Candy Pink Rosé

Chapter 6: Somnambulist Sommelier

by MadamKistulot

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Candy Pink Rosé

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 6: Somnambulist Sommelier

“This isn’t top shelf stuff, but I don’t think you’ll mind too much, will you?” Belinda Rhodes slowly poured champagne into a pair of simple glasses as they rode in the back of a fancy black limousine. “I could have broken out the fancy stuff, but…”

“But you know you don’t need to do that for me!” Kyra giggled, but it was a much different giggle than she would have made for Pink. Instead of a cheerful ditzy giggle, it was more of a suggestive bedroom giggle that made her whole body pleasantly shake. She was wearing a glittery sky-blue dress, straps crisscrossing over her largely naked back with a dipping neckline that practically revealed her navel.

Belinda grinned, nodding as she held out a glass to Kyra who eagerly accepted. “Exactly! You’re just a fun little plaything, so I really shouldn’t be wasting any extra effort on you… just having all of the fun that I can.”

Hazel eyes rimmed with a color that looked almost metallic nodded as Kyra took a long, slow sip of her drink. “Any way you want. Making you happy is the only thing that matters to me… And you don’t even need to say what you want. Just…” Kyra slowly spread her legs, the dress slowly hiking up over her thighs as her breath caught in her throat. “Think it… Your desires, are my will…”

Brown eyes so deep they were nearly black hooded as Belinda trailed her hand slowly along the inside of Kyra’s thigh. Belinda Rhodes was a powerful woman, but having the disposable income to spend on a night with Kyra was all that anyone would need to know to be sure of that. Her tawny skin was a shade similar to Kyra’s, but cool where the once-sommelier’s was warm. Her long hair was dyed a vibrant platinum-blonde, and the golden dress she wore, stylized with a floral print, hinted at a whimsical nature that was reflected by her every playful expression.

No one could take a look at Belinda without noticing the curve of her breasts. They were large, but more than that they were round, and they were held up and together in a way that created deep cleavage difficult for any pair of eyes to glance away. As Kyra sipped at her drink, she found herself openly staring as her thighs spread further apart, and her eyes hooded lower.

This was her first official action for The Lady, but it was easy for Kyra to stop herself from questioning the instinct to give in and allow her eyes to be tightly held by the delicious sight of her client’s breasts. Mmmm… The Lady made it so I can’t resist my clients… Windy made my telepathic gift stronger… I can feel her inside of me, and it feels… Mmm it feels like her breasts would feel around my face… smothering… sexy… mmm and so, so smooth…

            “And what if it’s my desire to smother you between my breasts until your slutty little brain goes all drippy-drippy out between your legs…?” Belinda asked the question with a raised brow, her pinky straight up as she took another sip of her champagne.

Not only was it not the top-tier stuff, but Kyra’s taste for wine let her know that it was decidedly cheap. It probably was a step above something someone could easily find in a grocery store’s selection, but only just barely. There was hardly any body, and its secondary and tertiary flavors were so bland as to be forgettable. The only reason a sommelier would have ever recommended the bottle would be if someone wanted the experience of drinking something called champagne without making a purchase that justified asking for a receipt.

Belinda deciding on such a bottle told Kyra almost as much as the thoughts that burned into the deep, obedient parts of her mind. She wasn’t just a plaything or a toy to be enjoyed—she was bought to actively debase.

“Then I can nuzzle in right now… or you can force me to. I don’t have a choice. If it’s what you want… Ohhh…” Kyra groaned as Belinda’s fingers made their way under her dress, teasing where her thigh met her body beside the small, lacey thong that clung tightly to her slick pussy. “Mmmm then I can’t resist… I can’t fight any of your desires… Unless you want me to fight, to struggle… then I can’t resist that, either. I’m yours… to cherish…” Kyra stroked slowly along the top of Belinda’s hand, and up along her arm, before she clutched as tight as she could. “Or to demolish…”

“That’s good to know. Then here…” Belinda reached out, and without any further indication, Kyra slid her glass into the woman’s hand. Dark brown eyes hooded lower as Kyra arched out her body, tipped back her head, and closed her eyes as she opened her mouth. “This is a whole new kind of fun. It aaaalmost seems like a waste to do this to you, but… if it’s what I want, then don’t I deserve it, you silly little slut?”

Kyra tried to sputter a response before the Belinda poured what was left of her glass down Kyra’s throat, and then followed it with her own. As a sommelier, Kyra had tasted her fair share of wine. It wasn’t the alcohol making her head sway bonelessly on her neck as her head swam with weak, pitiful need. That was the effect of Belinda’s unrestrained desire.

