Leave Everything At The Door

Chapter 1: Interview

by MadamKistulot

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Leave Everything At The Door

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Interview

Marcia waited anxiously in the lobby, desperate to not look too nervous while still looking eager. She’d dressed as professionally as she could, breaking out the “interview” suit that had a fancy suit jacket and everything. She was infinitely glad that she’d gone with the black-and-white and not the black-and-brown. It would have matched the color of her curly brown hair entirely too much.

Back when she was first considering it she’d been dying her hair black, but Marcia had given that up a long time ago. It had stopped feeling worth the effort.

Her hands squeezed tight at the binder that contained her resume, her references, and any number of awards from previous employers for customer service, problem resolution, and even secondary sales. She wasn’t sure that any of it would matter, but she needed this job more desperately than she’d needed well… anything she could remember.

Holding back on anything that might make her look good felt silly, if not like an open act of self-harm.

So she clung to the binder, trying to keep her breathing slow and steady. There were other women waiting, and none of them looked as exhausted or stressed as Marcia felt. A tall blonde woman that sat across from her looked blasé about the whole affair, as if it didn’t matter to her at all. I guess I wouldn’t be worried about getting a job either if I had a body like that… Not that I’m unattractive or anything, but just… look at her.

Anyone who worked in an office knew that when you were a voluptuous bombshell things were just so much easier on a base level. The woman Marcia stared at with so much barely restrained jealously was just that. Curvy, but thin, with long blonde hair swept perfectly back away from such a soft face with the prettiest green eyes that Marcia had ever seen.

She forced herself to look away, and instead go over her resume again.

I’m not even into women and she’s hard to look away from. They were hiring for more than just one slot or I’d already be outside waiting for the bus instead of wasting my time in here…

“Marcia Graham?”

“Hi!” Marcia stood up quickly, waving her hand as she awkwardly rushed to tuck away everything she’d been looking at while also trying to quickly rise to her feet. It was a clumsy show, but she managed to fold up her binder and be halfway across the lobby in little time at all as she approached the woman on the other side. “I’m Marcia! It’s nice to meet you!”

The black haired woman smiled, motioning Marcia in to the small office where she was conducting her interviews. It wasn’t much at all, just a desk and a few chairs along with a potted plant and a filing cabinet that probably didn’t see much use given how much more was likely stored on the laptop sat atop the desk. “I’m Lindsey, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, too… Could you please take a seat? This should be quick. Your work history is spotless—but we need to go over a few things. You understand.”

Lindsey’s name was on her easily spotted ID card that hung around her neck. Her picture there was as professional and proper as she looked now. She was even wearing the same crisp, professional black blouse that she was in the picture.

“O-of course! That’s how it goes, right…?” Marcia tried to not feel like her heart was sinking deeper into her gut. If things looked good with what Lindsey already knew, then it was hard for Marcia to stop herself from worrying what that meant about the rest of the interview. Did that mean anything she said could only make things worse? Marcia tried to swallow that feeling, but it made it hard to sit still as she pulled out a copy of her resume. “I brought extra copies in case you need to keep—”

“Don’t worry about that. I have you already pulled up on my computer.” Lindsey’s voice was surprisingly professional. Unlike some professional voices, Lindsey’s sounded so much less annoyed or bored, and more reassuring. “Are you alright with working strange hours if needed?” Marcia stared. No one had ever turned down a copy of her resume. She’d always been coached to bring extra copies, and that interruption was enough to leave her temporarily stunned. “How about overtime?”

It took a great amount of effort for Marcia to force herself to breathe before responding. She knew the right answers. Everyone knew the right answers. They were obvious. These weren’t even trick questions—they were just to set expectations and weed out people with more optimistic hopes for how unpleasant of a job they should be willing to tolerate. “As long as I can get here, and leave, before the busses stop running, I’m fine! Overtime just means more pay, right? Who couldn’t use a little money on the side, am I right?”

Marcia started to laugh, a polite, professional work laugh, and Lindsey was quick to join in after only a moment. The way Lindsey smiled, the way she spoke, it really felt like she was trying to put Marcia at ease. For better or worse, it was working.

