Lifted Up to Surrender

Chapter 2: Reshaping

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #tech_control #contemporary #corsets #flat_is_justice #high_heels #lesbification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Reshaping

Kerri had meant to find the quickest shoe store, find a pair of cute heels, and then rush right back home. She’d wanted to rush back to Ana to show just how good she could be. She’d wanted to earn Ana’s praise as quickly as possible.

That wasn’t what happened.

When she’d found the shoe store everything had gone simply enough. She’d looked around for a pair of heels that looked very high to her but were actually quite sensible, set down the box, and slipped off her Birkenstocks. She didn’t expect anything special to happen. After all, she was doing this more for Ana’s gratification than her own.

The hope was that her own gratification would come after that, maybe several times in a row.

Ever since that chance encounter, Kerri couldn’t help but feel breathless and aroused. She still could hardly believe that she was attracted to a woman at all. She was definitely sure that she wasn’t a lesbian, but it was impossible to deny how much Ana aroused her. She wasn’t in the shoe store looking for heels with the hope of getting a discount on her rent. She wanted Ana to want what was between her legs.

It didn’t make sense, but Kerri was too needy to let herself think about it. She couldn’t give herself a chance to reconsider. She was so wet, her panties still drenched, and she desperately she wanted to get back home to show Ana she’d kept her promise. She wanted to know what would come next. She wanted to feel it.

When she’d pulled on that first pair of shoes, the very moment that she was pushing the sharp point down into the smooth floor beneath her foot, a jolt of electricity traveled up along her leg and sizzled its way slowly and intensely across her clit. Kerri whimpered, her eyes crossing. For a moment, a moment that took precedence over everything else Kerri had ever imagined or experienced or even daydreamed, she could only feel the sensation of the heel against her foot, and against the floor.

I should wear heels… I should wear heels for Ana… I want to wear high heels… I want to wear heels for Ana… Wearing heels will make me sexy… I want to be sexy for Ana…

Left behind by the waves that rippled through her brain before, the experience effectively electrically charged her libido. Her new fetish wasn’t just a gentle suggestion. It wasn’t a mild fascination.

It was an imperative.

Kerri spent such a long time staring in a blank daze as she reveled in how the shoe felt against her foot. It wasn’t much of a strain on her foot, nor would it be if she were to stand wearing both halves of the pair, but it wasn’t about that.

Instead, those feelings were all about fulfilling Ana’s desire. They were also about the growing desire that she felt to be lifted higher by her shoes, but that came from Ana, or did it? Kerri felt too dizzy, too confused to be sure. She felt too aroused to be sure of anything besides how much she wanted and how much she needed.

When the moment passed she fluttered her eyes, and slid her other foot into the shoe. She expected maybe a gentle buzz, but surely the same feeling twice wouldn’t be very dramatic. If she’d felt it before, then there was no reason to expect it to feel like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

But it wasn’t just another feeling. It wasn’t just a moment.

What Kerri felt was the same perfect, erotic euphoria.

Her clit sang. Her mind swam. Everything felt right in a way that nothing else ever had.

Even before her thoughts returned, Kerri found herself standing to feel the way the heels lifted her feet. The different distribution of pressure, the way they raised her up, the way she was so unaccustomed to keeping her balance… all of it was dizzyingly hot. Kerri had always been such a small, tiny woman, and now that she was lifted up even this small amount?

Someone else might have felt taller, but that would have been easier if they felt like they were wearing the heels for themselves. It might have helped if they didn’t feel utterly weaker with them on. Kerri was wearing those heels for Ana, and it made her pussy twitch and convulse between her legs even more than before. Ana had made her feel small by comparison, but now she felt microscopic and filled with an arousal that would only be bearable by a woman of Ana’s size.

Oh… Oh fuck…! She giggled quietly, hands rising to her face as she took a few small steps. The shoes were nothing fancy, just a pair of tan ankle boots. They weren’t even particularly adventurous, but that wasn’t the point.

What they were doing to her legs?

That was something truly special.

Taking a few more steps, Kerri could already tell that she’d lost some of her mobility. It would be more difficult to bend forward if she didn’t want to tumble and land on her face with a scene that would have the entire store staring. Not only that, but she needed to be keenly aware of each place her feet landed. She needed to keep her feet unerringly straight. If she was a little off, a heel not quite landing on a smooth, flat section of floor, then she was sure it would end just the same.

Ana wasn’t there to watch her and laugh, but Kerri still didn’t want to embarrass herself. She wanted to be able to draw Ana’s gaze. She wanted to earn her reward.

The effect simple footwear was having on Kerri was anything but ordinary.