Created by chemical or by passionate craving, the effect was no less real. Kyra was feeling the effect of those drinks, and her eyes were losing their focus as she arched harder into the hand that teased along the edge of her panties. “Ohhh… Anything for youuu…!”

“Aaanything…? Even if I want to shatter your slutty little self into a million little pieces? Does your ‘lady’ mind if I wreck you like a worthless little fuckpet…?” Belinda’s fingers tugged Kyra’s thong aside, and plunged in deep with a smooth, experienced thrust. Kyra cried, her eyes opening wide as she arched and grinded into the touch like Belinda’s fingers had pierced their way into the very center of her mind. Her mouth hung open, trembling as worthless sounds that barely even resembled words dribbled from her lips. “Does your precious ‘lady’ care if I grind your worthless little mind down to dust and have you lick the dust off of my tits?”

“Nnnooooooo…!” Kyra whimpered, not sure if she was saying ‘no’ because she wasn’t supposed to want that to happen, or because she was emphasizing how little it mattered to The Lady. If something was off limits, Kyra was certain The Lady would make it so she couldn’t do it.

Unless nothing is off limits to my clients… and it doesn’t even matter if I come back at all…

What little of Kyra’s mind could process independent thoughts didn’t have long to linger on the dark worry as Belinda set down her glass, and reached for a white cloth. It was monogrammed, BR in the corner, and the center looked damp, wet, with what, Kyra didn’t know. She knew it wouldn’t matter. Whatever Belinda wanted to happen would happen.

That was why Kyra existed.

“Why don’t you be a helpless little doll then and tell me… does this smell like chloroform to you?” Belinda’s hand moved forward too quickly for Kyra to react. By the time she raised her hands to put up a fight, to keep that hand away from her face, she was taking a deep breath with the cloth covering her nose and mouth.

It was a sweet scent—not sweet as Pink’s candy, but sweet in the way that cleaning solution could be sweet, sweet in the way that things only smelled when everything bad was scrubbed away. Something about that was comforting, but Kyra couldn’t stop herself from desperately pushing and pulling at Belinda’s arm even as she felt the strength melt out of her arms. The more she struggled, the deeper she breathed, and the dizzier that she felt. In spite of that, she only struggled harder, and breathed deeper.

Belinda laughed, her eyes hooding as she squeezed the cloth tighter over Kyra’s face. “Poor, worthless little slut! If only you were someone powerful, someone important, then maybe you wouldn’t be in my limo, pussy full of my fingers, learning just how fucked you really are!”

A quiet groan was the last sound Kyra managed to make as her eyes rolled back into her head and her arms fell limp at her sides. Belinda’s fingers didn’t stop moving inside of her pussy, and the wet sounds of them sliding so deep echoed inside of the limo as they made their way through Midas City.

Kyra slumped, staring forward with sightless eyes as her consciousness faded, her body shaking. When the cloth pulled away, Kyra’s mouth was still open.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make good use of you in the only way that you’re really good for anymore!” Belinda drew her fingers from Kyra’s pussy, and eased them into her mouth to suck at the woman’s juices. “Mm. An excellent vintage! Tastes like a helpless little slut.”

The purple haired woman couldn’t even manage a groan in response. She was silent for the rest of the drive, except for the faintest sound of her breathing.

“O-oohhh… Wh… what’s… ohhhnnnn…!” When the world came back into focus, Kyra was being bounced, and something was inside of her. It wasn’t just Belinda’s smothering presence. There was something hard, and long, deep inside of her pussy, and she couldn’t stop herself from being lifted up so high only to slam back down, taking it to the hilt as the pressure and the friction tore from her throat in the form of loud, quivering cries. “What’s going ooooon!”

She was still wearing the sky-blue dress, but what little had covered her breasts was pulled aside. Each time she bounced, her bare breasts shook. Her skin rippled in the most appealing possible way, her body subtly reshaping and shifting to make the sight as perfect for Belinda as it could.

Kyra’s body now obeyed her clients much more intensely than it had ever done what she’d wanted. The gold rim in her eyes was now that much more noticeable, that much more bold. Her nipples were hard in ways no other woman’s nipples could be hard.

Her powers made her the perfect toy, and she’d never even known she had them.

