Leave Everything At The Door

Chapter 3: Training Session One

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #conditioning #f/f #office #dom:female #sub:female

Chapter 3: Training Session One

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

The headphones fit tight and snug around Marcia’s ears. With them on it was hard to even hear her own fingers snap when she held them right in front of her face. It was a silly test, but she couldn’t help but be curious. When she reached out for the door handle she could only barely hear it turn, and that seemed more likely to be from the vibrations along her arm.

I guess if these cut out the outside world this well I can understand part of why wearing them makes training twenty-something-percent more effective …! She giggled as she reached up to feel along the side of the dome over her right ear.

Sure enough, there was a clearly recessed button that shifted under her curious touch. Before she pressed down Marcia wiggled into place, trying to settle in to be as comfortable as she could. If she’d be sitting for at least a good four hours it felt important that she not end up sore. As soon as she was sure there was no other reason to delay, and with there still being plenty of time before she was even due to be walking through the front door, Marcia pressed the button down and rested her hands in her lap.

A small white ‘play’ arrow appeared in the upper left of the television screen, but only for a brief moment. Before long it faded away, and the company’s logo slowly zoomed in to fill the screen. The stylized C and T fit together with a bright flash of light as swelling, inspirational music played.

I’ve never heard this tune before, but these headphones are really amazing…!

The music was really catchy, and Marcia found herself humming along with it as the logo slowly spun in place. It didn’t last very long, only long enough for the scene of a very professional woman leaning against her desk to slowly fade in. The office was picturesque, well decorated with a desk that looked made of real wood.

The woman herself was gorgeous. She looked in her early forties, but in a way that said she’d aged exceptionally well. Something about how she held herself, and the smile on her face made it impossible to think she was still in her thirties. The woman wore her black hair short, and her gaze was exceptionally intense. Wrapped around her body was a sharp suit that was all shades of mint green—the same color as the Cogitech logo. The similarity wasn’t lost on Marcia, who couldn’t help but giggle to herself at how perfect it was.

New music began as the opening fanfare faded and the sharply dressed woman began to speak. It was less intrusive than the loud, proud fanfare. This track was more mellow, sounding more down to business, and it was seemly engineered to emphasize the woman’s voice instead of drowning it out. “Hello, and welcome to the first day of your new hire training here at Cogitech. Since you’ll be supporting our customers’ needs directly, it’s important that you pay close attention. In every interaction, it’s your job to represent all of us… and me.”

She must be the CEO… Marcia distantly thought to herself as she wiggled to get a little bit more comfortable. It was definitely feeling like this was going to be a long day, but she still didn’t mind. Nothing about being bored was worse than going to another interview.

Besides, the music was really catchy.

“Cogitech policy is all based around the simple idea of specialized cogency. While you’re at work, you’re a part of Cogitech. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you experience, is as a part of Cogitech. Everything you learn is as a part of Cogitech.” The woman’s voice was smooth and professional, like Lindsey’s, but there was a power behind it that Lindsey’s voice had lacked.

Something about the way she spoke, the way she emphasized her words, the way she gestured with her hands, it felt less like Marcia needed to try to pay attention and more as though the woman was demanding it, insisting it. With focusing already being Marcia’s goal it was only natural to be carried along.

The music was quiet, and low, but it almost sounded like it was repeating the woman’s words on a delay. Marcia tried to listen more carefully to see if the song did have a voice to it, but she couldn’t hear anything. Somehow it just felt like the notes of the song were repeating her words, her meaning, as if layering her words on top of themselves to make sure there was no confusion, not even a trace of uncertainty.

“I’m the president of Cogitech, Vivian Wolf.” Her name appeared as solid, bold green text across the bottom of the screen. A green light shined behind it, guiding Marcia’s eyes across.

I swear it… it almost sounds like the music is saying her name… and… something else…? Marcia struggled to listen closer. She wouldn’t have even realized it was there if she wasn’t trying so intensely to focus, to prove herself. No there’s nothing, it’s just… almost like a voice…? It’s strange… A little… dizzying…?

