Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 7: Oshiri and Hebi – Ninja Showdown

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 7: Oshiri and Hebi – Ninja Showdown

Codie wasn’t glistening with nearly as much sweat as Eleanor, but her tight pink bodysuit was still stained and clinging all the tighter to her every curve. Her movements were still slow and precise, careful and methodical, but the self-control and the exertion to move so carefully was still a slow strain on the ninja woman. Codie was panting, even if she was hardly overexerting herself.

On the floor, Eleanor was another story.

The combined sigils glowed under the sealing scroll at her crotch, and her mouth twisted as quiet, breathless gasps and half mewls escaped her lips. Her eyes fluttered, but it was hard to imagine such a vacant gaze was capable of actually understanding anything she saw.

Teal eyes continued to watch as Codie rolled her hips, her hands possessively squeezing at Eleanor’s body.

Patient, and observant.

Kerrie wasn’t just sitting back and enjoying the view of the Oshiri Clan ninja’s back with its graceful curve, or her full backside that was practically more naked for being clothed. She wasn’t losing herself in the sight of Codie’s short black hair faintly swaying as she shifted, or the sweat that shined against her visible skin. She enjoyed all of those things, but her notice didn’t begin or end at those things.

Every movement that Codie made betrayed some small aspect of how she worked, what she could do, and what she might do when threatened. Every small gasp when her body moved a certain way, or the way that she would grasp, or squeeze all told the ninja princess something.

None of that useful combat knowledge was why Kerrie watched Codie move the strap-on inside of Eleanor with a hand underneath her gi. None of that was why her fingers were teasing her folds or stroking inside of herself with her moans muffled by a small bit carefully designed for the purpose that muffled any and all sound her cries might make.

Not just a lazy princess who enjoyed her station, Kerrie was a resourceful member of her clan.

“Soon… my magic will break past Kerrie’s… Hebi… mockery of our technique… Then it’ll… be safe to carry you out of here… nnn…” Codie’s voice was strained, words punctuated by quivering gasps. “If you’re ever in this fortress again… it will be as an Oshiri fortress…!”

The strap-on Codie used might not have been a part of her body or connected to her in any way that gave her direct stimulation, but to say she was unaffected would be an obvious lie. From the way her hard nipples strained against her bodysuit to the visible wetness soaking the pink between her thighs, the signs of Codie’s arousal were visible and loud even without the keen senses of a ninja. Her scent might have been mildly obscured by Eleanor’s, but it was still filling the room.

Kerrie grinned as she saw Codie quiver with an especially slow breath.

It was then that she dashed into the room, her large, full breasts squished tight against Codie’s back as her hand reached under the magical strap-on to squeeze around Codie’s outlined pussy. The Oshiri ninja gasped, her eyes opening wide, but Kerrie had moved too quickly for her to react. By the time she could begin processing what was happening, Kerrie was already stroking along her clothed slit with the same slow, tender precision Codie was using to move the toy inside of Eleanor.

“Did you really think that I wouldn’t have noticed the large ass of an Oshiri in my fortress…?” Kerrie’s voice was low and husky in Codie’s ear as the Hebi princess pinched one of the Oshiri ninja’s nipples between her fingers and rolled with a rough cruelty that earned sharp, pitiful cries. “Did you really think that you would be able to steal my prize without me being aware you were here…? You gave yourself away the moment you arrived.”

“I-Impossible…!” Codie whimpered, unable to control her body as her hips jerked and her chest arched on its own. The way Kerrie understood her body, twisting and tugging her clothed nipple, fingers pressing mercilessly into her clit, left Codie barely even able to breathe. “h-h-how?!”

Kerrie laughed one of her haughty, self-impressed laughs right into Codie’s ear. Fingers pinched Codie’s nipple and her clit with such exquisite, precise timing that all she could do was jerk forward until her body was again flush with Eleanor’s.

Eleanor groaned on the floor, mouth opening wide at the sudden depth of the toy that previously had been moving so meticulously and slow. Her eyes remained every bit as vacant, lacking any greater understanding of what was happening beyond the raw sensations themselves. Her state of helplessness was not so shallow to be easily broken by such a small disruption.

Codie’s concentration was broken. Her movements no longer followed the ancient techniques of the Oshiri clan. She tried to gain control of her breathing, her hips, to resist Kerrie’s exquisite touches and the sensation of Kerrie’s breasts pillowing against her back, but everything together was simply too much for her. All at once the green strap-on vanished in a bright flash of light, and Eleanor cried out in desperation and loss.

