En Pointe

Chapter 5: Coupé

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #corruption #masturbation #panty_sniffing #shoes #slow_burn

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Coupé

Dinner was a good way to distract from the bizarre thoughts she’d been having. Switching modes entirely helped Kelsey pretend she’d had a completely ordinary day. Thoughts like that about other women—especially her sister—weren’t something that happened to Kelsey.

Silently, the influence inside of her weaved deeper. It was in no particular rush, and Kelsey’s willful ignorance of its presence only helped it spread.

After all, she couldn’t fight off what she refused to acknowledge.

It wasn’t long before she’d grown tired of everything on TV and spent an hour or two clicking through videos and social media posts. Before she knew it, when she looked at the clock it was past midnight.

“Nnn… Usually Viv would be home by now, but she probably won’t for another few hours at least…” Kelsey yawned, stretching as she pulled herself out of the rut she’d made in their couch. “I guess I should probably get some sleep… I don’t want to, but that’s just more reason why I should. I never make good decisions when I’m this tired. Something about lack of oxygen flow to the brain…?”

Giggling, she went through the motions of preparing for bed with a minimum of cute cat videos. Before long she was sitting in her bed, and looking over to the bedside table with a blink.

The black lacquer box was there instead of resting on her desk.

“I… really don’t remember moving you…” Kelsey yawned louder, her eyes fluttering as she squeezed at the orb. A warm feeling rolled through her body like a massage, kneading away at places that had felt so tight. Her body loosened, all but her thighs. They squeezed together, the place they met beginning to lowly simmer.

Her eyes hooded, pupils nearly glowing a dim green. So quickly after she’d sat, what little energy remained in her body felt like it was melting and dripping its way out of her. Kelsey’s mouth hung open as her thumb rolled slowly across the ball in her hand. Uncertainty quivered from somewhere deep inside of her, some place too quiet to be as concerning as perhaps it should have been.

It hadn’t been a short day by any means, but the sudden waves of calm and exhaustion spreading across her were pronounced enough that even Kelsey noticed. She stared down into her hand, raising an eyebrow even as she gave another squeeze.

Was I this tired before I started squeezing you…?

No one would say that Kelsey was at the peak of physical fitness but she wasn’t such a frail flower that the effort of squeezing a stress ball should be enough to exhaust her. What she felt wasn’t a simple physical exhaustion, and exhaustion couldn’t explain the way her nipples suddenly felt so hard at her chest. The oversized t-shirt she wore to bed stood out prominently in two very obvious places.

Her head felt dizzy, but it didn’t feel bad. It almost felt soothing.


Something about the feeling was akin to the rush from a long exercise session. In the same way it was satisfying, and it urged her on to squeeze the stress ball tighter. This time when the lights around her dimmer, Kelsey noticed. Her eyes widened.

“W-wait…! What’s happ—”

Before she could finish her thought, or come to some realization about what was occurring, her hand squeezed the ball again. She hadn’t wanted to, or considered it, but it happened all the same. When it did, her body felt squeezed in tight just like the ball itself.

None of the previous times she’d clenched her hand around the small green orb made it feel like her own thoughts were being crushed to silence in the palm of her hand. Squeezing tighter and tighter, so much of the green emerged in the space between her pointer finger and thumb as Kelsey’s eyes turned emptier, blank.

Drool shined at the corner of her lip as she stared ahead as Kelsey collapsed back onto her bed. Her head landed perfectly onto her pillow, and her hand continued to squeeze. Her eyes stayed open, seeing nothing as her saliva soaked her pillow case. No one would mistake the vapid expression on her face for anything even vaguely resembling consciousness even before green reached out from deep inside of her pupils to infect the dark blue of her irises.

It was the same sinister green as the orb in her hand.

Before long the green spilled past the rims of her irises, dyeing even the white of her sclera the same enchanted emerald hue. When at last only green darkness shone from her eyes they fell shut, and Kelsey was pulled into a deep sleep.

