Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 4: Strapped On, Filled Up, Emptied Out

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Strapped On, Filled Up, Emptied Out

Kerrie grasped Eleanor’s hair, pulling her away from where she’d been bound to push her captive’s face down. On her knees, Eleanor’s hips wiggled, her thighs clenching around the slick sex that twitched needily between them as the blonde whined. She shook her ass in the air, whining as she nuzzled down into the cool, smooth wooden floor beneath her.

“Neeed… waaant… you said you would… you gotta… can’t… can’t tease me like that and not… not…” Eleanor desperately reached for words, for some intensity that would properly communicate her desperation and need, but she could find little more than pitiful whining.

All of her grasp on language beyond pitiful mewling and pleading was all drained away by Kerrie’s ninja magic. The harder she struggled, the more pitiful she felt.

So powerless, and so without any way to gain some leverage or edge or even grasp on her need, Eleanor could do little more than wiggle her ass back and forth in the air as her glassy, blank eyes stared vacantly and her cheek rubbed down against the floor. Her pussy dripped down along her thighs, and her mouth stretched and reshaped meaninglessly.

Kerrie’s magical strap-on still glowed dimly with the same color of blue as Eleanor’s eyes. Kerrie’s grasp on Eleanor’s hair kept her trapped in her position, though she allowed the blonde enough slack to adorably nuzzle the floor as she wiggled.

“Don’t worry, Eleanor…! I didn’t say I was done with you.” Kerrie laughed, her free hand again positioned in front of her face. “I just needed to get you into a better position for what I wanted to do to you next. I’m very certain that you’re going to enjoy this, Eleanor.” Suddenly the strap-on rested just against the divide of Eleanor’s ass, moving along her body in a horrifically teasing fashion as Kerrie idly rocked her hips. “It helps that you have no choice but to enjoy it, but that wouldn’t be a problem for this regardless. It’s too good for you to feel any other way.”

“T-too good…? I… I want that, I need that I—ooohhhh…!” Eleanor screamed as Kerrie buried the magical sex-toy deep inside of her drenched pussy with one quick, powerful thrust of her hips that shook through both of their bodies. “Ooohhh y-yessss… this is what… what I want… what I need… yes, yes, yes!

Kerrie purred, one hand still grasping Eleanor’s hair as the other squeezed at the large, round curve of her ass. “And you’re going to get so much of it. So much more than you can take, but I don’t think you’ll mind! It’s empowered by your own will after all…”

“M-my own wiiill…!” Eleanor screamed as Kerrie pulled back only to thrust again. “Feels… so… ohhh…”

It wasn’t just so much friction inside of her sensitive cunt. It wasn’t just the way Kerrie filled her up so perfectly with movements that were firm and rough in the right ways that felt amazing without feeling too much. There was something special about the way the strap-on felt, something almost electric, something that tingled deep inside of Eleanor’s brain and made each thrust fire pleasure synapses that Eleanor didn’t even know she had.

Each thrust of Kerrie’s hips wasn’t just fucking her body.

They were fucking her mind.

Using the very drained energy it had siphoned with her sucking, the strap-on was pushing back into those same places with dominance, pleasure, and control. This time Eleanor couldn’t suck harder to make the sensation more intense, more erotic, or more perfect. All she could do was push her hips back with all of her limited might, her face trapped to the floor by Kerrie’s grasp on her hair.

“That’s right, Eleanor! I’m using the power of your own mind, the power you imbued by sucking like a little slut, and I’m going to use it to make you belong to the Hebi Clan forever…!” Kerrie cackled, her eyes wide with a certain erotic madness as she pulled Eleanor’s hair that much harder as she thrust quickly, deep, and raw inside of Eleanor’s body.

Hebi Clan… belonging to… the Hebi Clan… Forever…!

The words echoed inside of Eleanor’s mind. It didn’t feel empty, what with the constant thrusting of the strap-on into her brain through that glowing blue power, but it did feel devoid of thought, devoid of words, devoid of understandings—at least her own.

When Kerrie spoke, those words had power.

When Kerrie spoke, Eleanor could obey and understand how important those words were. They were the words of the woman who had conquered her mind and body.

“Mmm… Now it’s time to show you just what this magic can really do…! The Hebi Clan has our name for a reason, after all!” Kerrie quietly, cutely giggled as she wiggled her own hips amidst a thrust, her once wildly open eyes hooding so very low. “You’ll enjoy this, Eleanor, but just for fun… say it! Say you’ll enjoy this!”

