Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 5: HellDriver Training Successful?! Rematch of Madness!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #tokusatsu #transforming_hero

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: HellDriver Training Successful?! Rematch of Madness!

“HellDriver… Henshin…!”

Eleanor screamed as red-and-white wireframes surrounded her. Her clothing burned away, and the HellDriver costume replaced them with a brilliant flash of light. Heat burned through her body, but Reiko’s training over the past week was helping her keep it under control.

Why is my transformation faster when the demon is already in front of me… and slower when I do it somewhere else…? Eleanor blinked inside of her helmet. It makes no sense.

“HellDriver Asmodeus!” A green skinned demon man with long black stood surrounded by a pile of collapsed women. “I am the incubus Viribus! I’ve heard of your defeat at the hands of Dedecia… what makes you think you could possibly challenge me? My powers of lust and domination put hers to shame, and you are nothing more than yet another HellDriver to become a trophy for my patron!”

Eleanor’s lips were all that Viribus could see of her smirk.

“HellDriver… Henshin…!”

Red-and-white surrounded Eleanor as her uniform shrunk with a burst of flames, revealing more of her skin and squeezing so much tighter around her body. She didn’t even seem to react to Viribus’s taunt.

“She may be a third class succubus, Asmodeus, but her powers are noth—”

“HellDriver… Nnnn… Henshin…!”

Eleanor’s knees buckled faintly as her clothing shrunk again, once again dressing her in the sling bikini with small patches that did the barest amount possible to maintain her dignity while further covering her arms and legs. Her call to take on yet more power had interrupted the incubus, who was now fuming, stomping his feet before he ran forward towards Eleanor.

Once half the distance was closed, Eleanor took a deep breath, jumped up into the air, and flipped in midair. Her right foot was engulfed in flame, making a circle in the air, that then curved, making the flames take the shape of a fancy ‘a’ as she dove forward, her foot slamming into the very center of Viribus’s chest. After the kick connected, Eleanor flipped again, landing back where she’d leapt with her back now facing the green-skinned incubus.

A moment later he exploded dramatically into flame.

Eleanor spun around, staring as her hands came up to her helmet. He exploded. I kicked him in the chest, and he exploded in a fireball? What the actual fuck?! Do they keep nitroglycerin in their chests or something?!

She could remember Reiko explaining the way finishing attacks worked as if the other HellDriver were standing right beside her.

“That’s just what happens when you do a HellDriver Kick finishing move. Even my waves make them explode in a fireball, and it doesn’t matter where my foot connects. Head, shoulder, arms, knees… They just explode. That’s just how it works.”

Eleanor shook her head and frowned.

Gonna file that under ‘I don’t wanna think about it’.

She quietly grumbled as she brushed herself off, and reached to turn her belt the other way, once again returning her to ordinary clothing. “Stupid belt… Why do you give me mid-air acrobatic martial-arts skills, but you can’t even help me drive the motorcycle you can summon?! If magic like this nonsense has to be real… is it too much to ask for it to follow any reasonable logic? I really don’t think so!”

“The powers of hell are beyond any mere human logic, Asmodeus.”

A shudder rolled down Eleanor’s spine. She reached for her phone as she spun to see Dedecia behind her. She quickly typed out a simple message, and then tucked her phone back away into the ass of her pants.

“I… It’s you again…” Eleanor quivered. Seeing the succubus’s tail flick behind her was enough to make her knees feel weak. She could already feel herself getting dizzy, her nipples stiffening as her pussy soaked her panties. “What… What are you doing here…? I was just defeating—”

Without words, merely a wave of her hand, the succubus silenced Eleanor. Now quiet, Eleanor’s eyes hooded behind her glasses as she lightly quivered in place. “A weak, pitiful thing like Viribus was never a match for someone like you, Eleanor… especially considering your… tastes. Myself, however…?” Dedecia swung her hips side to side as she stepped closer, and Eleanor’s gaze stayed trapped on each sight of the blue-haired hell spawn’s tail. “I’m more than a match for you. Look at you… You haven’t even reached for your belt. You kno—…what…?”

Instead of even attempting a defiant expression, Eleanor sunk down to her knees. Her eyes were hooded, and her nipples were visibly hard at her chest. “You… you said you’d bring me to my knees… but you don’t need to fight me for that.”

Dedecia grinned, her eyes slowly scanning over Eleanor’s kneeling form. Before she’d been stepping directly towards her, but as she neared Eleanor she began to instead walk slowly around her. The look in her eyes was less suspicious, and more gloating. Glancing over every corner of the kneeling, quivering woman before she stood proudly in front of her was like a victory lap around an already defeated opponent.