Her hand continued to squeeze, and each movement of her hand was mirrored by her clenching thighs. Every squeeze the lights flickered, and Kelsey quietly moaned.

Kelsey could not escape, she could only dream what the green wished her to dream.

Kelsey smiled as she made her way out of her room. Vivian worked late last night, and Kelsey was looking forward to seeing her again. She’d been feeling strange before she went to bed, but now everything seemed fine. Any lingering anxiety felt completely unjustified. It wasn’t as easy to push away as she’d like, but at least she consciously knew there was no reason for her to be so anxious.

“Hey sis—”

Her words gave way to silence. Vivian was wearing a tiny skirt so small it revealed most of her thighs. As much as that sight would have drawn anyone’s eyes to stare at the shape of her pale legs, Kelsey’s gaze was focused much lower. She was interested in those legs, but for a different reason than just the smooth, soft texture of her skin that simply begged to be touched.

It felt like only yesterday that Kelsey had seen Vivian wearing heels, but that was an entirely different experience. Those heels were sensible—only a couple of inches at most. No one would call them scandalous or over the top.

Those were nothing at all like what Vivian was wearing now.

Kelsey couldn’t even guess how much height there was to her heels, but she knew that her sister’s feet were practically pointing straight down to the floor with how far up the shoes lifted her heels. Vivian’s legs looked tighter, emphasized in ways that Kelsey had never even imagined before. She looked taut, exposed and stretched out as if ready, ready for… something, ready for something that Kelsey wanted to indulge more than she would have ever imagined.

Of course it hardly helped that Vivian’s skin looked so warm, and so, so impossibly soft. Rubbing her cheeks along those thighs, tasting them with her lips, marking them with her claws… none of those things were the exact desire that she craved, but all of them would still satisfy her. All of them would still be so fun to try.

She didn’t know what precise desire was yearning for fulfillment at the sight of those legs, but that did nothing to diminish the burning, pulsing, throbbing heat between her legs. Every moment those thighs, calves, and the hints of her feet buried deep in those shoes revealed themselves to Kelsey she felt weaker and weaker.

Dizziness swirled around the inside of her head, squeezing inescapably tight. She felt faint. Weak. If she took a step, Kelsey was sure she would drop to the ground.

Thankfully her body was too tight, too stiff for her to do anything but stare.

Every breath she took was strained. No matter how hard she breathed, or how desperately she struggled for air, Kelsey remained breathlessly trapped in place. Vivian was too eye catching, too beautiful, and somehow everything about her legs was pushing buttons that Kelsey didn’t even know she had. Her panties were drenched, and her chest felt flushed. Her thighs were clenched so tight it hurt.

Then Vivian walked, and all of those feelings redoubled as though before they had been nothing.

Her every step was so graceful. She moved like she was made of wind, dancing with the most casual of movements. With such a tiny skirt, walking threatened to reveal so much higher, but Kelsey didn’t care about that at all. She was aware somewhere higher would be the clear sight of Vivian’s panties…

But she only had eyes for Vivian’s legs.

“Hey, Kelsey.” Vivian’s voice was so much lower than usual. The word “smoldering” was the only word that could possibly describe the way it seemed to tease its way deeply into Kelsey’s ears and stroke places sisters’ voices weren’t meant to reach. “I hope you slept well.”

The younger sister curled her bare toes into the carpet. Restraining a deep, low, pitiful whimper took all of Kelsey’s self-control. These feelings were so unfamiliar, so new, even if it was hardly as though the young woman had never felt aroused before. She’d felt yearning. She’d felt need.

None of those sensations compared to the ones she felt in that moment.

Try as hard as she might, her lips still failed to contain a low, quiet moan.

