Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 6: Betrayal! Leviathan’s Fate?!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #tokusatsu #transforming_hero

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Betrayal! Leviathan’s Fate?!

“Leviathan Wave… Kick…!”

Dedecia had no time to react as Reiko’s armored foot dove down towards her. There was no moving with her tail so deep inside of Eleanor, so deep that it was wrapped around and through her soul. All she could do was stare up at the blue-and-silver clad woman, her uniform so tiny that it looked like barely more than pasties covering her most private places while shrouding her arms and legs in thick, scale-like armor.

Following in the HellDriver’s wake as she spun in midair was a long serpent made of boiling water, steam flowing above it like a sharp fin.

Leviathan’s foot landed not on Dedecia’s back, but connected gracefully and gently against Dedecia’s tail. After landing the blow, Leviathan’s arms reached above her, and she pushed them down as though ascending from a great depth underwater. More water burst from beneath her as the succubus’s tail cracked and shattered, falling away from her body as the HellDriver landed on one foot, and one knee, her arms widespread.

Eleanor smiled hazily up at Dedecia as the tail within her began to dissolve. Drool was still slick on her lips. Her hips were still quivering.

“H-how… Wh-wha… What is—”

“I’m not cut out to be a heroine…” Eleanor whined as she squirmed underneath the shuddering succubus. “But Leviathan…? Reiko…? She is… And I’ve helped her gain enough… whatevers… so she can defeat you. Veereeboo or whoever…? He was the last one we needed. When Reiko sent me back a text to tell me she was on her way…? I felt it in my pocket and dropped to my knees.”

All that Dedecia could do as her skin changed, still purple, but rippling as Leviathan’s energy surged through her body. Her mouth fell open in shock, her eyes nearly bulging out of her head.

“I didn’t lie… I wanted you to fuck me! I just wanted Reiko to defeat you, too…!”

Dedecia fell onto her back, and Eleanor crawled backwards as the succubus exploded with a large fireball. Is it because of the hellfire…? But… But she was full of water energy, right…? That doesn’t… But… Unless… Ughhhh…!

Eleanor fell onto her back, shaking her head in frustration as she again failed to comprehend the world around her. It was certainly consistent, with Dedecia meeting the same end as Viribus before her, but it made little sense to Eleanor what natural laws could lead to such consistency.

The last of Dedecia splashed away, leaving behind only a small charm that Leviathan lifted up into her hand with a grin. “Eleanor…! You did a great job! She really fell for it!”

“Y-yeah…!” Eleanor wore only a dark blush, and the HellDriver belt around her waist. At some point even her shoes had been dissolved by the aura of unholy lust radiated from the succubus her friend has so swiftly banished. “Fell for it…! Right…! I… I guess I could transform, and for once, it would actually be more modest…!”

Reiko’s exposed lips smirked. “For once…! Nnn… Stage three is a lot more powerful… But I can feel it a lot more… too…! How did you ever handle this at all…?”

“What can I say…? I’m a bit of a slut!” Eleanor giggled shyly, her cheeks, and her thighs, incredibly flushed. It was hard to maintain any façade of innocence when she was so exposed, her pussy still twitching from willingly offering herself to a powerful succubus.

Even Eleanor couldn’t hide from the way that made her feel.

“I guess that’s just more proof there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy libido, huh?” Reiko grinned as she leaned down, helping to pull Eleanor to her feet. “You know if you transform and ride on the back of my bike again we’re going to be basically fucking before we even get home, right?”

Eleanor’s eyes hooded even lower. “Do you know how very little I care, and how very hot you look right now? I don’t need to transform to want to grind against you for the whole ride home…!”

Their noses met, their lips almost pressing into a kiss. Both were savoring the victory, and the anticipation of sharing another round of lust together. Whether losing themselves together on the back of Reiko’s bike, or atop her bed, the two women had only grown closer after Reiko’s heroic save.

“You were wrong, you know…” Reiko’s lips brushed Eleanor as she spoke, her hands moving down to squeeze at the full, plush shape of the shorter woman’s rear. “When you said you weren’t cut out for this…? Maybe you aren’t a fighter… and maybe you’re more interested in the sex than putting yourself on the line… but you rose to the challenge, and you still put yourself at risk even if you were pretty sure you’d enjoy the results. Maybe you’re not the most self-sacrificing woman in the world… but that doesn’t make you any less of a heroine today.”

