Lifted Up to Surrender

Chapter 1: Sizing Up

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #tech_control #contemporary #corsets #flat_is_justice #high_heels #lesbification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Sizing Up

A sleek black limo pulled into its reserved parking lot, stopping gracefully with the slightest bit of room to spare. The woman driving it, a blonde wearing a full uniform that included a short skirt, a pair of very high heels, and an adorable black hat, pressed a button on the dash to lower the opaque black glass between her and the rear compartment where her client sat. “We’re here, Miss Fonteyn.”

A red eyebrow, complete with a silver ring at the very center, raised above a hazel eye. Only one young woman was in the back of the limo, sitting all on her own. She was only just old enough to have her age dismissed as a twenty-something without further thought. She wore her red hair in an undercut with the left side of her head shaved low and smooth. Her figure was incredibly svelte, making her look like a model that would hardly be out of place at a large fashion event in New York.

The black dress she wore looked like a formal blazer with its left side stretched across her right, and it came down to just over her knees while falling loosely along her arms where it ended in large cuffs The young woman wore a pair of heels herself, red like her hair, with straps that wrapped high up around her legs.

She met her driver’s gaze in the rearview mirror, her brow still lifted. “How many times do I need to tell that I would prefer if you were to call me Ana, and not ‘Miss Fonteyn’?”

Ana wasn’t annoyed so much as amused, and her tone was far more playful than mocking. Her driver smirked in a very knowing way. She showed no concern with her client’s supposed displeasure, if anything all the more pleased by it. The redhead didn’t even need the answer. She could imagine her driver telling her what she always did.

For a woman like Ana, using her first name just wasn’t appropriate. Even when Ana lowered herself down to be closer to her driver’s level, there was still a gap too far to easily cross. Her driver knew it, even if Ana liked to pretend it wasn’t there at all.

Sometimes being an heiress to a powerful criminal empire is somewhat… inconvenient. She forced a melodramatic sigh as she opened the door. But it’s not all bad. It’s Friday night.

That means it’s time for fun.

“Thank you as always, Trudy. Wait for me…? I’ll be back when I’m ready to head back home. If I find some fun that makes me want to stick around, well… Hopefully you brought something to read.”

“Of course, Miss Fonteyn.”

Ana rolled her eyes, and walked away as Trudy closed the door behind her. In front of her, and above her, stretched one of the properties that belonged to her alone and not her family. She’d named it Fonteyn Heights out of convenience, but the rest of the Fonteyns knew it was off limits.

My own private hunting grounds… Ana purred. Her heels clicked with each step she took, and the sound was a music that Ana adored. Who even knows what I’ll find today…? It would be nice if I stumbled across something… small… slight.

Her hands moved behind her back, and she adjusted the golden watch she wore around her wrist. Nothing about it was seemed special beyond its cost. Not simply a golden finish, its luster was deeper than that by far. However, instead of complicated interconnected gears or a simple digital display, the golden band hid away something much more sinister.

It wasn’t the sort of thing anyone could buy—not even if they had the funds. It was a piece of technology Ana had only been able to acquire due to her many underworld connections. Her fingers were itching, eager to twist the right knob, to press in the right button…

But Ana was patient.

Her heels clicked as she made her way through the halls, inspecting them as though she were scrutinizing them for some flaw or another that might need correction. She could have people find prey that suited her tastes, but that wasn’t the way Ana liked to work. It took out all the fun.

When a door some ten feet away opened, Ana grinned.


Kerri sighed as she smoothed one last lock of blonde hair in her mirror. Her hair was short, not even framing her face. At the same time, it was bright enough that even platinum failed to capture its luminance. Without doing anything but resting atop her head it emphasized her bright gray eyes, offset dramatically by her tan skin.

One of the benefits of her comfortably upper-middle-class parents was always having access to a tanning salon. Most things were accessible to her, and while that was a comfort it was easy to forget about in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

The small, indulgent comforts were the things that kept her smiling and feeling like she’d taken up permanent residence on cloud nine.

She wore a loose blouse, one that almost made her look formless. It was tempting to switch into something else, but even if it didn’t hint at her slight figure beneath she enjoyed the way it flowed around her when she moved, and she enjoyed the way it matched up with the free flowing energy of her jade-green peasant skirt that billowed around her when she spun. Together with a pair of Birkenstocks, Kerri’s look was laid back and calm.