“Kelsey.” Vivian’s voice cut past the fog, but only long enough for their blue eyes to meet. Kelsey tried to maintain the contact, to keep her eyes from drifting back down, but it was a losing battle. She couldn’t resist the alluring pull of her sister’s legs. It was pointless to even try. “It looks like you see something you enjoy. You’ve never looked at me like this before, so it must be something new—like these shoes. What do you think of my new heels?” Vivian quietly laughed, and the sound clenched tightly around Kelsey’s vulnerable half-thoughts and trembling longings.

“Don’t they do the most obscene things to my legs? I know I don’t need the height, but…”

Vivian took another step, and then stopped. Instead of moving closer to her sister, she slowly moved in place, rotating as if to show off for her younger sister. Instead of just a glance from in front, Kelsey was being granted a view of her sister’s long, beautiful legs—as they moved no less—from so many different angles it was impossible to count.

Kelsey could do nothing to contain her shaky, whimpery moan for even a moment. Her fingers twitched at her sides. Her hands wanted to touch, to feel, and so did her mouth.

Her body burned, aching with desire that Kelsey knew there was no reasonable way to fulfill. Everything about that was taboo, forbidden, wrong, but none of that diminished the longing she felt with every cell of her being.

The more she saw her sister move, the more she needed to feel along those finely sculpted legs that looked so impossibly perfect. She needed to kiss and bite and suck at her skin until her face was buried under her sister’s skirt. She didn’t know what she would do once she found her way there, but that didn’t feel particularly important.

It didn’t matter that Vivian was her sister—no, it did matter. At first that had been the only reason she’d stayed restrained, controlled, but something inside of her was changing. It was out of her control, and it pulsed with a feeling of green around her clit.

Vivian was her sister. That made it so much better. She didn’t just want to feel those legs, or taste her skin. Kelsey wanted to be buried between her sister’s legs so she could feel those heels digging into her back and her nails sliding through her hair! Kelsey wanted to hear her own sister moaning as her lips and tongue and teeth found all of the right places to make her scream after paying such careful attention to her long, elegant legs.

“I… Your… Your legs…” Kelsey’s voice faltered. Was she still trying to hold back? Was she uncertain how to move forward? She wasn’t sure which was more true, only that her resistance felt flimsier the longer she gaped. “Those are… They’re really tall heels… It’s impressive you can even stand in them…” Everything she said felt so silly, so incredibly pointless to say, but she needed to say something.

Her cheeks burning a deeper and richer red as she failed to grasp some control over herself. If there was some way to direct what would happen next with her will, then it was a way Kelsey was incapable of proceeding.

“They look… You look…”

Vivian moved closer, step by step. Time felt slowed to a crawl as Kelsey stared, feeling more and more trapped in place with each of Vivian’s movements. Arousal compelled Kelsey to move, to act, but the intensity made it impossible. Too much heat and desire throbbed through her body, and Kelsey could do nothing more than spectate her sister’s erotic approach.

Even when Vivian’s leg slid between hers, Kelsey was stuck in place. The bare skin of her leg slid up between Kelsey’s, making her writhe without really moving. In only a matter of moments a bare thigh was pressing against her own panty-clad sex, and her own thigh was similarly trapped between her sister’s legs. All Kelsey could do was shudder and clench as her eyes rolled back into her head.

She groaned, long and slow. Her sister was a goddess, and their bodies were meeting in such an intimate, perfect way. Kelsey wanted more.

Vivian sighed, her voice feeling like it came as much from her lips as her legs to her spellbound sister. “I look amazing. I look wonderful, and you wish I would look like this more… but not for just anyone. You want me to look like this, to be like this, so much more… even sexier… for you.” Vivian’s tone wasn’t accusatory.

It was knowing.

No doubt, only certainty. Kelsey couldn’t bring herself to reply. Each time she tried her voice died in her throat. She did want that. She wanted Kelsey’s sexy legs all to herself. She wanted Kelsey to be like this all the time.