Unaware and unbothered by Marcia’s curiosity, the recording of Vivian continued to speak in the same clear, confident voice as before with the gentle, calm, soothing corporate music’s support. “As a part of Cogitech, the most fundamental skill that you can come to understand is specialized cogency.”

The term appeared in text besides Vivian, written out in the same font, and the same green, as the company logo. Marcia nodded along, almost wishing she’d thought to bring a pad and a pen so she could take notes. That was sure to be important, but the term stood out enough she was fairly sure she’d be able to remember it. Specialized cogency. It wasn’t a term she’d ever heard before, but that only made it sound more important for how unusual it was.

“Another way of saying it is… trained lucidity. But what does that mean…?” Vivian smiled a little more as though she were letting Marcia in on something special. “Anyone can think. Anyone can learn how to perform a task. You’re in training to learn how to perform your job—how to be an important Cogitech asset, resource… and that’s what specialized cogency is all about.”

Vivian stepped towards the camera, giving a better close-up of her face. Her eyes were a deeper, richer green than her suit and only looked more intense so close up. Marcia looked back to those eyes, her own hazel pair curious. Something about the way the video was shot felt… intimate. It wasn’t inappropriate. Nothing about the video made Marcia feel uncomfortable or like Vivian was invading her personal space, but it felt like Vivian was much closer than she really was.

It felt like Vivian was talking to her.

She could feel Vivian’s words in a way she’d never felt anyone’s words before. Something about that made it easier to stop fidgeting and sink deeper into the chair. Something about that made it easier to focus all of her attention on what Vivian had to say.

“You won’t just be learning what to think, or when to think it. Cogitech doesn’t have a script. Cogitech is about attending to our customer’s needs, and that means that we can’t prepare you for every situation… but we can teach you how to think to take care of our clients.” Vivian gestured beside herself, and under the words “Specialized Cogency” the words “How To Think” stretched across the screen. “Specialized cogency will help you learn how to properly utilize your mind to be what the customer wants you to be—what Cogitech needs you to be—without needing to worry about anything else. Who you are outside of this building doesn’t matter. While you’re here…? You’re a part of Cogitech. While you’re here, you’re our asset, our resource.”

Vivian gestured beside herself as new words moved across the screen.

“While you’re here, you’re a Cogitech Asset!”

“While you’re here, you’re our resource!”

Green light shined behind those words, making it impossible for Marcia’s eyes to not follow along. The music seemed to echo those words so much louder than their font, than Vivian’s voice, yet there was no voice to hear at all.

Marcia sunk deeper into the chair. Her eyes hooded while staying so intensely focused on the video. A Cogitech asset… that makes sense… A resource… That makes sense too, right…?

The music shifted as though it were agreeing with her. Marcia fluttered her eyes in confusion. That shouldn’t have been able to happen. Music in a recording wasn’t able to guess what someone was thinking, to respond to those thoughts, but it seemed impossible to think that it hadn’t. Before she could think anything else, Vivian began to speak again. Her commanding presence demanded Marcia’s attention.

Even the words still on the screen seemed unimportant as the sight of them repeated the path from light to meaning into her brain using her peripheral vision.

“To make this process easier, to make it easier for you to think as a part of Cogitech, we’re going to start this lesson with a thought exercise. This process will help condition you to think of yourself not as just another worker, but as a part of Cogitech. This process will help teach you how to properly think.” Something about being taught how to properly think felt strange, but Marcia couldn’t quite pin down why that was.

All job-training was about learning how to think. Customer support was all about problem solving. It was important that she know how the company wanted her to solve problems, wasn’t it?

Somehow it felt like the music agreed with her, and that made it easier for her to relax.