“I’m fucking you, obviously. Isn’t this what you expected? You didn’t think I paid that snobby trust-fund baby to fucking cuddle you, did you?” Belinda snorted, her fingers in Kyra’s purple hair grasping tight enough to make her scream as much from pleasure as pain. “I want to wreck you, and the only way I can really do that is by making use of your little toy-cunt. I have to give her this… for getting rich because she’s a Colloten, Jesse knows how to break a bitch’s mind…”

Even as her eyes focused, Kyra couldn’t keep her eyes from crossing, or her mouth from hanging open. She couldn’t stop herself from pressing down into Belinda’s body, or from squeezing as tightly as she could around the toy that filled her so deeply. It felt too big for her, like each time she fell it forced her to stretch to accommodate for its size, but she wasn’t sure if that was because it was that large or Belinda wanted the thrill of forcing her body to adapt.

Belinda’s breasts were exposed, but her dress was still perfectly in place. The only way it made any sense was if she’d reached inside and pulled them free. They were big, big in a way that made Kyra’s average bust feel so small in a way it never had before. Looking at them almost made Kyra feel more insignificant, more pitiful, more completely fucked.

She wants me to feel small… she wants me to feel pitiful… she wants me to… to…

Tears poured down Kyra’s face as she felt her body moving faster as she rose out of her drug-induced slumber. It was clumsy at first, but it wasn’t long before she was the one actively lifting her body, only to slam herself down harder, faster, screaming at how impossible it felt to accomplish with such a huge strap-on. Even if it was her body moving, Kyra was as helpless as if she was trapped inside of a metal harness. Her body wasn’t under her own control.

Whatever Belinda wanted, she would get. If that meant Kyra crying and struggling against the movements of her own hips as she stared longingly at Belinda’s large breasts, then it was a simple task to perform. “P-p-pleeease… I… I can’t take… it’s too big, too… puh… ple—”

“Aww… Do you want me to give The Lady a call, and tell her that my purchase for the night couldn’t handle it…?” Belinda grinned wickedly, pulling Kyra’s hair harder, grasping it tighter. She let out a sharper cry that was muffled as she found her face pushed deep into the blonde’s breasts. They enveloped her face easily, but it was still so easy to hear her—easy to hear only her—as she continued to bounce and clench. “Do you want to fail your first big client because you can’t take my little strap?”

“N-n-noooooo…!” Kyra’s tears came quicker, soaking Belinda’s breasts as she nuzzled into their supple, yielding flesh. “D-d-dooon’t…! I c-c-can’t… I n-n-need… I just… you’re gonna… my body… m-m-my… my mind… I’m gonna… gonna break…! I won’t… won’t be able to… to… ooohhhh…!”

Belinda forced Kyra deeper into her breasts, and her arms shifted to push her breasts tight around purple-haired woman’s face. It wasn’t quite smothering enough to make it hard to breathe, but it was enough that every breath was full of the blonde woman’s scent. Both of their bodies glistened with sweat, and every deep breath that Kyra took made the mixture of pheromones, sweat, and skin that surrounded her sink deeper and deeper. It wasn’t long before she felt stained by that feeling.

Even though she’d only just regained consciousness, Kyra could feel her pussy starting to shudder and twitch in a way that meant only one thing. The pressure in her belly was soaring, and her every breath was so panicked and quick. Her thighs were shaking faster, and every moment it was easier to lose herself to Belinda’s presence inside of her mind.

Feels so good to be her toy…! Even if she wants me to cry, even if she wants to break me, to ruin me… it feels so good when I know how much she wants it! I can’t even want to be anything else…!

Kyra’s thoughts were as stained with lust as her thighs.

“Fuck… You’re going to cum around my strap… You’re going to make yourself cum around my strap, bouncing like you’re so needy you’re possessed by some kind of greedy sex ghost, and even if I told you that it would crush the last little bitty bits of your self, you’d still do it!” Belinda laughed, deep, loud laughter as the hand not tugging at Kyra’s hair clawed hard and firm over Kyra’s ass. “You’re so absolutely enslaved to my every little desire… cum for me, Kyra! Cum!”

“A-ahhhh…!” Kyra’s vision burned white, helpless to the raw and forceful command that Belinda’s thoughts echoed into her mind. There was no way for her to escape, and the pressure built up inside of her was too strong. Her thighs shuddered, and her pussy squeezed at Belinda’s strap-on desperately as Kyra’s orgasm tore through her body.

Her mind was so dazed by the powerful pleasure coursing through her body that she wasn’t even surprised when the next time she could think, she was bent over a couch, and Belinda was thrusting into her from behind. In front of Kyra was a mirror, and she could watch Belinda’s breasts bouncing with each thrust of her hips. She needed to watch them bounce, and the weight felt like it slammed down on her brain and made her feel both docile and needy at the same time.