“Perfect, perfect… We can work around those sorts of reasonable transit needs…” Lindsey smiled as she typed idly at the laptop. Marcia could only guess, but it was actually difficult to imagine she was typing anything unpleasant. “Alright, so… It says here that you’ve done technical support with remote access in the past, so I don’t need to talk to you about the importance of confidentiality… Ah! And a reward for upselling services! You really are the perfect candidate for this job… Cogitech has been looking for someone like you.”

A blush rose to Marcia’s cheeks. All of her experience was paying off! I never enjoyed upselling services when someone was already calling because something was wrong, but I get why companies love that I can do it… They want new ways to make money. At least selling all of that back then is a good way to sell myself now…!

Lindsey continued without any pause or uncertainty. She smiled at Marcia’s reaction, but she was even polite enough to not draw attention to it. “You’ll be starting out with two weeks of training to make you fully acquainted with all of the ways you’ll be supporting Cogitech clientele. We’ve done our best to make it a stress-free training experience, so the biggest thing you’ll need to worry about is showing up on time. Most of the training will just be watching some video segments, and taking some tests so we can make sure you learned what we need you to know… more or less to make sure you’ll be ready to do your job. You’ll be paid for the full two weeks of training on the final day if you successfully pass the final examination. Is that alright with you?”

Marcia tried not to stare too rudely. It was hard, when hearing what Lindsey said made her feel the need to brazenly gawk in disbelief. Being asked if two weeks of training was okay? The last place I was at only gave a week—and half of that was just sitting in someone else’s cubicle while they talked so fast I barely got anything out of it… Does she think being bored watching training videos would be a no go in this economy…?

The last lingering motes of Marcia’s stress evaporated. Her forced smile became wholly genuine. Excitement shined from her hazel eyes. “That’d be great…! When do I start?”

“Since it’s all done by video, we can start you out tomorrow—we just need time to process your paperwork. Wait, let me check…” Lindsey’s eyes visibly moved to the corner of her monitor, and then twisted into a sad smile. Without saying anything Marcia knew enough to wince. Lindsey had been so helpful. It was impossible to not feel her empathy and concern. “Well, if you don’t mind signing right now. I’d usually be able to go over a lot more of it in a greater depth, but if we do that, then I’m afraid we might not be able to finish processing it tonight and you’d need to wait—”

“That’s fine with me!” Bright red warning lights were flashing from deep in Marcia’s mind. Everything about the idea of being rushed through signing something was bad, but there was no way that Marcia could risk that paycheck coming any later than it already would. It was amazing enough that she’d get it on the second week instead of needing to wait a third—she couldn’t put her start date off any further than she needed to.

This is stupid, but I… Marcia fought the urge to shake her head to interrupt her own thoughts. No. This is a big company, right? They’re Cogitech! This is their support headquarters! My first call center job that won’t be outsourced… I need to stop acting like I’ll be working out of another converted warehouse…

Lindsey waited patiently. Her calm smile looked like she’d be willing to wait as long as she could for Marcia’s answer. That made it simpler. If this were something sketchy then wouldn’t Lindsey be trying to rush her?

“I can sign right now, that’s fine.” Saying that made it easier. Now she was committed. There was no room to worry if it was a good or a bad idea anymore. “It’s just the usual stuff, I’m guessing…?”

“Oh, naturally.” Lindsey chuckled quietly as she reached into the nearby filing cabinet and grabbed out a thick document that should have sent Marcia out the door. It wasn’t as thick as a book, but it was hardly the usual, small waivers and agreements towards reasonable employee conduct that Marcia was used to signing. “The only reason this is any larger than you might have expected is just because we take privacy very seriously here, as you’ll come to understand. Cogitech, and their requests, must remain strictly confidential. We watch social media very closely. If anything from this office got out, hundreds of people would lose their jobs overnight. All this says is that you’ll keep anything that happens in the office confidential, even if it might seem like an unimportant detail to you…” She paused her motion of holding out a pen to Marcia. “That’s not a deal breaker, is it…?”

Marcia couldn’t shake her head fast enough. Her own pen was already in her hand as she flipped through the document, signing, and dating what were entirely too many pages. “Not at all! Anything that happens in the office is confidential! It’s not like I think the people following me want to hear about what’s in the soda machine… And it’s not like I want to talk or even think about work when I’m home, right? Come in, support the customers, head home, leave everything at the door, right…?”