“Listen to me. I want you to listen to me, not just with your ears, but with your mind. I want you to listen to me, and let everything else fade away to the background. Right now, nothing else matters.” As she spoke, the world around Vivian began to fade. The lighting around Marcia began to dim. Her eyes fluttered, and Marcia faintly nodded as she remained staring into Vivian’s eyes, trying as hard as she could to not just listen, but to listen.

I need her to teach me how to think… The thought echoed tiredly through Marcia’s mind, too quietly and delicately to snag on anything, but firmly enough to be fully formed. I need to listen to her with my mind…

“Good. Very good. You’re a part of Cogitech. You are an asset of Cogitech. Cogitech’s most important asset is its employees. You are an employee of Cogitech. You want to be a good employee. You want to be a productive employee. That means you need to have productive thoughts.” Vivian’s voice flowed so sweetly from one idea to the next. No word lingered too long, but none of them faded out too quickly. There was something almost sensuous to her voice while still remaining so professional, so firm.

It’s like I can feel her words… it’s like I can feel them… teaching me how to think… Marcia sighed. Something about that thought was so relieving.

Everything that Vivian was saying made so much sense. Marcia was a part of Cogitech now. An asset. People always said that the most important asset of any company was its employees, and Marcia wanted to be a good employee. If that meant having productive thoughts, then she needed to have productive thoughts.

How do I have productive thoughts…?

The question felt whispered into her mind like an actress having her line whispered from off stage. It was quiet and low, unobtrusive, but Marcia understood it so clearly without even needing to try. It was at once both her own idea, and not her own idea.

That made it easier to focus, and listen to Vivian’s words with deeper, more receptive, parts of her mind.

“To have productive thoughts, you need to make room. You need to reach inside of your mind and find all of the thoughts that aren’t productive—thoughts of your life at home, thoughts of what you plan to do this weekend, likes, dislikes—and you need to learn how to not have those thoughts. You need to be trained how to only be an asset of Cogitech.” The previous words had already vanished from the screen, and new ones took their place.

“Life at home”

“The weekend”


The same green light shined behind them, but instead of illuminating them, they grew darker as the light passed by. It was harder to make the letters out until they faded away entirely. Marcia quivered, her lip faintly twitching.

That… that means something, something bad, but I… but I… can’t…

“While you’re at work, what you want doesn’t matter. What is good for the company matters. A good worker doesn’t even have a sexual orientation. That’s up to the company to decide.” Vivian spoke just as confidently as she had before. Her expression remained just as calm, collected, and professional. Without the headphones, Marcia wouldn’t have had any idea what Vivian was saying.

“There will be a test on this later, but it’s important that we make sure you understand this point before we go any further. While you’re at work, it’s important to only have productive thoughts. It is very important to have productive thoughts.” Vivian smiled, gesturing beside herself again. “And the following things don’t matter. Repeat them as they’re highlighted on your screen! Participation in your training will ensure optimal job placement at the conclusion of your training.”

Marcia had been on the verge of realizing something, of understanding something that was so very wrong but the idea of failing at the training regimen weakened her grasp until the loose thoughts were able to easily float away. Forgotten, Marcia was now ready to follow along as she’d been instructed.

Personal thoughts aren’t productive thoughts…

The words appeared on screen, and Marcia quivered. Something in the music liked her thinking those thoughts. Something about having those thoughts felt… sexy. Her nipples felt stiff under her t-shirt, pressing tightly against the simple, tan bra she wore underneath.

Thoughts about my personal life aren’t productive thoughts…

Her thighs lightly clenched, but it was hard for Marcia to hold onto why. She couldn’t see the words that flashed across the screen too fast for her to remember them but long enough for them to imprint on her mind. All she could easily remember were Vivian’s words, and the words on screen. She was doing her best to focus on her training. This job was so important to her. She needed to do well.

What I like, or want, doesn’t matter…

Marcia wasn’t able to perceive the flashes of women, not altogether unlike her, down on their knees. She couldn’t remember the words that flashed over them that said “company property” or “Cogitech asset.” All she could remember was how important it sounded, how important it felt, to acknowledge that her preferences didn’t matter.

