A Vampire's Promise

Chapter 1: Claimed

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dom:vampire #quick_and_easy #seduction #vampire

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Claimed

“Hello there.” Abbigail gracefully slid into the corner booth, sitting across from a very surprised Collette. Anyone would be able to tell that not only did Collette not know the blonde woman suddenly taking the seat without warning. It was clear from the way she’d been staring into her drink that Collette wasn’t expecting to sit with anyone at all. “My name is Abbigail, and it’s truly a pleasure to meet you. In no time at all, it will be a very mutual one.”

“Mutual… what…?” Collette squirmed, anxiously shifting her weight. She brushed her deep brown hair away from her face, uncovering a green eye hidden away behind a lens of her glasses.

Abbigail chuckled. The sound was mocking, judgmental, and it stung in a way that made Collette ache. What is this woman’s nerve, sitting at my table and laughing at me?

“A mutual pleasure… as in you’ll be enjoying yourself, too. Surely, you can follow along with an idea as simple as that, mm?” Abbigail clicked her tongue, shaking her head as she reached out to take one of Collette’s pale hands in her own.

Her skin… it’s so… smooth… nnn…

Collette quivered. She wanted to pull her hand back, to yank it away from this rude woman who was inserting herself so thoughtlessly into her day… but something about the way Abbigail was touching her made that difficult. Though they were simple and light touches, nothing too firm, and only on her hand and not some place more sensitive, every small little touch sent quivers along Collette’s arm. Her thighs clenched, and her eyes struggled to resist rolling up into her head.

Then she noticed Abbigail’s eyes.

From Collette’s first glance, she’d only noticed a shade of shimmering light brown. Nothing about that was very unusual, even if Abbigail’s gaze was impressively striking and penetrating.

Whether it was Abbigail’s amusement, or something else, the color in her eyes shifted. It burned, warm and hot, making her irises anything but a simple, forgettable brown.

Instead, they burned like warm, orange embers popping in a fireplace.

“Shortly, you’re going to agree to become my thrall.”

Collette choked on her breath, quietly coughing in pitiful recovery. Abbigail’s grin grew, and her touches to Collette’s suddenly sensitive hand continued. Abbigail’s nails drifted along lines that Collette didn’t know were there, making her thighs shudder and clench. It was hard to keep her eyes on Abbigail’s, even with how fascinating the sight of her orange eyes pulsing like flames truly was.

“You may find what I’m saying absurd, but that won’t matter. I’m not an ordinary woman, and from these hands…” Abbigail sighed, her fingers trailing along Collette’s until they were tracing underneath, feeling the pads on the other side of her nails. “You’re a painter, aren’t you…?”

“H-how did you—”

“Shh…” Abbigail pressed a finger to Collette’s lips. She’d interrupted Collette mid-sentence, but it was clear she’d anticipated the response and only wished to interrupt it at the very last possible moment. “Your fingers are a painter’s fingers. These calluses aren’t the sort one would find on a pianist, or a writer…” Abbigail sighed, shaking her head as she slowly raised Collette’s hand to her own lips. “These are a painter’s hands. This may be a formality, but I’m making my intentions quite clear now…

“Shortly, you will ask to be my thrall. You know that I can do this. You can see it in my eyes. You can feel it in my gaze. You long for it. You crave it. I could force it upon you… but I won’t need to.” Abbigail fell silent only long enough to kiss the top of Collette’s hand. Though it was hardly the most sensuous or lingering touch, the sensation still sent shudders through Collette’s body.

She still whined an embarrassing sound as her cheeks and chest flushed red. Her eyes hazed as she gasped quietly for breath.

This woman is… so… how is she… doing this to me…? Collette couldn’t calm her breathing. Her heart was beating so quickly and so hard in her chest that she was almost sure that it would be visible at her dipping neckline. She’s saying such ridiculous things… there’s no way she could be serious…!

