Candy Pink Rosé

Chapter 5: The Perfect Pink Dolly

by MadamKistulot

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Candy Pink Rosé

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 5: The Perfect Pink Dolly

Kyra quivered as her consciousness returned, or at least her ability to process things on her own. She was sitting back on a comfy, luxurious couch. Mnnnn… I think Windy… said something and then I… it was like… wine… in my head…? I don’t…

“And that should bring you back up…” Windy was standing in front of her, marking her clipboard idly before hugging it tightly to her chest. “I have other things to do, but you have an appointment tonight. This is your room, and it has everything you’ll need. Shower, clothes, food… all of that’s taken care of for you. When it’s time for you to get ready for your ‘big date’, you will. Your contract has already been drawn up. Sign that, and it’ll make everything official. This will be your room from now on. Any questions?”

“No…” Kyra slowly shook her head, fluttering her eyes as she continued to slowly grasp ahold of the situation. “That’s… everything I need to know. Thank you for using me.”

Windy stared at Kyra blankly, blinking slowly behind her lenses. “You’re… welcome.” Shrugging, Windy looked around the room, and then back to Kyra. “That’s… That’s a new response. Well, I have places to be… oh! You’ll probably be hearing from Pink soon. She’s probably looking forward to seeing you again…”

Her voice sounded annoyed, or at least mildly ruffled. Kyra smiled up at Windy, quietly sighing. She was dressed again, but not in the clothes she’d been wearing at work. Instead she was wearing a deep brown dress with darker brown encircling her just below her breasts, and a matching ring at the hem of her skirt. Its cooler tones offset her warm skin, and her eyes. The dress’s neckline went down far enough that there was almost a hint of the bottom curve of her breasts as she leaned forward. “I’m looking forward to seeing you again, too. It feels… nice to have what you want in my mind…”

“R-right…” Windy cleared her throat, quietly coughing. Her response was awkward, but there was nothing she could do to hide her obvious enjoyment of Kyra’s body and her words. Even if Kyra didn’t know anything she did in Windy’s presence would be because Windy wanted it, the way her eyes lingered, the way she leaned… “I’ll be going! Remember to sign the contract, please! She doesn’t like it when that gets put off for too long…!”

Kyra lazily waved to Windy, her expression dreamy and dazed as the door shut behind the quickly fleeing scientist. “Mmm… that was… that was…”

Without anyone in the room, something in her mind… shifted. Her eyes widened. She could feel Windy’s presence leaving her mind, leaving her so… empty. Her arms wrapped around her body, her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide, as she tried to process the bizarre feeling. She’d been alone before even if she preferred the company of others to solitude.

I’ve never felt so… empty… So… hollow…

A cold chill spread over her body, and as much as she was tempted to explore her room, to see if she had a good view, she’d been given a task. The moment her mind ran over the possibility of how it might feel, she raced over to where Windy had indicated the contract had been left, and she lifted it up. Even boring legalese would be better than feeling so cold, so empty, so… incomplete.

Lifting up the contract didn’t fill that empty space inside of Kyra’s mind, but it did help distract her, especially as she found her eyes glazing over the more she tried to pay attention as the pages turned from white, to the same violet as her hair. Reading so much of this would… always be hard to focus on but… but… it’s more like… like…

Her eyes continued to gaze over the words, over the shapes and colors, but the meanings seemed harder and harder to grasp. It was easy to understand the basics. Chronos would take care of all of her needs, and in return she would provide services as dictated by her abilities. It was careful to never be too specific to describe what she would do, or what she could do, but that didn’t matter. Reading over those pages, again and again as she tried to hold on to what they said only made the important parts drive themselves deeper into her mind.

Kyra was an employee of Chronos now.

From the inside it was impossible for her to know how many times she flipped through that contract, absorbing it without needing to understand the words. Her telepathic capabilities didn’t open her mind in any more vulnerable ways, but her desperate need for guidance with the sudden hole where Windy’s desires had been made her mind so ready to accept direction.

Nothing inside of her mind strained or struggled as the contract laced its control through her mind as she flipped through the pages again, and again. She was so distracted by the contract that she didn’t even notice when the door of her room opened, and a woman slipped inside. All she could do was stare at the contract, flipping through, and accepting the words as proclamations from The Lady about what her life was going to be. Signing it wasn’t a question—it was the inevitable result.

The last words at the very end, mind, body, and soul, throbbed as they made their way into Kyra’s mind. If she lifted that pen and signed her name, there would be no part of her that didn’t belong to The Lady. Jesse Colloten would own all that she was—even if a more conscious woman might have questioned how legal such a contract might have been.

None of that mattered, as her hand shakily lifted the pen, and the pink haired woman slowly made her way across the room. When the pen finished with the ‘l’ at the end of Kyra’s last name, she moaned and felt everything in her mind go blank…

Only to feel hands squeezing around her shoulders, and a quiet, cheerful giggle. “Hiiii, Kyyyyyra! You liked the pitch, huh…?”

