Candy Pink Rosé

Chapter 4: Fermentation

by MadamKistulot

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Candy Pink Rosé

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 4: Fermentation

Kyra moaned as the world around her slowly came back into focus. What… what happened…? The world around her was spinning, but her mind felt even stranger. It seemed like she was in some sort of fancy hospital with fancy technology she’d never seen before in her life. Wires from nearby machines reached out, held to her body by small, sticky pads that felt like they’d been there for quite some time.

In spite of being in a strange place she’d never seen before, surrounded by devices with unknown purposes, Kyra couldn’t bring herself to worry. Instead, all she could do was just lay back and wait for things to make sense. Her mind felt too slow for anything else.

Standing felt too difficult. Her body was too heavy, and everything felt so… strange. My mind feels like… like something’s been inside of it… I… I was at work… and then… then…


Her encounter with the strange pink haired woman flashed in her mind. It was the last solid memory she could hold onto and understand what was happening. Somehow they’d left, made their way for… wherever they were… and then there was… that dark haired woman, wearing black and blue, with such smooth legs, such a commanding presence…

Without her mind soaked under an ocean of candy bliss and mindless giggles, she could realize who that woman really was. Did I… did I have sex with… Jesse fucking Colloten…?

“Good, you’re conscious. I was almost starting to worry. Psychics can be so difficult to work with.” A curt, bored voice interrupted Kyra’s train of thought. She looked up to see a blonde woman adjusting a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. She was wearing a lab coat with scrubs underneath, and everything about her look, from her hair tied up in a very professional bun, to the clipboard she scribbled on, screamed professional. “Are you ready to hear a run-down of how your powers work, and what your responsibilities will be?”

“Responsibilities…?” Kyra fluttered her eyes, their hazel color taking on a touch more green as the lab coat wearing scientist looked down at her. “I… I’m awake. That means I… I should listen to what you have to say, to what I… what I need to do…”

The blonde woman smirked, scribbling something else down. “You’re an escort for Chronos now, Kyra.”

“Chronos…” Kyra quivered. The word made something deep between her legs clench and her eyes roll back into her head. She’d seen the commercials, even if they’d only started up in the last year or so. After that, she’d stumbled across one or two of the fliers and read the sales pitch. It’s impossible to live in Midas City and not be aware of the hourglass logo even if someone wasn’t interested specifically in supers or even metahumans affairs in general… Even if their business is niche, and most of the big-name heroes don’t associate with them, it’s as important as Meaningful Analytics’ ‘MA’ logo…

Even before Chronos had been in the public eye, Kyra had known who Jesse Colloten was. It was important for a woman who dealt with the rich and the elite to be familiar with someone who inherited that level of power. Not being familiar with her would have made her job much harder if the woman suddenly arrived at the Golden Vintage.

Something pinged, almost ached in the back of Kyra’s mind. I have a job already… I’m a sommelier. I’m good at it. It doesn’t pay as much as I’d like, but it lets me have a nice apartment… I… Something else clenched around her thoughts, and she could feel that slick, candy-pink feeling in her mind, the sensation of her tongue moving against The Lady’s clit, legs squeezing around her head, so helplessly sunk down to her knees. My purpose is to make The Lady’s life better… Escort for Chronos… Whoever she wants, whenever she wants… Nnnn…

Kyra’s eyes fluttered, but they couldn’t quite manage to open all the way as her lips idly rubbed together. Her thighs clenched, so much bare skin rubbing together. Her memories of the time she spent with The Lady were indistinct at best, almost feeling more like a dream. There were so many gaps, so many things she couldn’t remember.

That made the memories better, the feeling of The Lady in her mind, pulling her hair, forcing her lips against her cunt, forcing her down to her knees, pulling her face against her ass… but she’d barely needed to say anything at all. It had felt more like The Lady had simply wanted something, and that want became Kyra’s entire world. Thinking of that as she laid back on the bed, her eyes fluttering, made it so easy to be swept back up in that feeling.