She desperately tried to move her hips back to meet each thrust, but she felt trapped in place. In one moment she both craved more, but also craved nothing more than to be trapped perfectly still as Belinda used her in every way she desired. Her eyes were locked on Belinda’s breasts, her tongue wetting her lips as she found herself craving to latch to one of her large nipples.

They’re so big… Mmm her tits are so heavy… nipples look so… yummy… like if I sucked… my thoughts would just… just go away… if that was what she wanted… ohhh…

“You’re a really unique kind of fun, you know that…?” Belinda grinned, a hand reaching down to knead and squeeze at one of Kyra’s breasts. The other swung each time Belinda’s hips slammed into her ass, filling her so deeply with such a large strap-on that even with her body’s ability to reshape itself there was only so much it could do. Even after so many thrusts, it was still massive. “I can make you cry, I can make you beg, I can make you bounce… Don’t even need to tell you to do it if I don’t want to! You’re practically made for repeat customers….”

“I-I… exist… to please… to serve…!” Kyra’s voice shook each time the strap-on thrust deep inside of her, trembling and threatening to give out as that pressure inside of her began to quickly rise once more.

She could have said more, about how being trapped in Belinda’s desires made her whole body burn, or the way that serving her in such powerfully helpless ways made her feel more sexually fulfilled than anyone else ever had even without the strap-on, but those weren’t things that Belinda wanted to hear. Just like in her job at the Golden Vintage, there was no point in her saying things that wouldn’t make her current client happy.

In a very real way, for such a very long time, Kyra had existed to please and satisfy Midas’s wealthy and elite. The biggest effective difference was that they now didn’t need to limit their desires. Anything they could want just took the right price.

Maybe that had always been true, but it was true in a way where Kyra could feel it now.

“To please… to serve… to be a hot, wet, needy little slut… Mmm fuck girl, you’ve got some endurance! It’s like you could keep going until I broke you in half…” Belinda grinned, twisting at Kyra’s nipple until all she could do was sputter and whimper as her flesh was cruelly distorted. “Maybe I should try. Ever passed out from being fucked so hard your body just couldn’t work anymore, Kyra? Ever been such a dirty slut that you begged a woman to fuck you until you were a ruined, helpless mess that could barely even breathe?”

“Noooo… but I want that, if that’s what you want! I need that, if that’s what you want! I’m just a slut for mmmphhh!” Belinda’s fingers released her nipple, forced their way into Kyra’s mouth.

Kyra couldn’t stop her lips from closing tight around her firm digits, sucking desperately even as Belinda’s thrusts continued to come hard and firm and quick. Her eyes crossed, and each thrust of Belinda’s hips made Kyra pitifully whine. It wouldn’t be long before she came again, and Kyra knew that was entirely because it was what Belinda wanted from her.

If Belinda wanted, Kyra was sure she could hold out forever. But with Belinda wanting to push her and make her yield, to thrust and make Kyra scream as she came again, and again…

“Your lips are put to much better use sucking my fingers than saying whatever pointless fucking things come to your mind… So why don’t you just cum, and cum, and cum, and I’ll let you know when you can stop, huh?” Belinda’s other hand released her hip, and swatted her ass as she moved forward with another quick thrust.

To describe the sound of Kyra’s voice as a scream would inadequately describe the desperation, the yearning, the relief, and the bliss she felt as the first orgasm tore through her body. Her lust flowed so freely from her sex, dripping down along her legs as the next orgasm started before the first was even over. Her mouth hung open, her eyes wide and vacant as she shook. Even without Belinda continuing to thrust that pressure inside of her was building and surpassing what she could take again and again within mere moments.

Her tongue hung from her mouth as she stared through the mirror in front of her. She couldn’t peel her eyes away from the sight of Belinda’s breasts, but even with the only active will in her mind compelling her to stare, her mind couldn’t see anything at all. Everything was a white blur of pleasure as cry after whine after whimper tumbled out of her mouth again and again.

Moments turned into minutes as Kyra screamed, slumping more and more into the couch as she struggled to continue her mindless obedience in yielding to burst after burst. Her body could endure the thrusting of Belinda’s body that had felt endless, but it was much more work to endure her own body’s need to cum.

“S-so… so… much… c-can’t… can’t… can’t…!” Kyra didn’t know how long she came, shuddering and clenching, bursting and drenching, but she knew that even if she wanted to hold on to that moment forever it would be impossible.

Even if I’m a metahumans… I’m still human… I still have… limits… for now… unless Windy can get rid of those, too…

Kyra’s consciousness drifted again.

