Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 6: Interview with the Ninja

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #anime_as_fuck #bondage #eleanor_asher #robots #scifi
See spoiler tags : #ninja_magic #robotic_snake #soft_vore

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Interview with the Ninja

“Mmm… there. Now I should be able to get more out of you…” The ninja pulled off her mask, pink lips underneath curled into a soft smile. “That should have been enough magic to make it easier for you to well… do… anything besides just masturbate.”

“Nnnn…” Eleanor groaned as she fluttered her eyes in a desperate attempt to make them focus. She was still on her back, but the woman’s ass wasn’t on her face anymore. “What’s… why can’t I… move…”

Her wrists were trapped down to the floor by what looked like thin strips of paper. Her knees were bent, and similar strips of paper with Japanese characters kept them that way. More paper kept her feet trapped down to the floor, maintaining her position and stopping her from struggling very much at all.

The only movements she made did a better job of making her cutely chubby body jiggle than move her anywhere else she might want to be.

“Sealing scrolls. Powerful magic, but I brought some just in case I ran into the princess of the Hebi Clan.” The black-haired ninja gave Eleanor a soft smile, gently stroking her cheek. “But I have to make sure you aren’t going to run off and alert her or something, so… I’m Codie, by the way. Codie Sato. My clan, the Oshiri Clan, has been squished under the Hebi Clan for centuries. I came here to find some advantage… and I think you might be just the thing I can take to really get under Kerrie’s skin…”

Eleanor frowned, and opened her lips to speak before quickly silencing herself.

Wait, why was I going to object to that? Kerrie, that Hebi Clan Princess, she… she’s why I’m here! She and that snake, they… they… Eleanor flushed, squirming within the limited range of movement she still had. “Why can I… I felt so… Kerrie was the whole world to me—maybe more. Loyalty to the Hebi Clan was the most important thing in my whole mind.”

“That? Would be this.” Codie gently stroked along the sealing scroll that rested between Eleanor’s legs. It obscured the blue snake tattoo, though a faint blue glowing could be seen underneath the white of the paper. The touch was sensuous, and in such a sensitive place. Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from arching off of the floor with a quiet mewl. “Oh… Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, actually.”

It was hard to tell if Codie was serious or not.

Her tone was playful, maybe even mischievous, and something about it made Eleanor quiver. She did at least pull her finger back, but… I’m still trapped down like this. Is she some sort of loyalty test, or… Eleanor quickly shook her head. No… Kerrie wouldn’t bother with that. She didn’t want me to really think very much for myself.

She just wanted me to be her prize.

“You must have a lot of questions, but I have a lot of questions, too.” Codie smiled. Her demeanor was much softer than Kerrie’s, even if there was still a playful twinkle in her eyes that Eleanor couldn’t bring herself to ignore. “How did she take you captive? What techniques did she use? It’s important that I know everything that she’s capable of… my ultimate goal is to fight against her and retake this fortress. It used to belong to the Oshiri Clan before the Hebi Clan came.”

Something about the way Codie said “Oshiri” made Eleanor blink.

Am I missing some kind of an inside joke here? It keeps sounding like she’s about to snicker… Why does she keep wiggling her hips when she says it? They’re nice hips—and she has a very nice ass—but… Eleanor sighed. Worlds like this never make any sense. At least I’m not screaming nonsense to transform into tiny outfits this time!

“What techniques, uhm…” Eleanor squirmed. When she’d tried to remember them before they’d overwhelmed her, but whatever ninja magic Codie employed seemed to keep that effect at bay. “She used this… coin? It moved and… there were more of it. It was really bright—even at night. Made it hard to think. Then… She brought me back here. And when I was here, she…” Eleanor’s cheeks burned brighter, but she forced herself to keep talking. If anyone was going to help her out of this mess, it was going to be Codie.

If not, then she was just going to be hauled away to someplace else and it made sense to start off on the right foot. Being loyal to the Oshiri didn’t sound so bad, especially if that had anything to do with regularly worshipping Codie’s ass.

