Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 3: Captive of the Hebi Clan

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #anime_as_fuck #bondage #eleanor_asher #robots #scifi
See spoiler tags : #ninja_magic #robotic_snake #soft_vore

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Captive of the Hebi Clan

Eleanor groaned as she regained consciousness. “Nnnhhh… What… happened…? I was… in a forest, and then… there was… a ninja…? I… Nnn…” Her head was swimming. The memories that should have existed between arriving deep within the unremarkable seeming forest and waking up in the dark room with her arms chained up over her head didn’t feel like they should. Her mind didn’t feel like she knew it should. “I… really… ohhh…”

Her thighs clenched, drawn together tight as the vaguest memory of the coin swinging in front of her face shuddered through every sensitive nerve in Eleanor’s body.

She could feel shimmering golden light trailing up along the inside of her thighs, looping around her breasts, and thrusting deep between her legs. She could feel it between her eyes, and between the wrinkles of her brain. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she could almost see the coins there, still swaying and shining and twirling to demand her attention.

The manacles around her wrists were tight, but in the dazed state she sank into by simply remembering a small fraction of what happened they may as well have been for show.

Lost in her trance state, Eleanor’s bare breasts shook at her chest, and her eyes fluttered. Her lips trembled, and her thighs clenched. The whole world to her was again just that golden light, that swaying metal, that feeling of surrender and loss. Her arms tugged at her chains, but only because she was writhing in pleasure.

Eleanor was far too gone to make any attempt at escape.

Her reverie took its time, pleasure tingling through her mind as gold swirled  and swayed, and nothing else mattered. She was alone in the dark room, her glistening, naked body only dimly illuminated, but she trembled as though Kerrie were there in front of her working that impressive ninja magic all over again. Her eyes fell shut, and her hips wriggled as her thighs continued to clench.

Eleanor couldn’t feel the smooth, bare wood under her ass. She couldn’t feel it as her pussy soaked that wood, making it wet with the juices of her own lust. She moaned and squirmed, her ass rubbing down against the wood, and her hands uselessly trembling above her head, but she could do nothing else.

The memory didn’t hold its sway over Eleanor forever.

Several minutes later, when the floor was soaked and her body felt all the weaker from uselessly squirming and straining against bonds impossibly stronger than her, Eleanor would rise up out of the sensation as the golden grasp faded away into memory.

In its place was a dark room, but her eyes were adjusted enough to make out some of the finer details. It was made of wood, but something about the wood looked wrong somehow. The texture looks so… smooth…? The color so… bright…? I know you can polish wood and stuff like that, but something about this room feels… new? Artificial? Doesn’t feel like something that should be in Japan back in the past—not that I know much about how that should look.

This just seems… plasticky? Eleanor squinted, trying to find some other feature to help her connect the dots. Under her, the wood felt real enough, but something about it still felt too comfortable. The shackles around her wrists were tight, but they didn’t hurt her no matter how hard she tugged.

Somehow, they could both feel like solid steel but not pinch or strain her arms no matter how roughly she pulled her arms. It wasn’t that she felt any particular urge to get free, but her curiosity was piqued.

It wasn’t that the shapes around her wrists were curved. They felt flat and sharp, the very sort of sensations that should have dug into her skin with too much force. That didn’t happen at all, and Eleanor soon ceased her pointless struggling. Either this world is… very different than any world I’ve visited before after all or… no, this isn’t a simulation.

Eleanor shook her head very firmly.

This might not be wood, but it is… real…? I think. Anything could have happened after I was… unconscious… Eleanor didn’t risk falling back into that memory, wanting to enjoy a little more time thoughtful before whatever inevitably would happen next happened. But this world has a forest, and apparently robot snakes, and busty ninjas who don’t retire in their 20’s… I don’t think fishnets are very good for stealth, though…

“Hello again, Eleanor.”

A portion of the wall that had seemed completely solid revealed itself to be a secret door. Kerrie stepped into the room, dressed just like she’d been the last time Eleanor had seen her.

Just the sight of the purple haired ninja made Eleanor quiver and tighten.

Whatever hypnotic magic the ninja had weaved over her mind, and Eleanor wasn’t big on believing things like ‘magic’ were just magic and lacked any further explanation, it didn’t seem to make her compelled to obey the Hebi Clan woman. It did, however, leave her remembering the woman’s hands on her body, and the embrace of her robotic snake.

