Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 3: HellDriver Asmodeus vs Succubus Dedecia! The Demon Girl’s Secret Weapon?!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #tokusatsu #transforming_hero

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: HellDriver Asmodeus vs Succubus Dedecia! The Demon Girl’s Secret Weapon?!

“T-to my knees…?” Eleanor’s voice hitched in her throat before she shook her head. No matter how good it sounded to drop down, to simply fall and learn how it felt to nuzzle into the woman’s purple skin, the compulsion through her HellDriver demanded Eleanor put on a show. Losing wasn’t shameful as long as she made an attempt worth watching. “I-I don’t think so, Dedecia…! I’m going to be the one to defeat you, and your patroness…!”

Dedecia’s blue eyebrow raised, and she grinned. “Interesting…! You can barely even handle the power coursing through you, and you think you can defeat me, much less my patroness? I’ll have to show you that it takes more than a slutty outfit to make a human anything more than a plaything…!”

Moving fast, so fast that Eleanor could barely see anything more than a blur, the demon dashed past her, seemingly to show off her impressive speed or simply to rush behind her. A moment later Eleanor let out a sharp cry of pleasure as sparks flew from all over her body.

As she’d run past Eleanor, Dedecia’s hair had grazed just along Eleanor’s curves, but once the last strands had pulled away the infernal energy all struck at once. The shorter woman flew up into the air, spinning as sparks shot out of her body until she landed on the grass with a sharp whine. It hadn’t hurt—not at all. The feeling had been good… incredibly good.

Coursing through her body was so much red hot energy, power of her patroness. Flames of hell lapped at the most sensitive places inside of Eleanor, aching and yearning for more. Feeling that hair, and the power that coursed through it made those flames surge and soar. The difference was that unlike the power from her belt, the power from Dedecia made it harder to hold onto her self-control and pushed her towards nuzzling into the succubus’s ass while pleading for any chance to be used.

Nnn… I am not exactly the ideal person to be some ‘ally of justice’ when the power feels so…! Whimpering, she forced herself up to her feet, nearly stumbling to the floor several times along the way.

“You should know I’m a third-class succubus, Asmodeus. That means without upgrading your power…?” Dedecia licked her purple lips, a hand raising a single finger to wave it back and forth in the air. “You don’t stand a chance. I’ll have you succumbing to your own HellDriver and pledging obedience to my patroness in no time. Then, I might keep you as an enslaved HellDriver to please her whims! Why… maybe next time I’ll have you find the women for me to drain…!”

Drain… Eleanor quivered. The women on the ground were all tiredly groaning, writhing in the most minimal of ways. The only person I know here is Reiko…! If I lose to her, and she can enslave me…

A shudder traveled down her spine.

Eleanor didn’t much value or appreciate magic. Technology that broke the laws of physics often felt like nothing more than nonsense, but she respected that advanced science could do incredible things. She’d experienced enough forms of mind control to know that being used against her friend was a very real risk. Steeling herself, Eleanor reached down to her belt, and took a deep breath. There was only one choice to make.

“HellDriver… Henshin…! Nnn…nnhaaa…!”

A loud cry escaped her lips as Eleanor felt herself pulled into that red-and-white wireframe once more. Her clothing didn’t burn away, but it did shrink even more. Instead of framing half of her breasts, it now crossed diagonally over the center of her nipples, revealing half of the rim of skin surrounding them. The open portion of the suit below her belt stretched far enough down to show just above her sex where her bare skin was emblazoned with her patroness’s sigil. Her shoulder pads grew down along her arms, armoring them more heavily as red-and-gold grasped around her knees.

When she escaped from the place transforming took her, Eleanor was bent over and panting. Though there was less clothing covering her body, the lust she felt surging through her was somehow stronger.

Every beat of her heart throbbed through her nipples, and coiled tighter around her clit. The power she felt surging through her surged inside of her pussy, no longer just filling her, but seeming to actively move. The heart atop her helmet pulsed and shined with the beat of her heart as slickness traveled down along the inside of her thighs.

“Look at you…!” Dedecia laughed, throwing her head back and whipping her long blue hair about behind her. “That’s impressive… but you can’t handle the power, HellDriver Asmodeus! Allow me to show you that you’re still no match for me…!”