Her presence… It was like She was inside of me… Like I could feel Her inside of my mind, tugging me on a leash… Her fingers between my legs, pulling me where I needed to go… Kyra moaned, slowly wetting her lips with her tongue. No one ever… just… used me like that…

It definitely hadn’t been a situation where Kyra had felt equal to The Lady, and not just because she was Jesse Colloten, but because she had felt like less than a person. It was less as though she were merely an object, and more as though no one was on the same level as The Lady. She was something greater, something more than everyone else.

Other women had wanted Kyra in the past. Other women had even strung her along, or gotten just what they’d wanted. None of them had gotten her.

In such little time, The Lady had grasped something deep and intimate inside of Kyra. She hadn’t just grasped it, she’d branded it, bound it, and forced it to bend to her will. She didn’t just understand the way that Kyra worked to use that to her own advantage. She’d seen the way that Kyra worked and forced it to realign to serve her.

Everything about that made Kyra shudder, feeling so small, so helpless, so… weak.

“Yes, Chronos. Now, are you ready to hear the run down, or do you need a little more time?” Either unamused, or impatient, the woman tapped at her clipboard with the blunt end of her pen. “I do have other things to do today. New recruits, I swear…”

Kyra might normally have blushed or frowned, but the fuzzy feeling that enveloped her brain made it far too difficult to mind the blonde woman’s behavior. It almost made her giggle. “Yes, I… I feel a little… floaty, a little strange, but I… I think I’m ready to hear my… rundown…? Sorry, I… I don’t know what’s going on, or how to… how to… my brain doesn’t feel quite…”

“Yes, yes, I know.” The other woman sighed, adjusting her glasses. All of the ambient light shined off of her lenses, briefly blinding Kyra. Her eyes fluttered as she squirmed into the bed beneath her. “I’m Windy. I’m here to teach you how your powers work, what you’ll be doing for Her, and make sure that everything is working properly in your head. This shouldn’t take long, even if you keep moaning like that.” Windy furrowed her brow, and pursed her lips. “It’s really not all that complicated.”

“Not complicated… right…” Kyra fluttered her eyes. Windy sounded annoyed, but the way her eyes kept drifting over Kyra’s body told another story. Barely aware herself, Kyra spread her legs as Windy’s gaze moved to the purple tuft between them, and arched her back as Windy’s gaze fell over her breasts and her stiffening, throbbing nipples. “Go ahead…”

Kyra’s voice was breathy, and when she spoke Windy stiffened. If Kyra was in her right mind, or anywhere close to it, she would have been able to tell the effect she was having.

Windy adjusted her glasses again, and cleared her throat. “Well… You’re meta, obviously. She wasn’t really sure if you were aware of it, but you’re capable of changing your body. Not full on shape-shifter or anything like that, but you’re capable of small changes, mostly coloration, shape, things like that. This is most prominent in your eyes… but this power seems to be tied in to your small psionic potential that seems to exist purely to read what people want from you. I’ve never seen such a specific telepathic ability, but you don’t seem to be able to read thoughts, or affect the thoughts of others directly, but you can ‘instinctively’ assess what people want from you on a level that’s not just a hunch.

“Obviously this ability is going to be very… useful…” Windy’s voice hitched as Kyra’s hands began to idly caress along her own curves. Her skin looked so smooth, and seemed to perfectly catch all of the light. Her pussy quivered, already shining so slickly. “Considering that your new responsibilities will largely involve pleasing whatever rich woman wants to spend a night being doted on by a telepath who knows just what they’ll want…”

“Ohhh… That sounds… good…” Kyra moaned lower, her fingers finding her slit and beginning to dance slowly along the space between her nether lips. The touch was slow, less for her own pleasure, and more to delight Windy’s gaze. “I like… Ohhh… I enjoy making people happy…”

Windy cleared her throat again, quickly scribbling down more notes on her clipboard. “Yes, it… it would appear that you do. We’ve begun applying some treatments to enhance this capability, and your mental conditioning was specifically tuned to make you much more thrilled to fulfill the things you interpret through this sense. Your mind may feel a little strange as you adjust to this new subconscious input, but it seems like the treatment is already having the desired effect.”

