Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 4: Asmodeus’s torment! HellDriver Leviathan to the Rescue!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #tokusatsu #transforming_hero

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Asmodeus’s torment! HellDriver Leviathan to the Rescue!

Eleanor loudly groaned, her whole body shuddering. She couldn’t remember how long she’d been transformed, and the arousal of being trapped as a HellDriver felt like it was pushing her to her breaking point.

Dedecia beat her, even at full power, but Eleanor wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed about that. Nnnhaaa… Unlike Reiko… I’m not… not cut out to be an ally of justice… nnnha…!

The tentacle filling Eleanor’s mouth made it incredibly difficult to do anything but whimper and moan as she writhed in the air. Other tentacles were wrapped around her legs, with yet more writhing within her ass, and her pussy. All she could do was shudder and writhe as what felt like the full force of the powers of hell fucked her again, and again, and again. She’d lost all sense of time or place, barely even able to remember the purple skinned succubus who’d sent her to this place.

C-c-can’t hold on… h-hard to do anything but… but… oooooh…! Eleanor trembled, her whole body rolling and shaking under the control of the tentacles. Within her helmet, Eleanor’s blue eyes were crossed, too hazy to focus even if she could make them concentrate on anything. I-if she’d just… nnnhaaa… w-wanted to fuck…!

Every time the tentacles moved a little harder, Eleanor felt the world around her turn from a hazy blur to a void of nothingness. Every time her pussy twitched it felt like she was losing more and more of her grasp on reality.

That, or it was being sucked right out of her body.

In so many worlds she’d felt her body and mind pushed to the breaking point over and over again, but because every time she hopped she was restored to the same state as when she first hopped she’d built no greater resilience. Even after being dissolved by lust, taken by strange aliens, or having large sections of her very mind itself rewritten, Eleanor had no more defenses than an ordinary human.

HellDriver powers didn’t seem to grant her any defenses against being taken again and again as lust burned and surged through her essence like nothing else ever had. Hellfire lapped at her libido and all she could do was succumb.

Sweat dripped from her body, and her pitiful, muffled mewling was quickly losing the last of its strength. How many times had she lost consciousness just to awaken with the tentacles still filling her, still squeezing her breasts, still holding her in the air to use like a toy over and over again? Eleanor didn’t know. She couldn’t begin to process the thoughts that might help her understand.

Too much of her very self was burning away as her hips bucked and her body clenched.

G-gonna… Gonna cum again and then… then… gonna… gonna lose… gonna…! Eleanor could feel herself resisting without anything so coherent as thought. Some intrinsic part of her was trying to hold back the growing pressure of an orgasm that felt so strong that letting it loose would tear apart her everything, leaving her little more than the toy Dedecia had described.

She could feel her toes curl in that familiar way, and her muscles start to give.

There was nothing she could do, and with so much raw need overwhelming her senses. Even if she had the strength to tear herself out of the tentacles’ grasp she couldn’t use it. All of the resistance in the world didn’t mean anything when so much of her wanted to surrender.

Going to be nothing more than a toy…!

Eleanor hoarsely screamed around the tentacle at the same moment she heard a familiar woman’s voice cry out. Footsteps slammed down against what sounded like concrete.

“Leviathan… Wave…!”

Before the last of her resistance and self could be drained away, a great, massive rush of water slammed into Eleanor. With it came the sound of so many women crying out in pleasure and agony, writhing and straining.

Pleasure flooded out of Eleanor’s body as every part of her tensed as one, but she didn’t feel herself being drained away. She didn’t feel the last of her grasp on herself or the world around her fading into nothing. If anything, when she landed on the hard floor below her, Eleanor felt more aware of her surroundings as her empty mouth was able to fully express her pleasure with orgasmic cries.


I… I can feel the floor…? I’m not… not in the air…? Eleanor trembled as she squirmed against the floor. Friction, even minimal friction, across the curve of her ass was still enough to make the young woman shudder and groan. What… Nnooohhh… S-still… Still so sensitive…!

“HellDriver Asmodeus…!”


Speaking was hard, but moment by moment Eleanor could feel her energy returning to her. It was hard to understand why or how with her brain still so addled. Understanding that HellDriver Leviathan had arrived and defeated the infernal forces that had been draining her was too far in the world of the fantastical for a woman who never quite managed to fully ground herself in “more unrealistic” worlds.

Yet that didn’t stop the energy that had been drained from flowing through the air, visibly glowing as it returned to its rightful owner.

