Eleanor Asher in: Sex Ninjas of the Forest Planet

Chapter 2: Ophidian Absconding

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #anime_as_fuck #bondage #eleanor_asher #robots #scifi
See spoiler tags : #ninja_magic #robotic_snake #soft_vore

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Ophidian Absconding

“What is that!?” Eleanor would have jumped back, but she felt suddenly frozen in place. She’d been expecting to see something unusual, but a large robotic snake was not what she’d pictured. “Is this your… your pet…?”

“Exactly! That is my loyal pet, Chain! I wouldn’t make any sudden moves. Its teeth are… very sharp.” The ninja woman laughed again, sending a chill down Eleanor’s spine. “I find robotic pets to be much more loyal, and much more effective, than the more flesh-and-blood variety. Don’t worry, though… It’s been ordered to capture you, not kill you. I want to bring you home, after all…”

Eleanor quivered as the robotic snake hissed at her, its eyes level with her own. It was large, and long, and everything about the serpentine construct seemed clever and sensuous and dangerous. It moved in place, swaying faintly, seeming ready to dart forward at a moment’s notice.

Metal teeth… or it could be a constrictor, or… fuck, if it’s a robot there’s so much that it could do…! Eleanor bit her lip, looking between the snake, and then back towards the woman in the tree.

“I’m really not a spy, or a ninja from… a… rival clan…?” Eleanor frowned. Just saying it sounded ridiculous. Since when did ninjas have bright purple hair, anyway? “My name is Eleanor, and I’m just a college student, really…! You don’t need to do this… whoever you are! Hebi Clan… whatever…! I can just… go another way, really…!”

“Oh, it’s really no trouble, Eleanor.” The woman in the tree laughed, her eyes hooding low. “You can call me Kerrie…” Eleanor sighed. Hearing a familiar name put her at ease, even if it sounded weird to meet a ninja named ‘Kerrie’ of all things. “But it’s too dangerous to let you run free in Hebi territory. I’ll need to apprehend you… so my sweet little pet is going to become much closer to you, now…!”

“What do you…wah…!”

So distracted by Kerrie, Eleanor hadn’t noticed the snake moving in front of her. Just as stealthy and silent as before, she’d only realized the snake was wrapping itself around her legs when it was too late to even try escaping. It was incredibly smooth, and cool, but not painfully so. It moved against her skin with a certain gentleness, and while its grasp was certainly tight, it didn’t bring Eleanor any pain.

She quivered and squirmed, trying to pull her legs free only to find the snake rising higher around them. Kerrie’s laughs filled the forest again as something shot out of the snake’s mouth, rending apart Eleanor’s shorts. Her skin was unharmed, as was the white thong she’d worn underneath, but her shorts fell to shreds on the forest floor.

Eleanor cried out, expecting to see blood or feel some sort of pain, but that didn’t happen at all. Instead, the snake wrapped around her thighs one last time before moving up to press between the cheeks of her ass.

Every small movement of the snake as it pushed apart her round ass, making room for itself, was another sensation that Eleanor couldn’t do anything to resist or escape. The robot was far too powerful, and just as good at precise movements as it was at keeping her legs together without bringing them both toppling down to the forest floor.

Soon it was wrapping around her waist, and then another something—a dart, or maybe just some sort of laser, shot out of the snake’s mouth to rend open Eleanor’s top. As it fell in tatters around her, the snake moved between her breasts as it had between the cheeks of her ass.

“S-stop… This… this isn’t… Nnn… let me go…!” It wasn’t harder for Eleanor to breathe, but she did feel shy about being too demanding with the metal coils wrapping around more and more of her body. She was all too keenly aware of how easy it would be for the robotic creature to crush her inside of it, though the way it currently used that strength was less painful and more erotically confining. “I’m not a ninja… I’m not… you don’t need to do this…!”

“No. You’re right… I don’t…!” Kerrie leapt down from the tree above, landing perfectly onto the ground below. “I could probably even let you go and nothing would come of it… but…” Rising to her feet, Kerrie approached Eleanor and reached her hands back to first squeeze at her exposed ass before clawing across her bared breasts. “I want you, Eleanor.”

“Nnn… A-ah…!” Eleanor whimpered as she felt the snake coil carefully around her neck. So wholly coiled, so wholly bound, she could still wriggle and writhe within the robotic snake—but only barely. It squeezed tight enough that every movement she made would have carried no small amount of friction if the snake itself wasn’t so incredibly smooth.

It was still stimulating as its coils between her ass, and between her breasts, squeezed. It was still so much to feel as she rolled her hips against the sensation, unable to remain still with such constant touching from every direction at once.

“I want you… so I’m going to claim you and bring you back to my fortress.”

