Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 8: Degraded and Devoured

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #anime_as_fuck #bondage #eleanor_asher #robots #scifi
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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 8: Degraded and Devoured

When Eleanor was able to think again, she was kneeling at Kerrie’s feet.

They weren’t in the small dark room anymore, but Eleanor didn’t remember moving through any hallways. One moment I was… Mmm… Codie, an Oshiri ninja, she was here, we were… I… Then everything gets so… fuzzy… Mmm… Easier to not think… Mind too… tingly…

Behind her, Kerrie lounged back on an ornate throne decorated with gold. Her legs were crossed at her knees, her large chest arched out as if to draw further emphasis to her curves. Her every slow stroke of Eleanor’s head was gentle, but possessive. There was nothing idle, or meaningless, to any action the woman took.

Codie knelt a short distance in front of them. Her bodysuit was gone, and in its place were thick white ropes that held her arms behind her back, bound her legs together, and lifted her breasts while squeezing around them both. Her head was bowed, her breathing shallow.

Her body still glistened with sweat, and the ropes that clung between her legs were soaked with her lust.

“See, Eleanor, what happens when someone dares to challenge the might of the Hebi Clan?” Kerrie preened, her nails slowly sliding through Eleanor’s hair. Kerrie pressed just firmly enough to earn a low moan as the touches to Eleanor’s scalp made her eyes roll back into her head. “But that’s not even the best part. Now that she’s been rendered naked and humble at my feet… Well… Would you like to see what comes next?”

“Y-yess, Kerrie…” Eleanor mewled, her hips wiggling as she squirmed to press herself closer to Kerrie. “Want to see… Mmm… Kneeling… humbled… She looks good like that…”

Kerrie grinned. “Yes. Yes, she does. She looks like she’s supposed to be on her knees for me, naked, exposed… looking so… perfect.” Kerrie sighed, and snapped her fingers sharply. “But it’s no fun to humiliate her, to really break her if she isn’t conscious for it. Don’t you agree…?”

“Uh-huh…! I agree… I agree with whatever you want me to agree with…!” Eleanor mewled. Above her sex, there now sat only a blue snake. The symbol that tried to war with it, to replace it, was now completely gone.

Codie’s attempt to undermine Kerrie’s control was all but forgotten.

As the loud snap echoed through the room, Codie began to quietly groan and lift her head. She fluttered her brown eyes, struggling to make them focus.

When she saw Kerrie on her throne, nails still teasing Eleanor’s scalp, her face fell. “Y-you…! Nnn…!” She tried to rise to her feet, to dash forward, only to find ropes squeezing between her legs, squeezing around her breasts, trapping her arms uselessly in place. There was no way for her to move unless she wanted to collapse onto her side, or her face. Without her clothing she had no concealed weapons, no tricks, and there was no way she would be allowed to harness any of her magic.

The ropes would have made it difficult anyway, squeezed as they were between her legs.

“Mm… That’s right! Me!” Kerrie laughed, her hand again in front of her face as the other continued to claw its way through Eleanor’s hair. “Me, the princess of the Hebi clan. Me, the woman who defeated you. Me… the woman who is going to be your final undoing.”

Eleanor cooed. “Final undoing…!”

She didn’t understand the depth or the breadth of the situation. All she understood was that Kerrie wanted this to happen, and Codie’s struggling was for her pleasure. That meant that Eleanor wanted it, and she wiggled her hips in barely restrained excitement.

Kerrie laughed.

“You won’t get me like this…! I’ll find some way to escape, I’ll resist you, fight back… come back with reinforcements and you won’t stand a chance…!” Codie quivered, her thighs clenching so tight around the rope that squeezed so tightly between them. “I’m not going to be defeated so… so easily…! Not for good…!”

Eleanor blinked as she watched Codie squirm. Something about the way her hips wriggled, the way her thighs squirmed looked wrong. No… Doesn’t look wrong, it’s just… It’s like she’s liking this too…? But… Kerrie wants her to be struggling to make it better…?

Trying to understand what was happening and how she should feel about it was too much for Eleanor in her deeply brainwashed state. In the end, she giggled vapidly and nuzzled against Kerrie’s leg as nails continued to slide tenderly along her scalp. It was easier to be a treasure, an object, than it was to think when her mind existed to obey.