If her nipples weren’t hidden by the loose, flowing nature of her top then everyone in the store would have seen them stand at attention. Anyone who looked to her face would see the distant gaze of a woman feeling weak as she deeply ached and longed for more. Her chest was flushed a deep, warm red, and every breath was so fleeting.

She stepped down along an aisle, feeling each step send tremors up along the inside of her legs.

Wearing heels like this… They feel so special, so sexy, so… so different. I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this before, why I wasn’t doing this sooner…? It’s difficult, complicated, more effort than I usually spend walking but it… It feels good. It feels worth it. It feels like if I do this right, then… Then maybe I really could draw Ana’s attention for more than just a night…?

Kerri’s eyes turned glassy, her breathing even more ragged before she reached her Birkenstocks again.

She’d spent every step imagining Ana’s eyes drawn to her feet, to her legs, to her heels. She was sure, so completely certain that if Ana saw her like this it would earn her a smile at the very least. A smile from Ana, some small token of her approval, the idea had Kerri quivering and mewling. Not only that, but it was so contrary to how she usually dressed. It was so much less… casual, so much less comfortable.

She imagined that if Ana wanted, she could have Kerri walking around in nothing but a pair of heels so tall that Kerri would be teetering if she moved anything less than flawlessly.

Falling to the ground wasn’t an erotic thought, but moving precisely while her pussy twitched and clenched was. Being on display, clumsy and uncertain, had her panting.

The thought of Ana watching her, proud of her, seeing Kerri walk down a runway only to elegantly spin on the balls of her feet at the end and then turn back around wearing tall, sexy heels nearly made Kerri feel faint.

I can just get these tonight… right…? I don’t need to get a pair of five inch heels right away… I… I can start small… Kerri didn’t even own a pair of heels. She had when she was younger, but she hadn’t appreciated how restrictive they felt. She hadn’t wanted the difficulty when a pair of flats served the same basic purpose just fine. Now, the idea of being restricted, confined, lifted up and put on display for Ana…

All of it made Kerri feel dizzy and hot. She could barely stand being in public when her thighs were feeling so impossibly hot, and her molten core was pleading to be filled. She wanted to be back home, to be back in front of Ana, showing her that she had kept her promise. Even with how outside of her comfort zone it had been, Kerri had done what she’d been told.

But just going to the checkout and leaving was more difficult than deciding she could settle for the first pair of heels she found.

She slipped out of the ankle boots, happy with how they felt, only to find herself not bringing that box to the front of the store. She grabbed another pair of heels, these a pair of platform Mary Janes. They were a little taller, and the heel was smaller. With these I’ll be taller, and… Ana might look at my legs more, at my feet more… she might see how much I’m trying to show off for her, how much I want to please her, how… Fuck!

This so isn’t me, but… it… What else am I going to do? Ana Fonteyn, the woman who owns my apartment, wanted me to do this. I want to do this. Am I going to disappoint her?

When Kerri’s first foot hit the toes of the Mary Janes, and then the heel hit the floor, the rush of pleasure was so intense she nearly came. Her eyes crossed and rolled up into her head. Her vision whited out, and she could barely breathe.

It was a deadly flavor of seductive, draining all of her sense and replacing it with heat and want and need..

She could feel how high she would be from the ground, and how sexy it was to take on more, to push her legs, her feet, herself more and more and more for Ana’s pleasure. They weren’t as comfortable, the heels tall enough that Kerri knew she would be stumbling at first, but that didn’t feel important.

Ana liked to see women in heels.

She wanted to see Kerri in heels, and that didn’t mean the most innocent pair she could find. That did feel important.

With the second shoe pulled onto her left foot, Kerri again began to walk down the aisle. I… I know that if I wore these enough I’d adapt, my legs would get used to the height… But I swear I can already feel it getting a little bit easier already…! Not so easy that I don’t need to be careful, to take every step on its own, but it… Oh fuck, it’s so thrilling just how natural this feels, or how unnatural it feels but in a way that I want it to feel…? I think… If it keeps feeling this good… I’m going to need to wear heels, all the time… even if it’s still for Ana, even if it’s for her approval…

Maybe if I told her I’d always wear heels, she’d reward that, too…!

Changing her wardrobe for a hobby, or a lifestyle, or another woman, it should have felt like a big choice. It should have felt like something that might redefine her entire being. It wasn’t the kind of decision that Kerri would ordinarily make lightly, or quickly. Like her major, she usually took time, more time than most, to make up her mind.

Wearing whatever Ana wanted to see her wear, and making her wardrobe and her body, the very simple ways she lived her life day to day, adapt to accommodate those desires…?