What’s the point in looking good if you can’t be comfortable? Kerri gave herself a bright smile before blowing a kiss at her reflection. Any boy would be happy to see you…!

And maybe a girl or two, but too bad for them…? I’m just not interested! She winked at her reflection before giving herself an apologetic smile. Hopefully they’ll be able to handle just how hot and off limits I am!

Kerri grinned, allowing herself a moment of feeling so desirable that she might break someone’s heart before she grabbed up her purse. While she was eager to get done with her homework so she could curl up with a good book, that didn’t give her much of an excuse to dress up. It also wouldn’t accomplish a few chores that needed doing sooner or later.

None of the schoolwork was very difficult, thanks in part to her status as a freshman in college. Far more complicated than her schoolwork was the difficulty of learning how to live on her own. Her major wasn’t even decided, and her parents were still covering her bills. That meant she had plenty of time to plan her future, and learn just how she wanted that to be.

The last thing she wanted to do was rush a decision about her future only to be stuck miserable doing something she hated.

Maybe I don’t want to decide it at all, but if I say that, mom will say I need to be a lawyer or a doctor and I wouldn’t want to say no, but… I don’t think I could really pull that off, so I’d just be letting them down in the end anyway! Kerri wrinkled up her face as she grabbed up her keys. I don’t think I can memorize laws or deal with blood, so, I think I’m good if I end up with… Kerry shrugged. Whatever ends up sound good…! I’m sure I’ll make them proud somehow!

Soon she was locking her door behind her with a bright, cheerful smile. It was early enough that she didn’t expect to deal with too much of everyone rushing to enjoy their weekend.

“Why… Hello there.”

Kerri was taken so off guard that even if the woman’s voice was pleasant she nearly screamed. A blush rose to her cheeks. She’d meant to leave during a time when she wouldn’t run into anyone else even if she had dressed up for absolutely no one.

Now she felt incredibly self-conscious.

When she looked up and saw Ana looming over her, that feeling redoubled a thousand fold.

“Uhm… uh… hi…!” Kerri cleared her throat as she turned to properly face the beautiful redhead. Kerri had never seen her before, but everything about Ana radiated importance instead of any one thing. Ana’s height made her feel like someone people would notice in any crowd. Her fancy clothing made Ana look both stylish and connected. Her majestic expression made her look like she owned everything she saw.

No one ever sees a woman like her and looks away. She’s the kind of woman who decides futures without even trying. Her notice, or her neglect, probably means the world to a lot of people.

She was older than Kerri too, and the last thing the college student wanted to do was be rude to a powerful, important woman who was older than her. Even if it was only by a few years, that was still enough to know that Ana could already have significant power to wield over her.

Ana chuckled at Kerri’s adorable response, smiling down at her in such an amused, playful way. Kerri could only awkwardly smile, trapped in the magnetic pull of the older woman’s charisma. “I hope you’re finding everything here to your liking. I don’t think we’ve met before.” Ana extended her hand. “I’m Ana. Ana Fonteyn.”

“Like, the Fonteyn of Fonteyn Heights…?!” Kerri squeaked as Ana nodded, and she reached up to slowly shake her hand. Now aware of just who she was talking to, Kerri’s eyes couldn’t lift from the floor.

Everything about Ana felt more impressive. She wasn’t just tall, she was imposingly tall. She wasn’t only stylish—she defined style itself. She was sexy, something that Kerri could tell even if she wasn’t interested in women. She owned a high rise before she’d even turned thirty. Kerri felt small all of the time, barely hitting five feet, but she felt small in a whole new way standing so close to Ana. She was so very much larger than life in a way that was almost impossible for Kerri to imagine being able to reach herself.

She’s gorgeous…! I’m still really not interested in women, and I’m sure she’d never be interested in a girl like me, but I… I mean it’s still hard to not rank myself against her, and she is definitely out of my league.

Kerri’s eyes glanced at Ana’s shoes, admiring the heels. They were tall, tall enough that Kerri was sure if she tried to walk in them she’d topple right over.

She was wholly unprepared for a wave of dizzying heat to ripple across her brain, directly stimulating her libido. For a moment as Ana adjusted her watch, the only thing that Kerri could think about were Ana’s heels.