No matter how much Collette tried to convince herself to calm it was impossible. She couldn’t bring herself to look away from Abbigail’s eyes, and something about them was so demanding in a way that reached inside of her.

It reached in a level beyond sight, almost as though her eyes were making Collette feel the other woman’s desires and how she might fulfill them. Collette tried to shake her head, to pull away, to leave… but she couldn’t. Her nipples stiffened under her blouse, and her eyes hooded. She can’t be serious… her thrall…

“You’re doubting me.”

Collette whimpered, and then cursed herself for making it so obvious the other woman had guessed correctly.

Abbigail didn’t seem disappointed. If anything, her grin seemed more amused with all of the same sadistic wickedness she’d shown earlier. Making Collette squirm delighted Abbigail visibly, making her orange eyes burn brighter.

“Don’t worry. I knew you would. If I wanted to simply overpower you… you’d already be on your knees under the table, your head under my skirt.” Abbigail sighed, her nails trailing past the pads of Collette’s fingers to her palm, feeling with shapes and wispy curves that required Collette to bite her own lip to hold back a sharp cry. “It may sound… overblown, but I’m not just an ordinary woman. I’m something special. I’m something… more.”

When she grinned, Collette saw exactly what Abbigail was.


There was no missing the sharp, pointed fangs that glistened in the dim light of the diner. They fit alongside the rest of Abbigail’s teeth without any oddity from a casual glance, but the grin emphasized them much like a woman pushing her arms together on either side of her breasts. Abbigail wanted Collette to see what she was. She wanted Collette to know.

Denying it was impossible.

The orange embers of her eyes weren’t ordinary. The ageless way she touched Collette was beyond simple pickup artistry or practice at teasing another woman’s body. Abbigail was a predator down to her marrow, one that could have lived for hundreds of years feasting on women. She knew what she was doing, and as little as Collette liked the way it made her feel that didn’t stop her panties from soaking through with lust.

She knows… so much… She’s… toying with me… playing with me… And I… I can’t want this… she’s… using her mind powers, or…

Abbigail sighed, her nails tracing further down until they stroked past Collette’s sensitive wrist. A whine tore from her throat, and Collette’s eyes fluttered without ever breaking their gaze away from Abbigail’s. She didn’t want to, but more importantly, she wasn’t capable of it.

Whether it was a matter of willpower or enchantment, Collette simply lacked the capacity to glance away. She lacked the strength to resist the allure of Abbigail’s flame-orange eyes.

They were so bright, and so vibrant.

They were full of desires, desires that demand someone fulfill them.

Someone like me… but I… can’t… shouldn’t… I don’t… Collette softly whimpered. She didn’t know how long it had been since she’d spoken, but she knew instinctively that it had been far too long. Breaking her silence felt too difficult to manage on her own. She’s done something to me…

That’s why I’m so wet, that’s why… why it’s so hard to breathe, why…

“Tell me your name.”


“Mmm… Collette.” Abbigail purred as she rolled the sound around in her mouth as though testing the combination of syllables for the first time. It sounded impossible, felt impossible that Abbigail hadn’t known countless Collette’s, but it was no less impossible to ignore how fascinated she sounded. “I like that name. It’s a very pretty name. You’re a very good girl, Collette.”


Collette shuddered. Her toes curled. Her gaze finally broke away from Abbigail’s, but only because her eyes were rolling back into her head. Such simple praise felt like a finger pressing right between her legs, and a hand pressing down on her head to force her to her knees.

It was a very nice feeling, and it had Collette panting and shivering.

F-fuck… However she’s doing this, it… She’s good… It feels… She feels… Collette whimpered, fluttering her eyes in an attempt to clear away the haze that she felt growing around herself. Instead, she found herself gazing back into Abbigail’s eyes every bit as unable to look away as before. I want her to call me a good girl again, I want… I want…


But I shouldn’t…!