“So pitiful… I know that Leviathan freed you! Did she do it just so you could kneel at my feet and submit? You know I will use you to make her surrender. Yielding to me will not change her fate!” Dedecia’s grin grew as she let out an intense laugh, her long blue hair looking messier the more she spoke. Ferocity built in her voice alongside the heat of demonic arousal.

“There’s… nothing I can do, Dedecia…” Eleanor quivered, looking up at the succubus with eyes full of need. “I’ve felt you… you’ve… overpowered me…” She whined, her thighs pulling together as her hands squeezed at her shorts. “I’m not a heroine like her.

“I’m just a college student…!”

Even louder laughter echoed through the air as Dedecia leaned forward, her heavy breasts swinging within her armor as she lifted Eleanor’s chin. Their eyes met, and something unholy and wrong pulsed from deep within Dedecia’s. It was the very spark of madness, the power of a creature whose sheer existence was designed to tear away a woman’s sanity and replace it with lust so hot it burned away everything else.

Eleanor’s eyes radiated only lust as her hands quivered and shook. Her hips refused to stay still. Though kneeling, Eleanor’s whole body was writhing as sweat began to glisten across her brow. Each breath quivered more powerfully through her body.

Proximity alone to Dedecia was reigniting the flames of lust that had nearly burned away everything inside of Eleanor. The succubus could see how clearly Eleanor knew struggling against her was futile. She could see the way that Eleanor’s entire being yearned for the erotic bliss of being crushed under Dedecia’s purple ass and the feeling of that tail reaching so deep inside of her that it felt as though it pierced her brain itself.

“Just a college student…” Dedecia sneered, her eyes hooding lower as she moved even closer. Their noses brushed together, and Eleanor’s howl of need shook through her whole body. “That’s all you are. Just a college student. Just a quivering ball of need. Your patroness was a fool to gift you any amount of her power. Say it.”

“M-my… my patroness was a fool to gift me power… any amount of power…” Eleanor’s voice was barely audible even with Dedecia so close. Raising the volume of her words above the strength of her need was almost too difficult. “Please… Take me, Dedecia… Claim me, do whatever you want, just… use me, like you did before…! Fuck me, fuck me, and don’t stop…! I’m too weak. You’re too strong. I don’t want to keep trying to fight you… I don’t want to be a HellDriver… I want to be fucked and controlled…!”

What would have been silence as Dedecia considered Eleanor’s words was instead filled with a series of low, needy whines. Eleanor couldn’t keep her thighs from pressing together, or a hand from reaching up to squeeze at her own breast. Dedecia’s aura of lust was seeping into her and mingling with the heat of her memories that burned across her body like a lover’s touch.

“Very well, Asmodeus… Eleanor.” Dedecia purred as she stood tall, lifting up a foot before pushing it down onto the kneeling supplicant’s shoulder. Slowly, she pushed the quivering blonde onto her back. Once there, Eleanor’s hand that hadn’t been squeezing at her breast moved between her legs, desperately trying to rub through the denim of her jeans. “If what you truly desire is to be taken like the pitiful little slut that you are…? I will permit you to forgo a contest of strength—which you will assuredly lose—to grant me your surrender now.”

“Ohh… Yess… Yes, please…! Take me…! I need you to take me…!” Eleanor whined as she squeezed tighter, rubbed harder, all of her skin shining with so much slick heat. “I can’t resist you any lo-mmmph…!”

Two of Dedecia’s fingers thrust into her mouth, filling it as her other hand tore away at Eleanor’s top, and then her bra. Pale breasts covered with an adorable scatter of freckles bounced free only to be tightly grasped by a possessive purple hand. Blue hair fell around them as Dedecia began to knead, and her tail began to stroke up along the inside of Eleanor’s clothed thigh.

Denim could provide no true barrier against the succubus’s touch. If anything, what sensation it diminished only made Eleanor’s hips shudder upwards with yet more desperation. Need her to fuck me… need to feel that tail again…! Fuck… She’s just so… so… hot!