Grinning widely, she made wide, sweeping gestures as she spoke. Each one made her breasts shake and bounce at her chest. “You have no idea what you’re about to face, Codie…! If you did, then I think you might reconsider. You might plead for mercy.”

Codie shook her head firmly, but there it was, again, shudder rolling down her spine that couldn’t be explained by anything besides some element of desire.

“Whatever you think you have… I’ll find a way to make it through and defeat you! I’ll avenge my clan, and take back what you’ve stolen from us…!” Codie whimpered, her hips wiggling as her eyes fluttered back into her head. “Do your worst…!”

Kerrie snapped her fingers.


There was a loud sound as the wall behind Codie opened up, and Kerrie’s metallic snake slowly slithered its way into the room. It was long, its coils swaying and shifting with an impressive if quiet might, but Codie scoffed and rolled her eyes. “A little bit of technological hypnotism isn’t going to do anything to me for long, Kerrie! You should know that! I might not be able to resist it in the moment, but I’ll find a way to break through your conditioning and be back to—”

“This time I’m not just going to use its eyes.” Kerrie interrupted, and looked down at Eleanor with a sweet smile. She grasped Eleanor’s chin, and lifted it to make their eyes meet. “Would you like to see what my little pet is truly capable of, Eleanor? I don’t let her… feed… very often, but it’s always such an impressive sight to see…”

Eleanor could see the excitement and delight twinkling in Kerrie’s eyes. There was no mistaking how eager Kerrie was to unleash her pet. It was such an intense desire the princess couldn’t keep herself still, wriggling just as needily as Codie. “Y-yesss…! Please…!”

“Excellent!” Kerrie grinned. She released Eleanor’s chin, and the woman’s head dipped as though her neck was too weak to hold up her head on its own. Kerrie clapped her hands together and purred. “Constructed not merely with technology… but with alchemical secrets from around the world, ancient ninja techniques that proceed either of our clans. Ancient secrets so old they come from clans that no longer exist… And through those secrets, you will witness my pet feed…”

“F-feed…?!” Codie’s voice was adorably high pitched, but her nipples stood out so much more insistently at her chest, both a cute dusky brown. “W-wait…! D-don’t feed me to that thing, I don’t want it to eat me, I… Please…!”

Kerrie sneered.

“Don’t worry. It’s not going to eat your body, though… well…” She sighed and held out her hand. The snake nuzzled into her palm, before turning to face Codie. “You’ll see. Though… Mm, no, I think perhaps I should elaborate? Perhaps I should let you know just what’s in store for you? Certainly, you won’t be able to resist once I begin…” Kerrie’s eyes nearly closed, only thin slits of pure smug amusement remaining visible. “You already can’t truly resist anything that I want to do to you. Your struggles at this point would only emphasize that hot little Oshiri body of yours—the plaything I’ve claimed.

“And I never said I didn’t think you were worth keeping as a sex pet!” Kerrie laughed, before stopping abruptly as Codie whined and wriggled in her bonds. “When this snake devours you, swallows you, draws you deep within its metal body… you’ll experience pleasure unlike any that you’ve ever felt before in your life. You’ll feel pleasure, intense pleasure, and it will utterly destroy your mind.

“Perhaps you’ll hold on to some small facet of yourself…? But that facet will be loyal and obedient to me. That facet will look upon your past life with shame and disgust as the part of your life where you resisted the woman who brought you such wonderful, unimaginable pleasure.” Kerrie sneered before letting out another deep, low, terribly amused laugh. Codie whimpered, shaking her head, but there was such a lack of conviction in her movements.

Kerrie was convincing in her certainty and overpowering confidence. Denying her, refusing to accept what she was and what she could do… it was all too much for Codie when she was already so weakened, so humbled.


“I could tell you exactly how. I’ve never experienced it, but I’ve seen it more than once. I made her… digestive process… myself.” Kerrie chuckled, licking her lips with an erotic wiggle of her hips. “But I’ll leave that to you to discover. I’ll let you experience it without any preconceived notions… except the knowledge that when you come out on the other side?

“You’ll belong to me.”

Silence reigned over the room for several long moments. No one spoke. Eleanor melted against Kerrie’s touches to her hair, not even mewling with quivering breaths too soft to make sound. Codie stared, doing her best to remain still as though hoping to suddenly break free.

“Feed, my dear pet. Show them your true form, and feed.”