Kerrie’s hands pulled back, reaching into her gi, and then held out her hand as a fist above Eleanor’s head. A moment later she uncurled her fingers, and a golden coin on a long black string tied through a hole in the middle fell right between Eleanor’s eyes.

Something about the coin caught what limited light there was in the fog-dense forest. It had a way of drawing in Eleanor’s eyes even as she tried to look away, and that was before Kerrie began to carefully shift her hand. As she did, the coin swung in front of Eleanor, moving back and forth across her vision. “Watch the coin, Eleanor. Watch the coin, and feel my pet squeezing around you. I already have your body in my grasp, but now, I’m going to claim your mind, too…

“I’m going to claim your mind, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Kerrie reached out a hand, so tenderly sliding her fingertips across Eleanor’s face as the coin continued to swing. Eleanor’s eyes followed it, blues moving back and forth with every swing of the coin, so helplessly caught in the golden surface that shone so mesmerizingly. “Nothing you can do, besides surrender…”

“Surrender…?” Eleanor whimpered. The snake squeezed a little tighter, its coil prison making her so very aware of its presence even as it loosened. So much of her body was so helplessly trapped inside of it, and that included her arms. Even if she had something she could reach for to pull herself free, it wouldn’t have mattered. “I’m not just going to fall for some cheap hypnosis routine…! I don’t care if you are some special ninja with a robot snake… it’ll take a little… more… than… ohh…”

As the gold coin continued to sway, sliding back and forth, it almost seemed to duplicate across Eleanor’s vision. She could see it moving just once at a time, one movement, but then another coin seemed to appear from nowhere beside it, and then another. Their movements seemed both to somehow be synced up, and to be completely at odds at the same time.

Impossible… it can’t… do that… it doesn’t… make any… doesn’t make any sense…! Eleanor’s mind struggled to grasp what was happening, to understand the sight she was seeing, but the more the seemingly replicating coins swung across her gaze the harder it was to do anything but mindlessly stare with widening eyes and a slack jaw.

“That’s it, Eleanor…” Kerrie crooned out in a sweet, dreamy voice as her fingers continued to stroke along her captive’s face in a delicate fashion. “You can’t resist my ninja magic any more than you can resist my pet. You’re feeling yourself becoming emptier, weaker, more and more helpless… You need to watch the coins as they fill your vision, as they move, as they pull you along… and the longer you watch, the emptier you become, making more room for my voice, for the coins, for the hypnotic technique taking control of everything…”

“Control of… everything… Mmnnn…” Eleanor moaned as her face slumped against Kerrie’s hand. Her eyes turned glassy, her pupils growing wide as she followed the coins that continued to multiply. No longer did the new coins align with the original, but they began to fill every spot of her vision, all constantly swinging, swaying, moving in a constant barrage of mental and visual stimulation.

She could feel her mind being pulled in so many directions at once, her focus being demanded to track so many small shining points of gold, and even half of it would be too much for her to hold onto for long… and more kept coming.

Layers and layers of shining, shimmering gold overwhelmed Eleanor’s mind in ways she couldn’t begin to process. Any attempt to do anything but stare and take in the gold made her feel weaker and softer, more held up by the might of the snake around her than any will of her own. Her eyes were so wide, trying to take in more of the gold, to understand more of the gold, but doing that only bound her tighter in Kerrie’s control.

“That’s right, Eleanor… My coins, filling your mind, overwhelming your will… My ninja magic, making you spellbound, entranced, helpless…” Kerrie’s voice was so low, so soft, so quiet, but the strain it took for Eleanor to hear it only made the effect that much stronger. “You’re going to let me deeper and deeper into your mind, because you have no choice…

“And because you want to feel my voice inside of you, to feel my coins inside of you, to feel my pet squeezing the thoughts right out of you…” The robotic snake coiled tighter, and Eleanor let out a sharp groan. When the snake loosened, Eleanor was limp in its grasp. “Good girl, Eleanor… You’re just so completely helpless to me, for me… so completely powerless… aren’t you, Eleanor?”

“Y-yesss…” She hissed out meekly, her eyes crossing as they tried their best to keep track of so many golden coins at once that they seemed to stretch on into infinity. “So… powerless… so… helpless… so… ohhh...”

Kerrie’s eyes hooded lower, and she licked her lips hidden away under her mask. “Good girl, Eleanor. Good girl… and good girls do what they’re told… let themselves be carried away without any complaints… they just want to be good… isn’t that right, Eleanor…?”

“Y-yessss…!” Her voice was so much more insistent now, feeling Kerrie’s words deeper inside of her made them feel so much better than before. She wanted to be a good girl, to do what she was told, and it was so easy to surrender to that feeling. “So… right… so… ohhh… feels… so… good…”

Kerrie’s hand fell from Eleanor’s face, trailing down along her neck before resting on one of her exposed breasts. The nail of her thumb slowly teased Eleanor’s nipple, flicking and rubbing it until the nub turned stiff and rose to the sensation as though begging for more.

