How To Tame A Polycule

Comfort and Conversations

by LadySunnyBunny

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #Human_Domestication_Guide #Hypnosis

CW: Mentions of BDSM related activities 

As Danae arrived home she was met at the door by her pretty maid. Relieved to see her, and glad to be back with her family, Danae hugged Bonnie tightly.

"Little maid, I love you."

"I love you so much my Lady, come sit down with everyone. Shall I fetch something for you to drink?" Bonnie kissed her forehead before stepping back from the embrace.

"Yes please dear, just something light please that was rather stressful and I'm feeling a little unsettled." 

Danae walked into the lounge, and the occupants immediately focused on her. She smiled kindly at them and sat down in her favourite chair - a large stuffed armchair with broad arms. Kurt crept over to her and sat at her feet, leaning his head against her knee. She petted his curls, and he canted his head to give her better access. As Danae settled in she was served a tall glass of lemonade by Bonnie who then sat on a footstool next to her chair. Harley and Noor waited until everyone was in place before anxiously pelting her with questions. 

"Are they going to take us?"

"Will we get to stay together?"

"What did you have to give up?"

"Will we have to move?"

"Did they give you what you want?"

Danae chuckled and held up her hand for a moment of silence. "I know my darlings that you have been worried about this. I met with a perfectly lovely Affini called Aurelia - Lia for short. She knows our requirements for becoming florets -what they call the people they make pets of- and was able to make us several promises and offer several maybes. None of the stipulations I requested were outright rejected, but she clearly wasn't able to make those decisions herself, so we shall see."

She paused to think for a minute, "Honestly Lia seemed somewhat flustered by some of my demands, I get the feeling she is rather young so it may take a while before we get definite answers on those questions. The biggest sticking point seems to be the size of our family, but I am hopeful we can find an Affini willing to keep us together. I rather think it wouldn't be so bad to not be a floret in a Terran society under their control, but realistically speaking it's probably still the best option if we can manage it. After all no one would dare harm someone else's floret."

Bonnie stirred at this last comment, "You mean no one under their control don't you? Anyone on the Free Terran side might try....." the worry on her face reflected the turmoil of her thoughts at what the Free Terrans might do to them if they were officially an 'enemy'.

"Yes love, I suspect though that an Affini who is considered able to take us on as a group would not want to live here on this colony planet. They don't understand just yet that you are all obedient to me, that they could just control me, and by extension all of you. I did offer this as an option however it was rejected."

"Lia was definitely surprised that I was prepared with information about the use of their xenodrugs on us, and even more surprised by our relationship agreements. It will be interesting to see how their approach changes as they go through them. Remember darlings that whatever else happens I am your Lady and I will take care of you."

"Yes, my Lady." All four of them echoed back to her. Danae downed her drink and then gave her glass back to Bonnie, who like a good maid, whisked it away to the kitchen.

"Come along darlings lets go cuddle together and watch a movie, I think we all need the distraction." She rose and led them to the large pile of pillows and blankets that made up their nesting nook.


Lia read through the documents that the adorably determined Terran had left with her, it seemed so strange that they would have such detailed contracts between each other. The front of each of the four said 'The care and feeding of' and then each Terrans name. There were stipulations about terms of endearment, titles of address, allergies, triggers, hypnosis, and physical pain. Two of those labelled as submissive agreed to cause such pain to their dominant through impact play, wax play (whatever that was) and restraints. each contract was distinct although they had common clauses between them. 

This was going to be more difficult than she had initially thought. They would find a way to make this work though, it was so lovely when other species realised they needed the expert care of the Affini. It was why the Affini existed after all. 

Lia sat still in thought for a long time, then placed a call to her supervisor.

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