Kerrie’s touches didn’t stop. If anything, they became all the more relentless. Her nails twisted and tugged at Codie’s vulnerable nipple and abused her clit with a persistent cruelty that kept Codie pitifully gasping as her mouth twisted and her body shuddered. “Why should I waste the time telling you when you’re never going to leave here as a free woman?”

“Nnnhaaa… Nn… Nnooo…!” Codie whimpered, whining as she arched back against Kerrie, desperately attempting to wriggle free. Kerrie’s grasp tightened, making the attempts at struggle merely work to intensify the princess’s techniques. “I’m not… that… easy…!’

“Really…?” Kerrie scoffed, twisting Codie’s nipple harder. Codie’s scream cracked, her voice breaking. On the floor nearby, Eleanor pitifully whined, writhing as a sweaty mess. Her eyes were still empty, still lacking any awareness of the scene occurring just beside her. “You sure seem like you’re… mmm… this easy. What a fun body on you, and shrink wrapped just for me to keep you nice and fresh. I wonder how easy it must be to tear this to shreds and get my hands directly against your flesh!”

“N-noooo…!” Codie whined, her eyes fluttering before she took on a very serious, focused expression. Her lips still twisted, and pitiful, desperate moans still fell from her lips, but her eyes were set. “I… won’t… just… give in…!”

It was difficult, but Codie strained against herself to take control of her hips. They wanted to buck forward, to tremble uselessly as Kerrie’s fingers expertly played between her legs. The ninja princess knew how to touch a woman, and the longer her hand remained between Codie’s legs the harder it was for her to focus on anything at all besides how sticky, wet, and hot she felt.

There was only one chance for her to escape, one chance for her to free herself.

Kerrie was close to Codie, so close that their bodies were flush with only a brief gap between Kerrie’s breasts and her hips where the size of her bust made it impossible for them to fit together any closer. Concentrating with all of her undisrupted will, Codie could just barely rub her ass back against Kerrie’s thighs and feel the way they squirmed against her. She could feel the way Kerrie’s thighs tightened, the way that it made her breathing catch, and Codie’s lips twitched into a momentary grin.

Muttering under her breath, focusing on a series of syllables that only had meaning to her clan, Codie put all of her focus into her own ass.

Just like it had when she’d pressed her ass down against Eleanor’s face, Codie’s ass began to glow a bright green as it rubbed along the inside of Kerrie’s thighs. Though there were fishnets, and Codie’s bodysuit between the skin of the women’s bodies, the green glow made it feel more and more like every moment they pressed together was another more intimate grind of skin on skin.

It was not merely a clothed embrace. Every moment of Kerrie rubbing her body against Codie, both to savor the sensation and to possessively squish herself again the younger ninja, reinforced and redoubled the intimacy of the touch. Both of them were sweating, panting, squirming against each other as their rhythms began to sync up so perfectly.

Though it hadn’t been a conscious thing on Kerrie’s part, her breathing became hoarser, her nipples pressing more insistently to Codie’s back as she pressed herself against Codie’s large, round ass in perfect counterpoint.

“Mmm… You’re trying… something… aren’t you, you little ass slut…?” Kerrie moaned into Codie’s ear. “It’s not going to work… You’re going to be at my mercy, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. You’re going to be a possession of the Hebi Clan… Working for us… obedient… to me…!”

Codie didn’t reply at first except to moan as Kerrie’s fingers, still between her legs, continued to press against her clit. Without chanting or utilizing any visibly special techniques or devices her fingers were rubbing and pinching in ways that should have been impossible through the bodysuit, but obviously they weren’t.

The deepening stain at Codie’s crotch, and the continued clenching and quivering of her thighs, more than proved that point.

Her ass glowed a brighter green, the spell no longer requiring her constant chanting. It wasn’t just a feeling of skin on skin anymore. It was linking their nerves themselves, making the tender sensation of Codie’s ass grinding against Kerrie’s inner thighs, teasing her pussy, all the more powerful and inescapable. Every roll of her hips made the friction stronger and made Kerrie’s moans more pronounced.

While Kerrie might have taken Codie off guard, it was clear that the younger ninja was not without her tricks.

“Y-you… like the way that feels… don’t you… Kerrie…?” Codie moaned. She tried to sound confident, even smug, but that was difficult when her body was still uselessly bucking and quivering into each of Kerrie’s touches. “You like the feeling… of my ass… Mmm… You like how it feels to have an Oshiri’s ass grinding against your thighs… teasing your pussy…! You want… more… you want to just keep grinding… to… Oohhh… S-stop pinching… s-stop… rubbing… and start… panting… louder… for me… like a little… slut princess…!”

