Leave Everything At The Door

Chapter 2: Bright and Early

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #conditioning #f/f #office #dom:female #sub:female

Chapter 2: Bright and Early

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Marcia showed up early. She’d woken up half an hour before her alarm and the early bus was on time. Everything was perfectly aligned to have her start off her big new opportunity putting her best foot forward.

As much as she’d been tempted to dress to impress, she’d been just as worried that showing up looking too stuffy and professional might make her seem unpleasant to work with. Even if her placement was based on scores throughout training, she still didn’t want everyone to recognize her as the one woman who still showed up wearing a skirt and a fancy blouse.

So instead she’d come as suggested—a pair of light blue jeans, and a plain red t-shirt. The colors were vibrant enough, but the fit was relaxed enough that nothing about her fairly average build was especially emphasized. She just looked like another woman showing up for work, albeit in more relaxed clothing than she’d expected for such a fancy building. It was nearly twenty minutes before she was due to start her training, but just in case she needed to sign in she didn’t see any point in lingering around and proceeded to the receptionist right away.

“Hi! I’m Marcia Graham, I’m a new hire?” Marcia still felt too excited to keep it in. No matter how hard she tried her voice was still half a giggle. Being excited was much more fun when she knew the day was going to go well. There seemed little chance for any real disappointment.

The receptionist nodded, looking to Marcia quickly before she glanced back at her computer. “Hello, Marcia…! Let me see what we need to do here to get you going to the right place…”

“Of course, thank you…!” Marcia was full of so much excited energy that she had to fight the urge to hop back and forth between her feet. She also had to fight from looking too long at the receptionist. She wasn’t the same woman who had been working the day before, because Marcia would have remembered her for sure. This woman she’d never seen before. Her cute, sleeveless blouse showed off the dark umber skin of her arms. She had enough muscle tone that it would be impossible if she didn’t work out regularly, but she still looked so delightfully smooth at the same time.

If I end up working here for long I’m definitely going to be shamed into doing something more with myself than just showering regularly and throwing up a little makeup time to time… I wonder if Tina got the job—I mean, of course she did, but—

“Here we are! Found you, Marcia!” The receptionist’s voice drew the new hire’s attention back into the real world with only a faint pinkening of her cheeks. “I’ve buzzed Lindsey, so she’ll be down to take you to where you need to go in just a moment.”

“Thank you… Deirdre!” Marcia gave a quick glance at the receptionist’s visible employee ID to find her name. Deirdre smiled and gave Marcia a nod before she returned to whatever else the company had her doing when she wasn’t busy making sure that people ended up in the right place.

With nothing to do but wait, Marcia took a seat in the same spot she’d sat the day before. It felt like a good luck seat given she’d gotten the job. Once she settled down, Marcia’s mind was quickly abuzz with possibilities. If I pay really good attention, then I can start this training off right, and impress them from the start. There’s bound to be some tricky questions here or there, but I’m sure I can do this…!

She made further attempts to psych herself up, but otherwise did her best to remain still and calm.

“Someone’s here early!” Lindsey’s voice broke the nearly silent white-noise of Deirdre’s typing. “Always a good way to show you’re serious” She smiled down at Marcia, again holding out her hand. She was dressed professionally just as the day before, wearing another black blouse with a matching professionally short skirt. Marcia took her hand, smiling a little more as the other woman helped pull her to her feet. “Thankfully since the training is so individually guided, we don’t need to have you wait around… We can get started right away!”

Marcia couldn’t remember any time she’d heard of a company with similar training, but then she instantly remembered the line she’d seen in the forms she’d signed. Their training was proprietary, developed with techniques developed in house.

As much as training from a video had the potential to miss clarifying important points, the fact that it seemed to be something they took pride in helped put Marcia at ease. She vaguely remembered something about most of the training being in video format, so she imagined there’d be a bit more to supplement it.

“That’s great! I always try to be early… better to be half an hour early than five minutes late, right?” Marcia made a professional laugh as Lindsey tapped her badge beside the door and guided them back into office building proper. Marcia gave a passing wave to Deirdre as they passed by the reception desk, but otherwise remained focused on Lindsey as they made their way into the office proper.

