Eleanor Asher in: Helldriver Henshin

Chapter 1: Eleanor Arrives! What is a HellDriver?!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #tokusatsu #transforming_hero

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Eleanor Arrives! What is a HellDriver?!

Most of the time, when Eleanor found herself travelling to a new world the most startling thing was leaving where she was. The new world might be more shocking, more openly defying the laws of physics or some other abnormality, but usually she was given a brief few moments to take in that new world.

“Holy shit! What just happened?!” Eleanor stared, wide eyed. Underneath her feet was the chunk of sidewalk, but that wasn’t all.

This time was very different than the many times she’d had a moment or two to acclimate herself to a strange new dimension. Sticking out from under the chunk of ground she’d brought with her were a pair of large, leathery, demonic wings. It hadn’t been long since her last shower, after which she’d pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts.

Now, as she struggled to see beyond the smoke from what seemed like a massive explosion, she was covered with charred bits of ash. She’d damaged things on her way out of a dimension before, and that was nothing new.

But nothing that had ever occurred to her before explained what had clearly happened.

When the last of the smoke cleared, Eleanor found herself in the center of an industrial park, nearby trashcans and light poles bent away from her. Not far away, a woman was sprawled out across the grass. She was wearing a blue-and-silver costume, one that showed plenty of skin and what little it hid away it clung to tightly to leave little to the imagination. It was complete with thigh-high boots, a largely open middle, bulky shoulder pads, and a helmet that concealed all but her lips and nose. Not far from her was a motorcycle on its side, looking as though it were a metallic dragon forced into the vague shape of a motorcycle.

As Eleanor’s eyes lifted from the collapsed woman she found that her own clothing had changed—or rather that she’d gained an accessory. Around her waist was a black leather belt. The buckle was surrounded by disks, and a glyph shined at the center. It was warm to the touch, hot in a way that made Eleanor’s eyes flutter and her lips purse without conscious thought.

She found herself stroking slowly over the surface of the metal disks. It wasn’t an ordinary heat she felt resonating from inside of the belt, but something somehow more… forbidden. Taboo. Simply caressing it made her skin tingle and a deep part of her mind yearn and ache for something more. Her libido was teased with the scent of women, the feeling of their skin, the sensation of round, supple cheeks between her fingers…

So distracted by these feelings of intense desire, Eleanor completely missed the sound of flapping wings behind her as a shadowed figure lowered down to settle on the ground. She even missed the sound of deep, low, feminine laughter as it sent heat down along her spine.

“An unusual victory, but a victory all the same…”

Eleanor spun around, hands still squeezing the belt. Towering over her was a woman that anyone would think to call a demon. She possessed red skin, black horns sprouting past her long black hair, and leathery bat-like wings with protruding spikes of bone. Her voluptuous body was clad in a short leather skirt and what could generously be called a frayed tube top. Her orange eyes glowed from within, pulsing and throbbing with a light that shone with lust.

“Victory…?! I don’t… I don’t know what you mean…! I just… I just arrived here! I’m not…” Eleanor looked to the wings on either side of her small slab of concrete, and then to the woman behind her. “I didn’t… this is a big mistake!”

She doesn’t have nearly enough upper-body muscle mass for those wings! The span looks like it might be long enough, but there’s no way she could lift herself with those… maybe glide…? Eleanor’s analytical mind raced to find some way to hide from her strange predicament deep within more standard scientific understanding. That’s very high quality body paint, or maybe some kind of skin condition, but there’s no way those horns are real…

The tall, demonic woman laughed. Her eyes hooded low, the orange light from deep within shining all the more intensely over the smaller woman. Eleanor quivered, unable to hold back a moan as the laughter teased its way into her ears.

Each individual laugh reached deeper than it felt like any laugh should have been able to, squeezing tightly around such vulnerable feelings of need and craving. Eleanor’s nipples stiffened, and her thighs clenched tight. She had to actively fight to keep her eyes from losing their focus. It took conscious effort to not sway on her feet in a lust-drunk daze. No one had ever had such a powerful effect on her with nothing more than a simple laugh.

“Possibly. You do seem to smell like you belong somewhere… else.” Her wings folded over her shoulders, looking like a fancy mantle as she approached Eleanor. Hellfire lapped at the ground with every step the woman took towards Eleanor. The air rippled with heat, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or unpleasant.

It was impossibly erotic, making her clit twitch and her throat fail to restrain a moan.

“But don’t misunderstand… defeating a patroness does not earn another patroness’s ire. She was an obstacle, and besides… she’ll be back in hell pouting already!” The demon’s words were enough for Eleanor to breathe a sigh of relief, but she was soon stiffening and quivering as long black nails teased along her new belt. “What’s important to me… is this? You have a HellDriver now. I can sense you may not be long for this world, but while you’re here…? You’re going to be one of my Drivers. Do you understand…?”