She wanted to be closer to Vivian than she’d ever been with anyone else…

“You wish I’d let you touch me. You wish I’d let you stare at me…” Vivian trailed a fingertip slowly along Kelsey’s neck. A moment later, her fingers were in Kelsey’s hair, keeping her eyes focused down on the sight of her legs. They were close, so close, but that sensation was so much more alluring than anything else could possibly be. “You want me to let you do whatever your heart and your clit desire… Wouldn’t that just be amazing, Kels…?”

“I… I…” Hesitation felt so silly when her sister could see right through her. She could barely lie to herself, but why lie to the one woman who could give her what she so desperately craved? “Y-yess, Viv…!” Kelsey’s voice finally came together enough to express words, but could still barely manage a hissed moan. Her glassy eyes stared fuzzily into her sister’s. There was no denying the lust resonating from deep inside of her made all the greater by their difference in height.

Normally there was such a slight difference between them, but in those heels? Vivian towered over her. Kelsey felt small in ways she’d never felt before, and she only wished she could feel smaller.

“I want…” She moaned, grinding herself down against her sister’s leg in a motion born more of instinct than thought. “I want this…! More of this, more of you…! Being this close to you… Feeling you… and, and… Your legs they just… they look so… I… I want to touch, but I… I shouldn’t… right…? This is… This is wrong, and I shouldn’t…! I should be so ashamed for even feeling this way…!”

Something about Vivian’s eyes weren’t quite right. They were bright as they ever were, so that wasn’t it. They were hooded, but that only made sense with how much arousal was contained in her slightest word or her faintest of movement. Kelsey was sure something was off, something about the way they shined, something that was hard to find when she very much wanted to be looking down towards her legs…


Vivian’s eyes were green.

They weren’t just any green, either. Vivian’s eyes were the exact same color as the mysterious stress ball. When Kelsey finally put everything together her thighs clenched tight around her sister’s leg, and nothing she did could pull them back apart. She couldn’t stop rolling her hips, each motion grinding her twitching, slick, needy cunt down against her sister’s thigh.

Her sister’s leg felt so firm and unyielding while still being so deliciously supple. No matter how hard she pressed it felt as though Vivian could easily adjust, yet the shape of her leg contoured to better fulfill Kelsey’s desires.

The combination only made Kelsey feel weaker as she panted and groaned. New sensation made her crave yet more sensation. The wrongness made her crave more wrongness.

If there was ever a time to resist it was before her hips started to move. If there was ever another time to pull back, it was when she realized how close she already was to cumming… but she didn’t. Kelsey kept right on grinding, even as her mouth twisted and her eyes fluttered. Deeper, lower groans rose from her throat, and her hands reached up on their own to tightly grip her sister’s hips.

She needed more and her need refused to be denied.

“I never would have imagined that my sister was such a helpless little slut when she gets a taste of something she really wants… something she really needs…” Vivian’s voice was just as warm as ever. The difference that the usual sisterly affection it expressed was replaced with something so much darker, so much more taboo. It was still inviting, still intimate, and still so familiar… but it promised things that sisters weren’t supposed to promise each other. “You say that it’s wrong… That you shouldn’t… but that isn’t stopping you at all, is it…?” Vivian purred lower, her eyes hooding, the green somehow seeming even more prominent with less of her eyes visible.

Somehow Kelsey could see both her sister’s eyes and her legs at once without needing to choose where to look. Even with her eyes wanting to roll back into her head, Kelsey could feel the thigh between her legs, and the body grinding against her own. She could feel those eyes boring into her own, stripping away her excuses.

“Here you are. Your pussy is drooling all over my leg, and you’re doing nothing to stop yourself..." Vivian licked her lips. Somehow, Kelsey could feel it. She could feel that tongue like it was moving around her clothed nipples, hidden only by an oversized t-shirt. She whined, trembling against her sister’s thigh. “Don’t you wish this was real? Wouldn’t you love to be able to reach down and feel my legs, to know they were mine, to squeeze them to your heart’s content…?”