“Quite right…! Now, while you’re in training you’ll be using this to get back here so you don’t need to wait for me every day. You’ll have the same room for the next two weeks.” Lindsey held out a small laminate card on a lanyard, and Marcia quickly placed it around her neck. “The training rooms are in the basement. It’s for isolation purposes—we really want to minimize external interruptions getting in your way. Your card will activate the elevator, but only for the training floor. You understand.” Lindsey lead the way over to a nearby elevator, tapped her own card on the door, and motioned to the basement button.

It was even helpfully labeled as ‘training’. None of the other floors were labeled as such, but it seemed more to the benefit of new hires than anything else. There was a friendly feeling to it that made Marcia feel more welcome.

The ride wasn’t long, and soon they were in a well lit basement. It felt less like some dark place to be hidden away and more like a legitimate floor of the building, which was another relief. There was even a conference room, and bathrooms. While they moved down the hallway, Marcia took a chance to lift up her own badge and get a better look.

Instead of a picture there was a tall barcode. Underneath there was bold, large text that read “Training Subject 5.” It was simple, but to the point.

If I’m one of five then they definitely hired Tina…Marcia smiled as she let the card fall past her chest. Before long Lindsey had led her to a room with “Training Room 5” etched into a golden plate positioned perfectly at eye level. It wasn’t especially fancy, but it clearly got the point across. Subject five… room five… That’s pretty convenient. Between the label on the elevator and this... there’s no way I’ll forget where I’m supposed to be!

Lindsey motioned to the card reader beside the door handle and Marcia nodded “Only my card, and yours, can open this door. I’ll be pretty busy most of the day, but if you need anything… well… open the door!”

“Of course!” Marcia giggled as she tapped her card against the door. The lock released its hold with a satisfying mechanical click.

It was a small room, but that it was her space for the day felt lavish. She’d never had a room all to herself in an office before. At the center was an office chair—and one that actually looked rather comfortable. At one side of the room was a large flat screen television. On the other, was a computer with a tower that looked so small it was easy to imagine it could fit in a purse. A large pair of bulky, noise canceling headphones sat in front of the television, and a comfortable keyboard-and-trackball set up in front of the computer monitor.

“If you need me for anything, the ‘F1’ key is set up to pull up a program that will let you message me directly. Don’t worry about ‘bothering’ me if you need to, that’s my job.” Lindsey’s words followed Marcia as she made her way into the small room, and then settled on the chair. It was as comfy as it looked, she found herself sinking into it easily as she tested pushing it. That worked well, too. “Any questions for me before I go…?”

“Do I need to wear these? Not that I’m complaining, they’ll only mess up my curls for two weeks!” Marcia grinned as she lifted up the headphones and tested them in her hands. They felt incredibly well made, light but sturdy.

Lindsey nodded from the doorway, her hand the only thing keeping Marcia from being locked away inside of her training room all alone in the basement. “Sorry, but we found that headphones greatly enhance the learning process. We tried it without and found a twenty-seven percent lower retention rate for important policies. You understand, I’m sure… anything else?”

Could headphones really make that much of a difference…? Marcia stared at the bulky thing in her hands with amazement. Her wide eyes showed a near cartoonish level of awe. I would have thought headphones would have the opposite result… but what do I know!

She took a moment to think intensely on the subject of questions. The last thing she wanted to do was bother Lindsey the moment she left. “Nope… Besides, well… How do I get it started?”

“There’s a play button on the right side of the headphones. Turn on the television, hit play, and get comfortable!” Lindsey smiled, slowly letting the door fall shut. “I know it’s very boring, but you’ll be forgetting it all when you go home for the day, so it’s not important that it be very exciting, right?”

“Right…! I’ll see you later, Lindsey…!” Marcia waved, the headphones still in her hand. She was eager to feel how snug they would be on her head, but with how adjustable they seemed she was more worried about being rude.

“See you then, Marcia.”

The door fell shut, and Marcia pulled the headphones down over her head before she turned on the television. “Alright… time to learn…!”

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