Codie’s brown eyes widened as the snake’s scales bulged. They’d seemed loose as though to ease the snake’s movement, but it seemed obvious that instead this was to conceal its true bulk. It had hardly been small before, but it quickly became wider around than many of the trees of the forest. The idea of being consumed by such a beast was no longer one that would require being turned into smaller pieces, not when its mouth unhinged with clear room to fit Codie’s shoulders without much trouble at all.

Its scales began to shimmer and glow gold, brilliant light shimmering from each individual scale in a scintillating display of majesty. Staring directly at the snake was difficult, both because of how bright it was, and directly gazing upon that golden light was not unlike the pattern of its eyes.

Kerrie casually reached into her gi, flicking her wrist to extend the arms before placing a pair of fancy sunglasses over her eyes. “Enjoy the sight, Eleanor. It might make it very difficult to think, but, well… You weren’t needing to do much of that, anyway…!”

“Not… needing to… think…” Eleanor groaned. She was practically drooling, her mouth hanging open as the golden light shined deep inside of her eyes. She could feel it swirling between important things like thoughts and memories, but Kerrie didn’t care so she didn’t care. She just watched as Codie quivered, her skin glistening with sweat and the golden light cast from the snake.

“P-please…” Codie mewled. Her eyes were open so wide, taking in so much of that sunshine-gold light. “D-don’t… do this… please…”

Kerrie sighed.

“I hoped you’d have a little more dignity than this, Codie. Instead… you’re just pathetic.” With a purr, Kerrie idly waved her hand. “Take your time, my pet. Enjoy her. There’s no point in making this quick for her now… is there…?”

The snake moved to comply, not merely stretching out its mouth to consume the ninja, but instead moving to coil itself around the helplessly bound ninja. Its coils hooked on the ropes as it moved past them, tearing them away from Codie’s body. If she’d had any hope that she would suddenly find herself free, able to run and escape without those bonds, it was gone the moment that those coils began to press between her legs, to twine around her body in such a way to crush her large breasts into its metal coils, and otherwise hold the spellbound Codie so tight there was no chance she could pull herself free even if it weren’t for the gold.

Her mouth hung slack, her eyes widening and hooding as her whole body shuddered and writhed. The coils rubbed against her nipples, drawing out louder moans. The coils moved against the sensitive lips nestled between her thighs, making Codie’s mouth twist as she groaned and whined.

“See, Codie…?” Kerrie purred, grinning with such a wicked satisfaction. “You, and all of your clan, are nothing more than big-titted ninja sluts with nice round asses for me to conquer and use.” Codie let out a sharper cry, her hips jerking forward as the snake brushed its way past her clit. “So powerless. So vulnerable… Mmm but why don’t we get more of a show out of you, mm? You only lose your free will forever once, so it would just be such a shame if we didn’t make the most of your surrender… wouldn’t it?”

Codie whimpered, her voice cracking and giving way as it rose higher and higher.

It wasn’t a reply to Kerrie, but the ninja princess didn’t care. Her grin showed how much she was concerned by such distinctions, as the hand not stroking Eleanor’s hair was between her own legs, stroking under her gi.

“That’s a good little Oshiri slut, Codie. My little treasure, to be as much of a show as we can make you. Come on, pet… give us as much of a show as you can…!”

With the ropes gone from her body, Codie found herself lifted up into the air, and then set down not on the ground, but on the now much longer length of the snake’s body. The snake’s head moved in front of her, glowing, entrancing, powerful eyes pulling Codie forward with a firm swat of her ass by the end of the tail to get her to move.

Codie groaned, swaying her ass as she limply moved along at the snake’s insistence. Her ass jiggled, her breasts swayed, and her eyes were filled not with the spark of intelligence, but with the bright golden light that filled the room.

There was already so much less of her free will on display and she hadn’t even been swallowed yet.

After a short period of walking circuits on the snake without ever reaching a destination, her body displayed like a trophy to Kerrie, Codie found herself being wrapped up again. This time the snake moved its coils much like it had with Eleanor, wrapping them around her legs until they squeezed tightly just below where her thighs met her ass.

Codie’s body bent forward, slumped and helpless, as she was held up to Kerrie for inspection. As Kerrie watched, her fingers moving firmer between her own thoughts, the coil prison shifted, releasing the ninja’s bare legs and instead tightly coiling around her upper half. Her ass and legs hung naked in front of Kerrie, who reached out to give her a hard, firm swat.