“Such a pitiful little thing.” Dedecia laughed as she moved her fingers in and out of Eleanor’s mouth. Each thrust pushed in more of her presence, more of the heat from her body, more lust. Her tail flicked at Eleanor’s jeans, shattering apart the garment into rags that burst up into the air only to the fall on the ground around them. “It really wasn’t fair for a girl like you to be made into a HellDriver. Maybe I won’t even turn you into a puppet after I empty you out. Maybe I’ll just keep you as a toy to play with, or a cushion for my throne! You may just be worthy of such denigration after all…”

Eleanor moaned around Dedecia’s fingers, nodding as her eyes turned glassier and glassier. When that tail curled under her panties and ripped them open her eyes opened wider, but they didn’t lose their glassy haze. The succubus was dominating her, body and mind.

All Eleanor could do was choose to surrender so she could enjoy the loss of her control.

“But that’s alright…! Once you feel my tail inside of you… I don’t think you’ll care what happens next. Do you…?” Dedecia moved her hand side to side, making Eleanor shake her head as she sucked at the succubus’s purple skin. “Good girl…! Now then… Let’s get started teaching you what true madness is…!”

Unimpeded by fabric, and offered an ample opening by Eleanor’s wide open thighs, Dedecia’s tail thrust deep between the college student’s legs.

Before, Eleanor had been filled with the power of a HellDriver. Now, the only thing filling her was Dedecia’s tail as it squirmed its way deeper and deeper inside of her. It writhed like it had a will of its own, rubbing against her clit again and again in the most maddening, unpredictable rhythm.

M-maybe that’s why her power is madness…! Eleanor was so breathless she could barely even moan as Dedecia’s fingers thrust deeper. Humiliated, degraded, naked in the center of a public park, her eyes burned with tears even as her pussy drenched the demonic tail that moved quicker inside of her. If she’d been transformed then her eyes might have been hidden behind the helmet. Instead, her glasses only further emphasized her glistening eyes that shined as brightly as her glistening pussy under Dedecia’s onslaught.

“You aren’t even worthy of the name Asmodeus, not anymore…! You’re nothing but a weak, human thrall dancing for me…!” Dedecia’s armored breasts rubbed down against Eleanor as she withdrew her fingers to stroke the wet digits along the pinned woman’s neck. “Say it… Say you’re nothing but a weak human… a sex slave… a thrall…!”

“I’m nothing but a weak human…!” Embarrassment blurred into thrill as Eleanor loudly cried out. Her eyes crossed as Dedecia’s presence deep inside of her pussy burned inside of her even deeper than the tentacles. She could feel it piercing her soul, filling it with need. Her own pitiful lust, hungry and desperate, was searing away her mind as effectively as anything else the succubus could have brought to bear. “I’m a sex slave… a thrall…! Fuck me…! Use me…! Nnnaaaaa…!”

Dedecia squeezed both of her hands around Eleanor’s breasts, thumbs flicking at her stiff nipples. “Oh, I’m going to use you, pet…! I’m going to use you until there’s nothing left of you, and then I’ll make you into something new just for me…!”

“Yesss…!” Eleanor screamed as she felt Dedecia’s tail somehow press deeper. It hadn’t been that long before. It had to be because she wasn’t transformed, or because she’d submitted willingly. No matter what the explanation, Eleanor could feel that tail rubbing into her libido and smearing the messy, wet need all through the rest of her brain. She could feel her brain itself cumming, slicking itself with so much hot, dripping need.

Her thoughts, her memories, even her very self were starting to pour out of her ears and somehow that tail felt like it was piercing deeper. It didn’t hurt, it only felt better, and better and better.

All of her desires flashed through her mind. She could feel Reiko’s tight ass rubbing across her face. She could feel herself sucking at her skin, nibbling and moaning. She could feel herself being pinned down harder, bound up tight, and rubbed by the naked skin of so many women at once. She could feel nails raking across her flesh, and toys vibrating deep inside of her, or around her nipples.

She could remember scents that took away her reasons, and gritty, itchy dust that melted her brain down into a hot, sticky mess. She could remember tentacles inside of her ears going Click! in her brain, and alien telepathy seizing hold of her like a plaything.

Green squeezed around her, hot and oppressive and demanding. Maids stroked along her body as tentacles filled her every hole deeper and wider, forcing her body to accommodate.

So many women, so many exotic locales, so many fantasies brought to life, and all of them were playing out inside of her libido in one perfect moment. Taken again and again, broken, made to obey, and made to surrender, by herself, by a goth punk, by a dragon’s desires, by a madwoman with technology that made no sense…

Her own mind was using her deepest desires to tear itself apart, to make her nothing more than a dripping, eager plaything for the succubus that was grinding her down into the ground with impunity.

And then all of that was quieted by the distant sound of rushing water.

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