“I’ll… ohhh… I’ll… en… ohhhh… j-joy… enjoy… nnnnhaaaa… thi-th-thisssss…!” Eleanor gasped, desperately struggling to obey as each thrust shook her body and made it so very nearly impossible to do anything but press back against Kerrie’s hips and shudder. Her eyes were open wide, her mouth drooling down over the wood as her arms hung limp. “I’ll… enjoy this…! I’ll enjoy this… I’ll… enjoy… o-ooohhh yesss…!”

Kerrie continued thrusting her hips, moving in the same perfect rhythm. It remained the same amazing thrust of her hips that pushed the toy so deep and sent currents of pleasure and obedience through every corner of Eleanor’s brain.

What changed was the strap-on itself.

No longer just a solid, smooth shape, Eleanor could feel it… segmenting. Like the robotic coils of the snake that so recently trapped her within its body, Eleanor could feel sections of the toy moving on its own. Serpentine and acutely aware of her body, the toy swayed and danced inside of her, pushing the currents out across all of her body at once.

Eleanor’s eyes were already open so wide, but blue energy pulsed and crackled across them as her drooling lips shuddered. Her limbs tensed and shook, still so limp but shuddering as though convulsing from electric shock. The cheeks of her ass clenched and shuddered, her thighs, her toes, every part of her body quivering as the pleasure the snake pushed inside of her writhed and wriggled its way through her with an intensity she would have imagined to be impossible if any part of her brain could still imagine anything it wasn’t explicitly commanded.

She clenched as hard as she could around the toy, but it moved with a force and firmness that made all of her attempts to trap it in place utterly meaningless. Though it was a toy, the strap-on had more range of motion, more control, more agency than Eleanor as she drooled all over the floor and her own thighs.

Eleanor came, screaming wordlessly as her eyes lost more and more of the spark of her intelligence. Turning glassier, emptier, her eyes looked like a solid shade of blue that shone with a dim blue light that emanated from deep between her legs.

Every thrust made the light in her eyes shine brighter, her thighs clench tighter, and a little more drool ooze out of both sets of lips.

Orgasms came one after another, rocking through Eleanor’s helpless body as Kerrie again laughed above her without removing the grasp of either hand from Eleanor’s body. “That’s a good girl! Fucking out all of your will, fucking in mine! You’re a Hebi Clan slave girl now… say it… say it…!”

“I’m… I’m a… Hebi Clan… slaaa… slaaa…. slaave giiirl…!” Eleanor’s voice cracked as another orgasm tore through her body. Her whole body was drenched with sweat, slick and burning hot with lust.

There was little more inside of Eleanor than her surrender to Kerrie and the ninja magic still thrusting inside of her pussy.

“Let’s make every part of your body feel that as intensely, shall we…?” There was a loud, wet, slick sound as the strap-on pulled free of Eleanor’s pussy. It continued to dance at Kerrie’s waist like a snake protruding from between her legs, but it wasn’t free of entombment for long. “With an ass like this… it would truly be a crime were it not to be claimed by the Hebi Clan’s most sacred of ancient techniques!”

Eleanor’s strangled scream was barely even capable of making syllables as the serpentine strap-on thrust its way deep inside of her ass.

Even constrained by the tighter limits of Eleanor’s rear entrance, the strap-on suffered no restriction of movement. It weaved and bobbed, moving in time with Eleanor’s rapid, desperate pulse. Its energy throbbed brighter, and stronger, every time that Kerrie squeezed at Eleanor’s ass.

“I’m going to fill you up until there’s no more room to fill with loyalty to the Hebi Clan…!” Kerrie fell into an almost adorable fit of manic giggles as her hips thrust the strap-on deep inside of Eleanor. Her large breasts bounced and swayed at her chest, nipples hard under the tight confinement of the pasties.

The fishnets she wore did little to keep them restrained.

Eleanor had little to add besides her drool, her cum, and sounds that oscillated between wall-shaking cries and barely heard whispers.

Kerrie thrust the snake deep inside of Eleanor’s ass again and again for what felt like hours. The blue glow in Eleanor’s eyes eventually remained bright even between thrusts, and the louder cries quieted even when she yielded to yet another orgasm. More than just her will was claimed—but her very body itself. Kerrie’s technique had done more than simply hypnotize Eleanor again as it had before.

Just above her sex, a tattoo of a blue, coiled snake faded into place as Kerrie continued to thrust. The symbol resembled similar snakes that lined the ceiling of the room where Eleanor awoke.

