Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 5: Infiltration and the Loyalties of a Possession

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #anime_as_fuck #bondage #eleanor_asher #robots #scifi
See spoiler tags : #ninja_magic #robotic_snake #soft_vore

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Infiltration and the Loyalties of a Possession

Eleanor drifted in a peaceful sleep full of dreams. All of them had a very similar motif—Kerrie, snakes, and ninja magic.

In some of them she would stroll in to attend her ninja princess, offering her body or her mouth or whatever thing Kerrie might desire. In others, she would be lounging luxuriously, or chained somewhere special with gold instead of steel, body bejeweled and decorated with fine silks or other sorts of finery befitting a treasure, and would find herself suddenly taken by a hungry Kerrie who desired her body and mind in ways Eleanor could hardly refuse.

In every dream, Eleanor was loyal to the Hebi Clan above all else.

Nothing mattered more than her loyalty and obedience to the Hebi Clan.

Eleanor didn’t know how long she’d been asleep when something woke her. Her skin was clammy from so many fluids drying over her skin as she’d rested, but her body didn’t feel so completely exhausted anymore. She was still sore in a vague sense, but no part of her felt the urge to abstain from touch.

All of her, body and mind, was ready to serve Kerrie should she be wanting anything from Eleanor at all.

Mmm… Kerrie… She’s so sexy, so pretty… She’s a ninja princess with ninja magic… That’s… really amazing, considering that should be impossible… Eleanor giggled drunkenly, wiggling against the hard wood floor. She’s just that powerful. She can do anything…!

The room was dark, but Eleanor didn’t particularly care to see anything or do anything—not without being told, anyway. She was a treasure, and that didn’t mean she needed to be very active. Treasure mostly just sat around looking pretty until someone wanted to use it for something. It wasn’t a feeling Eleanor was used to having, but it was one that made her very genuinely smile.

She thinks I’m pretty like something made of gold or a really well-cut jewel. She wants to keep me around for the glory of her clan… Eleanor let out a dreamy sigh, her hips wiggling before her thighs firmly and tightly clenched. Mmm… Everything about that makes me feel so… so… good…!

Kerrie was very beautiful herself, and it was impossible to think of the purple-haired princess, her magic, or anything about her without quivering and clenching. She’d left such a lasting effect and Eleanor wanted more in a patient way that could wait for a lifetime.

Of course, she wanted to crawl to Kerrie on all fours and nuzzle into her fishnet-covered knee. Of course, she wanted to sing Kerrie’s praises while wiggling her naked ass so everyone could see Kerrie’s precious treasure. Of course, she wanted to be useful in every moment, to always have a task to perform to please her owner and further show her loyalty to the clan that had taken her in when she didn’t know where she was or what to do.

But until Kerrie wanted those things, Eleanor was contented to wait.

Until Kerrie was ready for Eleanor to show her obedience, Eleanor was just as happy to be loyal and obedient by being her treasure locked away in a room with no obvious doors.

Lost in her reverie, Eleanor didn’t even think to look around the room for what might have awakened her. There was no sign of Kerrie’s presence, at least none that Kerrie wanted to make obvious. If she wanted to hide in a corner and peep on her quivering treasure, then Eleanor wasn’t going to dream of taking that away from her.

I want to give Kerrie, and her Hebi Clan, everything and anything that they could want from me…!

Eleanor never would have thought to look to an especially dark corner of the ceiling where a woman braced herself with her arms behind her back.

Unlike Kerrie, the woman hiding in the darkness of the sealed room was closer to Eleanor’s age if not a year or two younger while still very much being a woman and not a girl. Her short black hair fell smoothly around her face, and her brown eyes peered out from the space between the mask that obscured her mouth and the bandana that wrapped around her forehead. She wore a pink bodysuit that clung tightly, emphasizing her impressive bust and the shape of her lower lips. Silver armor strapped over her arms just below her wrists, and her tabi were similarly armored.

While Kerrie had unusually bright hair and eyes of a most unusual color, the black-haired ninja was much more an ordinary sight. Another remarkable difference she had with Kerrie was that her features were undeniably Asian.

In the corner, the black-haired ninja peered down at Eleanor as she mewled and squirmed without doing so much as rising up to sit. She was too euphoric to maintain any kind of posture, instead splaying herself out for the peeping Ninja to enjoy from above.