“I’m a very simple woman, Collette.” Abbigail chuckled. There was no reason for her to be laughing at Collette, but every time she laughed it felt as though Abbigail were pushing Collette lower to the ground. Her smile felt like a smirk, or a sneer. Her voice, merely using a tone with the slightest edge of sophistication, felt belittling and diminishing. “I enjoy women, and I enjoy power. I enjoy using women like you, but I reward you with exactly what you need…” Abbigail’s nails slid higher up Collette’s arm until they grasped her elbow. “Because women like you…?”

With a firm tug, Abbigail pulled Collette closer. Practically folded over the table, Collette whimpered. She still couldn’t rip herself free from Abbigail’s eyes.

“Women… like me…?”

“You crave control.” Abbigail purred, her hand suddenly grasping Collette’s chin. All that Collette could do was tremble and whimper, staring so deeply into Abbigail’s burning gaze. “You crave a chance to be praised, to be valued, to be claimed. I could explain to you why… but women like you… you never truly appreciate, or understand, just what you are. You aren’t capable of it, not really, and making your mind confused with such complicated ideas…”

Abbigail leaned in closer.

Is she going to kiss me…? After saying I’m too simple… I… I shouldn’t want, I… she’s a monster, she’s a predator, and she wants me to be her next victim, but… but I…

Their lips brushed, but only as Abbigail moved past to brush her lips against Collette’s ear. “Such a waste of time and effort when you could be put to much better use, because you have the makings of such a good girl, and I’d rather you do what you’re best at…”

Collette moaned.

Her eyes were half hooded, and her lips parted. Every breath shook through her as a whimper or a moan. Her skin was hot and sensitive. Her nipples throbbed.

Her panties were drenched.

“All you need to do is give me permission, Collette.” Abbigail sighed, kissing the woman’s ear very softly before giving a faint tug with her teeth. Collette’s whole body shook, and she only kept her groan from drawing the attention of the whole diner with every ounce of remaining self-control she possessed. “All you need to do… Is tell me that you want it. Tell me that you want me to take over, to take control, to take you… and I will.

“I’ll take everything, and I swear… no…” Abbigail grinned as she drew back, her orange eyes again eclipsing the rest of the whole world as they met Collette’s. “I promise. I will never allow you to be free again. I will never allow you the worry of being unowned. I will never allow you to be anything but my obedient, eager, willing thrall for the rest of your life.”

Collette whimpered.

Abbigail wasn’t just some woman promising to be her lover. She wasn’t promising orgasms, or romantic tenderness. She was promising domination. She was promising complete and total ownership with a grasp so tight it would be inescapable.

I wouldn’t want to escape…

Collette whined at her own thoughts, but she couldn’t make them change. She knew what she wanted even if it sounded so wrong, felt so wrong, seemed so contrary to everything she’d been told that a woman should desire from life.

None of that logic fought against the throbbing in her clit, or the pounding of her heartbeat. Her nipples ached and yearned. Her skin itched. Her pussy twitched.

I want… her…

“T-take me…”

Abbigail purred, her eyes hooding low until only thin slits of primal flame peeked out from between her eyelids. “That’s a good girl, Collette.” Collette whimpered. It was such simple praise, two simple words, but she felt as though her pussy were clenching them around her entire mind with the force of just how intensely her body responded. There was no downplaying just how much she yearned. It was written over her face clear enough for anyone to see.

If anyone could see, then to Abbigail it was so loud she’d be able to see it from outside of the diner, much less with Collette’s face in her hands.

“I’m going to take you, and then you’re going to be mine.” Abbigail’s voice was firm and sharp, raw, and possessive. Collette whimpered. It was terrifying, but it was terrifying in every way that she wanted it to be terrifying. It was complete and demanding and insistent in ways that Collette wanted to be taken. It was everything she’d ever secretly fantasized about and more. “That’s what you want, isn’t it, Collette...?”