That was still enough to make Eleanor feel soft and weak.

Not trusting her voice, Eleanor held back her urge to instantly reply. It felt like it would come out as a squeak, or a useless nothing that would tremble through her in a way that would make her look sluttier than communicate anything of value.

“You look just as good chained up here as you did out in the forest. Maybe even better.” Kerrie hooded her teal eyes as she pulled the wall shut behind her. “You’re my little treasure. I’m the woman in charge of this fortress, and I’ve claimed you for my own… and I intend to enjoy every little part of you.”

“L-like you did in the forest…?” Eleanor quivered, tensing up to strain for a little bit more teeth to her next response. “I’ve had way deeper hypnotic control in my mind before. I think I had tentacles in my brain once, not that it makes any sense, but…”

“What happened to you to experience that?” Kerrie raised an eyebrow as she stepped closer. As she did, Eleanor was able to notice that while the woman’s eyes and hair were unusual shades, for a ninja she seemed to be remarkably Caucasian. “Did you fall out of a tree and then find yourself in another world? But to answer your question… nothing like I did in the forest. Nothing at all.” Kerrie’s grin spread wider as she stepped closer, and her hand raised in front of her face preceding yet another laugh. “In the forest I wasn’t nearly as thorough.”

Eleanor’s thighs clenched in spite of herself. Kerrie’s touches to her face, to her breasts, to her ass—all of them had felt really good. She had the sort of dominant, powerful energy that Eleanor really loved to feel and had plenty of chances to experience in her many multiversal travels.

Enjoying it didn’t mean that Eleanor was simply going to give in. She was still a captive held by this strange ninja woman in some bizarre fortress of the Hebi Clan—whoever they were. She still had no understanding what was going on.

For some reason I get the feeling Kerrie won’t answer my questions if I just try to ask her what’s going on... just another sign that I’m really a spy!

“Something like that…” Eleanor tried to answer smugly, but so much of that willful refusal to cooperate fell away when Kerrie reached out to tease a fingertip along the curve of her breast. Eleanor’s eyes lidded, and her breath caught in her throat. “Nnn… So far this doesn’t feel very different…”

“Of course it does, Eleanor…” Kerrie hooded her eyes, leaning in so close that their noses touched. Eleanor shuddered again, the touch synchronized with a delicate caress of her nipple. “I haven’t even started yet. This? This is just me warming up your body. It’s not like I want to hurt you, Eleanor. I just want to claim the spoils that come with being in control of this fortress…”

Kerrie’s fingers slid down from Eleanor’s breast, stroking down along her side until stopping so Kerrie’s nails could rake at Eleanor’s hip. “Nnhaaa…! You’re… doing a good job of warming it up, but I… Mmm I don’t… I really don’t understand what’s going on, so you shouldn’t—mmm…!”

Again, Kerrie mashed her lips into Eleanor’s. The plush, demanding sensation was familiar this time, and in spite of her reluctance Eleanor found herself responding in kind. She returned the kiss, and it wasn’t long before Kerrie had her lips parting.

Invaded by Kerrie’s tongue, Eleanor could do little more than moan into the ninja’s mouth as her tongue was delicately ravished.

When the kiss ended, Kerrie stood back to her full height and hooded her eyes. “Let me show you another little bit of… ninja magic, since you enjoyed the last bit so much. How does that sound, Eleanor?’

“Sounds… nnn…” Eleanor quivered, her eyes still fluttering from the kiss. She found just enough of herself to shake her head, quietly whimpering as she stopped herself from responding wholly based on her instincts. “No… I don’t… Magic is bullshit and I don’t want any more of it… Let me go, Kerrie… I don’t belong here… I don’t even know what’s going on…!”

For a moment Kerrie seemed disappointed. She slumped and sighed, slowly shaking her head. “You keep insisting that like it matters. It’s really sad that you think it’s going to change anything…”

The next moment, Kerrie was grinning, and opening her gi.

Underneath she wore a fishnet bodysuit, and over her nipples were a pair of black pasties that matched the thong she wore between her legs. Eleanor couldn’t bring herself to look away, amazed by the perfect smoothness and curvaceousness of the nearly naked ninja. What little she wore did more to emphasize the shape of her body and the nudity of the rest of her skin than to obscure anything.

The pasties weren’t thick enough to hide the shape of her nipples as they rose against them. The thong even clung so tightly between Kerrie’s legs that it perfectly emphasized the shape of her lower lips.