Slowly Codie was lowered down, moved into a position with her ass up in the air, her face down. Kerrie stood from her throne, coin replaced between her thighs as she moved to quickly thrust the magical strap-on that emerged deep within Codie’s ass.

The ninja cried out sharply, her eyes twitching, her mouth contorting, as she whined in pleasure and the intensity of the thrust. With each thrust, Kerrie squeezed and kneaded possessively at the large, impressive curves of Codie’s ass. “Mmm… I’ve been wanting to use this however I wanted for a long time… and there’s no time to hold back now, mm…?”

Codie was too gone to agree or disagree, and Eleanor could only watch from her nearby place on her knees. Her eyes were, like Codie’s, so empty and yet filled with golden light.

Both women were helplessly under the ninja princess’s sway.

“Such a little ass slut… mmm no… Let’s call you something sillier…” Kerrie cackled, her hips moving faster, drawing out louder, quicker groans from Codie’s bent in half form. “You’re the princess’s buttslut!”

“P-princess’s… b-buttslut… b-buttslut…!”

“That’s right…!” Kerrie grinned wildly, moving her hips with such a quick, raw intensity that Codie was soon screaming, her eyes pulsing brightly with two colors of light as drool poured from the corner of her lip, pouring down over the coils that encircled her breasts.

Kerrie swatted at Codie’s ass, nails digging in so tight. “Don’t hold back, my little buttslut! Cum for me! Cum!”

Before, Codie had shown so much more endurance, so much more resilience, so much more presence of mind. Now, all she could do was scream as the gold shone brighter inside of her eyes, almost seeming to shine from within her body itself, as she cried out in climax.

With a sigh, Kerrie pulled back and dispelled her strap-on.

“That’s good enough for me, I think… So that means it’s time for you to be…” Kerrie spoke slowly, savoring each little syllable as she spoke. “Devoured… So completely…!”

Coils moved and rolled around and against Codie’s body, stimulating so much of her sensitive, tingling skin at once that all she could do was whimper and groan. She was powerless in its strong, mechanical grasp. This would have been true even without the golden light, but with it she was completely open and helpless to whatever it might do with her. Its coils moving around her breasts, around her body, between her legs, around them, enveloping her, squeezing her… all she could do was shudder and shake.

Somewhere in her mind she might be able to process, to understand what it meant to be devoured, but it was not on any level one might consider near the surface. It was nowhere near enough to help Codie act at all.

The snake’s mouth stretched open wider and wider, the tip of its tail swatting at Codie’s ass again as it drew the ninja deeper and deeper inside of its maw. It wasn’t metal all the way through, its insides lined with something soft, something smooth, and most importantly, something slick. Being swallowed by it was not a harsh experience, but instead something warm, something wet, something thrilling that shuddered pleasure through Codie’s body as she slowly slid down deeper into its body on her stomach.

Whatever it was seemed to be mildly acidic in the perfect way to begin dissolving tough or callused places on Codie’s body without causing any harm to her skin. Every place that had once been rendered tough, resilient, strong, became smooth and soft. Not only that, but it became… sensitive.

On her way down, dildos emerged from inside of the snake. They filled her pussy, and her ass, squeezing and pumping inside of her as the coils writhed and held her in ways that nothing else ever could. Codie’s cries echoed through the inside of the beast, emerging loud enough from its mouth as Kerrie cackled from her throne.

Kerrie watched as the snake’s robotic tongue flicked at the tips of Codie’s feet. They wiggled, Codie’s toes curling as her pleasured moans grew louder.

A moment later, the dildos inside of Codie pulling her deeper into the snake, her feet disappeared from view as the snake’s mouth finally closed.

Vulnerable from the light, her earlier orgasms, and the acid that made her body more sensitive, more helpless to every touch and sensation, Codie could do nothing but shudder and whine as the dildos moved inside of her shuddering body. She whimpered as she felt her body squeezed, tightened around from every direction as the snake’s body clenched and used this motion to draw her deeper, and deeper inside of it.

Even with Kerrie’s insistence that none had ever resisted, that it had been an experience of pleasure for them that broke women’s minds with bliss, some part of Codie might have been doubtful. The concept of being devoured, or eaten, was rarely one seen as enjoyable.

If she’d expected it to be painful then she found the experience to be anything but. The way the snake’s body squeezed around her shoulders should have hurt or ached, but with the slick mess covering her body as the cylindrical shapes moved inside of her body it only felt like a warm, rich euphoria.