Will she want to lead me around on a leash…? Will she want me to please her, or will she want to listen to me moan …? Eleanor shuddered with the possibilities, her hands giving her breasts a tender squeeze as waves of heat throbbed through her body. Ohhh anything… everything… Kerrie… I want to show you how much I belong to you, so, so much…!

Eleanor’s eyes fluttered shut, and the brown eyed ninja grinned behind her mask. She enjoyed the sight of Eleanor pinching at her nipples and letting out the cutest, softest little whines. She enjoyed watching Eleanor’s legs spread as she grinded her hips in the air.

Kerrie wasn’t there to see the show, but that black haired ninja was.

Such a weird planet, but I love it… Love being here… don’t want to leave… don’t ever want to leave… loyal to the Hebi clan, loyal to Kerrie, loyalty and fucking and Mmm…Eleanor shuddered, her hands drifting down along her body, teasing at the slick folds between her thighs. Want to be ready for her… want her to be here, want to be what she wants whenever she wants it, however she wants it… always…!

As Eleanor cried out in pleasure, the black-haired ninja slowly made her way across the wall to move closer and closer. She moved silently, barely even affecting the surrounding light. Somehow, even wearing a bright pink bodysuit, the woman managed to be incredibly stealthy.

How she managed it was unclear, but even if Eleanor was glancing right at her the woman would have been difficult to see.

Her eyes closing tighter as her fingers found her clit only made it that much harder for Eleanor to detect the woman at all. Her cries grew louder, and she began to writhe so much more dramatically. Her need was patient, but that patience only extended into what she would do on her own—not what she wanted to happen. More than anything, Eleanor wanted Kerrie to make her way through whichever wall opened and use her.

That need urged her fingers to rub faster, and her hips to tremble. Her thighs clenched, and her toes curled.

Eleanor needed, and she needed so very badly.

Amidst a loud, shuddering cry, the black-haired ninja slowly descended along the wall until her feet quietly settled down against the floor. Any sound she might have made was hidden completely as Eleanor screamed and filled the room with the thick scent of her quivering pussy.

Hope she comes soon… Hope she keeps me with her on a leash… Hope she wants everyone to see how loyal I am for her…! Eleanor’s mouth twisted as she arched high off of the wooden floor, her breath trembling and shuddering deep in her throat. I belong to the Hebi clan, and to Kerrie, and I’ll do anything they want as soon as they let me know they want it…! I’ll even wait here forever, always ready for her, always ready for them, always wanting them to use me…!

Eleanor felt less like a person, or a pet, or a slave, and more like a possession. She truly was a treasure, and it felt truer the longer her fingers stroked along the slick flesh between her legs. She could imagine that coin, that strap-on, that snake, that ninja princess, and all of those things made her feel weaker and softer.

The less she felt like she had any control at all, the more aroused she felt relentlessly stroking her sex. Keeping herself horny and slick felt like the one task she could actively do without needing any instruction at all.

Each step the black-haired ninja took closer was silent and unobtrusive. She was able to stride almost casually to right beside Eleanor where she savored the sight.

Her eyes stopped when they fell upon the blue snake tattoo just above Eleanor’s pussy. It pulsed and throbbed blue with the quick rubbing of her fingers. The look in the ninja’s brown eyes showed clear recognition and understanding of what she’d found, and the way she narrowed her eyes clearly saw it as a potential difficulty, or at least something that could present somewhat of a problem if not handled carefully.

Eleanor’s moans would have provided cover for sounds that the ninja was too silent to make as she approached another orgasm, and then fell soundly over the edge.

Glancing around the room slowly, the ninja’s trained eyes carefully peered into every shadow. Eleanor’s loud orgasmic cries were distracting. They would have made it impossible for anyone who was less of a professional to focus at all. When she was convinced they were alone in the small chamber, the ninja moved decisively.

One moment Eleanor was masturbating furiously, wholly lost in the act of moving her fingers between her legs and toying with her own breast.

The next moment, a woman’s tightly pink-clad ass was moving its way down to push Eleanor’s head back against the wooden floor. Plush and full, the ninja’s ass was more than capable of engulfing Eleanor’s face, and every quickened breath she took at the sudden shock filled her nose with the scent of the ninja’s ass and her nearby pussy.

