En Pointe

Chapter 4: Frappé

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #corruption #masturbation #panty_sniffing #shoes #slow_burn

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Frappé

The next day passed by swiftly for Kelsey without much incident.

No mysterious package was waiting for her when she returned home, and she couldn’t say that anything else had been out of the ordinary, either. Remembering that Vivian was having a late night was mildly disappointing but it was something Kelsey could easily handle. Besides, much of her night was again going to be filled with homework.

She turned on her computer and stopped by the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. When she returned to her room, her eyes fell beside her keyboard. Her dark blue eyes stared suspiciously.

Resting just beside her keyboard was a familiar black lacquer box.

“Were you there before and I just didn’t notice…?” Kelsey blinked, shaking her head with the mildest of frowns. “I really need to pay better attention to where I put you, or I will need to ask Viv to find some way to replace you…! That would be embarrassing for both of us, since I can’t imagine she’d have much luck finding out where to get another one of you… So let’s work together to keep you around, huh?”

Settling into her seat, Kelsey opened up the box, and pulled the orb into her hand. As before the lighting of the room dimmed until it was closed within her hand. Unlike before, something deep inside of her pupils took on an almost green color as she rolled it around in the center of her palm. It was subtle, so subtle most wouldn’t have even noticed.

All alone in her room, there was no one to tell Kelsey that anything was amiss. To the young college woman it was the perfect size and the perfect weight to feel immensely satisfying as she slowly clenched her fist. The green within her eye deepened, darkening as it poured deeper inside of her. Her eyes hooded, and her lips rubbed together, but her focus was entirely on the quiet urge squeezing the orb sated.

It hadn’t come with her when she’d left in the morning, and now that they were reunited Kelsey was relieved to squeeze. Something felt different than the last time she’d been left alone with it, but nothing about that was unpleasant. Something about it felt warmer, felt… more.

Squeezing it felt like stroking something pleasant, something that was both familiar and new in the same moment. The green in her eyes vanished as she squeezed again, almost as though it had descended too deep into her mind for its presence to still be seen. “Alright… I don’t think I have as much to worry about today. Hopefully I can get everything done and enjoy a little time having the place all to myself…!”

Even as she said it aloud, Kelsey couldn’t imagine anything that Vivian wouldn’t appreciate that sounded like a good idea in the middle of the week. As fun as it was to imagine misbehaving, she knew the reality of the situation was very different.

Homework, dinner, relaxing, and then sleeping. Her days rarely had many large surprises. She had too much to worry about, and none of those things left much time.

With her urge to grasp and squeeze wholly sated, Kelsey replaced the orb in its box and sealed it away without a second thought. The room brightened, but her pupils darkened further as something deep inside of her mind weaved its way through her vulnerable, unprotected places.

Unaware that anything had happened, Kelsey focused on her schoolwork.

Soon enough she was immersed, making her way quickly through readings and associated questions. The words flowed more readily each time she moved her hands to type, and everything she needed to read felt so much easier to absorb. There was no extra effort required, not like some nights. Kelsey set herself to the task and then it was just a matter of carrying on. It almost felt like her homework was finishing itself.

When she was all done, she blinked in realization that the green orb was once again in her hand. “I really am absentminded lately… I was so busy checking over my answers that I didn’t even remember grabbing you out of the box…!”

The orb didn’t respond, but when she squeezed it in her hand it granted the same satisfying feeling it had before. Just to satisfy her own curiosity she opened the box to make sure it hadn’t duplicated itself. Sure enough, there was only the orb within her hand. The box was empty, and her palm was filled.

“Well, I guess I did do a lot of typing, and I am a little stressed about some tests coming up. Stress balls are supposed to be good for both of those things, right?” She found herself idly stroking across the box with one hand as the other lightly squeezed. The two felt so entirely dissimilar, one firm and unyielding while the other was quick to reshape itself to her whims. The orb in her hand already felt so much warmer than the box, too. “I wonder if you were a gift from mom, since Viv isn’t responsible for you showing up…

“I think that mom probably would have sent some kind of a note or something, though… but then anyone would who would send this as a gift, right…?” Kelsey sighed, loosening her grasp as her thumb rolled the orb around in her hand.