“She … She had this… It was like the coin, but it wasn’t…?” Eleanor shrugged, barely able to lift her shoulders enough for the effect. “It glowed, and she swayed her hips, and then it… made this… thing. She used it to… well… penetrate me. I don’t really remember very well exactly… anything. She just chanted these words and… yeah…”

“You mean… like this…?” Codie stepped back, taking a similar pose as Kerrie had, only one of her hands was down between her legs. She stroked at the same place where Kerrie had placed the medallion and began to quietly chant.

Under her fingers, a circle of green glowing light formed, and Eleanor found herself staring with wide eyes. The green was the same lime green from her ass before and looking at it made Eleanor’s whole body quiver and twitch. She could almost feel Codie’s ass against her face, her asshole against her tongue, and that scent filling her nose and squeezing all around and through her body.

Okay, so it’s not just Kerrie with things like this… Alright. This whole world is full of things like this, I guess…! Nnn… Eleanor fluttered her eyes, quietly mewling as she squirmed in her strange paper-bondage. Why is looking at it making me feel so… her ass is just… making me feel like… as if she were against me… as though… like she… were… or…

Codie motioned her hand forward with a flourish, and like with Kerrie, a strap-on emerged triumphantly. It glowed the same enchanting green as when the spell started, and Eleanor found herself panting, her lips rubbing together with the same eagerness she’d felt at the sight of Kerrie’s own use of a similar spell. “This is an ancient Oshiri technique. We don’t need any charms to make it work, and I think you’ll agree it’s very effective—isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah… it’s very… effective…” Eleanor quivered, her tongue reaching out to wet her lips. “When she… used it, I… It… It took over my will, I… If you don’t… stop… that glow it... it makes me want to suck, makes me…”

“You really shouldn’t worry about that!” Codie moved closer until one of her hands was on each of Eleanor’s knees. “The version of the magic she used was way different. You might want to suck it because of an oral fixation, or to get more of the scent, or to feel my ass squeezing tighter around you, but… do you want to know the really big difference between what she did and what I can do…?”

Eleanor weakly nodded. Her neck felt tired, and her eyes were turning faintly glassy as they remained locked on the glowing protrusion that emerged from the space between Codie’s sex shrink wrapped in pink and her waist.

“Wh-what’s the difference…?”

Codie grinned, pushing open Eleanor’s legs without disrupting the seals at all. Eleanor was more exposed, but the seals still held her in place just as firmly as before. “I don’t need you to suck this to overtake your will. I can just do it directly. It’s a much more effective piece of ninja magic like this.”

Eleanor’s eyes bulged as the green sex toy began to tease its way down along her slit. She couldn’t bring herself to look away, and the way the green felt against her pussy was so much different than the toy Kerrie had used before.

She could feel something inside of it, some power, some energy, some presence already trying to reach inside of her even before the physical presence itself entered her folds. “W-wait, C-codie…! Y-you… You don’t need to do this, you… O-ohh…” Eleanor’s eyes fluttered. Green, a feeling that was so similar to Eleanor’s past experiences with enchanting magic, was pushing its way even deeper as the toy itself pushed its way inside of her.

Codie’s technique was far less brutal, the toy easing its way into her slick tunnel and giving Eleanor time to adapt, to pull it in deeper with her own clenching, before Codie pressed it deeper still.

Though her movements were gentler, and slower, they were no less potent at reaching their way inside of Eleanor’s vulnerable mind. Green laced through places where she’d felt blue, places that had been left alone entirely, and pushed into her nerves in the way that the blue only had once the strap-on had become serpentine.

So quickly the gentlest, faintest movement of Codie’s hips felt like lips and teeth and tongues teasing every curve of Eleanor’s body as green curled tighter and tighter around her mind.

Her mouth hung open as she struggled at first to find words to tell Codie to stop, to help her escape, to not do the same thing to her that Kerrie had done before, but those words soon fell away into quiet mewls. Her voice itself seemed softened, held back by the same green that pushed into the places that had been given such a loss for words.

Where once there had been words and thoughts, there was now a longing for more of that green. It smothered Eleanor’s mind, feeling not unlike Codie’s ass had felt on her face. Every slow push of the green length between her legs made Eleanor’s own moans feel more muffled, more pitiful, weaker and more meaningless as she writhed and quivered under the powerful grasp of Codie’s power.