“Mmm… You… shouldn’t… underestimate me, Oshiri… commoner…!” Kerrie groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as her hips continued to move forward, squeezing Codie’s ass between them. “I’m not so… easily defeated by a nice… full… round… ass… mmm…!”

Codie giggled, the sound cut short by a loud squeak as nails pinched around her nipple with a sharper pressure. “Y-you… sure seem like you’re succumbing to… this Oshiri’s… very nice… very round… very… mmnnaaa…!” Codie’s voice cracked again, and she whined louder as the shudders forced their way down her spine. It was nearly enough to break her rhythm, but she forced herself to concentrate, to move the way she knew she needed to move.

One small mistake could spell her mental doom, and no one was more acutely aware of that than Codie.

She could feel her thighs twitching, her mouth wanting to fall slack, and her eyes wanting to roll back into her head. She could feel the longing, the craving, the growing need to let everything go, to loosen up, to just flow and not worry about anything but cumming against Kerrie’s touches.

It was so intense she needed to squeeze her eyes closed to concentrate on the ninja magic she was maintaining to keep the sensation of her ass from just being a tight pink bodysuit clad ass rubbing between Kerrie’s legs. Without that magic there was no way she could win.

Unfortunately, with her eyes closed, that also meant that Codie couldn’t see the metal snake making its way into the room from the same secret entrance Kerrie had used so recently.

Eleanor’s whimpers again provided cover for an unexpected intruder as the snake made its way into the room. It was sleek and smooth, moving with the same grace against the wooden floor it had in the wild, untamed woods surrounding the fortress. Its silver body shimmered in the dim light, hardly bright enough to catch the notice of Codie with her eyes squeezed so incredibly shut.

“Mmm… Your ass is… really… something else…!” Kerrie whimpered. The haughty edge to her voice was gone, but it was soon replaced with something else.


“Unfortunately… Ohhh… I’m a princess, not a commoner… and that means I have all of the best toys…!” Kerrie purred right into Codie’s ear, giving the rim a slow caress with the very tip of her tongue even as it shuddered with the pleasure rolling through her body. “You’ll… mmm… want to open your eyes and see this… I’d hate you to be taken off guard… twice…”

Codie groaned. Kerrie wasn’t using any magic, but her relentless assault was its own special technique that was no less raw, visceral, or easily resisted. There was no tattoo forming above her sex, but by the same token it was harder and harder to hold back her pleasure.

When her eyes opened, the snake’s were mere inches away, glowing a bright, irresistible gold.

“Wh-wha-o-oohhh….!” Codie whimpered as the swirling golden light in the snake’s eyes captured her gaze, instantly breaking her concentration with the aid of a well-timed pinch between her legs. “N-noo… I… can’t… I can’t… hard to… gotta… stop… moving… need to… concentrate… need… to… can’t…!”

Kerrie laughed. She was still trembling, but it only took her a quick moment to recover as Codie’s magic faded away. “You can’t fight it, Codie. You’re just a common Oshiri woman sent to me to become a Hebi plaything. Stare into its eyes, forget your troubles…

“And cum.”

Codie groaned. Her mouth hung slack, and her arms twitched and clenched uselessly at her sides. She tried to make herself tighten, to resist the pressure building in her belly, but the colors filling her vision were pushing their way deeper and deeper into her brain. The patterns weren’t magic, but they were something just as powerful. They refused to give room for Codie’s thoughts, for Codie’s mind, or for her pitiful struggle to continue.

With a loud scream, Codie came and slumped back against Kerrie as she gazed mindlessly into the eyes of the mechanical snake.

“That’s a good girl, Codie…” Kerrie cooed into Codie’s ear, her fingers continuing their slow, idle caresses and strokes along the younger woman’s body. “You never had a chance, but you really did your best to undermine my authority. The least you can do, now, is succumb to it… and I have the perfect way to make sure that you never forget that the Hebi Clan owns this fort, and now… you.”

Codie could only whimper, her eyes as vacant and empty as Eleanor’s from her place down on the floor. Both women had been conquered by snake and princess, made little more than obedient toys for Kerrie to play with.

And Codie’s humiliation was only beginning.

Eleanor moaned, too lost to even play with herself as she writhed on the floor. Kerrie’s gaze moved between her spoils, and her smug grin returned. “You’re both going to be so much fun…” Kerrie purred, staring at Eleanor as she groped and squeezed at Codie’s body. “And I’m going to enjoy making both of you so helplessly obedient to my clan for the rest of your lives.”

Codie and Eleanor groaned together. Neither were truly aware of the other’s presence, but they didn’t need to be to be every bit as obedient.

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