So tall… So elegant… Sexy… Kerri’s lips rubbed together, and her pussy juiced between her thighs as she squeezed them together tightly. I’d barely be able to walk, and it would feel so… But she’s just wearing them, not wobbling, standing so… And acting so casual, so…

“Yes, I am that Fonteyn.” Ana grinned, reaching out to lift Ana’s chin with a fingertip. When their eyes met, Kerri’s eyes were still glassy from her momentary singlemindedness. The intense fascination and arousal she’d felt from the sight of Ana’s heels had short circuited her brain and it was still trying to reboot. “Did I catch you admiring my heels? I’ve always been a fan of them, you know. Wearing heels. You should try it, sometime.”

“I-I… I should wear heels…? O-ohhh…”

Repeating Ana’s instruction was all that Kerri could manage before Ana adjusted her watch again, sending another pulse rippling through Kerri’s vulnerable young brain.

I should wear heels… I should wear heels for Ana… I want to wear high heels… I want to wear heels for Ana… Wearing heels will make me sexy… I want to be sexy for Ana…

The thoughts shuddering through Kerri’s mind were her own—at least to a certain extent. The device Ana wore around her wrist had twisted them certainly, but they sounded, and felt, as though they’d come from Kerri’s own mind. The desire that soaked her panties at the thought of pleasing the taller woman, of wearing what she wanted her to wear, was certainly her own. She couldn’t stop herself from trembling as Ana’s thumb stroked along her cheek.

“You should. In fact…” Ana sighed, leaning so close that Kerri could feel the redhead’s hot breath against her lips. “If you do? I promise that I’ll reward you. Something tall. The taller the heel? The better.”

“Taller… Taller the bett-mmmpph…” Kerri barely managed to muffle her moan as another wave of dizzy heat rippled through her mind. She stood limply, gazing up at Ana with a reverent hunger. Her thighs squeezed again, her gaze so distant before it focused in on Ana and she could see nothing else. “I can do that… you don’t… don’t need to reward me. I’d still want to do it for you… I-if you want that… I don’t want to be weird, I just want—”

“Shh…” Ana stroked a finger across Kerri’s lips. The touch silenced her instantly. Ana smiled at the younger woman’s quick response, tapping at her watch. Kerri withered at the ethereal feeling, like fingers through her hair that made her feel soft and small in such a welcome way. She withered, a dreamy, dazed smile spreading across her lips. “Don’t worry so much. I’m going to continue with my inspection of the property, and you’re going to see about a nice pair of heels to show me just how good you can be. Then… if I’m still here…?”

Ana didn’t need to specify. Kerri’s mind was finally managing to think anew, and all of the ideas that filled it were intensely erotic. Some of them were more vanilla, like a kiss. Even a kiss from Ana felt like so much more than a kiss from anyone else. Her embrace would make Kerri feel so small, and she was sure it would make her clit sing. Other ideas involved being bent over her couch, her blouse ripped apart, and Ana’s teeth and lips marking her body with lipstick and bite marks.

The thought alone made Kerri feel short of breath. She nodded a little too quickly, a little too eagerly. Her eyes were glassy, and her thighs squeezed together so tight under her flowing peasant skirt that they were starting to hurt.

Her panties were thoroughly ruined.

“I hope you’ll still be here…! I’ll be as quick as I can…! I promise…!” Kerri was still feeling shy, but her eagerness was enough to break past her own awkward, nervous energy. It felt so much more important that she impress Ana than anything else in the whole world.

Ana’s gadget was already taming Kerri’s pussy, and another tap stimulated a memory of how it felt to look at those heels. So tall, such a sharp, fine point…

“Don’t rush. I think I can guarantee that I’ll be here, if you can promise to come back wearing heels for me.” Ana stroked fingers through Kerri’s hair. Her scalp was so sensitive that the gentle touch tore a quiet mewl from low in Kerri’s throat. “Can you promise me that? Promise me you’ll be a good girl…?”

“Y-yes, Ana…” Kerri’s cheeks blushed a deep, rich red. It was a crimson that betrayed her eagerness in such a soul deep, impossible to hide way. It was so loud that Kerri could feel it, and knew just what she was broadcasting. She wasn’t into women, but she was into Ana. “I promise…! I’ll be a good girl…”

Ana sighed, patting Kerri on the top of her head. “Good girl. Then go, run along… and I’ll see you soon…!”

“Really soon…!” Kerri moved quickly away, and Ana’s eyes lingered on her backside as she left. For good measure Ana tapped at her watch again, and grinned with eyes hooded so low as Kerri stumbled when another wave of heat licked down her spine.

There was more to do, but Ana already knew that she’d found the perfect prey for the night.

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