“Let me show you just how powerful ninja magic can really be…!”

Kerrie reached down to her thong and placed a gold medallion just above the outline of her sex. It clung to her thong, and Kerrie began to chant syllables that Eleanor couldn’t understand. They were quick, and the way Kerrie chanted them made each sound seem so important and meaningful.

As she chanted, Kerrie swayed her hips side to side—so very much like the coin. Eleanor’s eyes were caught when the medallion began to glow. Magic held her focus, drawing her gaze side to side to side. The glow was enchanting, special in a way no ordinary light could be, but it wasn’t duplicating.

Her vision wasn’t filling with spinning, swaying medallions that made such little room for her own thoughts.

Instead, it was more the light itself, the way it shone, the placement, the way it emphasized the curves of Kerrie’s hidden labia, the way it swayed so sensuously, so erotically, so… potently. Eleanor felt the light shining into her eyes, felt herself staring at it, and it slowly by slowly became harder to think of any reason to look away.

The light was so pretty, and looking at it was doing something to her, something nice, something she wanted more.

Her pussy was already wet, but staring at the light made it warm. Staring at the light made her thighs quiver. It made her lips feel hungry.

When a long, shining strap-on emerged from the medallion Eleanor mewled in surprise but still couldn’t bring herself to look away. “That’s right, Eleanor. This is just a small taste of what ninja magic can do… well…” Kerrie stepped closer, her eyes hooding. “Why don’t I give you an actual taste? It seems like you want it…”

“Want it… mmmph…!”

Eleanor was taken off guard when the strap-on thrust past her lips, filling her mouth. She’d both pulled Eleanor’s face forward and thrust her own hips forward in the same perfect motion, making so much of the long shaft fill her mouth all at once.

Just as the sight was mesmerizing, the taste was euphoria and ambrosia and toe-curling pleasure all at once. Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from loudly sucking the strap-on, her tongue reaching out to stroke every small part of it that she could as Kerrie moved the magical sex toy inside of her mouth.

It was such an addictive taste that Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from moaning from the sheer delight. It was fulfilling and satisfying in a way that made her need more and more and more. She’d never needed a taste so much that her eyes crossed, and her pussy dripped—not before, anyway.

It was a taste so sexy, a texture and a size so gratifying, that Eleanor couldn’t keep her hips still as her lower lips flushed darker and her thighs clenched around them. The bright light she’d stared into so willingly now felt like it was fucking itself deeper into her mind with each thrust of Kerrie’s hips that sent the strap-on deeper and deeper into her mouth. It didn’t matter that it was magic, and Eleanor didn’t like magic. It was sexy and Eleanor wanted to suck it, to lick it, and to lose herself with wanton, lustful moans.

“That’s a good girl, Eleanor!” Kerrie’s voice joined the loud wet sounds of fucking and Eleanor’s low, desperate, pitiful moans. “Keep sucking… really get the most out of it, Eleanor! The better you do, the more of yourself that you surrender to it…? This will just feel that much better when it finds its way back inside of you again!”

Eleanor drooled down past her lips, soaking her breasts with her own saliva as she messily sucked and licked. Her mind wasn’t operating at full power, but it was enough to understand that doing more would make things feel better.

She flicked her tongue, she sucked as hard as she could, and she groaned as she felt more and more of something deep inside of herself, some deep place of will and memory and self and identity drain to fill the toy between her lips.

When she came from the sheer pleasure of sucking at the most perfect sex toy she’d ever even imagined, Eleanor felt so much of that power deep inside of her rushing out. She could almost swear she saw it glow the same blue as her eyes, but it was so hard to hold on to anything like that when her mind was so weak and her body felt so needy. She’d soaked the floor, but her pussy still wanted more. Her body was still so hungry, so lustfully driven by a yearning inflicted by Kerrie’s powerful ninja magic.

With a flick of her wrist, Kerrie released the shackles holding Eleanor’s hands above her head. They fell to her sides, and Kerrie grinned down at her with a low purr. “How would you like a little more, Eleanor?”

“P-p-pleeease…!” Eleanor moaned, crawling forward even with such little distance between them. She nuzzled the toy between Kerrie’s legs, her eyes fluttering and her lips rubbing together. “I want more… I need more… I’m so… ohhh… p-p-pleeease…!”

Eleanor pleaded, and Kerrie grinned.


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