Within her prison of metal coils, Eleanor’s hips jerked forward as if pleading for more sensation. Her eyes fluttered, still so focused on the swaying coin still held in front of her eyes.

She didn’t know if any of the coins she saw were real or if they were all illusions. It didn’t matter. Kerrie’s ninja magic was too strong, and her mind was too weak. She was submitting wholly to the power that clenched so tightly around her mind, making her mind too powerless to form its own thoughts.

All she could do was submit to Kerrie.

All she could do was obey as the snake squeezed around her, and Kerrie’s nails squeezed around her nipple before twisting it taut.

“You’re going to come with me… and become a servant for the Hebi clan, Eleanor. You have no choice, and you cannot resist. You can only submit to my ancient techniques of seduction and control.” Kerrie leaned closer, so close that were it not for the coin still swaying, she might have been brushing her lips against Eleanor’s. “You have no choice but to surrender yourself, to become my property.”

“N-no choice but… to become… your… property… o-oohh…!”

Kerrie’s hand was no longer on her breast, but instead kneading and squeezing at Eleanor’s ass with a tight, possessive grip. Her nails dug into Eleanor’s supple flesh, straining it, drawing louder and deeper cries from Eleanor’s trembling lips.

“Good girl, Eleanor. We’re going to have so much fun together… and you’re going to love every moment of it.” Kerrie purred, swinging the coin one last time before catching it in the palm of her hand. “Close your eyes, Eleanor. Close your eyes… and obey me.”

“O-obey y-yo—mmmpphhh…!” Eleanor’s eyes melted shut, and the moment they did Kerrie’s lips mashed into hers. The kiss was raw, and when their lips parted, an intense sensation of the ninja-woman’s tongue massaging her own. The snake’s coils rhythmically kneaded at Eleanor’s body, reminding her of just how trapped she was, and just how meaningless any attempt at struggle would truly be.

Eleanor was at Kerrie’s mercy, truly unable to do anything but be fondled and limply return the ninja woman’s deep kisses.

When their kissing finally ended, Kerrie drew back and tugged her mask back into place. “You won’t need to remember how to find the Hebi Fortress… So, you can just sleep for me now, Eleanor.” Kerrie’s fingers trailed slowly down across Eleanor’s face, earning a quiet, shuddering groan. “Sleep in my pet’s embrace. I will awaken you once we reach my domain… and there, I can claim your body again, and again… and again.”

Eleanor groaned her acceptance, and the last of the strength drained from her body as she went truly limp.

“But before we go…?” Kerrie’s eyes hooded. “There’s one last thing that I want… One last little reward for all of my very hard efforts…” She snapped her fingers, and the snake loosened its grasp on Eleanor’s waist just enough for the ninja to reach down towards Eleanor’s ass.

How exactly she managed to pull away Eleanor’s thong without tearing the fabric, or pulling it down along Eleanor’s legs wasn’t obvious. It seemed like a simple flick of her wrist, a motion so easy that anyone could have done it with the slightest effort—but that would obviously be impossible. Eleanor barely even whimpered, still so lost, so gone under the hypnosis of the powerful ninja magic.

There was nothing between Eleanor and the snake’s metal coils as the snake wrapped its body back around her ass, and tightly between her legs. Eleanor pitifully mewled as Kerrie nuzzled the thong in her hand with low, hooded eyes. “This is going to be a sweet little trophy… another little treasure to signify another woman I’ve overcome… and claimed.”

Eleanor groaned, but it wasn’t in acknowledgement. The snake was moving between her legs, rubbing along her slit, pressing so firm into her tender, vulnerable pussy. Her hips shuddered, but she could barely muster the energy to move enough to instinctively grind against the smooth surface. She was too lost, too gone, and far too weak after all of those coins dominated her vision and so very much of her mind.

“You really never did stand a chance, Eleanor, but it was lovely of you to give it a try just to amuse me… or yourself… It doesn’t really matter either way…!” Kerrie’s hand rose in front of her face as she let out a loud, smug laugh with a hand in front of her face yet again. “But I suppose now we really should get going…”

The robotic snake soon lowered Eleanor’s body down to the forest floor and began to move away with her trapped inside of it.

Kerrie grinned, watching them move away. It had been easy for her, but it was clear that challenge was not what gave her a thrill. Whatever her motivations, reasons, or deeper thoughts, they were hidden away behind her eyes and locked away within the vault of her impenetrable mind.

With a quick leap she rose up into a nearby tree, and followed her pet’s slithering from up above.

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