She tried to cry out, to scream, to draw Kerrie’s attention to what was happening, but all that did was make her lips tremble and shake between the full cheeks of the ninja’s ass as she grinded Eleanor down against the wooden floorboards that much firmer.

“None of that, Hebi plaything. I’m very experienced at taking the venom from snakes… and your bite has already been tamed.” The ninja began to roll her hips, grinding her ass down against Eleanor’s face. It earned a weak, whimpery moan. The ninja laughed. “Aw. Are you worried down there? Don’t worry. I’m not some sick Hebi kidnapper, but I know if I don’t do something to silence you then you’ll scream for your owner… and I can’t have the Hebi knowing I’m here, not until it’s time for me to make my escape… with you.”

Eleanor’s eyes opened wide.

All she could see was pink, pink stretched so tightly around the ninja’s supple, voluptuous behind. The sight was gorgeous, erotic in a way that Eleanor could feel even through the ophidian influence that coiled so deep inside of her mind, but it wasn’t right and some part of her knew it. It wasn’t what she was supposed to be seeing, or what she was supposed to be doing.

“Don’t worry, little prize-of-war. I didn’t catch what she said to you, but I saw her ducking out of here, and bided my time, waited until the moment was right…” The ninja sighed, the tight, smooth fabric of her pink uniform rubbing tenderly along Eleanor’s nose, and pressing flush with her lips. “The Oshiri Clan may not have access to all of Hebi’s ancient techniques, but the power of my ass should be more than enough to get you to behave.

“Worship my ass, treasure slut. It’ll make you feel so… so good.”

The ninja began to quietly chant, her hands held in front of her face as syllables that Eleanor couldn’t understand flowed from her lips and the woman’s ass pressed down against her face that much more firmly.

Every movement of the ninja’s hips started to feel different, more fluid, more meaningful. That became even truer when Eleanor felt her lips begin to quiver and twitch against the fabric clutching the ninja’s full, round body. It feels… so… good to feel her ass… to feel her… with my lips… with my mouth… with… with… ohhh…

I want to worship her ass… want to show her ass… how beautiful it is, how sexy it is, how… how…

Eleanor’s hands had been trying to struggle to push the ninja away, but now they clutched at her thighs to keep the woman as tight and close to her as she possibly could. Even if it was fabric and not the ninja’s body directly, Eleanor began to lick and suck at whatever her mouth could reach.

It didn’t feel like spandex, or anything else Eleanor ever worn or felt before. It felt like she was able to kiss the woman’s flesh directly, to feel her tongue flick along the tight ring of her puckered ass as it quivered and twitched with Eleanor’s eager touch.

Whatever barrier once existed between them, the magic seemed to dispel it very far away. There was nothing but flesh against Eleanor’s mouth, and she couldn’t stop herself from hungrily licking and sucking and moaning against it. The ninja’s body glowed a bright green, and Eleanor’s eyes soon took on the same lime shade.

“That’s a good girl, Eleanor… kiss… suck… lick… Mmm… right, put your tongue right there… nnha…!” The ninja moaned, her voice a hoarse whine that she tried to muffle with her own hand. Eleanor’s tongue flicked at the center of that rim, tracing along a place that sent pleasure shuddering through all of the ninja’s sensitive body. “Lick right there, and… and suck… suck as hard as you can… suck, suck and feel just how easy it is for my ass to… to overcome you…!”

Eleanor’s eyes crossed, her mouth following the woman’s every command. Her loyalty to Kerrie was still there, distantly, but the green glow of the woman’s ass was between her and those parts of her mind.

The command to wriggle her tongue, to suck and moan against the woman’s ass, it was all so much stronger than any loyalty a possession could have. A woman might have resisted, but Eleanor didn’t feel like a woman anymore. Her tongue flicked, rewarding the grinding ninja with all of the pleasure it could.

Ass… feels so… good… lick… kiss… suck… overcome…

Eleanor whimpered, eagerly inhaling the ninja’s scent. It carried that green power deeper into her mind, opening her vulnerable psyche that much wider.

“Don’t… stop… so… close to… nnn… yes…!” The ninja shoved a hand into her mouth at the last moment to muffle her own cry as the pleasure built up from Eleanor’s own touches to her body burst in a wave of green, a wave of pleasure, a wave of bliss that soaked the pink between her legs and flooded Eleanor’s body and mind with sweet surrender.

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