Her breasts were squished tight against her body, kneaded and massaged. The coils were designed precisely enough to pinch at her nipples in time with thrusting in her pussy and ass.

The sensations would have been enough to make her moan even if she’d still been able to truly mount any kind of desperate struggle. She couldn’t of course, her mind so washed by gold, so filled with the magic of the ninja strap-on the princess had used on her ass, and the pleasure of the snake. She was overwhelmed, and defeated already but the process was still hardly complete.

Codie’s eyes lidded, and her hips shook. Whatever was soaking into her skin felt so good and made the remaining slight panic in her eyes entirely vanish. Her shoulders moved deeper and deeper into the snake, leading the way for her hips, and then her legs. There was still so much more room for her to go, and all of her body was now deeply hidden away within the length of Kerrie’s most impressive creation and pet.

Inside of the snake was just as bright as the outside, swirling with bright, golden lights as the acid dissolved at her mind and increased her sensitivity. The snake squeezed around Codie, shone its lights into her mind, and drew her in until its mouth closed over her feet.

Trapped inside of the snake, truly swallowed whole, Codie could do little more than writhe as the last of the places on her body that weren’t softened melted into smooth bliss. If she still possessed enough sense of self to try devising an escape it would have been easier without any physical impairment. Unfortunately for the rebellious ninja, she now had no desire to escape.

Her only desire was to stare, mouth open wide, eyes open just as helplessly, as the snake pulled her deeper and deeper inside of itself. It squeezed around her, crushing her body in a way that didn’t hurt but made her howl in ecstasy.

The dripping fluids that soaked into her body, thrust deeper by the lengths filling her, made her beyond euphoric. Pleasure soaked so deeply into her brain as the concoction of carefully formulated acids and drugs dissolved at the very concept of resistance.

When the snake’s tail opened and expelled a slick, drenched Codie at its other end, she was lost in orgasm. Her eyes were full of golden light that shone from deep inside of her. A golden snake coiled just above her sex, and snake tattoos coiled around her arms, and along her back.

There was nothing left of the woman she’d once been as the snake began to shrink, its golden glow fading.

Her ass was up in the air again, and a new tattoo appeared just above her ass. It was a snake tattoo, similar to Eleanor’s, but this had writing beneath it as well. She’d been so lost in the pleasure she hadn’t even felt the work of the magic as it wrote the words “Princess’s Buttslut” right into her body.

Kerrie pulled off her glasses to reveal her hooded eyes above her wicked grin. “Mmm… Now look at that. Isn’t that just a perfect little tattoo…?” The princess laughed fiendishly, her expression settling into a smirk even as she moaned. “This really never… gets… ohhh… never gets old…!” She cried out louder, her fingers quickening between her legs as her eyes fluttered. “Watching a woman so… mmm confident in her supremacy, in her might, becoming soft… smooth… helpless… and now my pet has fed on her freewill. Could anything be more perfect…?”

The princess sighed, satisfaction emanating from her as though she possessed her own golden glow.

“So wonderful, so fun, so… Mmm what’s more fun than marking a sex slave with a tattoo—something so permanent, so powerful… meaningful… mmm sexy…” Kerrie’s hips shuddered forward, her thighs clenching around her hand. “Mmm but I don’t want to just sit back and look at a slick, dripping little ninja slut forever… Codie… I said Codie, my little ninja slut…?”

Codie groaned.

It was a quiet sound, so faint, but it was still loud enough for Kerrie to hear. It was still enough of a sound to emphasize just how utterly spent she was.

“Suck on my snake’s tail.” Kerrie’s smirk was cool, full of self-impressed energy. “Thank my little creation for making you so helplessly obedient, so completely my possession. It really is the very least you can do, isn’t it…?”

“Least… least I… I can do…” Codie nodded weakly as with a snap of Kerrie’s fingers the snake’s tail, the very end, was poised in the air just above Codie. She reached up her hands, grasping on the metal to pull herself up enough to poise her lips just in front of the very tip. “Mmm suck… on the snake… yesss…”

Codie’s eyes rolled back into her head as her tongue swirled slowly along the metal, giving a lewd display as wet, slick sucking sounds filled the air. Codie’s sucking wasn’t gentle or faint, either. It was the loud, desperate sucking of a woman who existed for no other purpose than to use her mouth for her owner’s amusement.