“I… I…!” Kelsey struggled to reply. Her mouth and her throat were under her control, if such a thing could be said to exist at all, but her mind itself was lost so deep in a swampy haze of lust. So much of her very self was dominated by thoughts of her sister.

None of them were thoughts she’d ever had before that day, but none of that helped her escape from them. None of that helped her make them any less powerful.

Their newness, if anything, made Kelsey weaker. She had no experience fighting off such raw, forbidden lust. She’d never had a fantasy or desire so all-consuming while also being something she could never imagine herself fulfilling. All of her past longings suddenly felt so down to earth, so simple, so…


Everything Vivian said was true. The desires were true, and it felt less as though they were only becoming true in that moment but as if that truth were stretching backwards through time. They had always been true. They would always be true, now that Vivian had expressed them.

She couldn’t even bring herself to lie, and not only because Vivian would see through her. The real reason was both far more shameful, and far more meaningful.

Kelsey didn’t want to deny it because then she was afraid Vivian might stop.

The pressure inside of her body built higher and higher than she’d ever felt it before. Kelsey was no stranger to masturbation, nor to grinding on someone else’s leg. Unlike those many times before, no matter how quickly or firmly or precisely she pressed herself down against her sister’s leg she couldn’t reach that peak. The pressure continued to build, and her release continued to move further and further from her grasp.

Soon, Kelsey was a sweaty, panting mess. Whining, her grasp at her sister’s hips grew stronger. She wanted to follow her sister’s prompting, to reach down further, lower, but she couldn’t. Her hands wouldn’t move. They wouldn’t even move to the very start of Vivian’s thighs with the most intense straining she could muster.

Kelsey wanted to, wanted to reach that smooth, soft place, more than anything. She wanted to feel along her sister’s legs, to nibble and suck and bite, but either her sister’s words that she could not, or the wrongness itself, held her back.

It didn’t just feel like something she shouldn’t do, it felt…


Something she couldn’t do, something that the laws of reality themselves conspired to prevent. She twitched, but her hips moved so much more than her hands and the swelling need to cum soared ever higher.

“That’s right, sis. Try all you want. Quicker, slower, firmer, or softer… It won’t matter. Like this? You can’t find relief. You could do this for days, or hours, and you wouldn’t find it. You can’t escape what you want, or what you need…” Vivian leaned in closer, her lips brushing Kelsey’s as she spoke. Every syllable was like the slightest of kisses, and not the sort of kisses that sisters were supposed to share. As she spoke, Kelsey’s grinding, pressing, shuddering movements hardly faltered. If anything, they only became more intense. “You can’t find relief until you give in to what you want, what you need. You’re a dirty little slut for me, and the only way you’re going to be able to cum…”

Kelsey didn’t know how Vivian’s panties had ended up in her hand. Moments ago she’d felt them against her own leg. It didn’t matter, though. They were clearly in Vivian’s hand now, held in front of her, right between their faces. There was no way to look away.

Nothing about the pair was fancy. They were simple, and plain… an off-tan that wouldn’t even draw the eye. What was important was that they were stained.

Stained with Vivian’s lust.

“Is with these on your face…”

Vivian’s hand moved the pair of panties closer and closer to Kelsey, seemingly ready to push them right over her nose. Kelsey stared at first, too wide eyed to know what to do. When her sense returned to her she tried to pull away, but with the same strength she tried her best to lean closer.

In the end she accomplished little more than shuddering in place. Cotton teased her face, and Kelsey let out a tired groan as she felt herself yield in a primal way she couldn’t take back no matter what she did or said.

She didn’t want to want it, or need it, but desire alone didn’t change the truth. Kelsey was helpless to these feelings, and she couldn’t resist indulging herself with a long, slow inhale. The pressure was already so strong, her need so great…

“But these aren’t the real thing, so all they’ll do is make your need that much worse…”

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