This time when Dedecia rushed towards her, Eleanor could see her move. It’s almost like this power… ooohhh… the power filling my tits… nnn… th-throbbing in my… in my pussy… it’s like it makes me more aware, like it’s slowing down time… oohhh… f-fuck…! I’m so wet…! She tried to move out of the way, to spin with the greater agility she felt her body was capable of, but instead she found herself tripped, a leg moving between hers, and then she crashed down to the ground.

Dedecia lowered herself down, the cheeks of her pale, purple ass rubbing along Eleanor’s flushing face. “Mmm… smell that? That’s the lust of a succubus right from hell. You might be filled with infernal power, but you aren’t the one driving. You’re just along for the ride…!”

“Ohhh…!” Eleanor whined, barely able to stop herself from nuzzling into the full curves of the woman’s plush rear. “N-no… not… not along for the ride…! Hell… HellDriver Asmodeus, I’m… nnn-haaaa…!” She let out a sharp cry as the woman’s long tail reached down between her legs, rubbing the red fabric right along the seam between her lower lips. The tip of her tail pressed so precisely, able to deliver such firm pressure that Eleanor could do nothing to escape.

Drowning in the scent of the demon’s pussy that seemed every bit as slick as her own, and the supple flesh of her behind, all that Eleanor could do was shudder. No matter how hard she tried to buck the other woman off she couldn’t manage more than making Dedecia bounce. The ground under her shuddered, but the demon remained proudly atop her.

Between her legs the demon’s tail continued to flick, to rub, to tease in such cruel ways. The power inside of her burned hotter, drenching her skin in another layer of sweat as she found herself inhaling the scents above her. Her eyes crossed and glazed.

She’s so strong… and I’m so hot… so wet… so… I… I need… I want… I… need to… HellDriver… Patroness… I need to entertain… need… o-oooh…!

“Is that all you have, HellDriver Slut?” Dedecia’s mocking voice stung and made the heat inside of Eleanor burn hotter at the same time. “It won’t be long before you give in at this rate! Then I’ll have you eating my ass as an obedient little HellDriver slave… obedient to my patroness’s every whim!”

“H-HellDriver… Henshin… oooh fuuuuck!”

Eleanor screamed, her eyes opening wide as wireframes enveloped her again. Red and gold over her torso became little more than a sling bikini with small patches over her nipples and between her thighs. Her boots and her arms were covered with yet more armor, the helm shifting to be more contoured, the red deepening.

New power flowed inside of her, filling her ass, throbbing inside of her ears like the rushing sounds of a lustful waterfall. She gasped and panted desperately, her hips writhing and shaking as she pitifully whimpered and shook.

Her skin felt supercharged, filled with the same hellfire energy that exploded from her in so many sparks before. Her breasts felt heavy with it, and the full curves of her ass throbbed with so much fire and diabolic might. Red pulsed in her eyes and her clit as the belt squeezed tighter around her waist.

“And now for my secret weapon…! Dedecia, and the Tail of Madness…!” Before Eleanor could even rise up from the ground with her newfound strength, the succubus’s tail moved as though it were two, pulling away the small patch of fabric between her victim’s legs before driving the end deep within her sex. Once inside it began to shake, to vibrate and stir, throbbing with all of the succubi’s infernal power. It was perfectly shaped to reach for the sensitive places deep inside of her, and her clit.

To further keep Eleanor from resisting, the Succubus began to grind her ass down along Eleanor’s face. What little fabric kept her skin hidden away vanished in hellfire as she smeared the would-be heroine’s face with her wet, sticky lust before forcing the tight, puckered hole of her anus right against Eleanor’s mouth.

Within her helmet, Eleanor’s eyes were opened wide, trembling with profane power. The tail inside of her didn’t just feel like raw physical sensation, though it was that in ways Eleanor could never remember feeling before. It could move in such precise ways, and its size and shape felt perfectly designed to fill her and make her every movement stimulate every place inside of her at once in the most perfect way. Lust flowed freely around the writhing tail, drawing louder, and deeper moans from Eleanor.