My sexuality is a company asset. I am a company asset…

Green shined behind those words, and when they vanished, it was hard to look at Vivian quite the same way. Not only did she radiate professionalism, but she radiated dominance. She radiated the energy of a coiled snake ready to strike and take from Marcia whatever she wanted—and something about that idea was sounding so much more erotic than it would have when she first arrived to the office. Something about it almost sounded… enticing.

B-but I’m not… I don’t… I’m…

“These lessons will take time to properly learn… and the proper reinforcement. To make sure that you don’t over examine these lessons, and do more harm than good… the next important lesson is compartmentalized thinking…” Vivian gestured beside her, and again, green illuminated hose words.

Compartmentalized thinking…

“What does compartmentalized thinking mean…? That means, to put it simply, that you only need to remember, to think, what’s important in any given situation. When you aren’t training… You won’t have thoughts about training.” Vivian’s voice grew lower. More images flashed, of kneeling women, of professional women ripping away at their own clothes, kneeling with blank expressions while wearing headsets. “Compartmentalized thinking means you’re who we want you to be, when we want you to be… And you won’t remember any of this when we don’t want you to remember, will you…?”

Won’t remember… Won’t want to remember… Better to forget… Sexier to forget… Forgetting makes me wet… Like feeling sexy… Like forgetting for Miss Wolf…

The thoughts were half Marcia’s, but that half of her felt so quiet, so distant, so weak. The voice in the song, the voice that Marcia could only half remember, that seemed so much more important now. That was so much more important now, because it was a productive thought. Productive thoughts were all that mattered when she was at work.

“Learning to forget on command is the most important part of Specialized Cognition… so we’re going to practice it now. I’m going to teach you how to forget…”

Marcia pressed down the play button on the headphones with a lazy smile. I’m glad I got here early, that means I can get more done today…

The headphones felt so incredibly comfortable. Marcia had already tested them and knew that there was no way she would be interrupted by any sounds she wasn’t supposed to hear. When she snapped her fingers in front of her face she barely heard anything at all. It was impressive, but a part of her expected nothing less of Cogitech.

They clearly knew what they were doing.

A white ‘play’ arrow appeared in the upper left corner for only a moment, and then the Cogitech logo, a stylized C and T, slowly zoomed in to fill the screen. Green light shined brightly behind it, and inspirational music played loudly through the large, bulky headphones.

I’ve never heard this tune before, but these headphones are really amazing…!

When Vivian appeared on the screen, Marcia’s breath caught in her throat, and her heart skipped a beat. Marcia didn’t know who this woman in green was, with her sharp suit and her short black hair. All she knew was that this woman was important and that she needed to give her complete and total focus.

“Hello, and welcome to the first day of your new hire training here at Cogitech.” As the video played out again everything seemed to go much the same as it had the first time Marcia had pressed play. Vivian’s pose, her expression, the music that almost seemed to whisper without saying anything at all… but then Vivian’s expression changed. It was subtle, but enough that Marcia’s mind noticed it and forced her to pay attention. “Forget everything.”

Marcia moaned and slumped in her seat. Her eyes and mouth hung open, her thighs parted. She was completely limp. The door opened, but she didn’t turn to look.

She didn’t hear a sound that wasn’t going straight to her mind from those large, bulky headphones. She was completely isolated from the rest of the world. She couldn’t even remember that the rest of the world existed.

She’d forgotten that on command.

“Instead of teaching you to forget for a fifth time, it’s now time for your lunch break. Do you remember what you learned about your sexuality?” Vivian’s voice was a cross between the instructional video she was parodying, and someone who knew she’d made Marcia’s panties a wet, slick mess.

“C-c-company… asset… M-my sexuality is… a company asset…” Marcia’s lips were heavy, but somehow she found the strength to get out those words, that idea. She couldn’t remember them the moment she spoke them. She’d already forgotten.