Reiko dropped down to her knees, lifting Eleanor off of the ground. “I found you…! When I heard there’d been an attack, and that someone heard a cry of Asmodeus, I tried to find you as quickly as I could…!” Still transformed, Reiko quivered as she stroked slowly along Eleanor’s hip. “We need to get you out of here… get you back home…!”

Eleanor whined, rubbing into Reiko’s hand. Her teeth closed around her bottom lip. Being so close to another woman, especially one as beautiful as Reiko, was enough on its own to make Eleanor shudder.

“H-home… r-right…! Need… need to… o-oooh…” Eleanor’s voice gave way to a loud moan as her hand reached for Reiko’s arm. “I-it’s… So hard to not pull your hand between my legs, Reiko…! I’ve been like this… Hours…? Don’t know… Transformed to fight Dedecia and she… and then…!”

“Shhh… D-don’t speak…!” Reiko squirmed against Eleanor in turn, the blue-clad HellDriver clearly affected by her own transformation. Now that the warehouse was once again abandoned, the ally of justice no longer had the distraction of defeating evil and saving her friend to protect her from the lust of her transformation. “You were in pretty bad shape…! When a succubus beats a HellDriver… Dedecia is one of the worst… We need to get you out of here…!”

A small, swirling vortex of water appeared on the ground not far away from the two women, and moments later a metallic dragon of a motorcycle drove out from the floor.

Reiko lifted Eleanor into her arms, which was made more difficult by Eleanor’s constant squirming. To her credit, Eleanor was trying to stay still, but the return of so much of her energy also meant that the lust from her transformation was back with a vengeance. Her willpower was drained from the passive act of holding on to the world around her, and resisting the urge to squirm herself against Reiko was simply too much.

In a blur of movement, Eleanor found herself placed on the back of the motorcycle, with Reiko’s back pressing against her chest a moment later. Her arms were pulled around Reiko’s waist, and she couldn’t stop herself from whimpering as her hips moved on their own.

“At least it should be easy to hold on tight, right…?” Reiko’s voice lacked any judgement, and she couldn’t hold back her giggles. “You’ve been through a lot… Don’t worry! I know you’re not a sex crazed woman when you aren’t transformed!” Eleanor squeezed tighter, her cheeks flushing a deep, dark red. “You’ll only need to stay transformed long enough for me to get us home…! Then we’ll figure out what to do to help you feel better, and to stop Dedecia…!”

Eleanor wanted to loudly exclaim that she really wasn’t cut out for being a heroine. She wanted to scream that expecting her to do anything against Dedecia was a bad idea when she’d failed to hold her own at all even with her maximum level of transformation.

Unfortunately, the roar of the HellDriver Leviathan motorcycle was far too loud for Eleanor to be heard and she knew it. Not only that, but the vibrating between her legs had the red-clad woman’s eyes cross as she mashed her barely clothed body against Reiko’s. She’d came so much, and her body was still sore, but it was hard to care about that when Reiko was so warm and her body felt so smooth.

Mmmm… Reiko… HellDriver Leviathan… My heroine… So sexy… so strong… mmm such a noble woman… Nothing about this place makes any sense, nothing besides how good she is…! Eleanor’s eyes fluttered inside of her helmet as she quietly groaned, her hands wandering across Reiko’s body.

“Nnnn… Don’t worry, Eleanor…! We’ll be home soon… Then… Then… nnn…!” Reiko whimpered as she desperately tried to keep herself from writhing under Eleanor’s feverish touch. “You… Nnn… really do have a third stage HellDriver transformation…!”

The bike swerved for just a moment as Eleanor’s hands mindlessly squeezed at Reiko’s breasts, her hips pressing forward as insistently as her body could manage. Under them the road was bumpy, but the vibrations sent through the frame would have been dramatic on the smoothest of surfaces with how quickly Reiko was driving.

It wasn’t long before Reiko was desperately panting, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she squirmed both back against Eleanor, and down against her motorcycle. “Just… just a little further…! We’re almost there…!”

Both women’s faces were largely hidden by their helmets, but both of them could hear each other’s whines and moans over the roars of Leviathan’s engine. Words were lost, but passion was impossible to ignore. The same power that filled them both, the power that drove Eleanor to squeeze so desperately at Reiko’s chest, connected them at a level deeper than words. As their hips moved in counterpoint, pressing them tighter and closer together, the heat inside of them burned as one.