As she sucked at the snake, a portion of its body wrapped around her neck, holding it like a collar. There was no way she could resist the command to suck now even if she could think for herself. Not only that, but the sight meant the snake was serving as somewhat of a collar.

With a simple act of coiling, the snake made Codie feel, and be, that much more claimed and possessed.

The ninja’s hips wiggled and squirmed, her ass up on display, slick lust dripping down along her thighs as she suckled with increasing desperation and louder moans. They vibrated down across her whole body, making Codie an even more delightful sight as her heavy breasts swung and her round, full ass clenched tight. Her body was so much softer now, so much smoother, and it glistened like she’d been carefully massaged by several bottles of baby oil.

Codie was a voluptuous sex toy, her mind existing only for the purpose of obeying her owner’s commands as she suckled and squirmed for Kerrie’s gaze. The snake was hardly capable of feeling Codie’s lips as they sucked, or her tongue as she rubbed at its metal coils, but that didn’t matter.

She’d arrived in the princess’s fort with explicit intent to dethrone her and humiliate her. Now, she was on her knees, sucking at the end of a tool with no thoughts in her head more important than a powerful need to please and obey.

Just as Kerrie promised, anything that remained of the Codie who arrived at the fortress now existed solely to serve her new princess.

She’d gone through the snake a ninja, and emerged a slave.

Kerrie watched Codie suck on the tail of the snake for minutes, stroking herself and quivering atop her throne. Kerrie’s toes curled, her own large breasts shaking within their fishnet confinement. A sigh of supreme contentment emerged from her lips, and she sat up straighter atop her throne. “Codie…?” The once-ninja listened, but did not cease her obedience. She sucked, and sucked, her eyes crossing as she tirelessly obeyed. “Cum, drop to the floor, and stop sucking! I’m saaatisfied for now!”

Codie screamed so loudly as the snake released her neck and she dropped to the floor, hands between her legs as she convulsed with all consuming pleasure. Kerrie’s commands were the most important thing to her in the world, and Codie could barely comprehend the pleasure coursing through her.

Every glistening, round, full curve of Codie’s body shook as she shuddered in pure overwhelming delight. She’d served her owner. She’d pleased Kerrie. The gold still filled her eyes, and her mind, even if the snake was gone. There was no greater pleasure she could hope for, and no greater accomplishment she could imagine.

Codie’s entire world, and concept of herself, had been so thoroughly changed by her time within the princess’s pet.

She now existed not to usurp the ruler, but to fulfill her each and every command.

It felt too good to even consider anything else.

“Eleanor…?” The dazed woman groaned, and Kerrie gently pushed at her back. “Go play with your friend. Grind with her. Squeeze at her. Make it a fun show.”

“F-fun… show… y-yess…” Eleanor crawled the short distance to Codie and rubbed her body against the once ninja’s. Soon they were both just as slick, lips locked, writhing in a mindless display of lesbian lust as Kerrie watched from her gilded throne with hooded eyes. Eleanor’s hands squeezed at Codie’s naked, glistening curves, and Codie mindlessly groaned.

They played together until Eleanor slumped against Codie. The ninja only groaned, aching her supple body against Eleanor until the play stopped. Then she slumped, drooling uselessly as she gazed blankly ahead.

Kerrie laughed haughtily, and then clapped her hands together excitedly. “Oh my goodness… this was my favorite game on this planet ever…! I love being a ninja princess!”

The clap of her hands caused a wave of light to wash over the room, and Eleanor blinked as she found her mind instantly clearing, and the tattoo between her legs vanishing. Codie didn’t seem surprised at all, merely yawning and stretching as the markings vanished from her body. “Gosh… I know I signed up for vore as a possibility… but I didn’t think it’d feel that good…!”

“Wh…what’s going on…?” Eleanor quietly whimpered. “What are you… talking about…?”

Kerrie and Codie both stared at her, concern spreading over their faces. It took a moment for her to speak first, but Kerrie was the one to find her voice. “You mean… you didn’t… you weren’t here… you didn’t need to pay to play the game…?”

“Game?!” Eleanor whimpered louder. “Please, just… Act like I don’t know anything, because I don’t… and try to explain this all from the start…!”

Codie and Kerrie worked together to help Eleanor sit up, but instead of seeming antagonistic, or even playful, they were carful and gentle as they pulled the other woman into a tender cuddle.

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