“N-no…?” The shorter woman gave a shy laugh. Her forehead was glistening with sweat, and she could barely keep her hips still. She knew it was impossible, but her close proximity to the red-skinned woman seemed to be burning pure erotic craving through her every pore.

Instead of laughing, the red-skinned woman purred as she lifted Eleanor’s chin with a long black nail. Eleanor whimpered, her mouth falling open as her eyes finally glassed over with need. It took all of her self-control to writhe and undulate in place instead of trying to jump the demon and mash their bodies together with all of her might. “Honesty. I appreciate that in a Driver. Allow me to make this simple. While you are in this realm… you will have my protection. To summon my power…

“Simply touch this belt, twist the disks as so…” The woman’s other hand reached to Eleanor’s waist, playing with the belt with casual, experienced motions. “And call out ‘HellDriver Henshin’… and my power will grant you wheels, and strength. Do you understand now…?”

“I… think… so…?” Eleanor more moaned out the words than spoke them. She could barely restrain herself from panting, struggling for breath as her whole body shook. If not for the commanding presence of the woman before her, she already would have forgotten everything she’d said and turned into little more than a lustful, craving animal that needed to be fucked. Instead, she hung on the demon’s every word, her wide, glassy eyes gazing up at the woman who held her spellbound waiting for her next words.

The demon laughed as she released her chin, and slowly stepped back. “Mm… I like you, Eleanor…” Eleanor could still barely move, or even breathe. Her wide eyes remained trapped on the woman before her, her heart beating so fast it felt like it might leap out of her chest. “Use my power, or do not. I shall be amused to watch you. I’ve allowed you to keep the… additional trinkets of power my rival had gathered. If the power you first receive is not enough, simply repeat the transform process an additional two times. Though I warn you? There is always a price for power. Amuse me, my pretty little HellDriver…”

“Y-yes… Amuse… you… Ohh…” Eleanor shook, her eyes crossing as the demon leaned in close to kiss between her eyes. The sensation of her lips, full and plush and smooth, nearly sent Eleanor over the edge all on their own. When the heat dripped over her brain, slicking its way deep within each synapse, enveloping every neuron, all she could do was let out a sharp cry as she fell to her knees, her jeans soaked with a flood of pleasure and surrender.

“Give it a try for me, Eleanor. Just to show you were listening. Obey your patroness!”

Eleanor’s whole body shook. Her hands moved down to her belt without thought, grasping the disks and twisting them just as she’d been instructed. “HellDriver… Henshin…! A-ahhh…!”

Heat burned through the trembling, kneeling woman as the world around her vanished, replaced with a red-and-white wireframe landscape. In any other circumstance it would have been absolutely terrifying, but Eleanor was too far gone, her body and mind throbbing with lust too intense to find the experience anything but psychedelic and beyond understanding.

As hellfire suddenly moved up along her body, she cried out with yet more ecstasy. The power of her patroness was sizzling away her clothes, and as it did she could feel the sensation of raw heat burning through every sensitive place across her body.

She could even feel the very tip of a nail caress just-so around her clit.

Once the hellfire burned away the last of her clothing, a new costume began to manifest over her naked skin. Gone were her shoes, and instead she now found herself wearing thigh-high boots with flat soles. Black sleeves covered her arms, spreading out across her upper-chest before red-and-gold wrapped around her forearms, and then similar grasped her shoulders before large bulky shoulder pads sprouted atop her arms. Red moved down along either side of her torso, covering little more than necessary and leaving the faintest hint of her areolas bare and plenty of the inner curves of her freckled breasts.

Gold details appeared in another flash of flame, tightening the red where it squeezed between her thighs, and at her arms. The belt stood out at her waist, black leather breaking up the sight of so much naked skin on either side.

Finally, a helmet formed over her head, one that left her nose, lips, cheeks, and chin free. It was largely black, with large, red, insectoid eyes decorated with yet more curved gold. A heart-like shape rested above those insectoid eyes, flanked on either side by curved black. It greatly resembled the armor of the woman she’d seen collapsed nearby in the park, though Eleanor was too busy shuddering and howling with the raw, exotic warmth that flowed through her body from head to toe.

I… I feel stronger…! Stronger in some… some intrinsic way, like… like I could jump through the air without any effort at all, or like I could take a hit from a semi and fly back but be alright, I… I feel… so… Eleanor moaned as the wireframe world around her vanished, replaced once again with the industrial park. So fucking turned on…!

The demon patroness laughed, grinning widely as she gazed down at the kneeling Eleanor. “I knew you would not disappoint me. Even if you never use my power again? I daresay that this singular meeting will have granted me far too much delight. Seek out more artifacts of power from my sister patronesses and their succubi, or merely writhe at the end of my leash. As long as you dwell within this realm you shall have the gift of my power. I shall be waiting to see just how you use it…”

So dazed, Eleanor could barely even think of how to respond. Her hands were roaming along the exposed skin at the center of her body, twitching as they tried to reach for her partially exposed breasts. Her thighs squeezed around red and gold that perfectly framed her damp, needy pussy. Her toes curled in her boots.

