Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 2: Power up, Eleanor! Become a Heroine for Justice!

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Power up, Eleanor! Become a Heroine for Justice!

Learning the ins-and-outs of “Transforming Heroes World One” was surprisingly simple for Eleanor. Beyond the demon patronesses and their succubi minions, the world seemed to follow the laws of physics she understood. HellDrivers used artifacts that patronesses collected for clout to fight for, or against patronesses. Even with the armies of “Hell” invading Earth on a regular basis, most things hadn’t changed at all.

If anything, it was more peaceful than the earth she was from. This Earth seemed like a great place to live, without war, or traffic accidents.

The only real problem were those demon patronesses of Hell. Eleanor was fairly certain she could get used to that, even if she wasn’t exactly eager to go toe to toe with one in a fair fight.

Reiko was gracious enough to lend her a place to stay without even asking for Eleanor’s assistance in battle. It was obvious she would appreciate the assistance, but forcefully recruiting her didn’t seem to appeal to Reiko any more than it appealed to Eleanor. She spent most of her time looking for a part time job, visiting the nearby shopping centers to enjoy the many nerdy hobby stores, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Indulging in so many snacks wasn’t doing anything to help the way her shorts clung to the curves of her very full ass, but it was hard for Eleanor to feel particularly bothered by that when she knew after the next jump she’d be right back to how she started.

There were some benefits to being stuck travelling from dimension to dimension without any control over where or when.

Most of it was unpleasant, so she felt the need to indulge in what few ways she could.

As she was making her way out of the mall two weeks after her earlier encounter, Eleanor heard a distant, desperate cry. A large flood of women were running in the opposite direction from the cries.

Frozen in place, Eleanor could only listen to two nearby women as they discussed the situation. They hardly did so while remaining still, fleeing along with everyone else.

“A succubus is holding some college women captive!”

“Someone needs to do something…! Isn’t there a HellDriver around here who claims to be an ally of justice?!”

“Leviathan! But she’s nowhere to be seen! Has something happened to her?!”

Soon the two women were out of sight, and Eleanor was quickly pulling out her cellphone. Dialing up Reiko’s number, she hid inside of the mall as she waited for her friend to answer.

Instead, she only reached her voicemail.

“Reiko… pick up…!” Eleanor tried to call again, but only received the same cheerful voice of Reiko confirming that whoever called should leave a message so she could try to call them back as soon as possible.

Around her waist was the HellDriver belt Eleanor had earned from her bizarre arrival. She could feel the heat inside of it swelling, yearning to be used.

Nnn…! It’s so hot… so… Nnn… Her blue eyes fluttered back into her head as she gritted her teeth with a quiet whine. Those women are in danger! They need someone to rescue them, but… but someone who knows what they’re doing, not… not me…! I’m not a hero…!

She shook her head, messy blonde hair falling half over her face. If the problem was an intellectual one she would have raced to the scene instantly. Instead, this was more… physical. Not only were those women at risk, but if she transformed she knew that she would need to fight against the compulsions from being a HellDriver. The lust, the arousal, the sensitivity… it wasn’t an easy thing to ignore!

At the same time, she remembered what Reiko had said. She couldn’t power up to higher levels of HellDriving. Eleanor’s own patroness had allowed her to keep the ‘trinkets’ that would grant her greater and greater power.

If she remained still there was no knowing what might happen to those women. Even if Reiko couldn’t answer because she was already on her way, that didn’t mean she would be enough on her own! Eleanor frowned, reaching down for her belt. Her fingers twitched, and her thighs shuddered. It would be so easy to transform, and she knew her patroness would be watching.

She would be watching, and enjoying every moment of it.

She’d said it would be okay if I never used it, if I never transformed, but the way she said it… Eleanor shook, whimpering quietly under her breath. I shouldn’t… but I… these women need me, and I can’t just stay here and let the succubus have her way with them…!

“HellDriver… Henshin…!”

Eleanor’s back arched as she let out a loud, deep cry. Again she was pulled into the red-and-white wireframe world, her clothing burned away, and her costume as a HellDriver taking its place. Before each part of her own wardrobe vanishing had taken so long, but it felt as though her urgency drove the process on to take less and less time. In a matter of moments, she was standing inside of the mall, wearing the revealing uniform of a HellDriver.

Whimpering and tugging at the suit didn’t do anything to make it stretch to cover more of her body. It also didn’t make the arousal radiating from the cloth any less dramatic. She groaned, running out of the mall as she looked around worriedly. “How am I supposed to make my bike appear…?! Nnn… it’s so… hot… wearing this…!”

No sooner than she cried out the ground in front of her opened up, and a motorcycle drove out of a flaming hole that seemed to lead straight to hell. Covering the front headlight was a skull, and the front wheel seemed to be held by bones. Eleanor stared with wide, impressed eyes from inside of the helmet that hid the top half of her face. The motorcycle revved its engine, seemingly on its own.

The sound rolled through Eleanor’s body, feeling like nails clawing down along her spine. Her eyes crossed. Her mouth hung open. She groaned.