“Less inspiration. More fucking…!” Eleanor whined as she nibbled on Reiko’s bottom lip. “I didn’t help you get stage three so you could hold out on me and talk about friendship and community…!”

Reiko leaned back. Her face was hidden in her helmet, but Eleanor could still get the feeling that she was raising an eyebrow. “Then why did you help me get to stage three…?”

Both women burst into laughter as their lips met, and Reiko squeezed even tighter at Eleanor’s ass. The shorter woman’s hands fell to her belt, turning the buckle as white-and-red gifted her the familiar red-and-gold costume she’d worn as Amadeus.

When the kiss broke, Eleanor was a panting, sweaty, dripping mess all over again. “Because you are cut out for this… and superhero girls on motorcycles are sexy.”

“Ohhh… Eleanor…!”

Sliding her tongue along Reiko’s tightly puckered hole as her hands squeezed at the firm cheeks of her ass was a much different feeling than compelled to the same act by a hellfire-powered succubus. Her mind wasn’t silent but for her desire. If anything it was loud with activity, all of it focused around the beautiful woman shuddering naked above her.

“Your tongue feels… so… uhhnnnn… I’ve never had someone want to do this before… but you’re going to do this for me, and you’re going to love it…! Eat my ass you little… slut… yeah…!” Reiko was mildly inexperienced at the opportunity to order another woman around, but she’d also never had a partner who wanted it nearly as much as Eleanor. What she lacked in experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm.

She wanted Eleanor’s tongue lavishing her ass as much as Eleanor wanted to serve Reiko’s desires with her tongue.

This… This makes sense…! Eleanor’s moans were muffled by Reiko’s body as she suckled and licked, her hand squeezing carefully but firmly at her supple cheeks. Maybe not that someone as sexy as Reiko wants me, but I’m not going to worry about that with my tongue buried inside of her ass!

Above her, Reiko’s naked breasts jiggled and swayed, only the sweat on her skin illuminated in the darkly lit room. Only their HellDriver belts in the corner, stacked atop each other, provided any light at all.

Reiko grinded down harder against Eleanor, pushing her head that much harder down into the pillows underneath her. “That’s right…! Suck… Suck harder… S-squeeze…! Tighter…!”

Eleanor’s whole body shuddered as she deeply inhaled Reiko’s scent, her hands squeezing as tight as they could. Reiko was tougher than her, and being commanded to squeeze so hard filled Eleanor with a need to do so. Little felt as satisfying as pleasing another sexy woman, especially when it was something she wanted so very much.

“Gonna… gonna…!” Reiko’s eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a loud groan. Her body tightened, arching so dramatically as every breath was followed by a sharp whine. “Yes, Eleanor… yes…!”

Both women moaned together as Reiko came, howling with pleasure as she stared up at the ceiling above her. In that perfect moment, HellDrivers, demons, succubi… none of that mattered. Orgasmic bliss was shuddering through them both, along with a shared satisfaction. Both were feeling exactly what they wanted to feel, with someone they wanted to enjoy.

It wasn’t long before Reiko was lying beside Eleanor, and they were twined together much as they had after Reiko’s rescue.

“NNn… Your tongue is some kind of infernal magic. Or maybe divine…? I don’t know if there are HeavenDrivers, but if there are…” Reiko burst into giggles before kissing Eleanor’s lips as hard as she could.

Eleanor wasn’t in any rush to respond, enjoying the pressure of their lips melting together. Her eyes fluttered and she quietly moaned against Reiko. Sexual satisfaction mingled with the warmth from Reiko’s praise, making Eleanor practically glow as she wiggled against her lover, hands still gently squeezing at the curves of her ass. Nothing about Reiko was less fun to grasp or squeeze, but Eleanor liked Reiko’s ass.

Reiko liked Eleanor’s hands on her ass, so it wasn’t especially one-sided.

When the kiss finally did end, Eleanor quietly groaned. “Mmm. Well, your ass is… I guess my tongue is more out-of-this-world than your ass, but I can’t think of anything else that sounds as sweet as saying my tongue is heavenly. You’re amazing…”

“Yes, both of you are very, very amazing, Eleanor, Reiko…!”