Reiko’s ass, tightly clad in her own silver-and-blue HellDriver costume, pressed back against Eleanor’s thighs with the same desperation Eleanor’s hips rolled forward. Under the blue that tightly clutched Reiko’s breasts, her nipples were hard nubs.

HellDriver armor could protect against an attack meant to harm, but it did nothing to stop Eleanor’s groping hands from sending shudders down Reiko’s spine.

“E-eleanor…!” Reiko whimpered, almost losing control of her motorcycle. The passion surging between them only continued to rise, and behind her helmet, Reiko’s eyes were hazy. Her breath came quicker and quicker. “We need to… need to get home… need to… concentrate on driving…! It’s hard when you keep touching me, when you keep…”

“S-sorry… Can’t stop…!” Eleanor whined into Reiko’s ear, her lips right beside the other woman’s helmet. “Too much need, too much… ooh you feel so good…!”

One of Eleanor’s hands reached down between Reiko’s legs, grasping tight at the blue that rested over the other woman’s crotch. Reiko’s eyes opened wide, but it was only a moment before they became even glassier. She rubbed into Eleanor’s hand with the same eagerness Eleanor’s own grinding had her pressed down against Reiko’s bike.

“You feel so good… too…!” Reiko whined, squeezing her handlebars tighter. She swerved back onto the road after a brief stint on the sidewalk. A trail of boiling water followed close behind their rear tire. “If you keep this up…!”

Neither of them needed to be told. They could feel it in each other. So much pleasure was surging through them both. Eleanor’s eyes rolled back into her head as she groaned. I feel lost all over again… but it’s with Reiko… so I know it’s okay… I know I can trust her… I feel safe with her…! Her hands squeezed tighter, pulsing with the flames that filled her body. HellDrivers, patronesses, succubi… it’s all so… but Reiko…! She’s… so… good…!

So close to home, Reiko couldn’t control herself anymore. The devilish oceans that empowered her were steaming. All she could do to stop herself from losing control was to swerve to the side, making the bike slide forward as both HellDrivers screamed in the same perfect moment of release.

Both of them shook, grinding against each other, against the bike, their eyes rolled back, their mouths hanging open, necks arched. There was so little skin-on-skin, but with the powers filling both of them, that was unnecessary.

They were HellDrivers, and it was through that connection that both women came as the bike skidded to a halt.

A familiar whirlpool again appeared under the bike, drawing it down into the ground as both women fell to the parking lot of Reiko’s home. Tangled together, legs twining, hands reaching for whatever curves they could find, both HellDrivers shook and moaned with one voice.

“We’re… home...” Reiko could barely rasp out the words. “We… we should transform back… Get inside…”

“R-right… right… We need… We need to get inside…” Eleanor shuddered, her hands grasping at Reiko’s ass to pull her tighter. “Just need… to pull my hands away. You’re… really pretty Reiko.” Her cheeks burned an even deeper red, only hints of that blush visible past her helmet. “You have a really nice ass…”

Reiko burst into giggles, her own hands squeezing at one of Eleanor’s breasts, and another at her shoulder. “You do, too…! You know… We don’t need to stop once we get inside…”

Eleanor’s eyes widened.

I’ve been living with her this whole time and…! She couldn’t hold back her whine. I never thought even once that she was attracted to me…!

“That… that sounds like it would be fun…”

It took so much willpower to reach down to her belt and twist it so the costume dissolved in a rush of flame, and it took just as much effort for Reiko. Without the infernal lust binding them together it was much easier for both women to rise to their feet and stumble into Reiko’s apartment with shy laughter.

Once the door was closed, Reiko shoved Eleanor down onto her bed, and pounced her. Face to face, their noses brushing, both women shifted their legs so their thighs rose against the heat of the other woman’s sex. Hands on Eleanor’s shoulders kept her pinned, and her eyes hooded behind her glasses as she surrendered to feelings of submission that were so much different than she’d felt suspended in the air. “You never told me you liked girls…”

“You never asked…!” Reiko winked, a wide grin spreading across her face as she leaned down to press her lips to Eleanor’s, a hand sliding down from her shoulder to squeeze at one of the pinned woman’s breasts. She let out a loud cry, squirming up into the grasp as her eyes melted shut. “Besides, it’s not like I like all girls… but I like you.”

“That’s good enough for me…!”

Both women fell into a fit of giggles before tearing away at their clothes and bonding all over again.

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