given her mine…! Can she look it up if she owns the building? Did she see the door for my apartment? I’m sure she could ask around and find me, but… It would have been better to tell her, to make sure she could find me if we didn’t meet up tonight for some reason, right…?

Kerri trembled. Her pussy was still so slick, and her nipples were so hard. She couldn’t slow her breathing, not and keep it slowed. Every time she managed it she would take another step, and the simple thrill of movement in those shoes did things to Kerri’s mind that utterly destroyed any attempt she might have had to maintain a level of composure.

It would have shown that I wanted her. I still don’t understand why, but she’s no ordinary woman. She’s something different, something more, and I…

Did I even tell her my name…?

“Hello again.” Ana’s voice shattered apart Kerri’s inner monologue. Ana’s sensually spoken words felt like they resonated across Kerri’s body, vibrating her nerves on a level that made her burn up and her thighs yearn to part. She wanted to fall to her knees and nuzzle into that feeling.

Ana’s hand pulled away from her watch, and her grin deepened. Kerri remained utterly clueless, not even seeming capable of understanding the hungry, predatory look that filled Ana’s eyes. She lacked the experience and she was too consumed with desire to understand anything but the simple fact that Ana was pleased with what she saw.

There was no mistaking that, not even for Kerri.

“I love those shoes.” Ana quietly chuckled. “It seems they agree with you, just like I thought they would. Tell me, Kerri.” She reached out a lone finger, trailing it slowly along Kerri’s cheek. It was like the lifting of her chin before, but the touch lingered so much more. The longer their skin touched, the more heat transferred from Ana to some vulnerable place deep inside of Kerri. “How does it feel to wear them?”

“It feels… so… right…” Kerri mewled out the words in a shy, quiet voice. They were still out in the hall. Anyone could walk by and Ana was acting anything but casual. There was no way to pretend that this was some casual meeting or that Ana’s intent for her wasn’t sexual.

But Kerri couldn’t hide what she really wanted to say. She couldn’t hide away from the words of her truth that demanded they be heard. Simple as they were, each one was their own flavor of orgasmic as they raced past her lips.

Speaking such a deep, private, intimate truth made Kerri feel more submissive to Ana than if she’d dropped down to her knees. She felt more on display revealing such a private sensation than if she’d stripped off her clothing. She didn’t mind if Ana saw—it felt as though Ana had already seen these truths before she’d left to her car in the first place.

Kerri was oblivious to the way Ana was responsible for her changes. Instead, she felt more as though Ana could see deep into her soul and bring out her deepest, most intimate of desires. Ana’s promise, and her interest, had gifted Kerri with pleasure she’d never felt before in her life. It was a pleasure that left her dizzy, winded, and breathless, but it was no less real for how impossibly too-much it felt.

She wanted more of it, more and more of it until feelings like those were the only ones that she knew.

“Take me to your room.” Ana wasn’t making a request. It wasn’t a gentle command, either. Ana was demanding, and her tone left no room for discussion or hesitation. “You’ve earned a very special reward, and I don’t want to make you wait any longer.”

“Y-yes Ana… Please… this way…!” Kerri shuddered as she led Ana to her apartment and unlocked the door with shaky hands. Every instinct and impulse so subsumed by arousal, Kerri could barely remember how to hold the key, much less properly slide it into her lock. When the door finally did open it was an incredible relief.

Her home wasn’t very lavishly decorated, but she wasn’t embarrassed to show it to Ana. Ana wasn’t going to be impressed by what a woman like Kerri could show her by way of material things. If she was going to impress her, it would be in different ways.

Ways like how lust-logged her panties still were as they clung tightly between Kerri’s legs.

Ana’s eyes wandered across a large chair, a couch, a coffee table and some posters on the wall. There were other things clearly gifted by her parents, a few plants to make the place a little bit greener and a wall mounted television, but Ana’s gaze quickly turned back to Kerri. “I know it isn’t much—my decor, I mean! Your apartment building is great, I have no complaints about it at a—mmpphhh…!”

Ana silenced Kerri’s anxious ramblings with a hard, firm kiss. Her lips were the vector she used to push Kerri deeper into the apartment before pulling the door shut and locking the door behind them. It was a memorized series of motions, all things that Ana had learned from so many Friday nights of finding a new girl to play with in her private hunting grounds.

Kerri melted, boneless in the kiss as Ana’s fingers grasped her hair. Between Ana’s body pushing against her own, and Ana’s hand pulling her hair, Kerri was guided helplessly over to her couch where she burned with a renewed longing.

When the kiss finally broke, Ana’s hand found its way between Keri’s enflamed thighs. Without any hesitation, Ana rubbed Kerri’s panties against her dripping pussy, pressing the golden band of a small, innocuous ring that Kerri hadn’t noticed right against her clit. “I like the way your legs look in heels, Kerri. I like them a lot, and I want to see more of them. You don’t dress to show anything off, but I think if you worked at it, if you let me push you towards it…?”

Kerri waited breathlessly for whatever Ana would say next. She wanted to hear it. She needed to hear it. She knew it would reshape the rest of her life.

“You could be really sexy.”

She nearly came, rolling her hips forward into Ana’s hand with a feverish desperation.

“Corsets. Chokers. Harnesses. Stockings.” Ana spoke so matter-of-fact as she stroked her fingers across Kerri’s needy cunt. The barrier of her panties was a curse, restraining the touch from reaching deeper, but at the same time it felt almost necessary. Kerri was so hypersensitive, and the slightest touch to her bare skin in such an intimate place felt like it might break her mind apart. “Let me make you my little dress-up doll. I can buy you clothes. Visit you, dress you up, and play with you… Don’t you like how that sounds?”

“Yuh… yuh… yessssss…!” Kerri’s voice cracked as she came. She panted desperately, her eyes crossing as the only thing she could feel, the only thing she could experience, was an orgasm that felt like it was lasting forever.

The ring pressed against her panties hummed, vibrating at the perfect frequency to scramble Kerri’s brain. Her cunt wasn’t endlessly flowing in orgasmic bliss, but that wasn’t important. Ana’s golden ring shook in the perfect way to trap Kerri’s mind in a loop of pleasure at the very peak of ecstasy.

She could do nothing but tremble and shake with wide open eyes, and a slack jaw that was too weak to close. Drool teased its way down from Kerri’s lip, and all of her skin glistened wet with sweat. She was helpless, so helpless she didn’t even realize she was trapped.

Held in an unending orgasm, all she could imagine was being Ana’s dress-up doll. Wearing what Ana wanted. Being what Ana wanted.

On one level it sounded dehumanizing.

A doll was less than a person. It was a thing. It was a possession.

On another level, it sounded like everything that Kerri could have thought to ask for if she still knew how to speak. It sounded like an easier choice to make than her major. It would make her happy, and it would make Ana happy. That felt so impossibly important.

Dress-up doll… Wearing high heels, corsets… Tight clothes… Showing my body off… Ohhh… Yesss… I want it… I need it… I need her…!

Ana watched Kerri shudder with hooded eyes. “I knew you’d say yes when I first saw you. The two of us are going to be such good friends Kerri… The best friends you could possibly imagine…”

“B-b-besst… Friiieeeeends…!” Kerri found her voice again just long enough to scream out a half-coherent response before she lost it again.

Ana grinned, and rubbed harder.

“You are such a good girl, Kerri… and I’m going to make you even better.”

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