She could feel a rising urge, a desire, a need to squeeze building inside of herself, but she resisted. To relish the inevitable indulgence that much more, Kelsey took her time and simply teased the orb with her thumb. The green deep within her eyes throbbed again as Kelsey shifted in her seat.

“My birthday was a few months ago… and she got me that import album, right…?” She quietly hummed, savoring the shifting weight in her hand. She edged at her desire, faintly pressing in one side of the orb before again loosening her grasp.

The orb was growing warmer, and so were her thighs. It was a subtle, insidious heat, one that pulsed and throbbed without demanding attention. Just as her thumb teased the orb, her thighs teased at each other, threatening at any moment that they might squeeze together tight and grant Kelsey a friction she didn’t realize she desired.

When she finally squeezed the orb, really grasped it as tightly as she could, she found herself staring blankly at her computer screen. Across it were heels, so many gorgeous heeled shoes. Some were boots, some were pumps, but from left to right the heel raised higher and higher, starting out sensible and growing nearly obscene until they were replaced with something altogether different—ballet shoes. It almost looked as though at one side was where one might begin, and at the other side was the goal.

The pupils in Kelsey’s eyes were now wholly green, deep and dark with a color that matched the orb in her hand.

She couldn’t bring her eyes to look away from the screen, but she didn’t particularly want to look away, either. She couldn’t think about looking away. The only thing in her world was the screen, at least the only thing she could consciously acknowledge. It was simple to squeeze the orb in her hand without realizing it even existed. Though it squeezed around her mind, holding her thoughts in place, to Kelsey there was only the screen filled with shoes.

Something on the screen flickered as though it were reloading, and the shoes changed. They were now being worn by a leggy model, though the images cut off mid-thigh without any clue who might be seen higher up above. Her face, her hair, the rest of her body…

All of that would have been left to Kelsey’s imagination were she allowed to think on it for herself.

Staring at those legs, feminine, bare, reaching down into those shoes, Kelsey couldn’t help but get lost watching the contours of their skin. Looks… familiar… Do I … know someone with legs like that…? Her lips rubbed together, and her eyes hooded. Her hand squeezed tighter. I do…


A shudder rolled down Kelsey’s spine as her teeth closed around her bottom lip. She’d seen Vivian wearing heels before—only the night before. They hadn’t been nearly as high as those currently on the far right of her screen, but they had still undeniably been heels. They’d reshaped her legs, and her gait. After wearing them all day, Vivian had just wanted to take a load off and rest on the couch. Kelsey hadn’t thought much about it at the time.

Now, she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d missed out on noticing something beautiful. I saw her wearing them, but… I didn’t really watch her legs… Kelsey sighed, slowly rubbing her lips together harder as she squeezed the ball in her hand tighter. I wonder what Vivian’s legs look like when she’s wearing heels… Not how she looks when she’s wearing them, I know that, but… She purred, something in her eyes softening, her gaze growing more distant as her thighs faintly shifted together. More… I wonder how her legs look… lifted up like that… smooth skin straining, muscles stretched, in just the right way…

Kelsey’s eyes hooded, almost as though she were lulled into a trance. She looked half asleep, only kept awake by the green pulsing in her eyes as the unusual thoughts drifted through her mind. A trembling breath drew past her lips with the sound of a sharp hiss. Even with such a distracting sound Vivian hardly reacted.

She was too lost in the fantasy, and the grasp of the orb.

Viv usually wears flats… but she was wearing heels last night. Special occasions. Looking professional. Looking… a little… moreEven in her unusual mental state Kelsey still avoided the word sexy, but not without effort. It was the word that best summarized the feeling she was circling around. I wonder how they really make her legs look when she’s wearing a pair of heels, a really good pair of heels… a really tall pair of heels…

I wonder how they make her… how they make her legsKelsey quivered, her eyes fluttering. How they make her legs feel

Her thighs squeezed as tightly as her hand squeezed around the small orb.