When it returned, she was laying back over a coffee table. One of her legs was being held in the air, squeezed just below the ankle. Her breasts were bouncing again, moving in counterpoint to the rest of her body as Belinda continued to thrust that toy inside of her, or thrust the toy inside of her again. If it had ever ended, Kyra was too wasted to tell.

“Gosh, you’re just so worthless that you can’t even stay awake until I’m done fucking you! I guess I’ll just need to keep on fucking you, asleep or awake, to make sure I get my money’s worth!” Belinda threw her head back as she laughed, before she leaned forward to lick and bite along Kyra’s shuddering leg. “Mmm… your skin is delicious. Your pussy is delicious. You’re fun to fuck, and you’re nothing more than a receptacle for my desires. You’re just absolutely perfect for being a worthless, meaningless little thing for someone else to use until you’re all used up!”

“Yuh-yuh-yuh-huuuuuh… use me up… w-waste me… w-w-wreck meee…!” Kyra’s voice was so hoarse. Even whispering hurt, but she didn’t care. After her time with Belinda was over, either The Lady would make sure she was nursed back to health, or she could be discarded.

As long as Kyra was being what someone wanted her to be, and doing what someone wanted her to do, she didn’t care. She just didn’t want to go back to following her own desires.

Even just imagining that felt so… hollow, so empty.

Belinda laughed louder, her thrusts slowing as she took the time to nibble around Kyra’s ankle. “Mmm you’re just so… absolutely fucked. She really did a number on you… There’s just nothing inside of you but a daydreaming little slut, half asleep all the time, just waiting for someone to fill up her holes, to use her… and it gets you so hot that it’s not like you could tell her no even if you wanted to. Your brain is fucked to the core.”

“And that’s what I waaaant…!” Kyra screamed, arching up as high as she could as another orgasm tore through her body.

It was impossible for her to know how many positions she took, or how many times she came. The only thing that mattered was that she was fulfilling her duties to The Lady. The only thing that mattered was that Belinda would be coming back for more.

“So how was your date with Florence? Word gets around, you know. Especially when you’re seeing a slut like that.” Belinda’s voice was the first thing Kyra heard as fingers slid through her hair. She was sitting in someone’s lap, in a familiar office, but she felt so… wasted. It would take her more time to coalesce into something that could pretend to be a cognizant human, but that didn’t matter.

All that Belinda wanted was for Kyra to nuzzle into her breasts and purr like the slut she was. That was easy to do, even when every muscle in her body was sore, and her skin ached. She needed a shower like nothing else…

But that could wait until Belinda was done with her.

“I’m not going to tell you to be nice, but I will at least insist you be honest. Florence wishes she was a slut. She’s too skittish to get around half as much as she’d like.” The Lady spoke with a cool removed indifference before both women shared a laugh. Kyra felt like something smaller than a woman, something simpler, something… weaker. “It was fine. The wine was perfect, and it was an unforgettable evening… for me, anyway.”

Belinda clicked her tongue, and slid her nails through Kyra’s hair. Kyra purred, nuzzling more as she listened to the two women talk without understanding a single thing they said. “You’re right. My night was fun, too. You’ve outdone yourself, this time.”

“I always do, Belinda. I always do.” The Lady’s smile was audible in her voice. “If you want to play around with Florence, you’ll need to be gentler with her than you were with Kyra. Florence’s skin bruises much easier, and you know how shy she is. I was soft with her, and I’m still not sure if she’ll get over her embarrassment enough to call me back in a week.”

“That just makes me want to mark her, and to force her to go to meetings showing off a nice mark right on her neck, but… not only do you outdo yourself, but you have a tendency to be right.” Belinda sighed, and grinned as she leaned down to give Kyra’s ear a faint nibble.

A sharp cry rasped out from deep inside of her throat, but her hoarse throat kept it from being dramatic as it might have been before her long night facilitating Belinda’s fantasies.

The Lady gave a shrug, and dismissively motioned with both of her hands. “I didn’t get where I am by resting on my laurels. Remember that. Next week, then? I think we have something scheduled, but I’d need to check with my secretary if she isn’t busy giggling at her screensaver.”

“Next week” Belinda shoved Kyra into a heap on the floor. The purple haired woman did nothing to try to rise. She curled into a ball and purred, happy to please Belinda with her body even in such a rough way. “And if you put this one up for sale…”

“You’ll be the first to know.”

The Lady smiled, and Belinda made her way out of the woman’s office. Kyra continued to purr, savoring the feeling of The Lady’s will slotting in to the same place Belinda had filled so deeply in her mind. Without being told, she knew that The Lady would make sure she never needed to think for herself again.

Kyra, or what remained of her, couldn’t be happier.

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