How To Tame A Polycule

Terms and Conditions

by LadySunnyBunny

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Lia stared at the simply adorable Terran sitting calmly in front of her. Surely she doesn't really think this is going to be possible? But how to approach this so she would come under the care of the Affini and not drive her -however temporarily- into the grasp of the Free Terran groups.

"Five florets, all for one Affini?" she clarified, Danae nodded with a cute but entirely stubborn look on her face. "We have accommodated couples before certainly. The care of so many florets all at once though, this may be too much to ask of any Affini." Lia moved her vines restlessly trying to think furiously of some option that might appease the lovely Terran.

"If you prefer you could think of this as more... well I am the head of my family. The dominant. I look after my people and they care for each other and me. I could offer myself as the ... floret was it? Then the Affini would only have responsibility for one Terran, the others would come as my dependents instead."

Lia shook her head slowly, "No, no that would never do, four free range Terrans under the charge of a floret. It would never work, it would undermine your Affini mistress' authority. Hmm shall we table this for now as a negotiation to be undertaken by your prospective caretaker?"

"Very well, we are open to other arrangements - but only one Affini or a bonded pair, we absolutely must live together. Maybe one of your kind will feel able to take us all on after talking with us." Danae consulted her notes. "Now for the second point, I understand that drugging is considered a normal part of being a floret?"

Lia nods, "Yes, how can we possibly care for people, and make them as happy as possible without the use of such drugs?"

"We are... not entirely opposed to such interventions however there are some specific... stipulations I want agreed upon now. These are essential. I will not have my darlings abused by this drug use. Enjoy yes, but not be abused."

"First, my lovely Bonnie is transgender, and would need to continue to receive the appropriate drugs, or treatments to maintain her true gender. She will absolutely enjoy times of being drugged and mindless, she certainly enjoys such scenarios during hypnosis, but she will also require times of complete clear headedness in order to continue her chosen role as my pretty maid."

Lia regarded the Terran with surprise. "Of course she shall receive the appropriate medical treatment, really such things are very simple. Times of lucidity are certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Tell me though why would she feel the need to continue such a role once she was taken as a floret? There would be no need for her to hold a job of any kind?"

Danae snorts, then laughs as if she just couldn't help herself. Lia felt entranced by just how adorable these Terrans could be with their reactions.

"Bonnie's job isn't as a maid, it's her preferred BDSM role. She wants to be a lovely, sweet maid. She wants to care for me, and for me to be her Lady, to take control of her and dictate her actions.... Power exchange cannot be a foreign concept to the Affini? Isn't this a similar idea to being a floret?"

Lia nodded doubtfully "Well I suppose, I can see how Terrans would want guidance, I just did not realise they would take it from each other."

The Terran stared at Lia with an odd expression on her face.

"It's part of our psyche I am afraid. Even the most "vanilla" Terran is subject to it in some form. You should research our psychology teachings if you want more examples of this....." she trailed off and then shrugged. 

"In any case I'm glad there are no difficulties there. Now Kurt, my little puppy . He is my pet and needs looking after in a different fashion, drugging yes but nothing to overwhelm his senses. The poor dear is anxious, and hates having gaps in his sense of time and space. Lovely calming drugs, or ones that give pleasure but nothing to cause him to lose his sense of self or his connection to his body. You do that and he will have a psychotic break."

"Oh dear me no, we can't have that." The Affini tutted. "Yes I will make special note of that on his file, the Affini will know just what to do in such a case.... puppy I am guessing is his "role" in your family? Does everyone have a role like this?" Lia looks bemused as she makes the notes about Kurt on a tablet. 

"More or less yes, they all play different roles with each other as well, but I am the head of the family and thanks to agreements with each of them my will is the primary one dictating what takes place, except for specific circumstances."

"You have agreements with each of them?"

Danae nods, and pulls out a stack of papers from her bag. "I brought them with me, to pass on, so you understand exactly how we operate with each other.... we understand that some negotiation and changes may need to happen if this goes ahead. We just want you to understand what we have now, it's special, and worth protecting." Her eyes seem to glow with passion and Lia almost vibrated from the sensation of watching this cute being putting her all into protecting what she loved. 

"To continue, Harley and Noor are very similar when it comes to drugs. Play with them as you will but they will need time to spend with each other both clear headed and drugged, and time spent with Bonnie, and I, individually and together." She paused searching for the correct wording, "They are a bonded pair and should not be out of each others sight for more than an hour or two. Please respect this. They both have some emotional scars that need to be tended to carefully. They are my paired subs, and serve underneath me. They exercise more free will than Bonnie or Kurt, however they are no less loved for this. Bonnie and Harley are both switches and enjoy time topping each other, and Noor. Bonnie will also top Kurt, and care for him as well."

Lia made extensive notes as the adorable Terran explained, trauma after all was important. It needed to be tended carefully. 

"Harley is non-binary and does not identify with any one gender. Please use they/them pronouns. To do otherwise is to cause emotional hurt." Danae paused and waited for Lia to note this to continue her explanation. "They have already been hurt far too often and I refuse to take them anywhere where they will be hurt again."

"Absolutely no harm shall come to your people," Lia affirmed "Why the very thought is abhorrent to us. Using the correct pronouns is guaranteed regardless of whatever else we may agree on." The Affini paused, "You have told me about your family's requirements, but what of yourself?"

Danae grimaced and hesitated.

"I do not like drugs, I do not like losing control - of my senses or anything else. It makes me terribly uncomfortable. Drugging for medical reasons, yes I can accept this. Otherwise I would request nothing mind altering. Change my pleasure receptors, or the types of sensation I experience, but never take my illusion of control from me."

Lia stared at the suddenly anxious Terran, she moved her vines towards her as if to give comfort then withdrew them before Danae could take proper note of them. She just wanted to gather her in and promise her nothing but safety and security. This however was not her job.

"That last may need to be discussed with your mistress if we come to an agreement, I can make no promises for that." Danae nods at this as if expecting to hear this. "I believe most of these requests could be accommodated if we are able to find someone who feels up to taking on five florets at once. Was there anything else you wanted to bring to our attention?"

"Yes, one more thing. I want to work, to do something productive with my time. I don't mean menial work either. I want to make use of my skills, I am a very sought after lawyer. I shall become depressed and listless if I cannot accomplish useful things."

Lia nods. "Very well, I shall pass this information on. Thank you for talking with me. This was a very interesting meeting, and we will see what we can do for you."

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