NNn… How am I supposed to ride this thing…! She snapped her fingers, and grinned. Wait…! If this is actually some kind of bullshit magic, then I should know how to do it—or have some kind of symbiotic relationship with the bike! Maybe I just need to follow my instincts…!

Trying to take the world around her at face value was unusual for the chubby college student, but it felt as though she had little choice. Clumsily she grasped the handlebars, scrabbled up onto the bike, and drove forward as quickly as she could… Though it might be more accurate to say that the bike drove forward as quickly as it could.

She successfully lifted the front up off of the ground with her superior strength, popping a wheelie, only to be flipped free of the bike as it sped off into the distance. Shortly after there was a loud crash of bike-on-building, and cries from the still-fleeing women.

Okay! Magic is bullshit! This bike isn’t from hell, and I still don’t know how to ride a motorcycle! Eleanor hopped up from the ground, dusting herself off. I’m glad I didn’t commit to some silly name like HellDriver Asmodeus or something…! F-fuck… I can still feel it… this suit… it’s like it’s… squeezing me, but with… not physical, but like it’s… teasing my nerves… f-fuck…!

Nearly falling to the ground, Eleanor only regained her balance after another cry of panic tore her back to the reality of the situation. Her nipples were hard, and her clit was throbbing with yearning, but she needed to find some way to cope with those feelings. As much as she wasn’t a heroine… those women needed her to find a way to at least pretend.

Taking a deep breath, and wiping at the helmet as if she could brush away the sweat building up underneath, Eleanor began to run quickly in the opposite of the fleeing crowd. She might not know how to ride a motorcycle, but her legs did feel stronger than they ever had, and her lungs weren’t minding the run as much as they ordinarily would. It was still slower than she would have been on her bike, but she was still making incredibly good time.

Of course, each step she took rubbed the feeling of lust, of heat, of need between her thighs, and between her eyes. It wasn’t long before Eleanor was a sweaty, whimpery mess.

Fighting a succubus while full of so much lust sounded like, to put it lightly, a terrible idea… but she couldn’t stop herself if she wanted to anymore. The power flowing through her was intoxicating, pulsing through her muscles, squeezing around her body, filling her with a rush that was more than adrenalin and more thrilling than sex. It didn’t burn away her shame that so many women were watching her ass jiggle in the costume that did such little to hide it away, or the way that her nipples threatened to pop free at any time... but that didn’t matter.

She needed do this. She needed to fulfill the desires of her patroness to see what Eleanor would do, what Eleanor could do. The demon patronesses had turned Earth into their personal arena, sending out succubi to have their fun and challenge HellDrivers for the glory of their patronesses.

Eleanor was a HellDriver, and the powers inside of her yearned for that competition. They yearned for her to fulfill her patroness. She could almost smell that red-skinned demon woman in front of her, lifting her chin with a single black nail.

Please me, HellDriver Asmodeus.

She wasn’t sure if she really heard the demon’s husky voice in her mind, or if her horny mind were merely imagining it. Each syllable emphasized the needy throbbing of her clit, making Eleanor feel more powerless to the suit that squeezed so tightly around her body.

Bring glory to your patroness…! You have taken my blessing… and you must now pay the price. You must now entertain me. Nothing else matters, Eleanor. Not your dignity. Not your will.

“N-not… not my will…” Eleanor whispered it quietly under her breath as she continued to run faster. The world blurred around her, but she reacted swiftly enough to avoid slamming into anyone or anything. “Dignity… Nnn… C-calm down Eleanor… B-breathe… You can do this… you can save those women…”

Yes… Yes you can! I have granted you such power…! Do not disappoint me, HellDriver Asmodeus…!

The name Eleanor had thought to herself in jest now burned between her eyes, and between her legs. Either the name HellDriver Asmodeus had come from the belt itself all along, or the demon had been listening to her thoughts and liked the way it sounded. Either way, it now felt as though she were being branded with that title, feeling it coil around her nipples, around her libido, and thrust deep within her body and mind as it marked her with that name.

At her belt, the sigil pulsed and glowed. Even if she wanted to deny it, she couldn’t. Eleanor was HellDriver Asmodeus, and she had no choice but to obey her patroness’s whims to entertain, to please, to be amusing entertainment.

It was her purpose, and her very self demanded she do everything that she could to fulfill that purpose.

When she finally stopped, she saw a woman with pale purple skin, and armor made of leather and bone that showed as much, or more of her skin as Eleanor’s HellDriver outfit showed of hers. She had long, wild blue hair that went in every direction at once, and a long, pale purple tail. Much of it was covered with armor, but the very tip itself was bare.

Several women, their clothes half open, bodies drenched in sweat, had all fallen at the demonic woman’s feet.

“Y-you…!” Eleanor pointed dramatically, taking a wobbly fighting pose as her thighs still struggled to clench and squeeze. “I… I am… H-HellDriver Asmodeus…! And I won’t let you do anything more to those women…!”

“Well then…” The purple-skinned woman slowly licked her lips. Her eyes hooded. “I, the Succubus Dedecia… shall shame your patroness, and bring you to your knees…!”

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