Eleanor’s tongue reached out at the air as though to trace the rim of Codie’s asshole, her lips puckering as if to suck, and the green rewarded Eleanor with pleasure. Eleanor felt as the motions she made in the air were returned to her, sensations shuddering through her as though she were bent in half and her tongue was lost between the cheeks of her own ass, feeling the texture of her own ass, but the pleasure of the pink-clad cheeks that had squeezed around her before.

Fucking herself, mentally fucked by the green, her pussy filled with such careful, purposeful movements of a green presence that felt perfectly shaped to her body, Eleanor could do nothing more than writhe on the floor.

The seals held her in place even as the pleasure soared higher and higher.

“Good… good…! You were Hebi’s prize, but when I’m done…” Codie’s hands reached out to stroke along Eleanor’s hips, grasping tight. Finally, the last of the remaining green glow was hidden away, deep inside of Eleanor as her pussy clenched around it needily. A dim glow was visible at her belly, hinting at the presence of the magic inside of her, but nothing compared to the blazing bright green it had been outside of her. “You’ll belong to Oshiri and be even more loyal to me than you ever could be for Kerrie…!”

“M-more… l-loyal… more… O… Oshiri…!”

Eleanor couldn’t see it, but as she screamed, a green began to glow with the blue under the seal just above her crotch. A Japanese character that looked like an elongated angular “p” sat atop a stylized “n” was forming as a part of the same symbol that made up the snake.

Neither dominated the other, and both glowed in tandem as Codie began to draw back, the green light once again coloring everything in the small room.

Codie purred, slowly moving forward to ease the length back inside of Eleanor. It was faster than her first thrust, but still agonizingly slow. The deeper the green pushed, the more the pressure pushed out at Eleanor’s thoughts, at her control, at her self, and rising pleasure taking central focus as the green weaved its way deeper inside of Eleanor’s mind.

Not merely laying back, bound to the floor, Eleanor eagerly lapped and sucked at the air as she rubbed her cheeks against what felt like Codie’s ass. In her mind she was being crushed down against the floor, filled with the woman’s scent, with her taste, and the tongue in her own ass was a green pleasure that kept Eleanor writhing as much as the green that filled her pussy. So stimulated, fucked from all sides at once, Eleanor couldn’t hold on for very long at all before she let out a muffled moan and slick lust burst around the green.

“That’s a good girl…!” Codie’s nails slid their way up along her body, taking a firm grasp on both of Eleanor’s breasts for further leverage as she continued to move the toy inside of Eleanor. “You’re going to tell me everything about Kerrie, everything she has, everything she can do… and then you’re going to lead her right to me when I kidnap you and leave the perfect trail for her to follow…!”

Codie’s voice was a quiet whisper, competing with the squelching slick sounds of the strap-on and Eleanor’s own moans, but it was still an audible sound.

“You’re going to make it so the Oshiri can completely overpower the Hebi, and then you’ll both be my fun little rewards! A princess, and a treasure slut?” Codie sighed dreamily, her nails pinching harder at Eleanor’s nipples.

A loud, sharp squeak filled the room, and Codie giggled softly.

“I think you’re going to be a lot of fun, and make my life so much better…!”

Eleanor was too lost in green as it squeezed her brain and filled her body with so much pleasure there was no possible way she could think past it. Writhing, clenching, and licking, Eleanor came again as she stared mindlessly at the ceiling.

Hebi… Oshiri… Hebi…

Both symbols under the scroll at her crotch glowed as Eleanor came again, her tongue hanging loosely out of her mouth as she lost the ability to lick at the air any more. The pleasure was too great, and her mind felt too soft. It was so much easier to just lay back and feel the growing fatigue claim her. This time there was no soreness—Codie was far too gentle with her for that—but experiencing so much pleasure was still enough to make her body want to rest for a very long time.

Lost in the thrill of conquest and the bliss of surrender, neither woman heard the wall open just the tiniest crack for a pair of teal eyes to glance inside and briefly hood before the wall slid shut.

Eleanor’s cries of pleasure had once again hidden a ninja’s voyeuristic gaze.

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