A loud, shared scream filled the room as the two women squeezed closer to each other. Their belts were across the room. Between the two women and their transformation devices stood a familiar sight for Eleanor. The towering woman had red skin, black horns emerging from black hair, and leathery, bat-like wings decorated with boney spikes. Her body was curvy, wrapped up in a short leather skirt, and a tube top that looked like it had been through several fights and was barely appropriate to be worn on laundry day.

“Don’t be afraid…! I was watching my HellDriver, and what did I see, but a rescue… and then an alliance…? Frankly… I’m terribly impressed. I couldn’t just enjoy a few good shows like that and not say anything, now could I?”

Eleanor shuddered against Reiko, her eyes lidding as her lips rubbed together. “Mm… I… I’m… You’re my patroness… You aren’t here to claim me, or to make me betray Reiko or anything, are you…? Because I really don’t want to do that… I used your power, like you said…! I did my best to be entertaining, really…! I’m not much of a fighter, but I did my best to—”

The patroness snorted, shaking her head as she dramatically waved her hands. “Eleanor, please, relax. If I were here for some nefarious end then you would already know it, mm?”

A deeper, darker blush spread across Eleanor’s cheeks. She had felt the full might of the patroness’s influence before. It was hard to imagine she would need to be in the room to exert her will, and it was harder still to imagine resisting it. Dedecia was a succubus, and a powerful one, but even her power was clearly eclipsed by the patroness.

“Why are you here…?” Reiko blinked.

“Because in a matter of days, Eleanor is going to be whisked away to another world, and sadly the odds are that you will never see her again, Reiko…” The patroness moved closer, sitting casually on the edge of the bed. Her wings slowly moved to fold over her shoulders, looking almost casual. “But I’ve been inspired by your acts of… heroism… and when Eleanor leaves, I shall become your patron as well and grant you her power when she no longer benefits from my favor.”

Reiko’s lips curled into a wide, ecstatic grin. Her eyes met Eleanor’s, which seemed more confused than anything else. It was easy to see that the heavily analytical woman was once again attempting to understand the world… and failing.

After another kiss, Reiko whispered into Eleanor’s ear. “I’m going to miss you—a lot! And this won’t make up for that, but… with your power, too…? I should be able to restore peace to the world a lot easier…! No one has ever had two patrons before… But if I can, then… I should be practically unstoppable!”

“Oh…!” Eleanor blushed. “Well… that’s great…! I didn’t mean to do anything like that, but… I’m glad I could… help…?”

Eleanor’s patron grinned, reaching out a hand to cup at both of their cheeks. Her eyes met theirs, so deep, and so intense. Dedecia’s madness barely held a candle flame to the eternal inferno that swirled within the hellish patron’s gaze. “You’ve helped more than you could know, Eleanor… Because now both of you will be doing your best to entertain me… and to show just how thankful you are for my gifts, for my acknowledgement… And you’ve done such a good job so far…”

Quivers spread out from her touch, her fingers casually moving down from their cheeks until she was lifting and squeezing at both of their chests at once. Even Reiko’s eyes went glassy, not quite empty, but softened and smoothed with a layer of need and yearning. When thumbs flicked at their nipples, Eleanor and Reiko both cried out together, their voices mingling in the air as their backs arched out towards the infernal patron.

“You’re both so lovely… so passionate… and I simply know that you’ll serve me so well… No matter where you are. Isn’t that right, dears…?”

“Y-yesss…” Moaned in unison, the word was an erotic slur that shuddered through their bodies. “Serve you… well…”

A sigil pulsed and throbbed just above Eleanor and Reiko’s sex, shining with dark, profane energy as her influence weaved through the two HellDrivers. Neither could do anything but stare with needy, helpless gazes as the devil marked them both as her own. “That’s right… You’ll serve me as best you can, like the sexy HellDrivers that you are. Who knows…? Maybe my reach will grow ever further, and I’ll be able to unite you once again…”

“I… I would like that…” Reiko quietly moaned, mumbling under her breath as she arched closer to the red-skinned demon. “I like Eleanor… I wish she didn’t have to go…”

Eleanor blushed more, unable to find the words to reply. Her eyes were filled with the same sentiment as she stared forward, her thighs rubbing together as she was held spellbound before the majesty of her patron.

“I like her too, Reiko…” Her eyes hooded lower as she leaned in, whispering to them both at once. “We’ll just need to see how things turn out…”

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