“Y-yesss….!” Collette’s voice was half a hiss, half a whimper, and all a pitiful submissive plea for more. “It’s… what I… want… I… please, I… I don’t even know your name, but I… I want you to… I need you to… to take me, to… claim me, to… please…!”

Abbigail grinned, her fangs glinting dangerously as her eyes burned.

“The reason I find willing sluts like you, Collette, is because while with enough work you can make anyone want, or do, anything… I’m old. Over a hundred years… and at this point in my unlife… I don’t want to work that hard.” Abbigail sighed, leaning forward until her forehead, cool and smooth, pressed against Collette’s. Her eyes were so large they enveloped all of Collette’s world. “So, I find women already amenable to that… and I push them where I want them to go. Then I claim them. Once I have them…

“I use them.”

Collette nodded breathlessly. Her eyes were glassy. Her whole body tightened so stiff that every heartbeat shook her from head to toe.

“So now, I’m going to claim you.”

Molten, burning, sizzling heat poured from Abbigail’s stare. It dripped and drizzled over Collette’s mind. Collette howled a sound so primal, so raw, that everyone glanced towards them but no one dared to interrupt. The sight was too dangerous, too powerful, a force of nature like a volcano. To interfere brought with it too many risks, and everyone was contented to pretend they hadn’t heard a thing.

“Come with me.”

“Y-yes… Mistress…!” Collette whimpered, standing with Abbigail as she followed her obediently from the diner. The rest of the world didn’t matter. She was pulled forward by her hips, and the warm, squishy heat between her thighs that, like a leash, kept Collette dutifully following Abbigail with blank eyes. “Wherever you want me to go… whatever you want me to do…!”

Abbigail grinned widely, her eyes burning such a deep, rich amber as she clutched at Collette’s hand and pulled her along into the night.

“Everywhere I want you to go, and everything I want you to do? Oh my.”

Collette whimpered, nodding as she rubbed her cheek against Abbigail’s shoulder. Fire burned inside of her, a fire that was made of Collette’s own yearning and desires but fueled by a heat that was wholly external. Abbigail controlled that flame, but more than that she was the source of it. She resonated with liquid burning and intense desire that seared across and through everything.

Being against her, being near her, it was the only thing that felt right. The flame burning inside of Collette called out to the power in Abbigail, longing to please it, to serve it, to fulfill it and feel the flames burning hotter inside and searing everything else away.

Abbigail purred, her hand squeezing at Collette’s as her other hand slowly stroked Collette’s brown hair. It wasn’t a loving caress like one might a loved pet, but more a patronizing stroke. Her eyes weren’t full of contempt, but they held no love or affection. The only heat burning inside of her was desire, and hunger.

“In that case you’re going to be very busy… and then very sore.”

Collette groaned, her hips shuddering forward as she pressed herself closer to Abbigail as they moved deeper into the unfamiliar night.

“I-if that’s what you want… of course Mistress… sore… so sore… Of course… everything… everywhere…!” Collette moaned. “For you…!”

I feel like such a slut… Collette whined. She had to struggle to keep her eyes from crossing. I am such a slut… I’m a vampire’s thrall… a vampire’s toy… a vampire’s… possession… ohhhh…

Abbigail laughed another wicked laugh, her nails grazing just hard enough over Collette’s scalp to earn a long, loud cry.

“Of course, Collette. I wouldn’t have it any other way… So that means you wouldn’t, either.” Abbigail’s hand moved down along Collette’s back until it reached her ass. Her nails dug in tight and firm, biting into Collette’s feverish and sensitive flesh even through her skirt. Collette had been breathing quickly before, but the touch so close to her burning core made that so much more intense. “You’re going to obey me from now on like a good girl… and you’re going to have so much fun doing it, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress…!” Collette didn’t know where that word came from, but she knew it was the only word appropriate to call her owner.

“Good girl.”

Collette nearly came as she stumbled forward to keep herself pressed as flush against Abbigail as she possibly could.

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