“H-hiiii…! Tiffany…! Like… It’s… it’s nice to see you again…!” Kyra’s eyes fluttered back open, and her hand lifted up on its own to curl in her hair. Unlike before where the motion had been for the sake of a sale, feeling her finger turn now made Kyra’s clit quietly throb. Each curl of her finger was pure erotic mental stimulation, making Kyra giggle instead of moaning. “Like… really… really nice…! Windy said someone called Pink was going to come see me… but you’re Tiffany, riiight…?”

“Nawww… But Pink isn’t much of a name-name, sooo…” Pink giggled, hugging Kyra tightly from behind. She was dressed much as before, and she felt so warm pressed up against Kyra’s back. “Welcome to your new home! It’s pretty great, huh…? Isn’t it just like… Awesome? You don’t need to think about almost anything at all! You can just let other people do that for you from now on… and never run out of candy.”

Kyra found the only answer she could give was giggles. She’d been so distracted with the contract, with the one task she’d been given, that she hadn’t even felt Pink’s saccharine presence drip into the empty void that Windy had left in her mind. Windy’s desires had been alluring, teasing at her in ways she couldn’t resist, but Pink’s were so much louder.

There was a way that Pink wanted Kyra to be, to act, to think. Every giggle rewarded Kyra, as the color of her hazel eyes shifted, taking on a faint candy-pink tint. Her body was obeying Pink’s desires, subtly rounder, warmer, eager to fulfill every little craving the candy-fiend could want from her. It was so easy that Kyra didn’t even need to make it happen. Simply by existing within Pink’s presence, she was becoming just who Pink wanted her to be.

“Liiiiike… Yeeeeahhhh…!” Kyra giggled, purring as she wiggled back against Pink to feel the perfect way their bodies could fit together. Pink’s breasts at her back felt good, but it felt even better to wiggle and squirm, to giggle and feel her expression turning so distant and vapid. “I looove candy…! Do you have any more…? That stuff you shared with me… it was gooood… I want more… I want aaaall of it…!” She burst into ever louder giggles, purring as Pink’s hands stroked slowly along her waist.

When they found just the right place, Pink squeezed hard and Kyra gave a low, deep groan. “Oh, I have a loooot of candy for you! I brought some lip gloss, some mints… Then you won’t need to worry about having any thoughts you don’t need to have, like… ever…!”

Another shudder went down Kyra’s spine. Her eyes crossed. Her toes curled. The last time she’d been able to truly think for herself, with no other minds directing the flow of her thoughts… It had felt so incredibly unpleasant. It was hard to feel with Pink so close to her and the many giggles and other fun candy thoughts resonating through Kyra’s synapses, but a part of her already deeply understood what it meant to be alone with her powers so much… stronger.

It would be a lot harder to stand solitude when all she was able to feel was the lack of someone’s desires to fulfill. Every moment spent alone, without some of that pink giggly feeling overwhelming her, would be a moment spent craving for someone, for anyone, to give her what she needed. It didn’t matter why that was the way her mind worked now, and she couldn’t bring herself to mind. All that mattered was that she solve that problem.


“Mmmm like… pleeease…? I really wanna change into something like… pink… Mind if I like… strip out of this and do that…? Juuust for you…!” Kyra wiggled her hips back into Pink, grinding her ass into the other woman’s thighs.

The candy fiend purred, squeezing tighter at Kyra’s hips, feeling them shift under her hands to be the perfect shape for her hands to squeeze. “You’d look good in pink! Every color of skin looks good, but when it comes to what you put on over it? Bright colors are happy colors! Bright colors are the best colors, especially pink. You should put some on, right now, and I can watch you do it…!”

“Mmm, like… okay… Whatever you want, Pink… I’ll be like… anything for you.” Kyra burst into giggles as Pink’s hands released her hip, and she strolled across the room towards a dresser. For someone else she might reach for skimpy lingerie, but for Pink, right now, in this moment, she knew exactly what to grab if it was there.

Moments later she was pulling out a tight pink tank top and a pink skirt that would cover maybe half of her thighs. When she turned to look back at Pink, the woman was sitting on the arm of her couch with hooded eyes. She was rocking back and forth, sucking on one of her own fingers as her big brown eyes locked on Kyra’s body. They opened wider as her dress hit the floor, revealing the tan bra and panties she was wearing underneath.

Pulling the pink clothing on over her body had Kyra’s eyes hooding, and her body throbbing with warmth and pleasure. She wanted to be seen wearing pink. She needed to be seen wearing pink. It felt like she was in heat, her pussy craving, pleading, begging with her to give in to her base urges, and in that moment, those urges were so simple, Hiding her body behind the tiny pink top and the cute pink skirt sent a rush of bliss so deeply into her mind that the only thing Kyra could do was let out a series of cute, bubbly giggles. “Mmmm… Gosh Pink, your color is like… totally the best.”

“I know!” Pink grinned, sliding off of the couch as she reached down into her skirt. Somehow it had room for pockets, or she’d used sleight of hand to pull out a glittery pink tube. “Gimme your lips, Kyra! We need to give you a nice, pretty coat… This one won’t be quite as strong as my finger doing it, but it’ll last longer…! My pink doesn’t last long on skin… dunno why… not important! I don’t worry about things that aren’t important anymore!”