Out of the corner of her eye a few lines caught Marcia’s eye, but none of them were concerning at all. The internal software was all proprietary and no details of it were to be shared. The training techniques were proprietary—and just as strictly protected. There was no bringing in external peripherals or taking anything from the office home. Punctuality was strictly enforced, with more reasonable allowances made for external factors than Marcia had ever seen before.

It really seemed like all that the company cared about was that she do her best to be there on time so long as she kept everything that happened on-site a secret. Working in any kind of office felt like nothing but an endless mess of NDAs, so Marcia signed one after the other without a second thought. For the pay they were offering, she could handle their secrecy.

What kind of job am I going to find that doesn’t want me to sign away all of my rights while I’m in the office…?

“That’s the exact kind of attitude Cogitech wants to see. Like I said, you’re just who we’ve been looking for, Marcia.” With the last signature and date on the final page fresh on the page, Lindsey held out her hand. Any worries Marcia might have had over signing so much without carefully scanning over every word felt hard to take too seriously with the genuine warmth in Lindsey’s eyes. Anything out of the ordinary was certainly nothing that Marcia would have any difficulty adjusting to.

If anything was untoward, Lindsey wouldn’t be so happy to bring her on board. The HR reps at the less pleasant call centers she’d worked at in the past never seemed so happy. Something needed to be fundamentally different to explain Lindsey’s cheerful attitude.

Marcia took Lindsey’s hand, squeezing as she gave it a gentle shake. Lindsey squeezed tighter. It wasn’t an oppressively tight squeeze, but it was strong enough that Marcia found herself laughing in surprise. “Well, thank you, Lindsey…! I look forward to being a productive member of the team…! Is there anything I should know tomorrow? It’s training, but I still assume you’ll want me to dress—”

“You’re in training with a television screen, and then a computer! Show up in whatever you want. The only people who are going to see you will be whoever is working the reception desk, myself, and other people going through the same training that you are. Obviously you won’t be seeing anything like the production floor during training, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Lindsey drew her hand back, pushing the laptop closed before she quickly flipped through the documents Marcia had just finished signing. When she was done, she gave a quick nod and her smile brightened even more. “Obviously, nothing ripped up or advocating anything… inappropriate… but if you want to come in jeans and a t-shirt instead of anything more professional? Go ahead. Your dress code may change when training ends, depending on your score. Placement is based on understanding of policy and procedure, so you could end up with a raise right out of training.”

Marcia was speechless. There was so much she wanted to say, but all of it felt too much a product of her excitement, too embarrassing, and far too much like the kind of thing she should be telling a friend—not her new employer. She had to force herself to calm down again, but it was nothing a bit of slow breathing couldn’t handle. “Wonderful…! Then… I’ll see you tomorrow…?”

“We’ll call you to let you know everything’s processed, just in case. You should get a call before closing tonight… but between you and me? You’ll be here tomorrow.” Lindsey stood, offering Marcia a hand. “Just don’t tell anyone I said that, alright?”

“Of course not…! I’ll forget it when I leave the room!” Marcia winked, and Lindsey gave a knowing laugh. “Thank you again…!”

“You’re welcome, Marcia. Take care of yourself, alright? Get plenty of rest. First day’s a big day.” Marcia had to fight to keep herself from skipping as Lindsey opened the door to the lobby. Things had been the slightest bit intimidating, but they’d gone so much better than Marcia could have hoped for. “Tina Campbell…?”

None other than the blonde woman Marcia had been admiring in the lobby rose smoothly to her feet and made her way back to meet with Lindsey. Now that they weren’t in competition Marcia didn’t even feel the need to give her a second look. They’d probably be working together soon enough.

She filed away the name, Tina, and then pushed open the door.

As it closed behind her she let out a quiet squeal. No better time to start forming good habits than from the start! No thinking about work until I’m back here tomorrow!

Marcia made her way to the bus stop, unable to shake the big smile off of her face. She didn’t care if there was a little overtime, or even some weird hours. For two weeks she could show up in jeans. Everything about her new employers seemed on the level.

She was sure that everything would turn out just fine.

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