A Vampire's Promise

Chapter 2: Used

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dom:vampire #quick_and_easy #seduction #vampire

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Used

Collette was too distracted by Abbigail to pay attention to where they went. She didn’t care about the size or the style of Abbigail’s home. Her mind was focused entirely on Abbigail and that left no room for even the most casual of observations.

I want her to use me… I want her to touch me more… I want her… I need her…!

Her libido was slick and boiling with intense yearning. The heat was perfect for smelting her will into the precise shape that Abbigail desired.

“We’re home.”

I didn’t even realize we were inside…! Collette whimpered, but it wasn’t a sound of concern. There was only arousal in her quivering voice. That means she can use me… ohhh though I wouldn’t complain if she’d fucked me in the street…! I’m so weak for her…!

Abbigail smirked a she moved around to stand behind her newest pet. The room was dark, so dark that Collette could barely see. Whether Abbigail’s sight was illuminated by the embery burn of her eyes themselves or she simply possessed preternatural sight, it didn’t seem to concern the vampire. “You’re practically in heat! Did I get myself a thrall, or did I find myself a bitch who needs to be fucked?”

“Y-yes…! I need to be fucked, if that’s what you want to do with me…!” Collette whimpered, arching her chest forward into Abbigail’s hands as they lifted and fondled her breasts. “O-or you can just… just… tease me…! I just… ohhh… I want to serve you… to please you… I need… I need you…!”

“What I think you mean…” Abbigail whispered into Collette’s ear as her nails grazed along the curves of her newest pet’s breasts. “…is that you need my approval. You need to be what I want, to do what I want… that sounds a lot more accurate than you need to be fucked. Come on now, Collette… You do want to be a more impressive thrall than just a walking blood bag with fun tits for me to play with, don’t you?”

Sing-song as it was, Abbigail’s words still had a sharp bite to them that was enough to make Collette whimper even through her helpless need. There was no resistance that she could hope to mount, no struggle she could give.

All Collette could do was writhe as Abbigail’s nails dug into her nipples, twisting them through her clothing. Being stripped down to nothing the moment they arrived would have been a certain kind of degrading, much like Abbigail’s words themselves, but neglecting such a step was cruel. Tearing away her clothing would be an act of using Collette, and that was what she ached for.

Not having that fulfilled was far crueler than any use could possibly be.

“P-please, Mistress… I’ll… I can fuck you, or… I can kneel, or… Strip or… A-anything you want…!” Collette groaned pitifully, her ass arching back to press against her owner. “J-just tell me…! You don’t need to be so cruel, s-so… I…” She hesitated, her voice catching anxiously in her throat. “You can be… nicer, I’ll still… I need to serve you, to please you…!”

“You do, Collette. You need that a lot. Why don’t we start by making you a meal, and go from there?”

Moving too quickly for Collette to be ready, two sharp pinches in her neck soon opened her flesh for the hungry vampire to feed. It didn’t feel like needles, or like lips sucking on her wounds. It felt like lips closed around both of Collette’s nipples at once. It felt like fingers thrusting between her legs, and filling her mouth. It felt like heat being sucked out of her, and yet the heat Abbigail placed inside of her burned hotter with more of Collette drained away.

It was as though that flame didn’t need Collette for fuel, and now that it lacked the competition of so much of Collette’s essence the flame was more and more all that was capable of driving her at all.

As she fed from Collette’s neck, Abbigail’s hands continued to squeeze, to knead, and to rake her long nails across Collette’s supple chest. She moaned in satisfaction, and Collette screamed in euphoric reverie as her blank eyes saw nothing but her body felt pleasure unlike any that she’d ever imagined.

B-better than sex… better than cumming… b-better than painting…

Mistress is using me… using me up… draining me…



When she was finally done, it felt terrifyingly abrupt. One moment all of Collette’s world was pleasure and bliss, shuddering and clenching and sweating and groaning. Memory itself faded as Collette shuddered and shook, kept on the edge of paradise for as long as her Mistress was latched to her neck.

The next all of those feelings were instantly gone.

Collette didn’t suddenly pull free from what happened. All of her strength was gone, as was all desire that was once her own. All that burned inside of her was that flame, quivering and trembling at her core where her thoughts, desires, and cravings once dwelled.

Abbigail released Collette’s breasts, and without a command to stand the strength she’d been using before was no longer there. Her legs went from sturdy and set in place to useless, only existing as decoration. Collette crumpled to her knees, groaning as her head fell forward. Her arms felt too heavy to lift. Her eyelids were so heavy that they could barely stay open at all. Her mouth was too difficult to close even as saliva teased at the edge of her lip.

“Look at what a pitiful sight you are, Collette…” Abbigail brushed a hint of red from her lips with the back of her hand as she peered down at her pet with a cold smirk. “You can’t stand on your own. You can’t think on your own. You can’t do anything on your own, now. You’re just a thrall.

“Say it.”

“I’m j-j-j-just a thrall…!”

Collette didn’t hesitate. The moment she heard the command her lips moved to comply. Her lips existed to take the shapes Abbigail wanted them to take, and falling in line was its own pleasure. Submitting herself, surrendering herself, was a constant process that tingled hot, perfect bliss through every corner of Collette’s body and mind.

“Good girl.”


Abbigail’s praise was even stronger. She needed to please, to serve, to obey, and feeling that she had, knowing that Abbigail was pleased with her… it was almost too much. Collette’s eyes crossed, and she began to desperately pant as her thighs rubbed together.