Kyra whimpered as she pushed her fingers deep inside of herself, a shudder trembling down her spine as she felt Windy’s desire burn through her. I’ve been… psychic… this whole time…? Mmmm… I’ve always known how to get people to smile, but I just thought… just thought I was good at reading people… but I know just what she wants me to do…

Sweat glistened over Kyra’s naked body as she began to roll her hips, arching herself towards Windy. In that moment she existed less as Kyra Patel, former sommelier, now employee of Chronos, and more as Windy’s personal toy. Her own thoughts felt so small, so insignificant next to the thrill she felt when she pinched her own nipple and Windy’s eyes hooded. Kyra couldn’t feel Windy’s satisfaction. There was no mental feedback to tell her what she’d done was the right thing to do… but she didn’t need that.

It wasn’t just a hunch, or a vague idea. Kyra knew what Windy wanted, and falling in line, obeying those impulses… it was so easy. It was so much easier than thinking.

Mmmm she wants to watch me twist and squirm… so I’m squirming… Kyra’s arousal was already so intense she couldn’t stop herself from shaking, but that was just what Windy wanted. She wants me to touch myself, to be a little slut for her… so I am… Mmmm it’s so hard to even think about what I want to do, or what I want from her, when doing what she wants feels… so…

“There’s one other thing, but I’m not even sue if I’ll need to test it…” Windy looked between the clipboard and Kyra. Her eyes were nearly all pupil, and her lips seemed unable to stop rubbing together. “How do you feel about all of this so far, Kyra?”

“I feel… so… good about all of it…!” Kyra whined, moving her fingers quicker between her legs, driven on by impulses that she couldn’t consciously process but knew were the other woman’s desires. When her other hand began to pinch and twist at her nipple, using it to lift her breast up only to let it dramatically fall, she knew that was because Windy wanted to see it. She knew the reason she was panting the way she was, staring up at Windy the way she was… everything… was because Windy wanted it. “I want you to control me…”

Windy grinned, and moved her pen to check off several things on her clipboard. “Good. Very good. Then how do you feel when I say… Candy Pink Rosé?”

Kyra groaned, her eyes crossing as she clenched around her fingers buried deep between her legs. Her thighs shuddered, squeezing tighter as she arched her back even more dramatically. Her mouth hung open, every breath a whiny, pitiful moan. It felt like wine was being poured over her brain directly, making her thoughts so slick and wet. All of the half-formed thoughts in her mind washed away as the flow poured inside of her, staining everything so pink.

Her mouth opened wide, erupting in a stream of giggling-moans as her body shook harder. Kyra’s fingers twitched, rubbing more moans out of her trembling, sensitive body. “C-candy… p-p-pink…”

“Mm-hm. Candy. Pink. Rosé.” Windy adjusted her glasses again as Kyra let out a sharp cry, her gaze turning from one of overpowering lust to mindlessness. Her desire to fulfill Windy’s fantasies drained away, leaving her with little more than an empty stare. Her hips continued to roll, and her fingers continued to stroke deep between her legs, but Kyra’s mind was clearly no longer in control. “How does that feel?”

“F-feels… p-p-pink… all over my braaain… i-inside of me… c-can’t think… c-can only… only… o-obeyyy…” Kyra’s voice trembled, her eyes rolling back into her head as her hips bucked faster with the drive Windy’s proximity sent so deeply through her mind. “P-purpose… p-please… D-don’t want to think… w-want to serve…!”

Windy adjusted her glasses again as she set down her clipboard. A pleased smirk spread across her lips as she reached down, pushing the scrubs from her waist along with the skimpy thong she was wearing underneath. A moment later she was up on the bed over Kyra, straddling her face as she slowly lowered herself down towards her mouth. Windy was already drenched, and the panties she’d left hidden in a heap of clothing were nearly stained through.

She reached down, grasping Kyra’s breasts to earn the exact whimpery moan she’d wanted to hear. Her fingers pinched and tugged at her nipples, savoring how they were exactly as stiff as she’d wanted to feel, and looked so perfect as she pulled them taut. Her sex pressed down against Kyra’s lips as she let out a quiet little sigh.

“I guess I won’t need to tell you anything at all, huh? Candy Pink Rosé.” Kyra moaned again, Windy’s words pouring another bottle over her mind, washing it clean with candy-flavored obedience. “I think you know what to do.”

            Kyra’s hands reached up and pulled Windy down against her lips.

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