“I think that should be enough to seal your loyalty… Mmm and I could really use some reciprocation.” Kerrie pulled back again, but this time Eleanor didn’t have the presence of mind to beg or plead for the strap-on’s swift return. She merely fell to her side as Kerrie’s hands released her, panting mindlessly as her whole body shook and dripped slick with lust and sweat. “You need to show your loyalty to the Hebi Clan, after all…”

With a casual wave of her hand, and a quiet whisper, the strap-on vanished in a bright flash of blue light. Kerrie grasped the coin off of her thong, moving it between her fingers until it simply vanished.

Eleanor groaned.

Without the stimulation of the strap-on she truly only had Kerrie’s words. She knew that she needed to show her loyalty, but she was too empty, to weak, too directionless, to envision how she would be capable of such an act. All she could do was quiver and writhe on the floor without further direction.

A moment later Kerrie was sitting in front of her, tearing open her fishnets and ripping away her thong to reveal a cute tuft of bright purple hair above the flushed lips of her sex. “It’s time for you to show your loyalty, Eleanor. Make me cum like a good girl, and you’ll officially be Hebi Clan property. You’ll find that I take such very good care of my property, and I’ll be so happy to take good care of you.”

“Y-yesss… loyalty… care… mmm…” Eleanor strained to crawl closer, but it wasn’t long before Kerrie’s hand was back in her hair pulling her face down between Kerrie’s legs. “Yess Kerrie… Mmmphhh…”

Smothered by Kerrie’s sex, Eleanor obeyed and began to explore with her mouth. Her vacant eyes fell shut, and she learned everything by feel. Her touches quickly rewarded Eleanor with low groans of pleasure from up above as the busty ninja quivered and wrapped her legs tight around Eleanor.

“That’s it… Please your owner… be an obedient piece of fuck property for the Hebi Clan…!”

Eleanor was all too eager to obey, her tongue coaxing out Kerrie’s clit so her lips could latch and suck. Kerrie’s sharper, more intense cries quivered their way down along Eleanor’s body, the pleasure recreated in her as she felt the pleasure overtake her all over again. She licked and she sucked, striving to prove her loyalty by earning the loudest cries and the slickest bursts of pleasure that she could.

Inside of Eleanor there only existed her loyalty to the Hebi Clan, and her need to please Kerrie. Kerrie’s pussy, Kerrie’s moans, Kerrie’s overwhelming sexual presence dominated her without needing to do anything but exist. The fundamental way she functioned had been rewritten and claimed by the purple-haired woman who was rubbing her slick pussy so firmly against Eleanor’s face as she screamed in louder and louder bliss.

Much like Kerrie’s thrusting, Eleanor was tireless. She’d been commanded to show her loyalty, and she could only obey. There was no doubt, no uncertainty, nothing but the sweet perfection of her task and the woman who commanded it.

Kerrie came, and Eleanor eagerly suckled and licked up every drop of the Hebi Clan Ninja’s nectar. She couldn’t waste a drop of it. Somehow, she knew that was a part of loyalty without even being told. It shone through her mind from the tattoo of the snake just above her sex, and coiled around her sense of self just as tightly as an unrelenting snake.

It became hard to tell how many times Kerrie came as Eleanor licked and sucked, nibbled and tugged at her most tender places. Eleanor wasn’t counting, and the slickness over her face was thick.

Her own thighs were ever slicker from the thrill of proving her loyalty every time Kerrie cried and thrashed in bliss.

Eventually Kerrie pushed Eleanor’s face away before collapsing back onto the floor with a groan. “Mmmnnn… Too… too much… Mmm way too sensitive…” For a moment Eleanor whined in apology, but Kerrie soon returned to her pleased laughter from before. “Oh, oh no… Don’t you worry, Eleanor. You did exactly what I wanted you to do, exactly how I wanted you to do it… a girl can just only take so much, and the life of a princess of the Hebi Clan is a busy one… Mmm so even if I wanted more, I need to leave you here…

“But I’ll be back so soon, to indulge in my favorite treasure again.” Kerrie purred as she slowly sat up, grasping Eleanor’s hair to pull her from the floor long enough to lock lips in a long, passionate kiss.

When it broke, Eleanor fell limp to the hard, wooden floor.

“I would tell you to be a good girl for me… but you don’t really have a choice. You’re loyal to the Hebi Clan as a part of your very self…” Kerrie slowly stroked through Eleanor’s hair before she drew away. “Have a little nap… I’ll see you soon.”

“See… soon…”

Obediently, Eleanor drifted off to sleep with a low, dreamy sigh.

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