A sigil, pulsing and throbbing with all of the lust in the patroness’s eyes, glowed at the center of Eleanor’s belt. Succubi, HellDrivers, artifacts, patronesses… all of it was so beyond her. All she could do was quiver on her knees, panting as she stared at the red-skinned demon.

She’s so… hot… Mmm… Want her to turn around, want to nuzzle into her… want to taste her… want to kiss her… want her to kiss me again, want… Ohhh… succubi sound hot… fuck…!

“Until we meet again, my little HellDriver…! I do so hope you’ll indulge your power…!”

The demon reached her arms up above her head and spread her wings out far on either side. Orange hellfire consumed her, and she vanished in a quick, bright flash of light. Eleanor was left on her knees, suddenly whimpering as the demon patroness’s influence vanished just as quickly.

Every inch of her strange costume burned into her with desire and craving, but without the demoness so close to her it wasn’t quite so overpowering. I… fuck…! I’m in public, in some strange new dimension! I can’t just do this… I need… Nnn… Need to take control, need…

She reached to her belt, panting as she reversed the movement of the belt.

Unlike the transformation from her clothes, returning to them was nearly instantaneous. An exhausted Eleanor collapsed forward, panting as she struggled to fight off the lust left behind. Her body was still needy and slick. She was still filled with so many strange desires for red skin. The only real difference was that more and more need wasn’t pumping through her body.

It was a small difference, but an important one if she meant to keep herself from pouncing any woman who got too close.

“Y-you defeated the patron and her succubus…?!” Behind Eleanor, the woman in blue was now standing. Unlike Eleanor, she seemed to have any effects from her transformation well under control. She wasn’t shuddering, clenching, or even twitching at all. “I’m in your debt…! Maybe if I could go to HellDriver level two or three I would have been able to hold my own, but I’m an ally of justice…! I had to try to protect the women in the park from their attack…!”

“I… I don’t understand any of this…!” Eleanor whined, shaking her head as she stumbled shakily to her feet. “I’m not from… I’m not… none of this makes sense! HellDrivers? Succubi… What just happened…?!”

The woman in blue blinked. “You must not be from around here! Everyone knows that about a year ago the Demon Patronesses arrived from hell, and began to choose HellDrivers in their games for dominance! Some fight for their Patronesses’ glory, and some fight to protect people from their tyranny!”

Eleanor blinked.

Of course. Of course everyone would know that. Of course everyone in this world would just be used to this by now if it’s been going on for over a year. How could I be so silly?

The blue-clad woman laughed, moving close to catch Eleanor as she began to lose her footing. “Ah, you aren’t used to HellDriving…! Taking on the power of a Patroness is very overwhelming… but you saved me, so while we figure out what you should do, why don’t you hop on the back of my bike and you can come home with me? It’s the least I can do! You saved me from falling to another Patroness!”

“Uhm… sure…!” Eleanor nodded, quivering as the other woman helped guide her over to the draconic motorcycle she’d spotted before. “I’m Eleanor… Thank you for being understanding.”

“No problem at all, Eleanor…! It’s the least I can do…!” The other HellDriver grinned as they began to make their way out of the park. “You can call me HellDriver Leviathan! …Or, since no one can hear us now, you can call me Reiko.”

Eleanor sighed in relief as she clung tighter to Reiko. She was almost afraid that she’d be forced to call her ‘HellDriver Leviathan’ for however many days or weeks or months she’d be living in this strange, demon-infested world. It seemed unlikely that the world was really beset by demons, and instead some sort of extra dimensional aliens form some place that was convenient to call hell, but Eleanor wasn’t about to get into an argument with a woman who was offering her a place to stay.

She wasn’t always so lucky in a new world.

“Thank you, Reiko! I really appreciate your help!” Clinging to Reiko didn’t do much to help her lingering desire, but her recovered sense of shame at least kept her from grinding helplessly against the woman’s back.

Once she’d been riding for a few moments, squished up tight against Reiko’s back, it was easy to feel that the other woman was hardly immune to the HellDriver lust. Her body felt just as hot, and every time Eleanor shifted against her back, Reiko gasped and squirmed. A clear side effect of the transformation was an increased desire and other sexual symptoms.

That makes this dimension… unique… if nothing else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. Just what the hell is going on here…?!

“Aw… that means… nnn… means a lot to me…! Usually I can hold my own against a succubus, but a succubus and a patroness…! This is really the least I can do…!” Reiko moaned, the sound only partially obscured by the roaring of her motorcycle’s engine. “Just… try to not move so much…! It’s… hard to keep the power under control, and without it the bike won’t exist…!”

“O-oh… right…!” Eleanor flushed, struggling to squeeze tight without constantly grinding her hard nipples into the burning back of Reiko. “Sorry…!”

Both women shyly laughed as they drove off towards Reiko’s home.

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