Both women giggled together as Kyra leaned forward, closing her eyes as she presented her lips. There was so much that she wanted to say, but giving Pink access to her mouth was the highest priority, and she couldn’t do that if she was using it.

“Your lips are sooo pretty… I know that’s like… part of how you work…? Body being all kinds of… perfect… but it’s one thing to say it, one thing to see it!” Pink giggled, a playful smile on her face as she slowly rolled the gloss across Kyra’s lips. It didn’t just look like the exact perfect color of pink as the woman’s hair—it also made Kyra look like she’d sprinkled herself with sugar. “You’re all soft and squishy and warm in all of the mooost fun ways… and you don’t think too much! …unlike some people in this building.”

Pink rolled her eyes, muttering quietly under her breath. Kyra couldn’t hear what she said, but that wasn’t important. Pink wasn’t talking to her; she was talking to herself. It was easy to let her mind be more concerned with how good it felt to have Pink coat her lips with that sticky, sugary delight.

The more the pink covered her lips, the harder it was for Kyra to do anything but blankly stare. Even with Pink’s mental presence inside of her, so many wants and cravings and desires, there was still a conscious element to the way Kyra moved to fulfill those desires. As sticky wet candy dribbled over her lips, and coated the gray matter between her ears, those parts of her became too sticky to focus on anything but giggling and staring blankly ahead. She wasn’t really seeing anything at all, but Pink liked blank, vapid expressions.

Kyra wanted to give Pink everything she wanted, and it felt good when that meant she didn’t even need to be or do anything at all. Empty and giggly, happy and warm, Kyra’s mind felt like it was being dipped in syrup and rolled in sugar. The taste was too sweet, but instead of making her mouth twist with the intensity the sensation instead made it too difficult for her mind to understand anything that wasn’t simple.

Fulfilling Pink’s every desire instead of worrying about things like her own needs or wants?

That was the simplest thing in the world.

The purple haired woman let out a stream of soft, happy giggles as her eyes turned glassier and glassier, her lips hanging thoughtlessly open. “Gosh you’re just such a good dolly, aren’t you? I’m definitely keeping you. She won’t mind as long as I don’t play too rough… and I think you’re plenty of fun being handled gently!”

Kyra giggled in response, her eyes fluttering as her shoulders slowly slumped. The warmth from satisfying Pink’s wants pulsed hotter and hotter, but Kyra was too far gone to show much of any reaction at all.

Being free from any of her own thoughts while finding it even easier to just be whatever Pink wanted? It was perfect in ways that Kyra wouldn’t have been able to put into words—and not only because her vocabulary was increasingly limited the more her lips were coated in pink. Her mind was too slow to process anything besides giggling the way Pink wanted her to giggle, and arching her body in all of the ways that Pink would want to see. None of it was a conscious process-all of it just the natural flow of her gift after Windy had made it even stronger.

“You look really good in Pink, Kyra…” Pink hooded her eyes as she finished, tucking the gloss away before holding up a mint with a devious smile. “Want some candy?”

“Yuh-huuuh…” Kyra’s voice drooled messily from her lips, joining the sparkle of drool at the corners of her mouth. “Your candy is… it’s like… it’s just… the… nnnn…” Her finger was in her hair again, tugging at a purple lock as it twisted around her smooth, golden-brown skin. “The best…? That’s like… that’s the right thing to say, riiight…?”

Pink slowly nodded as she ripped open the wrapping, and placed the mint on her mouth. Her smile turned into a grin as she grasped Kyra’s cheeks, and pulled her into a kiss. Both women moaned together as their tongues rubbed not against each other, but that hard, firm mint that tasted of such happy, mindless giggles. Both of their eyes rolled back into their heads as they grasped at arms and hips, whatever they could find as their bodies pressed so tightly together. Moans and giggles echoed inside of their mouths as tongues teased each other, and dissolved more of that sweet sugary bliss through them both.

The kiss lasted for an eternity as wet tongues warred to taste as much of that sweet candy as they could. Every moment the kiss continued, both women’s knees grew weaker, and it wasn’t long before they fell to the floor, propped up by the body in front of them. Each lick of the candy made their giggles louder, and their fluttering eyes emptier.

Between the two women there were soon hardly any thoughts at all that weren’t about enjoying as much of that sweet, delicious pink taste as they could. Neither even realized when the candy dissolved, and all that remained were their tongues.

“Ooooh… Goood candy…”

It felt like hours had passed when Pink finally broke the kiss for air, and the two soon landed cuddled together on their sides. Noses rubbed together as hands moved along curves, idly squeezing and kneading as bodies pressed together in every way they could while being so clumsy and gone. There was no grace to it at all, and neither woman cared. All that mattered to either of them was being close, and savoring the afterglow of sharing such a delicious sweet in the most intimate way either of them could imagine.

“Best Candy…”

            Kyra agreed, and both women broke into giggles as their hands squeezed tighter, and their hips pressed together. The two women stayed like that for what felt like hours, no worries or concerns in either of their heads as they enjoyed a kind of carefree intimacy that only came from having a mind made of candy.

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