Kerri didn’t need to think about it twice. Her mind had been made up for her. It felt as though it came from her own desires, from her own wants, from her own needs, but that only mattered insofar as they made her choices easier. She was as helpless in the shoe store as she was in front of Ana with that fancy watch of hers.

By the time she was back at her Birkenstocks, Kerri knew she couldn’t leave with the platform Mary Janes. They were still too sensible, still too cute, still too… restrained. They were too much like something that she would wear, and not like what she saw Ana wearing herself.

Ana isn’t just stylish. She sets style. She defines it. If I want to show her that I can pay attention, that I can do what she wants… I need to show her that I understand that.

Scanning the aisle, Kerri sought out something more daring that might appeal to Ana’s desires in a more primal way. She wanted something taller that would make her look even smaller, even more on display. She wanted something sexier that would make her that much more impossible to ignore.

Kerri didn’t just want to wear a pair of heels and show off that she could fulfill the bare minimum of what Ana expected from her promise. She wanted to show that she was going above and beyond. She wanted to impress Ana, to make sure that it wouldn’t be the last time she saw her.

She’d long since forgotten the worry that Ana wouldn’t be there when she returned home. It was a certainty in her mind that as long as she did as she was told, Ana would be there. Then… whatever happened would happen.

Her clit sang at the thought.

After trying on pair after pair, taller boots, kitten heels, and round-toe pumps, Kerri finally found a pair of four inch heels that were perfect.

The pair of black, cutout heels looked almost more like the frame for a pair of shoes than a complete pair themselves. They would show off the full arch of her foot, and would hold her up high enough that she was certain she’d draw eyes—including Ana’s.

There were taller shoes, and there were shoes that might have been sexier, but none of them called to her like this pair. None of them told her that Ana would want to see them wrapped around her feet, forcing her into shape.

When Kerri slid her feet into them, she could barely breathe. Her head was swimming. Her heart raced. She felt faint.

When she stood, Kerri came.

It was a full body sensation when the pressure inside of her burst. Unlike any other orgasm, this one didn’t feel like it started between her legs. This orgasm came from her feet, and spread its way up along her legs to tingle across her every nerve.

Kerri’s mouth hung open, her dizzy eyes staring in the middle distance while being capable of processing nothing she saw. Her emotions were all twined around an ache to submit, mingled with a pleasurable pain.

Standing in those cutout heels ached. Walking in them hurt, but it didn’t feel like any pain she’d ever felt before. Instead of making her wince or whimper or whine, it felt more as though each step were forcing down against something in her mind, and something in her belly. Kerri could feel the pressure inside of her swelling, building towards an orgasm so great she knew she wouldn’t be able to stay on her feet when she finally yielded to it and burst down over her thighs.

Instead of simply walking once to test them out, Kerri found herself pacing up and down the aisles. She was possessed, her motivation and drives all taken hostage by this newly overwhelming lust. Her eyes looked glassier and emptier with each step as she felt the pressure inside of her pushing the idea deeper into her mind.

Any objections, any oddity, anything that might have awoken her to what she was doing? All of those things were squashed down, used as yet more weight to build that pressure higher and make her libido’s hold on her core that much stronger. Urged on by the pleasure, pushed forward by the pain that only felt better than a kiss to her neck or a finger stroking her slit, Kerri walked until her legs were sore and she’d lost track of the orgasms that reshaped her mind much like the shoes she wore were reshaping her legs.

Her panties were a sopping mess, and her face was red. She could barely breathe when she finally approached the counter.

The woman behind it was confused, but forced herself to wear a bright, cheerful smile. “Can I… Can I help you? Is everything alright? If I can help you find anything, or if anything isn’t meeting your expectations—”

“N-no..!” Kerri needed to struggle to keep the moan from her voice. “No… Everything is fine…! I’m… You’ve surpassed my expectations. Can I wear these out…?

“I don’t want to take them off…”

Kerri looked high and fucked, her body glistening with sweat and her pupils dilated. She was standing remarkably upright, but her every breath shuddered through her small, lithe body. Her flowing clothing only made her look less substantial, smaller, and endlessly more pitiful.

“Sure. Let me help you get this taken care of…!”

“Thank you…!” Kerri came again as she pulled out her card. “I just… I really need these shoes…!”

The woman shook her head as she rang up the pair of shoes using the offered box. “I can tell…!”

Kerri’s blush deepened. She couldn’t stop herself from giggling. It was embarrassing just how obvious her desires were to anyone who cared to look, or listen. She hadn’t come to this store wanting to make a scene, but the woman was right. Telling what Kerri wanted was just that easy.

She’d never needed anything like she needed those shoes.

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