All she could remember were productive thoughts—thoughts that Vivian wanted her to have as a part of Cogitech. That meant Marcia was only thinking the exact thoughts that Vivian wanted her to have in that exact moment. It was a difficult skill to master, but Marcia was doing such as good job focusing on the recording that she’d already learned so much so quickly.

“That’s right. Your HR representative is going to start teaching you how to use your sexuality as a part of Cogitech. I’ll see you again after lunch.” Vivian gave a half wave, half salute, and then Lindsey was suddenly between Marcia and the screen.

Lindsey reached down, slowly lifting her skirt. Her stockings ended high up her thighs, drawing all the more attention to her bare pussy and the small tuft of black hair just above her slit. Her lips were already so flush with arousal, glistening and pouty. She didn’t say a word, instead simply grasping ahold of Marcia’s hair before forcing the new employee’s face down between her legs.

A song played in those bulky headphones, full of words that Marcia couldn’t hear no matter how hard she might have strained to listen. Even without remembering them she was able to internalize every word as her tongue began to dance along Lindsey’s slit.

When lunch was over, Marcia already knew she would forget everything she’d learned. It wouldn’t matter. She was being taught how to think.

That especially included how to forget.

Lindsey moaned as she rolled her hips into Marcia’s face. It had barely been any time at all and already it was glistening with Lindsey’s nectar. Her own expression was distant and hazy as she moved not with lust and need, or even the firm dominant control that Vivian displayed. Instead, Lindsey moved with a purpose that ran parallel with Marcia’s.

Someone needed to teach Marcia how to swirl her tongue around a woman’s clit. Someone needed to teach Marcia that all of the ideas her mind held onto about being straight, about not being into girls, about not being interested in the taste of pussy, weren’t important when she was at work. Just as it was Marcia’s job to learn, it was Lindsey’s job to teach. She moaned, and even shuddered as Marcia’s touch slowly became less clumsy and more focused, but she wore the same distant, glassy look in her eyes that Marcia wore in hers.

When Lindsey came, Marcia shuddered, and continued to lick, to suckle, to explore the woman’s folds with her fingers. She had only just started her lunch, and it was important that she take her entire lunch break or the company wouldn’t be following proper procedure. She didn’t remember that until her headphones instructed her, but it didn’t bother her at all to be reminded.

Lindsey was already well aware, and more than happy to continue grinding her pussy against Marcia’s eager, productive face. One of her hands even reached up, squeezing at one of her own clothed breasts.

Personal thoughts aren’t productive thoughts…

Marcia suckled more intensely as Lindsey’s moans again became louder, more intense.

Thoughts about my personal life aren’t productive thoughts…

The only ideas that filled Marcia’s head were the thoughts the headphones whispered about how to move her tongue, how to suck with her lips, and how to let go of the idea that what she wanted or didn’t want mattered. The last point seemed to be the most important. The song repeated that the most, and always so insistently.

What I like, or want, doesn’t matter…

Neither Lindsey nor Marcia had done anything to stimulate Marcia directly, but the pressure between her thighs was swelling just as it had between Lindsey’s. She knew that when she made Lindsey cum again she would cum with her. She didn’t know how she knew it, but she knew it.

My sexuality is a company asset… I am a company asset…!

When Lindsey screamed, Marcia screamed with her. The voice told her how to scream, how to emphasize her arousal, how to draw attention to her own pleasure, as she lost control of everything and forgot so much more than she’d ever forgotten before.

All that Marcia could remember was that she was a part of Cogitech, and it was important that she think only productive thoughts.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: Marcia got the position she hoped for, but a little more than she bargained for, too...! Just what does Cogitech have in mind for her next? To find out before anyone else, you can support my Patreon campaign and make that happen!Pplus it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story! There's also weekly status updates on what's going on with my writing when you sign up! I also have a discord for my writing, Madam Kistulot's Domain If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord!

Special thanks go to Zyfire and Elsa Whitworth!


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