Kelsey had seen her sister naked before—plenty of times, in fact. She’d seen her, and she’d never felt the need to glance away to prove she wasn’t interested, but at the same time she’d never appreciated the sight. She’d never thought of her like that.

So many opportunities had presented themselves, but Kelsey had never really taken the time to admire her sister’s body. She knew that Vivian was attractive, but that was all she’d ever felt a need to know. Beyond that point it didn’t seem to matter. They lived together, and seeing Vivian around was hardly unpleasant. It hadn’t been important, or…

At least it had never been important before.

Her breath quickened, and her teeth closed around her bottom lip tight. Her hand trembled from squeezing so tightly around the small green orb. I… do I want to feel her legs…? Do I really want to see them… like that…?

Her grasp on the ball loosened, and it fell to the floor with a thud.

Kelsey’s trance broke, and the image on the screen disappeared as though it had never been there in the first place. Without evidence of the images she’d been staring at before, Kelsey found her cheeks burning. For no apparent reason her mind had been tightly wrapped around the concept of her sisters legs.

I… I really shouldn’t be thinking about things like this…! What am I even doing—I dropped my stress ball! Grumbling at herself, Kelsey leaned down and grabbed up the orb from the floor with a disappointed sigh. Today must have been a longer day than I realized—that must be all.

I’m just thinking of Vivian because I miss her. That’s all. I just… wish she would be here tonight. That’s all…

Vivian would be gone late enough that Kelsey would be long asleep before she returned home. A quick look to the clock at the corner of her screen insisted that would be hours. That was so long for Kelsey to do whatever she wanted with Vivian none the wiser.

Her hand squeezed around the orb again, and a glassy look returned to her eyes.

New images appeared across her screen. Legs, legs in heels, but this time she could see higher. The figures weren’t dressed—not fully. Nothing above their exposed bellies could be seen, but Kelsey found her eyes drifting to something lower. Between their thighs, all of those images were wearing panties that were just tight enough to conform to the shape of their lower lips. Not every single indent could be seen, but at the same time there was enough visible to clearly emphasize so much.

Their legs still looked like Vivian. Something about those panties looked… different. Not just the tightness, but…

Stained… they’re all stained… Kelsey shook, her hand clenching tighter. Stained with… Her mind avoided the word lust with the same effort it avoided sexy before. Thinking of women like that was unusual for Kelsey—especially when she couldn’t help but compare those women to her sister.

She didn’t sleep particularly early, but Vivian would be out so late. That truth kept working its way through her mind as her eyes grazed along the shape of those panties again, and again. Her thumb worked into the small orb, her fingers squeezing.

Vivian won’t be back any time soon… That means I could sneak into her hamper, find a pair of her dirty panties… and learn how she smells… how she tastes… Kelsey quivered, her breathing perfectly matching her rhythmic kneading of the small green orb. Each squeeze, the green in her eyes throbbed deeper, brighter, as though she were kneading it into her own brain. Kels… She’d never need to know, not as long as you put them back after you were done…! She’d never suspect her own sister of huffing her panties while she had fingers playing down between her legs…

But why would I… why would I want to do that…?

Kelsey shook her head, quietly groaning as she shoved the orb back into its lacquered box. With it shut, her eyes still retained a small shine of green at the very center of her pupils. Some of the orb’s influence had infected her, latched on to her, and putting it away could no longer free her.

But for Kelsey, the panties fading from prominence in her mind was all that mattered.

She stepped away from her desk, shaking her head with a yawn. “I must be pretty tired if I’m getting crazy thoughts like that…! I should make some dinner and just… not worry about this. Not right now. Maybe I should watch some TV…”

Kelsey tried to forget about the orb, about her sister’s legs, and her sister’s panties. Reheating some leftovers would help fill her stomach, but a distant, quiet whisper promised her that what she really wanted to fill was between her legs. It wasn’t so loud that she could consciously understand the pull, but it was constant, and unyielding.

Unaware of her own valiant fight against the orb’s corruptive influence, Kelsey settled down to flip through the channels and think about literally anything else.

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