Beyond friction, each flick of the tail felt like it grazed at some deep longing inside of Eleanor and used it to twist deeper shame and need and uncertainty in every moment. Was she already licking at the demon’s ass, or was she merely longing for it? Had she already cum, or was that just an illusion, a false memory being thrust between her legs and deep into her brain?

It was impossible to tell, and the longer the tail moved inside of her the harder it became for Eleanor to be certain of anything.

Her eyes crossed, and drool flowed from the corner of her lips as the succubus grinded down against her harder and faster. Blue hair flowed around her as Dedecia let out maddened cackles, her eyes narrowed fiendishly. “No one can resist the Tail of Madness, HellDriver Slave…! It uses your own desires, and your own mind against you! Maybe if you could handle the inferno you might stand a chance… but you’ve already begun to surrender…!”

“Y-ymmmmphh…!” Eleanor whimpered, not sure if her tongue was really dancing along the rim of Dedecia’s ass, or if it was deep inside. She wasn’t sure if she was sucking or blowing, or if she was on her back or in the air.

Shame burned across her cheeks as her hips uselessly writhed. She could feel so much power inside of her, but it was all useless to her. None of it was anything she could use, not when she was little more than a toy for Dedecia to manipulate. Her tail continued to writhe inside of Eleanor as her mouth obeyed the compulsions flooding through her shattering, fragile mind. The scents that coated her brain were too powerful, too omnipresent.

All Eleanor could do was surrender as her body bucked and trembled.

I knew you never had a chance to bring me much glory, Asmodeus… but you are at the very least providing me with quite an entertaining show…!

Her patroness’s voice echoed through Eleanor’s mind, making her scream out into the body pressed tight against her face. Some small part of her had been struggling to grasp at that power inside to fulfill those compulsions, but now even those parts of her were surrendering to Dedecia’s allure and inescapable madness.

Until you go to wherever you go next, Asmodeus…? I’ll be watching you fall to greater and greater levels of shame…!

Deep, husky laughter filled Eleanor’s mind as her tongue flicked inside of Dedecia’s ass, and her pussy greedily clenched around the tail deep between her thighs. It was hard to hold onto one moment from the next when her whole body felt like nothing more than a conduit for demonic desire and control, so Eleanor didn’t even try. Instead, she writhed like the other women on the ground, squeezing around that tail as she felt herself overcome.

“Hear that, HellDriver…? Your patroness herself has abandoned you as more fun to watch enthralled than serving at her pleasure…! What a pitiful, needy little slut you are! You can only bring your patroness glory through your surrender…!” Dedecia laughed and moaned, her eyes fluttering as she eagerly rode Eleanor’s mouth. “You’ve been abandoned to be a toy…!”

Eleanor might have moaned something resembling words, but her mind was already too far gone to fully comprehend her situation. Replying with any intelligible sounds would have been impossible even if she wasn’t busy sucking and licking at the demon’s ass for all she was worth. Her thighs clenched and shook as her pussy dripped with so much hot, slick lust that flowed down over the ground.

The madness that gripped her mind made it impossible for Eleanor to know how many of the orgasms she thought she experienced were real, and how many were products of the demon’s tail. It was hard to be sure if the voice she’d heard in her mind was a voice she’d heard for the first time mere weeks ago, or if she’d spent years of her life as a HellDriver.

Was this the first time Dedecia had overcome her, or had it happened repeatedly for years?

She could remember that tail wrapping around her neck before plunging into her mouth. She could remember being forced to suck, feeling her mind blanking as the demon’s fingers stroked her clit. She could remember that tail in her ass, writhing as Eleanor knelt before her and suckled at the demon’s pussy obediently. She could remember bringing so many women to Dedecia and her diabolic patroness, surrendering their energy and their souls to perverted purposes.

Continuity, causality, even basic understanding of how the world worked—much less her greater understanding of physics—was all scrambled up and shattered apart by the tail that brought Eleanor to orgasm after orgasm.

She’d failed as a HellDriver of justice, but she didn’t care.

The shame of failure made her body burn and writhe, and she loved how it felt to be so completely and utterly powerless. She loved how it felt to be nothing more than a tool of her infernal owners.

It was all she could remember for sure… or whatever she had that resembled certainty.

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