“G-good girl… yessss… Your good girl… Need to be… Your… Good girl… Any way I can… p-please… any… every… ohhhh…!” Collette trembled, nearly toppling over as Abbigail moved to stand in front of her. “Belong… to you… your thrall… your… blood… whore… Vampire… slut… Need… you…!”

“Fuck, one bite and this is how needy you are? Can you imagine if I actually had come at you with my powers instead of seducing you? Even if you’d tried to resist, I don’t think your mind is capable of much more than buckling…!” Abbigail forced her foot between Collette’s legs, pressing it flush with Collette’s crotch. “Grind, you dirty, needy, pitiful little slut. Grind, and tell me what a worthless, powerless, helpless little whore you really are.”

Collette’s eyes rolled back into her head as their lids fell shut. Her mouth hung open lower as deep groans of pleasure poured out. Her spine arched, further emphasizing her breasts as she pressed her burning, damp core against Abbigail’s shoe.

“I’m… worthless…! I can’t… do anything… C-can’t even stand… n-not unless you tell me to…!” Her words were interrupted by a sharp scream, her hips so desperate to move against that shoe as her thighs trembled with the pleasure that welled-up inside of her. “I-I… helpless…! You own… me… my body… m-my mind… it doesn’t… even… I can’t think, it doesn’t work, I just… I just think of how hot you are, how much I want to please you, how much I need to please you… Please…

“Please…!” Collette whined, her voice shaking as her body lurched forward. “Use me… Fuck me… Control me… However… Whatever… I’m so… your whore… you can use me however you want…!”

Abbigail grinned, nodding slowly. “I can, and I will. However I want… whenever I want… And all you can do is just say yes.” Her foot lifted away from Collette’s clothed pussy, pushing into her chest with just the right force to shove the quivering thrall onto her back. Abbigail dove down, ripping Collette’s blouse to ribbons before tearing open her bra. Collette whimpered, arching out her breasts and their hard nipples as offering for her owner. “All you can do is give me what I want.”

“Y-yessss… Mistress… Whatever you want… I just want you… to want me…! I need you to want me…!” Collette nearly had tears in her eyes as she felt the need swirling and surging inside of her, pleading desperately for more.

“Lucky for you…?” Abbigail purred, teasing her tongue across a fang that still glistened with a hint of red. “I do. I very much do… Mmm… Now, let’s indulge me a little more, shall we?”

“Y-yeeoooooh…!” Collette’s voice cracked as fangs sank into her breast, again plunging her deep into euphoria as fingers reached under her skirt and tore away her panties. Soon those fingers were inside of her, thrusting with a brutal force that was not without sensuality, but was utterly and completely without restraint. The touches were less for Collette’s pleasure, lost as she was within the bliss of her owner’s hunger, and more for Abbigail’s.

Each thrust of her fingers was another way that Abbigail claimed and used her property. Her thrall’s dripping cunt slickened her fingers, adding an extra spice to her meal as Abbigail sucked the blood from Collette’s breast.

When Abbigail drew back, leaving two cutely spaced pricks from her teeth, Collette groaned. She could no longer arch her back. Her eyes could barely even focus. Her breathing was weak, quivering in a fragile way that made Abbigail’s rough grasp and firm squeezing of her chest seem all the more harsh and demanding. “Mmm… You make a good meal, you have a fun mind to dominate, and a nice body to use. I think I’m going to enjoy owning you, thrall.”

“Th-thank you… Mistress…!”

Collette’s voice was soft and meek. So much blood drained away she looked especially pale, and felt incredibly cold. Even if Mistress commanded me… I’m not sure that I could move…! She took… So much and I feel… so faint… so…

This is so much better than being alone… So much better to be… owned…

Abbigail purred as she lifted Collette up into her arms, carrying the woman through her home. “You poor thing. You’ve been drained nearly dry…! If I didn’t have legendary self-control, why, I think that you might be in very real danger of some very unpleasant consequences…!” Abbigail laughed, and Collette tried to humor her with a laugh of her own but found it impossible. “Hush now, you little slut. You’re too weak for that.”

“Y-yess… Mistress… S-sorry…”

“Did I say you should apologize...? Tsk!” Abbigail clicked her tongue again, slowly shaking her head before letting out an exasperated sigh. “You’re going to be trouble if you keep thinking with that pitiful, useless mind of yours… but it’s alright. You’re needy and obedient, and that’s what I care about most of all.”

Collette didn’t reply with her words, but in her mind she did her best to focus a yes, Mistress! in her owner’s direction.

“You’re my little thrall, and I’m going to get the most out of you… body, mind… and soul. But for now… why don’t you rest…?” Abbigail chuckled as she carefully set Collette down onto a large bed. Next to her on either side were naked women moaning and writhing, sweating as they looked up longingly towards Abbigail with eyes that burned with deep, primal need. “Tomorrow… maybe, if you’re good… We’ll all play.”

Abbigail’s thralls mewled, and Collette drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.

Author's Note: A fun story, written for Flluffie, much like Lighting the Way Down, this was a very fun return to creatures of the night carrying out their promises. I certainly had a lot of fun writing it, and who doesn't love vampires? To see more of my writing before anyone else, and show me that you want more stories like this one? Check out <a href="https://www.patreon.com/madamkistulot">my Patreon campaign!</a> Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at <a href="https://discord.gg/JyafaCD">The Mind Control Literature Discord</a> or my personal discord, <a href="https://discord.gg/e2cqgAs">Madam Kistulot's Domain!</a>

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